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Your Dave's Deal purchase may arrive with either our chocolate pigskin lining or our new natural finish pigskin. Because of limited supply, Customer Service cannot accept requests for a specific lining. Your item may be stamped with an "S" on the interior of the product to denote it has an imperfection, or more character.

Dave’s Deals has leather pieces for sale with imperfections beyond the imperfection found in our regular handmade bags. The leather was living, the craftsmen are alive. Imperfection is life. No Saddleback piece is ever perfect and that’s what makes them perfect.

Now and then, a funny guy makes someone laugh and voila, a crooked stitch or misplaced rivet. If an irregularity is beyond what is a normal part of being handmade, then it comes to Dave’s Deals. These bags are in no way weaker than any other piece; they just have a stitch more character.

How It Works

  • You can’t hold a Dave’s Deal in your cart. It’s only yours when you buy it.
  • These are reference photos, not pictures of the actual bags for sale.
  • Dave’s Deals are covered under the 30 Day return policy and 100 Year Warranty.
  • Check back often, new Deals are posted all the time.
  • Watch the Dave’s Deals video for more info.
The Discount

  • The 10% off level (handheld discount) is for minor cosmetic blemishes you wouldn't even notice unless you were holding the bag.
  • The 15% off level (three foot discount) is for imperfections you might notice standing three feet away from the bag, if you were looking for them.
  • The 25% off level (ten foot discount) are things you might notice at ten feet if you were looking for them.


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