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Saddleback Leather Thin Briefcase Dark Coffee Brown Large
Saddleback Leather Briefcase Large Chestnut
Saddleback Leather Bifold Wallet Medium Carbon
Saddleback Leather iPad Case (4/3/2) Tobacco
Saddleback Leather Duffel Bag Dark Coffee Brown
Saddleback Leather Waterbag Medium Tobacco Brown
Saddleback Leather Backpack Chestnut
Saddleback Leather Notepad Holder Medium Carbon Black
Saddleback Leather ID Wallet Chestnut
Saddleback Leather Tow Belt 1.5

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250+ Testimonials and Counting...

We get a lot of unsolicited testimonials from Saddleback brothers and sisters around the world. Here are a few of them. When you finally get yours, we'd love to hear from you too.

"I received my briefcase last week and haven't had a chance to thank you till now. It truly is a beautiful bag. In fact I haven't taken it out of the house yet. I have it sitting here in my office where I can sit and look at it. It's got some "heft" to it, but I like that. The color is a little lighter then I expected, but I think I can darken it a bit using your suggestions. Anyway, I am now hooked on Saddleback leather. If you keep a mailing list, let me know if you plan on additional products. After I get my satchel (hope to order that next week), I'll have to coast for a while. Thanks again and to all. It's not only been a purchase, but an adventure. You have a great staff, but I don't have to tell you that." - Ed Tobin - January 19, 09

"I received my bag on Thursday and it was well worth the wait. The appearance and workmanship are everything promised and more. Thank you so much for this wonderful bag!" - Debra Moritz - January 10, ‘09

"I have dreamed about a bag like this my entire life, and I hadn't even known it. Holy crap, I love it. The smell, the feel, the WEIGHT, how much stuff I can cram into it I want to take it EVERYWHERE. And it's a lovely piece of workmanship, art even. I am more than happy to have spent the money, and I haven't regretted it for a moment. Thank you for existing, man, you guys rock!"- Jacque Whitworth - January 09, ‘09

"I just wanted to let you guys know I received the bag yesterday, and I'm extremely impressed. It..is...AWESOME!!! Thank you so much. I'm going back to school in a few weeks to finish up my degree, and hopefully go on to get my masters and doctorate. Needless to say, the bag will serve me very well. And, I hope my kids do fight over it when I'm dead. Thank you, thank you, thank you...I can't tell you how much I appreciate it." - Kent Michael - January 07, ‘09

"I received the bag today, and I must say this is one of the most beautiful bag I have ever seen / owned. God bless you for your mini Bible versus as well. May He continue to provide you wisdom and guidance in your daily life and your business venture." - Fung - January 05, ‘09

"I have now recently purchased the backpack and briefcase. I thought they looked fantastic out of the box but they look even better hanging off me. I can't stop looking at myself and the bags reflected as I walk past windows! Beauty and function in a wonderful package." - Kah Kit Yoong - December 29, ‘08

"I received my order even sooner than expected. Thank you very much for your dedication and great service. The beauty and the appeal of the product surpass all expectations. This is so hard to believe that in these days you can still reach out for a product of such Rolls Royce-type quality and workmanship! This is no doubt one of the finest artifacts I have ever [received]. Best regards and wishes to you." - Eugene Drubetski - December 23, ‘08

"I was afraid the pouch I ordered might not be large enough. Going through it, I currently have my passport, an iPod touch, Camera, extra battery for camera, cell phone, wallet with cards and license, money clip with cash, ear plugs for the iPod, a usb flash drive, pen and of course my keys. I don't know how I did without it before. I've gotten many compliments on it. Thanks for a great product!!" - Gus Brannan - December 21, ‘08

"This is the very best backpack I have ever seen. There is no exaggeration in the description of this product! It is everything you claimed it to be and much more. I can't wait to receive my briefcase and intend to follow up with a duffle bag very soon. The pictures on your website do not fully represent the beauty of your craftsmanship! I would also like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding. Your company sets an unreachable standard for customer service and satisfaction. Also, my mother LLLLLOOOOVVVVEEEESSSS here pouch so much I get the 'evil eye' if I even walk towards it. Funny how that worked out isn't it? She instantly recognized and praised the quality of her pouch and my backpack. In closing, please don't change anything about your company or your products. Thank you, happy holidays, and I wish you nothing but the best." - Marcus Watson - December 19, ‘08

"I just transferred the contents of my old briefcase to my new Saddleback [bag]. I am already so pleased that I decided on it. It feels good just sitting there. Can't wait to travel with it. Thanks for a great product." - Mervin Moore - December 19, ‘08

"I never thought perfection could be improved upon...but you improved upon it. Saddleback Leather has demonstrated that 'perfection has no limits.' I JUST received my 2nd order of 2 Chestnut Pouches. Their beauty and quality, as with the first order, are virtually indescribable." - Jim - December 15, ‘08

"The bag is really amazing. This backpack is my third product I got from your company (briefcase, pouch and now the backpack) and the experience of owning this high quality piece of art is very nice and positive. Funny thing is I just woke up and the first thing I did was to go to my library and gaze at the bag again...better than a good coffee in the morning LOL. I love the bag. I already got compliments from friends at my Christmas party, hours after I got the bag. They said that it is a nice and beautiful backpack. Thanks for personally handpicking this one for me. The way you handle things is just way different than others. You made sure that I was satisfied before closing my case...not a lot of people are doing that these days. Thanks again and looking forward for your new line of products. By the way, I appreciate your mini Bible thing that was included in it. God bless you." - Renato - December 13, ‘08

"Thanks so much for your guys help. Dave has a great team. You guys have been so fast on getting back to me via email and/or telephone. And on top of that you have all been easy to talk with and very helpful." - T Wilhelmy - December 11, ‘08

"Words can't describe the quality of my new Saddleback briefcase. I have tried them all from Coach to Tumi. They don't begin to compare. As I get older, I learn to appreciate the classics. I hit the door of the office the other day in my Barbour Trench coat with my Saddleback slung over my shoulder and one of the reporters (I work in News) said that I looked like I was about to step onto a big ole prop plane headed for some far-off land. The greatest thing about the bag... the harder I use it, the better it will look. So I'll throw it into the back of my vintage Land Rover and lament that they just don't make things like they used to. Thanks for an excellent product." - Jeff Hamburger - December 10, ‘08

"I would recommend any mum buy a messenger bag for their child as a gift. My little boy loves his, and has great fun oiling his bag. He takes it to school every day, and he looks very smart. It's a perfect size for all his schoolbooks, and when he's older, he can carry his laptop in it." - Helen - December 08, ‘08

"Outstanding, I've only ever seen one other bag that had the durability and quality of workmanship. I was working in the northern territory outback Australia, a place called Cooinda in 1989. One of the people I worked with was a young half aboriginal boy. He said to me one day ‘Dad should be coming in from camp tomorrow,' I just thought he meant his dad had been camping for a couple of days. I was quiet surprised when I found out his dad was a drover (a dying breed) and had been out on horse back with cattle for over 2 months and was at a drovers camp a days ride from Cooinda. I had the privilege of meeting the man a couple of days later. A softly spoken man of very little words, pigskin hat, old leather riding boots, the port smell of roll your own tobacco and a saddlebag. What a bag, thick hand stitched leather, buckles and straps that had weathered quite a few rides. He noticed me admiring his bag, I smiled and he replied, "don't think you'll find too many of those around mate." I knew he was proud of his bag and thought how he must rely on it when he's away from home months at a time. Since that day I've searched for and bought many bags in search of one as reliable and durable as the drovers bag to no avail. Even had one made at a leather shop but they all failed me in only short periods of time and I had given up about 5 years ago thinking that's it, no-one makes anything that lasts any more, we live in a disposable world. So when I saw Dave's bags on line I got a little chill up my spine, I immediately thought of the drover. The price was reasonable as the bag I had made for me cost a little more than that. After I paid I thought its gunna be another dud, probably get ripped off, etc.... when it arrived, only 10 days later (I was surprised as I live in Australia) I ripped open the box and was overcome with the smell of leather, took it out of the plastic and was grinning like an idiot when in walks the wife ‘I could smell the leather from the bedroom' What a fantastic bag. I couldn't keep my hands off it then and a year on I still can't keep my hands off it. My wife wants to use it but its off limits, needless to say she is very jealous. I use the bag every day and get compliments every day, no joke, compliments every day. Its so durable, I don't handle it with kid gloves either and it still looks as good as it did the first day if not better. I can honestly say if you are thinking about buying a leather bag you can't go past these, wait, save a little extra money and buy the best. Don't be concerned about buying on line instead of a shop as the quality and service is unsurpassed. I'm so happy with the quality I have ordered another, an overnight bag, Can't wait. I'd give you all an update on how it's wearing but I'm afraid it'll probably be another 20 years. Thank you so much Dave, you've ended my quest." - Jarrod Donkin - December 09, ‘08

"I just wanted to say thanks for a great bag!" - Ryan Menath - December 05, ‘08

"I have only one regret about my new Saddleback bag...that I didn't find you guys earlier! Never again will I shop in French designer boutiques for bags that I can't even take out in the rain. (You know who you are, Louis!) These bags are the perfect combination of rugged good looks, classic style, modern clean design, and tough-as-nails construction. I am a customer for life." - Ardry Y - December 09, ‘08

"LOVE the bags." - Bryn Botterill - December 06, ‘08

"I received my backpack today and it exceeded my expectations! It's exactly what I wanted and needed. It will be strapped to my back going to and from work on my new 2009 Big Bob Harley. Thanks for your excellent customer service and great product and when asked where I got such a fine backpack I'll whip out one of your business cards and give it to them." - Jonathan E. Deninger - December 06, ‘08

"I've only had the briefcase a couple of weeks but have found it very fashionable and functional so far." - Robert Carlson - December 07, ‘08

"The bag is great it never goes unnoticed. I'm proud to be in the Saddleback family." - Charles Foust, Jr. - December 05, ‘08

"I got the bag...and it is great. Good thing I am a big guy cause that bag is a monster. Someone at work actually recognized it. Your selling style is fantastic... I hope you reach all your goals in life." - Robert Rivard - December 04, ‘08

"I just want you to know that I have had my bag for almost a year now and my excitement about it has still not worn off. Every time I see it (on display in my room when not in use) I am reassured that it is the best purchase I have ever made. As a college student with a rather transient lifestyle, it is one thing I can always count on, and I never regret saving up to buy it. The compliments I have received on it have been plentiful almost to the point of being ridiculous- recently my art teacher spied it on the ground next to my easel, picked it up, said "What an amazing bag," and insisted on setting it up on his desk where everyone could see it. You make a great product and although I now have the messenger bag (in chestnut), I someday hope to own the briefcase. I am a very petite girl so the bag is heavy for me but I feel so great wearing it that I bring it everywhere, and the backpack feature is fantastic for carrying a heavy laptop. In two weeks I will be touring Israel and the bag is definitely coming with me. I will recommend Saddleback Leather products to everyone for the rest of my days! Thank you again for your wonderful product and fantastic service." - Hanna McClain - December 05, ‘08

"The bag is great it never goes unnoticed. I'm proud to be in the Saddleback family." - Charles Foust, Jr. - December 05, ‘08

"Just to let you know the bag is doing well and living up to my expectations. I get lots of comments on it and have directed multiple people to your site/business. The quality is so high that regardless of daily use it still looks brand new, although I am looking forwarded to a more worn in look over time." - Neal Hesterberg - December 03, ‘08

"I received my first bag for an anniversary gift this year. It was perfect..." - Paula Sullivan - December 03, ‘08

"Thanks for your great product design and construction." - John Smallwood - December 04, ‘08

"I just received my bag and was totally floored by three things-exceptional quality, fantastic Service, and unique individuality. Believe when I say there are no bags like this in OZ. I travel a lot and after one day at Melbourne airport I was stopped 4 times to be asked "where did you get the great bag." Your products are a credit to yourselves and obviously a reflection of your passion and business. I am the envy of the guys on my team so I am sure more orders are coming your way. P.S. My Kids are not going to get my bag!! It's coming to the grave with me!!" - John Turner - December 01, ‘08

"Dave, I must say Wow times 7. I just received my order and: 1. Wow - am I impressed with the quality, ruggedness, and character of these fine pieces. 2. Wow -the Medium Briefcase in dark tobacco brown is just phenomenal. The perfect size for my needs and everything fit great, laptop included. 3. Wow - the Satchel in light tobacco brown is just perfect. I have certain "implements" that must ALWAYS accompany me. What a perfect way to do so, discretely but in a classy and rugged manner. 4. Wow - the Pouch in dark tobacco brown is just what the doctor ordered when the Satchel is more than necessary for the basic "implements". 5. Wow  - Susan was such a pleasure to speak with on the phone to get all my questions answered before my order. 6. Wow - Jana e-mailed me a response to a shipping question so fast that I wasn't sure I had really hit send yet. 7. Wow  - the Satchel in light tobacco brown, actually came in the unavailable dark tobacco brown. Hey...how'd you do that? Thanks, I'm happy." - Paul D Parrott - December 02, ‘08

"I just received my medium sized coffee brown briefcase and I am in awe. I never thought it would be this beautiful and rugged at the same time. You are a true genius an artist and I got to say it-You are the Man!!! I really dig the scripture booklet (as I am a Christian as well)...I can honestly say that you guys at Saddleback leather truly exemplify 1st Corinthians 10:31 in your great service and in your incredible craftsmanship. I can't wait to place my next order with you here real soon; I'm going to order a pouch for my briefcase as well as a duffel bag and a satchel. I am planning on going to Africa in 2009 on a mission's trip (Lord willing) and I'll be taking all your bags with me. Thanks again for this amazing bag." - Jonathon Hansen- December 01, ‘08

"I just wanted to say how pleased I am with my briefcase. I have never bought anything off of the Internet before. If I can't see it, touch it, and check it out myself, I don't buy it. My wife of 13 years doesn't even buy presents for me because she knows how particular I am. Needless to say, I felt like I was taking a huge risk buying your bag. Trying to avoid the risk I searched all over Atlanta's NE suburbs. I found some bags that looked nice. I found some bags that had fancy names on them. But none of them matched up to how you described your bags. So, after my wife told me I was crazy I decided to buy yours. I couldn't have hoped for anything better. My wife laughed when I told one of the sales people that I was looking for a bag my grandchildren would fight over. Now I have that bag. This is by far the nicest thing I own. I don't regret spending the money one bit. Thank you for being honest about the quality of your bag. Whenever I'm ready to buy my last set of luggage I know where to look." - Kevin Murray - November 28, ‘08

"I received my briefcase today and am very satisfied with it. I wish I had found it sooner. Thanks much and I greatly appreciate your efforts to develop such a great product. It takes passion, dedication, and persistence to achieve such a wonderful piece." - Bill Henderson - November 26, ‘08

"Received the briefcase today, it's beautiful. I have been [to] many places in the world and I was always searching for the perfect briefcase. Found it right in the USA." - Duke Projects - November 26, ‘08

"My satchel arrived as promised. I opened the box like kid opening a Christmas present. When I got the bag unwrapped.... I looked it over very carefully. I have to say.... wow. My expectations were high and I was NOT disappointed. I must say your sight (which is one of the best I have ever seen) described the bag perfectly. I never really considered carrying a bag everyday but now I cannot imagine not having with me!! Awesome Web sight, Awesome Customer Service (a lost art), Awesome Bag Unfortunately I started day dreaming about excursions with my dog, fishing trips etc..... so an unfortunate side effect of such a great product = day dreaming instead of working!" - Michael Freeman - November 24, ‘08

"Wow...I am still shocked, you must have read my mind, I mean it. Dave, this bag is so awesome, it's really what I dreamed of having for years. I have spent dollars on bags over the years only to find myself unhappy because I couldn't quite find something to match 'me'. It's eloquently beautiful. It speaks to me in a way no bag will ever speak, this much I am sure. It has charm and is brutally elegant. I am so thrilled. I can't tell you how much I like this bag. Did you notice I said nothing about the price?? It's priceless Dave. Thank you from the heart, thanks to all in your company, and may you keep producing these forever...and ever..." - Ana Lomba - November 21, ‘08

"Hi, I'm an artist in the UK and this new large briefcase is just perfect. It ticks all the boxes in terms of space and durability. Three people have asked me about it in the first 4 days!! Best wishes." - Derek Eland - November 20, ‘08

"Your website is fantastic...well maybe its just the beautiful product that makes it seem that way...and your colorful responses to some questions are hilarious. Finally, I have searched before for various versions of the words "quality leather bags" and this is the first time your site came up (for me at least)...and low and behold I place an order right away. To be honest, when I saw your bags, I thought I was imagining it...because this is EXACTLY what I wanted and I had resigned myself to the fact that it did not exist. I know I paid a heck of a lot for the bag, but if it's as nice the pics make it appear, I won't think twice about the cash. Best regards to you and Merry Christmas to everyone at Saddleback (early, I know)." - Richard DiFrancesco - November 20, ‘08

"I love my bag." - Harry Schnur - October 22, ‘08

"Great website, great products and great customer contact." - Kim Anderson - November 14, ‘08

"All I can say is WOW!! Absolutely everything I anticipated and then some. Quality oozes from top to bottom, inside and out with every aspect from leather to stitching to hardware. Great shopping experience, great communication and timely delivery. You hit it out of the park with me. Thanks so much." - Greg Key - November 4, ‘08

"I just wanted to say thank you for such a durable, lovely, well-made bag." - Kimberly Gillette - November 13, ‘08

"I figured there was no way this bag could live up to my expectations and to the raves you read about this product. And it has surpassed them! The quality is fabulous. Very sturdy, with the quality immediately evident. And the new leather smell has me dizzy. Fast delivery, courteous customer service. Thanks from a happy customer!" - LC Garris - November 6, ‘08

"WOW, what can I say? My weekender bag, freshly delivered today is, without a doubt, the most beautiful purchase I have ever made. On top of wonderful looks, the workmanship is amazing and I absolutely agree that it will outlast me and be the cause of envious looks for years to come. Many thanks." - Mark Bird - November 01, ‘08

"You are brilliant...your descriptions!!! Amazing!!! I applaud a seller like you!!! Love every bit!!!" - Char - October 31, ‘08

"I am a believer, now having purchased 10+ pieces and loving every one. We travel quite a bit and people ask me about your bags, luggage, and satchels everywhere I go. Dave, thanks to you and your family/staff for making such high quality products." - Chuck Lamoreaux - October 27, ‘08

"Thanks for providing us with the perfect gift." - Sam Covault - October 25, ‘08

"Thank you so much for the bag (and the Bible...we thought the Bible was a really cool touch.) My husband loves it! It really exceeded our expectations. It is definitely as you said...they'll be fighting over it and he's looking forward to holding it over them until then. You guys are the best sellers ever and this has been a really fun buy!" - Trish Arnold - October 16, ‘08

"Dave, I gotta tell you, this thing is built! I was wondering if it would be big enough, WOW! Perfect. It looks smaller on the website, than in person. When I look at the stitching, I can see what you mean, when you say this thick leather is difficult to work with. I think I could fill it with bricks, and it wouldn't even stress it. I would break down before it would. Excellent quality and construction." - Lee Fraczek - October 16, ‘08

"Received the bag sooner than expected. I have to say how delighted I am with the design, build quality and beauty of the bag. A true value for money heirloom piece. I'm now saving up for the suitcases. Keep up the good work." - Shay - October 16, ‘08

"Just got my briefcase... Wow! I got the lightest color and first thought it might be too light. No way, I love it. I travel all over the world. Finally taking a bag with me that's got my back. Great job, Great product." - Sal Abbinanti - October 15, ‘08

"A couple of months ago I was looking for a bag for my wife and me. Like me she lugs a lot of stuff to work. After a day or so of web browsing I stumbled upon Saddleback Leather! Never had a second thought about getting one for each of us! And so, today it finally arrived-my wife's Chestnut Briefcase and how exciting! I'm very pleased with its superior craftsmanship, quality and elegant style so far, not a single brand I know of can compare! The package was in perfect order and shipping time was as promised. So many bags have come and gone! My wife and I had somehow gotten into the habit of regularly (at least every year) buying bags. Without a doubt, this Saddleback Briefcase will stay and be with us for many years of service and good looks. I wish all you wonderful folks down at Saddleback Leather the prosperity of your good and honest business! Keep up the great work! I am happy to have discovered Saddleback Leather!" - Adolph Cabanas - October 15, ‘08

"Your briefcase is the best birthday gift my dad has ever received! I thought a small Saddleback leather briefcase would be the perfect gift for my dad since he likes to spend time in nature, take photographs, and paint watercolor. Not only that, but I thought your bag is a perfect reflection of my dad's character - strong, hard working, resilient, worldly...I told him all about your bags (quality of leather and workmanship, that it's waterproof and will last forever, and increase in beauty and character with time and use, etc.). He loves it! In fact, he liked the briefcase so much that I had to give him the dark coffee brown pouch that I have as well (just bought another one for myself)! Thank you for making such a wholesome bag! My husband and I have bought six bags so far. I think I'm addicted to your bags! I also want to thank you for your very friendly and helpful customer service folks." - Tina Jiang - October 14, ‘08

"What a fab bag. I love it." - Barry Panaretou - October 14, ‘08

"Seriously, I just turned 61 and bought a Nissan 350Z but still needed your pouch to make me be cool again." - Larry Surretsky - October 10, ‘08

"Even though I don't own one, I still love scrolling through your website and drooling over the photos and reading the descriptions. It is SO nice to know there is another soul out there who does his work with integrity and a high degree of craftsmanship. Well done. Thanks so much for doing what you do with excellence and integrity." - Dave Fingerlos - October 10, ‘08

"Have a great time, love the bag." - Jeff Traylor - October 07, ‘08

"At present I own three of your bags, and the backpack is on the way. Your bags are with out a doubt built like the old time quality products I miss now days. At 63 and counting, I remember my mother's old leather suitcase, quite similar to yours Dave, but not as well made. I always had an affection for heavy, oil tanned leather, with the smell, ah the smell, and silky feel of endless durability. To own a quality piece always makes you happy when you use it. Throughout my life, I've found that it always pays to buy the best. That is why I've bought yours after looking at many, many, others. I realize that they will be around long after I'm gone. I tell my self that the kids will have something to remember me by. When you compare the worth of an item, so much more than just the price becomes important. I consider my bags to be an investment. True, I could have bought a new flat screen TV for the cost of them, but where would that put me in ten years? Dave, each time I watch an old western movie, I'm always looking at the leather goods and comparing. Nothing that I have seen anywhere, new or old, can compare to your stuff. Thanks for all the cheerful and friendly customer service and your humor and wit. I truly feel that I am a part of the Saddleback family." - Lee Fraczek - October 08, ‘08

"I have just received my dream bag this morning after it spent a day at Malaysian Customs at the airport, I was asked a few times by Pos Malaysia and Malaysian Customs officers whether I bought the bag for my own use or for selling, after that two custom officers commented how nice and solid my bag was, they have not seen it before. I told them it's the Best in the World, after those three minutes later a pretty girl asked me about my bag as I opened the box to see inside. I saw a lot of people looking at my bag as I left the building, I also showed it to three of my friends during lunchtime and all of them said the best things about my bag. I thank you." - Jim Mun - October 09, ‘08

"Just received my Satchel and all I can say it's awesome! What a fantastic peace of craftsmanship! Thank you all for this very nice product and the excellent customer-service!" - Alexander Pohl - October 09, ‘08

"I stumbled onto your website a year ago. I thought it was too good to be true. I finally believed. My wife thought I was crazy. Then, 6 months later, I got my wife to look at the website. She simply said, 'I want one of all of them. And the luggage. And you should get the pouch and the messenger bag. Doesn't that backpack look great. I think that the second smallest would be a great camera bag for me...' I am now on my first trip with my bag. Before I left, my family loved the bag really, really loved the bag. I was stopped in the airport because people loved the bag. The bag is worth twice the price you ask." - Thomas Townsend - October 06, ‘08

"I've owned your briefcase for about less than a year now - it's absolutely the finest piece of luggage I've ever owned. The compliments have been extensive, and the piece just fits me. Thanks." - Martin Camacho - September 18, ‘08

"I'm sure your tired of everyone raving about how great your products are... ho hum. All I can say is you have exceeded my expectations and I'll be lucky to get out of work with the bag. Don't be surprised to see a few more order from this address. Thanks again for a truly wonderful bag." - Gregg McWilliams - October 06, ‘08

"Just wanted to send you all a note of appreciation for the fantastic duffel!" - Jay Drury - October 03, ‘08

"It finally arrived and I am thrilled. Even only after a few minutes I am so glad for finding Saddleback Leather. My briefcase is great. Thank you Dave and everyone there." - Robert Simmons - October 03, ‘08

"You guys are the best...This is my fifth item I have purchased from you and I have been completely satisfied. I try to spread the word around because I believe good business deserves to be successful. Keep up the good work. You are truly the epitome of good work, good service and good products will breed success...no amount of marketing or advertising will substitute." - Gary Wayne - October 03, ‘08

"Thanks very much for your briefcase, I'm very satisfied with its build quality and style, everything was in perfect order from the packaging and postage to the customer service." - Sam Jan - September 29, ‘08

"My backpack arrived and I finally put it down long enough to write this testimonial. This backpack is, without a doubt, the finest leather product I have ever seen, let alone owned. The craftsmanship and attention to detail is exceptional and I know that it will serve me well for many years as I continue my travels. In addition, the kindnesses and consideration extended to me while I waited, as my backpack was not only appreciated but also touching in the extreme. So, thank you again for an exceptional product and service. I will be back." - Henry Beckmeyer - October 05, ‘08

"I am 39 years old and I can honestly say I have never had a shopping experience as good as this. This company will surpass everyone's expectations with customer treatment like this. I am so glad I found your website, I was actually checking out Louis Vuitton, Prada, Paul Smith and others but I just kept coming back to yours, your bags are that unique and attractive. Electromagnetic attraction!" - Shawn Courts - September 18, ‘08

"Talk about SUPER COOL! Even better than as shown on your website, and of the highest quality. I initially hesitated ordering due to the cost and currency differentials. I am now SO pleased that I finally took the plunge. It's magnificent, and will certainly look the part when it's strapped onto the luggage rack of the MX5 for a weekend getaway. But sorry, Dave. The kids won't be fighting over it after I'm gone. I intend to take it with me!!! I'll be clutching it in my cold, lifeless hand as they lower me. The kids can have the loot instead." - John Lochran - September 18, ‘08

"I must say, for the first time, in a long time, I am truly impressed. Your product was everything you said it would be. The simplicity, ruggedness, and durability remind me of items from a time past. In a sea of disposable products, I think yours would qualify as what the government classifies as "durable goods." The beauty and luxury reminds me of my corvette - way more muscle than I need, turns heads everywhere, no silly electric gadgets, monster performance, at a price ½ what a so called competitors can offer. The bag is ready for a camping trip, courtroom, daily work, or travel. I am not afraid to dress it up or down. I think you are in a class all your own." - Joseph Branch - September 18, ‘08

"The chestnut satchel just arrived and boy I am just as astonished about it as I was when my medium briefcase arrived. It's exceptional. So glad some business cards came with it. I've had 10 women acquire about my briefcase last week alone, asking where I got it from etc. Inquiries are coming from business professionals and those in the medical profession, especially female nurses and younger physicians. They will stop me, complement on it and ask where I got it." - Ray Parsons, Jr. - September 28, ‘08

"Most of the time my bag travels with me on the streets of Los Angeles. Thanks for such an amazing bag." - Ben Parks - September 28, ‘08

"I was not only intoxicated from the smell of my satchel when I took it out of the box; I am intoxicated by the bag. I am a person who does not have a lot of "things" but what I have are items that are of the highest quality, regardless of cost. I may spend quite a bit on an item but I still have it years later. This bag is one of the finest I have found and can't wait until it is old, soft and broken in." - Barbara Dyett - September 26, ‘08

"I just received my new Chestnut Messenger Bag, and let me just say that I am.... agog. As I'm sure you're well aware it is very rare to find anything that truly lives up to the hype these days. Your bag does. Frankly, I couldn't be happier if I were twins, and you can bet your bottom dollar I'll sing your praises to anyone who will listen to me. Thank you so much for your discriminating taste, for not rolling over and accepting other leather bags out there, and for striking out to create a line that really is one of a kind." - Lara Teeple - September 25, ‘08

"I had at least a half dozen people stop me on the street and ask where I bought it. They thought I bought it at a store in New York. I carried my bag in the city for 4 days. Wore it as a backpack, over one shoulder, and as a normal bag. What a bag." - Gary Smith - September 24, ‘08

"The best bag I'll ever own or ever could own. You guys outdid yourselves!" - John Kornet - September 24, ‘08

"Man, do you guys make hot stuff. You almost don't want to use it, then you change your mind and will want to try to take it everywhere. Absolutely happy, I love it." - Robert Burton - September 22, ‘08

"I can't stop looking at it and smiling. It is a piece of art. The color is just right and it is made beautifully. It's a beautiful briefcase." - Fernando Neto - September 16, ‘08

"Thank you for providing such great products and showing real craftsmanship. This satchel is awesome just as my briefcase. I love them both. And I realized that the small booklet of bible came in with my satchel. When I found it last time, I wasn't sure where it came from. Now I know that it was you put that in with my briefcase. Not too many people have the courage to share their faith in business. Well, I guess your bags are not the only ones that will outlast one's lifetime. The Word will last longer and I hope my grandchildren will see the faith when I am gone, not just my bags." - Peter Chung - September 12, ‘08

"I just received my Saddleback Leather Company satchel and it is worth every hard earned penny!! This satchel is absolutely breath taking!!! I have been going onto your website looking at your different items and dreaming. I wanted the briefcase but due to the price I thought I'd start off smaller to see the leather workmanship & quality first. The leather smell is overwhelmingly great and intoxicating! The leather is strong and sturdy. It is classy & rugged at the same time. Made for either men or women. You can dress it up or down. It is classic, clean and stylish. If anyone out there is not sure, please take the chance you will love this bag and Saddleback's leather and workmanship. Thank you Saddleback for a great satchel!" - "silvergirl" - September 15, ‘08

"Saddleback leather makes the best bags EVER. I work in an international airport and I see bags, bags, bags all day. Nearly all of them are damaged in some way, especially as mentioned on your site, zippers and wheels. Even the "good stuff" i.e. Louis Vuitton, Coach (when they're not knock offs) don't hold up. I've seen literally hundreds of thousands of bags and I've never seen anything even close to the equal of Saddleback. I recommend your bags to everyone I know." Nickolaus Moormann - September 15, ‘08

"I bought [a bag] for our anniversary and for [my boyfriend's] 30th b-day. My boyfriend said it was the nicest gift anyone has ever gotten him. That means a lot to me, since that's what I strive for when I pick gifts. The bag is gorgeous and I'm sure will be the object of much envy." - L. V. - September 13, ‘08

"I just wanted to thank you for getting the bag out to me so quickly. I really REALLY like it and everyone I know has already said something to me about it and today is the first day I've really used it! I am looking forward to getting years of use out of this....Thank you, thank you, thank you!" - Jack Long - Dec 14, ‘05

"I was at a gun show last weekend and got more complements on my bag than my H&K or my Springfield .45." - Monnie Bush - April 12, ‘06

"This is the greatest bag I've ever seen." - Chris - May 19, ‘06

"The bag has about 40,000 miles of travel since I got it last year. It is starting to get broken in and I love the leather in this bag." - Brian Johnson - April 7, ‘06

"I really couldn't be happier with my bag, it's just perfect, and I have NEVER had a better experience with a seller... Honest, responsible people are a rarity in today's world, and you are without a doubt one of the good ones!! Thanks for a bag I will cherish for years to come, and it has truly, truly been a pleasure doing business with you." - Sara Culp - May 30, ‘06

"Got the bag today and as you already knew it is a bomb. Wonderful piece and great color. Love the rugged and Western look. So I am going to give it a break in right away." - Bill - May 20, ‘05


"As you may have guessed, I love it." - Jerry Gruenfelder - May 21, ‘06

"Whew. The bag's a beaut. I wasn't really doubting it's existence... just very excited to see some more of it." - Chris Gray - May 24, ‘06

"So far the bag has worked out flawlessly and it has indeed exceeded my expectations. I am a very picky person and I don't give praise easily or often because so many things today are overpriced and sub-par in quality but the bag that you sell is truly awesome." - Richard Navarrete - June 27, ‘06

"Just received my duffel bag. The craftsmanship is very impressive. Thank you!" - Pete Lowhorne - September 11, ‘08

"Record delivery time. The bag looks great; the computer fits perfectly, lots of extra space for my network tools and cables. Everything you said is absolutely true. It's durable and should age nicely with my normal, everyday abuse. Thanks again." - Clarence Grimm - Jun 24, ‘06

"I wanted a bag that could take my lifestyle and didn't think they existed. Glad to know that I was wrong." - Robert Cooksey - September 03, ‘08

"I'm ecstatic, I'm floored, I'm amazingly happy with the quality of my new briefcase and the overall character of the product...this is the best purchase I have ever made...pass on a very well deserved gracias to el presidente and the team at Saddleback Leather...I will definitely be back for more..." - Matt Suttles - August 30, ‘08

"Yes, I really love the bag! I use it EVERY day." - Stanley J Cowen - September 22, ‘05

"I continue to get admiration, jealousy and pure curiosity "attacks" anytime I have my beloved bag in public. The raffled carbon black bag is still creating havoc. The bag owner is still being approached by fellow college student females DAILY. He has developed one relationship with the second gal who approached him about his new bag. Now she is becoming irritated by the on-going extra attention he receives due to your wonderful bags! Keep up the fine work and homewrecking! -) " - Matthew Weyuker - September 10, ‘08

"I am very happy with my new coffee satchel. It was on back order for many weeks and worth the wait." - Nathan R. Maletic - September 08, ‘08

"I just received my new Large Briefcase this week. I am thrilled with the bag and the quality and workmanship. It's a truly functional bag. Very handsome, not a refined bag. Exactly what I was looking for." - Allen Mayer - September 02, ‘08

"GUYS I JUST GOT MY BAG TODAY AND ALL I CAN SAY IS ‘OH MY GOD.' It is Beautiful. Thank you so much I will be the envy of all." - Larry Phillips - August 28, ‘08

"[The bag] the best investment I've made in a long time." - William Hicks - May 22, ‘06

"Today was finally the day. My Saddleback Leather briefcase arrived in the mail. A few hours later I shipped off my Ghurka bag after I sold it. As you know Ghurka's products are among the highest quality leather bags out there, but I was pleased to replace it with yours. The Ghurka was too precious, polished, I worried about it damaging it. Your briefcase is tough as nails, still beautiful, and has classic proportions." - Jak Wonderly - September 08, ‘08

"I just got your duffle bag for a Birthday present from my wife. This bag is fantastic. The quality is everywhere. I've purchased duffle bags in Mexico, San Antonio, and Italy. Nothing compares to the quality of your duffle This bag is what Lucchese is to boots. There is no comparison. Thank you for a wonderfully crafted bag made of great leather. I'm donating all my other duffles to charity, yours is the only one I'll need." - Mark DiLuciano - September 10, ‘08

"Yeehaw! Whoaaa Boy, Whoaaa Boy!! I can't ride a horse and I can't be a cowboy but boy are these leather bags ever nice! Just received them today and by any description they are some beautiful bags! Thanks for this beautiful product and we plan on using them muchly." - Mike & Ann Almon

"I'm looking forward to putting the bag to good use!" - Kathy Austin - August 28, ‘08

"Thanks. I showed a few of my friends the bag and was gratified by their immediate bag lust and envy. (Who knew cardinal sins could be so much fun? Does bag lust count?)." - Lili Saintcrow - January 11, ‘06

"I received The Case today. I'm revising my will. I'm going to donate this one; I don't want my heirs hurting each other. I think I'll build a special storage area where I sleep. Do you sell locks, chains and portable tracking systems as well? Maybe I should ask God to forgive those who will covet The Case?" - Tamra Simmons - September 03, ‘08

"I got my new bag and I am in love! It's the best purchase I could have made. Thank you for making such a beautiful product." - Bruce Isabel - September 03, ‘08

"Thank you for you devotion on finding the right stuff. Though I'm a Swede in the country of elk/moose skin I've never seen a more appropriate bag for the way I'm living." - Anders Jonasson - September 02, ‘08

"I just thought you like to hear I was flying out of Chicago Midway this week for Tampa when I needed to use the washroom and left the bag with my wife. When I returned I found her in a deep conversation with a tall-distinguished gentlemen. He was interested if the bag was a Saddleback and though it was a birthday present from her to me she had no idea were it came from. So when I joined in the talk it went on for a half an hour about bags we've owed and ones we would like to and your line was right at the top." - Brian Foockle - August 30, ‘08

"I have now had my medium briefcase in chestnut for about three months, while working in West Africa and it is absolutely fantastic. I take the bag everywhere." - Philip Engelholm - September 01, ‘08

"I would like to express how satisfied I am with your wonderful products...For me ‘it's all about quality'!!" - Steve MacInnis - September 02, ‘08

"OH MY GOD. It's gorgeous; it's one of the coolest things that I have ever seen/owned. Right up there with my favorite garment ever-the black velvet, satin lined, hooded cape that people run up to me on the street to ask where I got it EVERY time that I wear it. I BEYOND LOVE IT." - Unknown - Dec 21, ‘05

"The bag is truly brilliant the smell takes me back to all the boot shops I've ever visited. Already, my husband has suggested that he would gladly take this bag off my hands. We are planning an outing for the bag this weekend at a peace rally and vigil." - Lynda - March 17, ‘05

"Wow! Dave I am impressed! This bag is even better than it looks online, even smells great. I appreciate your good business and I will put this bag to the test for sure. Thanks so much for all of the care that went into this. It may sound cheesy, but this is really going to be a comfort to have out in the field." - Jeremy Phelps - May 7, ‘05

"I got the bag today. It is incredible! I have been playing with it all evening long." - David Eichler - May 13, ‘05

"Just wanted to let you know I've been using my bag for a few weeks now and everyone is so jealous! The guys in my band drool everytime they see it sitting on my bunk on the bus. They're such a bunch of cowboys. Anyway, I had a day off and went to Barnes and Nobles to pick up a couple of books. So I decide to grab an espresso and sit down to read and relax for a few. No less than 5 people pass by and comment on my bag. One guy offers to buy it. I said no, so he starts the auction thing, like, OK, I'll give you this much NO OK, I'll give you this much NO OK, I'll give you this much No. GO AWAY! I guess a stun gun or cattle prod is next. Having this bag can make you a popular guy when you're around Yuppies. Anyway, just wanted you to know I'm enjoying my bag, and it looks better everyday." - Donald Breland - May 16, ‘05

"My satchel arrived today.... when I got it out and removed its packing, I was in shock and awe! What a super, awesome, almost indescribable leather product. The color is so beautiful and this case so perfectly made. It's made exactly the way I was hoping. I grew up in a family owned manufacturing environment where there was no such thing as cutting costs within the products we produced. I am so glad to see the same here. Right now it's so new to me and I'm still in shock due to its quality, fit and finish, and its presence. Truly a most beautiful work of art that I will be using on a daily basis." - Ray Parsons Jr. - August 19, ‘08

"When I went to Thailand with my suitcase.... I was getting comments as soon as I got to the airport - and this is England, we're not as forward as you Americans. This carried on right through my trip - people on boats from one island to another, people in hotels carrying my bags, cab drivers, etc. The first words of my old friend, whom I had not seen for two years, were 'nice suitcase'. The owner of the beach where I stayed - a very important man - came over to compliment it. I was starting to feel jealous of the attention it was getting. It's the same with the briefcases when I'm at home. I'm a teacher, and the kids at my school are always commenting on them, as do strangers in the street. They also jump a bit when I tell them the price, and when they feel the weight, but I always tell them that I have never spent better money. The medium tan briefcase in particular is looking better each day, and I've treated it pretty roughly. Thanks for everything you've done so far." - Paul Thompson - August 21, ‘08

"Well, I have to tell you that the bag is just beautiful.... My husband wanted me to open the box that held HIS briefcase. I said no way.... Finally, he gets his little knife [to open the box]. He didn't pull the paper out at first; he just held his face over the box and took in a deep breath. ‘Oh that smells so good!' Out comes the paper and finally he pulls his bag out of the box. He looked at it, admired it, opened it, smelled it again, and then he passed it over to me. I was so surprised at how soft the leather was...[my husband] will never have to buy another briefcase again. Thanks again for a great product." - Linda Parker - September 27, ‘07

"Thebag is great. I thought some of the comments you posted were an exaggeration. Particularly those about people commenting [on the bag], but it is true. I have been using it 2 weeks (I am a consultant and travel for work) and have had dozens of comments already! Thanks again!" - Paul

"Thank you for your messenger bag. The bag arrived here couple of days ago and I am more than pleased with that. You are right, it is stunning! I was so surprised when I found your little Personal Bible verses of comfort assurance salvation from a pocket of the bag; it made me so glad :) Also your namecards that were inside the bag are nice - the creek letter text CHRIST RULES on those is something that affect to me in encouraging way, good idea. I think that you may be happy to know that I will use your bag first of all on my ministry in our Gods work. I'm happy to get your bag to serve my ministry here in my country [Finland]." - Mika

"What can I say that hasn't been said? LOVE IT!!!! [I'm] glad I upgraded to the x-large, my 17" would not have fit in the large. I travel light so this is perfect.... anyway, great bag thanks Dave and all." - Edward - November 17, ‘07

"Just want to say that my satchel (got the mondo-big model) is the cat's ass and was worth every penny. The bag pulls serious focus everywhere and I've passed your name and website on to innumerable people. I looked for a long time for the perfect satchel, the last one I would need...I found it! Thanks so much and all the best!" - Barry Miller - June 11, ‘08

"Keep up the good work both in making what appears to be fantastic bags and doing God's work in the world." - Bruce

"I wanted to thank you and your team for the awesome bag amazing how often we pay for things and then just simply settle for whatever it is we have bought. Not true with your customer service, communication, or product. Many of my friends have been thrown into a life of sin because of this bag...yes I find them lusting and coveting after it, and to that, I hand them your business card, or direct them to the Saddleback website. God bless you guys!" - Louis Escarcega - January 31, ‘08

"I just got the bag, IT IS AWESOME!!! This bag is for my 12-year-old son for Christmas. When we viewed your work for the first time online last month he went nuts and insisted this was the ONLY thing he wanted this year. Since he's an only child and pretty spoiled I knew he was serious. I hated to do it but fibbed and told him I couldn't get my account to work and he is extremely bummed right now. Imagine his excitement Christmas morning. After seeing the messenger bag I am jealous. I may be ordering another for myself down the road, I seriously doubt he's going to share his! Anyway I just wanted to tell you that your pictures don't lie, your workmanship and the overall appearance of the bag was beyond my expectations." - Tannett James - December 5, ‘07

"I've had your briefcase bag for two months now, and I must say that it has been the best investment I've made. I'm a law student and other students are always looking to outdo one another in clothes, wives/husbands, cars, etc. When I purchased the bag, I wasn't looking to be the envy of anyone; I was just looking for a quality bag that looked great. Well, as it turned out, not only did I get that quality bag that looked great, I've also become the envy of many because of it. I get at least one compliment a day on the bag from someone. So in short, thanks!" - Dennis - August 24, ‘07

"Once again thanks so much for your attentive customer service - it was truly exceptional, as is the bag." - Annelis Thorsen-Cavers - June 19, ‘08

"Can't thank you enough for the bag. The first trip it made was to Arkansas to my father's funeral. I hadn't really had time to explore it yet and while showing it to my brother in law (who was green with envy) I came across the scriptures hidden in the false bottom. Let me tell you, they really made a difficult time easier. They led to getting down the family bible and reminiscing about Dad and the wonderful times we had together. Thank you so much for a wonderful product and for that small much-needed surprise." - Sam Reeves - November 13, ‘07

"Everything you have said about the bag in the description is absolutely true. This bag is so nice, I actually felt a little uncomfortable taking out the first time because I was partly hesitant about the reaction I might get from my friends concerning vanity or conceit, and partly because I didn't want it to get damaged in any way (ha!). Whenever I am not using it, it sits displayed on our bookcase because it is such a fine piece of work. Beautiful craftsmanship, quality of leather, and hardware-all the very best. Thanks a million for creating a bag that met the expectations of my hopes." - Tadd Barton - Feb 15, ‘08

"I just wanted to take a moment to send you a note and thank you for the awesome briefcase I bought from you several months ago. I use it regularly and it's an absolute must when I travel (which is every other week)." - Ted - June 17, ‘08

"The first time I stumbled upon your website and saw your bags I knew I had to have one. In fact, I knew it was THE bag I had been looking for. So, not being the impulsive type, I read everything I could about you and your company to find some reason why Not to buy it. Ultimately, what pushed me over the edge was you, Dave. Your website really captures the "Essence of Dave". The stories, the humor, the photos, threats against my machismo, and promises of birthday parties...they all bring your bags to life. My hot wife, Caryl, finally got sick of me admiring your work so much; she practically MADE me buy the thing! Well done, my friend. As far as the bag itself goes, I cannot be happier." - Dr. Chris Musacchio - June 03, ‘08

"I have to tell you that I have finally found the bag I have been searching for years. I am a math professor and have carried a bag for years. Everyone at work knows I carry two bags, one for school material and one personal bag. I travel quite often and my personal bag goes with me all over the world. Today, when I walked into the office with my new personal bag I became the center of attention. I am used to be part of the group so to speak and never gain attention when I enter the office. Not this time. Everyone wanted to see the bag, feel the bag, smell the bag, and see how they looked with the bag. Your bags are truly the best out there and I look forward to carrying this bag for many years to come. Thank you so much for creating such a classic bag." - Elvis Vaughn - November 20, ‘07

"I recently purchased one of your briefcases from you and since then some interesting things have happened. I received my bag right before I was leaving for New York City then onto Brazil for work. Here's what happened... Day One: I was doing some quick shopping before leaving at Water Tower Place in Chicago, when the owner of a well known high end Italian bag store and his wife chased me down in the mall. They apparently saw me walk past their shop as they were leaving and had to know who made my new briefcase, after an exhausting round of questioning from them (about twenty minutes or so) I was finally on my way. Just a heads up, they have it stuck in their minds that they will be able to talk you into allowing them to sell your bags at their store, I tried to explain to them over and over again that you did not do retail sales but they simply wouldn't have it. Day Two: A women saw me while we were going through security at O'Hare and literally went running after me, the entire length of the American Airlines Terminal demanding to know where I got my bag. Day Three: During my brief stop over in New York City, I had a meeting with one of my clients, a well-known fashion house which I do the stage design/lighting design for them for fashion week. I was expecting a quick in and out with the marketing department and for the most part that is what happened. However, on my way out I bumped into [the founder of the fashion house] himself, and besides the usual hellos, he was more focused on the bag I was carrying then anything else. He also gave me a long list of questions and also took well over twenty minutes to do so. So you might receive an order sometime soon from the soho district of New York City, the order's probably for him. Day Four: After landing in Brazil, I have had five people come up to me and just ask me about your bag, I have never in my life seen people get so excited over a piece of luggage. Granted I can't blame them, since I know after owning one of your products, my great grand children will be fighting over it. Thank you for making such a wonderful product and best wishes." - Erik Steffensen

"I am following up on your request to know how my son liked the black bag: My son is an artist. Considering his eye for detail and quality, I am very selective when purchasing gifts for him. Well he opened his gift and couldn't take his eyes off the bag as he examined every inch for a very long time. I finally said, ‘Well...what do you think, did I hit a homerun?'‘Yes, he said, it is both rugged and elegant. Just the kind of bag I have been looking for. The craftsmanship is outstanding!' " - Ethel Lee - December 31, ‘07

"The bag arrived Thursday. Fantastic! The quality is just as I expected (and as you advertised). I can now understand the fanaticism. Thanks a ton. I look forward to many years of use. I'm already sure it won't be my last purchase of Saddleback Leather. Also showed it to my friend here in Tucson who originally contacted you. It got him even more charged up about purchasing one as well. He's ready to go as soon as you get one. Keep up the good work!" - Tom Billionis - September 9, ‘07

"Got the bag today. I CAN'T WAIT to give it to my husband for Christmas. This is TRULY the highest quality bag I've ever seen, touched, held, and smelled!!! Wow, looks like it fell from Heaven. Worth every cent. We will refer others to your company when the compliments pour in during the new year." - Sheila Wray - November 29, ‘07

"You folks are fantastic! I have an office filled with great leather smells, as directed in one of your emails, I may sleep with this thing." - Harold Price - December 31, ‘07

"The bag I bought from you for my husband for Christmas was simply magnificent. I don't think I could have given him anything else that would have produced so much joy! So much so that on Christmas day we were enjoying a lovely lunch (read very very expensive lunch) in a great French restaurant when we were about to start the third out of six courses. My husband pipes up with ‘Can we go home now? I want to go and look at my bag!' Classic. Anyway I will be sure to spread the word about your beautiful products. Thanks for the great service and speedy delivery." - Christie Hopp

"First and foremost GOD BLESS YOU! I received the bag I ordered and it really is the most awesome bag I've ever seen or ever owned. Thanks for making quality products. Before the year is over I will also be ordering the duffel bag. There simply is no substitute for your products." - Elvis