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    Not Your Typical Backpack

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    I've had my backpack for about 5 months now and I really am loving it. I get so many compliments on it and love all the versatile ways I can carry it, it truly is a unique design!

    I think the shoulder straps are comfortable and love adjusting them depending on how much weight I am carrying in the bag or if I want to wear it cross-body. The leather is thicker than some of the other products I own from Love 41 (like the simple tote) so it can scratch a little easier but I like the worn in, I'm not brand new, sort of look.

    The outside closure with the D-ring can be tricky at first to use but you really do get used to it. I don't carry a lot in this bag just because it can get heavy quick with the thicker leather. Also just from some experience carrying it, it's not the type of backpack that you can get into the main body of the bag while walking through the airport. You need to be able to set it down and use both hands to close. It does take a little longer to close & open but also makes it more secure which is what I expect in a backpack!

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    Most Beautiful Backpack Ever!!!

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    I just received my beautiful backpack!! Not only does it smell like top of the line quality leather, but it also feels like it!!! I am a forever customer of Love 41 bags. The backpack is durable and strong with a light feel. When I first ordered the crossbody backpack I was a bit concerned with the tie leather string, but it is very sturdy and durable! I am so pleased and ecstatic with the great quality of the bag!!! The tobacco color is a perfect! You will not be disappointed!!

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    • Designed by Suzette
    • Made with full grain leather
    • Antique brass hardware
    • Dimensions: 12 1/2" wide at bottom, 16 3/4" wide at top when fully open, 17 3/4" H x 5 1/2" D
    • Roomy front pocket measures 6 1/2" H x 8 3/4" W x 1 " D
    • Total length of each strap: Max. 38 3/8" end to end, Min. 20 3/4" end to end
    • Weight: 3.75 pounds
    • Adjustable Inner drawstring closure
    • Inner bag is made out of waxed cotton from Scotland
    • Handle allows you to grip backpack easily to move
    • Can be worn three ways, over one shoulder, backpack mode or take the straps off completely and transport by handle
    • Adjustable strap
    • 41 year warranty
    • Made in Old Mexico

    It seems these days that everywhere you go, you see someone wearing a backpack. It's no wonder, because they offer the convenience of being able to carry lots of stuff, yet keep your hand free to carry shopping bags, or fumble with plane tickets. With all of my traveling, I find that I love using a backpack because it makes life so much easier as we run through the airport (which is what we are usually doing!). Well, I've convinced you how handy a backpack is, now let me tell you how to stand out from the crowd; the Love 41 Crossbody Backpack! This unique design can be worn with a single strap as a cross body, or with a second strap as a normal backpack, which increases its versatility. Another feature I think you'll love is the inner drawstring closure which will help keep your things secure. So, don't just settle for looking like everyone else, get the Crossbody Backpack and stand out from the crowd!