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"Quality is not an act, it is a habit.”
Leather Bible Cover - Honor Your Word 
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100.0% of reviewers would recommend this to friends
  $40.00 – $43.00

Product Details
  • A cover that truly honors what it holds
  • Buy this cover AND THEN go buy a Bible to fit
  • Available with or without closure
  • Becomes especially beautiful with age
  • May cause your neighbor to covet, envy, steal or be jealous
  • Can hold any sized cigar beneath closure
  • Doubles as an iPad Mini case
  • Because of natural oils shade may vary
  • Dimensions (approximate size):
    • Opened: 12 ½” W x 9 ½” H
    • 0.4 pounds
    “Quality is not an act, it is a habit”
    - Aristotle

    I was living in Juarez, Mexico when I had my first Bible cover made. I had found a saddle maker, Samuel, to make a few of my bags and also make some Bible covers. In order to get to his little workshop, I had to pass all the way through his parents’ long and narrow home.

    I’d come in through the front door and pass through the living room where his very large and shirtless non self-conscious dad always seemed to be, laying on a bed. Then I’d pass through the kitchen and then a bedroom, often with people sleeping, and then out a side door just before the last bedroom. The narrow walkway with all the family chickens lead me on back to leather heaven. It wasn’t pretty, but it sure smelled like a million bucks.

    So I laid my little Bible down, told him what I imagined and let him go to work. After a half dozen tries, I was more than pleased. The more I used it, the more it aged. The more it aged the more people commented on it. The more they commented, the more full of pride I became. How ironic was that? The cover of a book that taught about how much God hated pride was filling me with little bits of it. Was I causing others to sin too? Heck, would this cause people to covet or envy or become jealous? Would it cause someone to eventually do something even worse like steal? Murder?” Things can escalate quickly when it comes to nice leather.

    But then I thought this. Whoa, was this Bible cover actually going to strengthen the Universal Church as a whole? Possibly. Owners will become stronger as they learn to fight their pride and non-owners will have to exercise their spiritual muscles to overcome. OR, they can be selfless and buy one for someone.

    I’m not finished yet. You know what, it always bothers me to look down at a Bible and see it covered with bonded leather. Am I the only one seeing the glaring contradiction here? You have the greatest treasure known to man - the actual words of God - covered with the crappiest leather known to man. Odd to you?

    We use natural markings.
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    Customer Reviews 18 reviews
    100.0% of reviewers recommended this

    DCB: Divine Cover for my Book

    I got this in combination with a Classic Tobacco Briefcase. Both from Dave's Deals and its hard to say which I like better.

    The pull string is clever, the leather soft to the touch and just so handsome.

    Love it.

    Saddleback meets Marcus Aurelius

    My Bible leather cover is now currently being used to house one of my favorite hardbound books, The Emperor's Handbook. Judging by the perfect fit; one would guess these two were made for each other. As absurd as it sounds now, one of my benchmarks for buying books is if it'll fit in the SB cover. It also fits my Moleskine notebook perfectly; an added plus.

    Bad Weather Blues

    After ordering this Bible Cover as a gift for my mom for Christmas, Texas had some severe weather which delayed shipping. I started to get impatient waiting to see the new Tobacco color for myself. Tonight it finally came and wow does it look gorgeous. I can't wait to someday order a Side pocket Duffel in tobacco for myself. My mom is going to just love her new bible cover. I think it will fit her personality just right. Big thanks to Dave and his team.


    Fourth and final product (for now) to review. Protects the good book like a champ, makes packing it a safe proposition (can't count the torn pages on the bible I recieved over a decade ago as a graduation gift). The perfect bible to fit this is the Zondervan Thin Line bible...picked it up from Mardel today PERFECT fit...Dave maybe there's a partnership opportunity? At any rate, if anyone needs to find a fit, this is the way to go (they make NIV, and KJV). What a way to add some class and a little bit of heritage to my study time.I'm big on leaving a legacy for my son, and for him to see me study with this on my bible, will hopefully remind him of who his real father is when I'm gone (should be a good while from now :) ).

    Love the heavyduty leather

    This doesn't come close to fitting my King James/Peoples Parallel Translation Bible. I just wrap around the Bible and close. This is the world's best leather and even though it doesn't fit any Bible I own, I am keeping it. It still holds my notepad and other things that I use with the Bible. This was my first purchase 3 weeks ago. Since then, I have ordered journal, cell phone case, big wallet, slim wallet and another bag. I'm ADDICTED!

    Excelente producto.

    Uso el cobertor de Biblia con seguro color marrón café oscuro y es exacto a lo que ves en la foto.

    Cuidan cada detalle.

    Excelentes productos, mucho éxito.

    Desde Venezuela.


    Beautifully crafted

    I received this cover a few weeks ago and I am very satisfied with the workmanship and quality. I carry my Bible almost everywhere I go and this is perfect to keep my Thinline Bible cradled and protected. I purchased the dark coffee brown and I have just gravitated to the richness of the color. I also got the cover that has the closure feature which is a nice touch. Saddleback Leather makes some of the most awesome leather goods I've ever seen. I will be back for more leather goodness that's for sure!

    Great cover for the good book

    My wife bought the Bible cover for me as it goes back and forth with me to work in my overnight bag. My Bible was getting pretty tattered. This cover was the perfect answer. As with all Saddleback products, it is durable, simple, and a work of art.
    Once again, Thank you for a great product designed to last in a disposable age.

    Eric G

    Beautiful product

    This bible cover is beautiful. I purchased the dark coffee brown and it is really wearing in nicely. The shipping was very fast. This is my second Saddleback product and there will be MANY more to come. Thanks Dave!

    Perfect journal

    I got this in dark coffee brown hoping to put my bible in it. I have, what I consider, a regular sized catholic bible from Ignatius Press. My bible won't fit in here. When I ordered this I was thinking that maybe it wouldn't fit, so I'm not going to give four stars. Also, the customer service is amazing. I e-mailed to complain and could have returned this. However, I decided to keep it. This looks and smells amazing. Also, it fits a moleskin notebook perfectly!!! So, I use this for a journal rather than a bible cover and I couldn't be more happy with this.

    Anniversary Present

    I purchased this for my husband for our 25th wedding anniversary. I had given him a bible for a wedding present and it was so worn that I started looking around for a cover. That's when I discovered Saddleback. He loves it! Like the reviewer below said, there is something wonderful about holding a bible in the warm of leather. For my husband, receiving this cover brought back and flood of memories, well really, for both of us.
    For anyone looking for a high quality, beautiful cover that feels and smells wonderful, look no further. This is it! Thank you Saddleback!


    The quality of leather and construction is out of this world. Fits an NIV Thinline perfectly. At first it seemed too tight a fit but once it settled in, it's absolutely perfect. This cover looks and feels like it should last forever. I'm sure it will look and feel even better with usage; very impressed. I ordered the dark coffee brown.

    Came to LOVE it!

    I took advantage of Dave's Deals and bought this Black Bible Cover at 10% off. (I couldn't find anything wrong with it). It surprised me when it came because it smelled so different and looked so plain and featureless like (David a previous reviewer stated). This is the first item I've bought that wasn't in Tobacco Brown and it was so different. I tried what he suggested and it worked some, I'll just have to use this a little more and it should be fine. Also thanks to David I have a place for my pen in the top of the spine.

    I must say when I ordered this, I thought because I own several bibles, one of them had to fit, but no such luck. I actually bought a new copy of the ESV Thinline Bible to go in it and had my name put on the Leatherback cover at the religious store. Even though I'm Catholic and a few books are missing in this version, it has become my favorite. The bible and cover were made for each other. Like Dave says "a cover WORTHY of what's in it.

    This cover almost got sent back because of the size but I am SO glad I kept it. There is just something about holding this beautiful cover and reading God's word, they both together warm my heart.

    While beating this cover up in order to give it some character I relized how it will never wear out and my girls WILL be fighting over it someday. I only wish I could be around to see how more beautiful it will become over time.

    Great for thinline bibles (and other things!)

    I purchased the medium bible cover - with a clasp - in DCB in September, and I love it. As Mark said, it perfectly fits an ESV Thinline bible with a little snipping of the back cover. It also perfectly fits an 8x5 Moleskine.

    I am a youth pastor, so I use this a lot and it takes a beating. Especially when we go to camps or retreats, it's constantly getting dirty, or wet from rain. And as I am a big coffee and tea drinker, it's had a couple spills as well. This thing has already taken a beating, and I could not be more happy with the way it looks, feels, and protects my bible. I also transfer it to my journal occasionally if I'm going to be using a bigger bible or a bible app on my iPad (which is also protected by a fantastic Saddleback iPad case!)

    I have not seen the Saddleback Moleskine cover in person, but I think I would purchase another of these instead of the Moleskine covers, if I ever decided to get a dedicated journal cover.

    Well done, Saddleback!

    Now, if I could just muster up the cash/courage to purchase a briefcase to carry it in...

    It just gets more beautiful every day

    I bought the Medium Bible Cover for my Moleskine (the Large 13x21 cm version) and it's a perfect fit. The cover has ca 5 mm of extra room on either the top or bottom of the Moleskine which is a perfect place for a narrow pen like the Cross Classic Centrury (http://www.cross.com/pens-and-pencils/explore-collections/quality/classic-century.aspx). This is the perfect place to keep a pen securely. I find this to be a better place for the pen than trying to fit it onto the lock mechanism, but it will obviously not work as well if you have a really thick or long pen.

    As soon as the cover arrived, I admired the thickness and unbelievably high quality of the leather, just like with all the other Saddleback products. However, I never felt like the Dark Coffee Brown surface/texture was as soft and interesting to look at compared to my Tobacco Brown items, even though I prefer DCB more in terms of its color since it suits better with my overall dress style. On Tobacco colored items, the leather texture is smoother and you can sometimes even see scars and other interesting features on the leather -- for example, I have a beautiful trace of a vein on my gadget sleeve in Tobacco that really makes it feel unique. But on DCB items, the surface is almost completely blank and featureless on my items.

    Until today, that is! After watching Jonathan Munson's awesome videos about his Chamberlain's Leather Milk, I realized that the DCB leather has the potential to develop just as interesting and beautiful patina as the Tobacco colored leather -- you just have to work with the leather to achieve it. (For an example of how incredibly beautiful DCB will look after years of care, use and abuse, check this video out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6I41r_f5uiE).

    I decided to follow Jonathan's advice so I took my Moleskine out of the leather cover and started by applying lots of Chamberlain's No. 1 (which you can buy from this site) and then folded the cover up like a newspaper and began to smash it on my furniture and other stuff -- a wonderful catharsis exercise I might add! -- and then I wrinkled and twisted it in all sorts of ways for a few minutes. The result is astounding. All of a sudden, there was beautiful texture and depth to the surface, and I could spot a beautiful scar from the cow that the cover was made from that I hadn't even seen before! I've uploaded a photo to this review -- see that horizontal line below the lock, isn't that beautiful? I wish I had taken a "before photo" for comparison, but you can see Saddleback's product photos of this item to get an idea of how blank and even the texture looks like when you first receive it. The initial look is beautiful, but the worn in look is just incredible.

    I never really received any comments about this cover when using it at work, but I have a feeling people will start to notice it now because it just looks ten times as gorgeous as it did yesterday. It feels like I got an free upgrade to a more premium version of the leather! Now I'm afraid I will have to abuse all of my Saddleback Leather to achieve a similar effect. :)

    All in all, I could already highly recommend the cover before the "upgrade" today, but today I can officially say I'm in love with Saddleback Leather.

    It Fits!

    I received this case for Bible in less than 2 days after the order was placed. The shipping is very fast, and it was standard ground shipping. I do live like 2 and half hours outside of San Antonio where Dave lives, but 2 days is very fast. I was a little nervous when I first bought it because I didn't know if it would fit my ESV inline Bible. But, it fits perfectly! I had to cut off about a quarter of an inch off of the back cover, and it fits great! Besides, no one is gonna know or see the cover of your Bible once it is in the case. I highly recommend this product to everyone!

    Fits a Leuchtturm1917

    While I don't have a Bible this size, I'm delighted that my Leuchtturm1917 notebook will fit (just, it's a tight squeeze). Hefty leather that smells great and feels strong, I plan to be tossing this in the car, writing in coffee shops, and putting some wear on the leather.

    I have the non-closure medium size.

    Saddleback awesomeness around my Bible?

    I have two of these - both medium, but only one has the closure. While I love the idea of my Bible wrapped in Saddleback leather, I do not have a Bible that is the right size. So, I use one as a cover for a notebook (large Moeskine sized notebook) to take notes in church. The wraps my Moleskine large daily planner which is much much thicker than a typical Moleskine notebook. The cover is great and typical Saddleback leather awesomeness. I decided that I do not like the closure on the one notebook. It's in the way most of the time, for me. Now, if Dave would only build a cover that goes around regular sized (large) Bibles. :)

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