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Saddleback Leather Thin Briefcase Dark Coffee Brown Large
Saddleback Leather Briefcase Large Chestnut
Saddleback Leather Bifold Wallet Medium Carbon
Saddleback Leather iPad Case (4/3/2) Tobacco
Saddleback Leather Duffel Bag Dark Coffee Brown
Saddleback Leather Waterbag Medium Tobacco Brown
Saddleback Leather Backpack Chestnut
Saddleback Leather Notepad Holder Medium Carbon Black
Saddleback Leather ID Wallet Chestnut
Saddleback Leather Tow Belt 1.5

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Gift Certificate

The Certificate of Pure Goodness can be redeemed for the equivalent value in fine leather. It’s more than just a gift certificate though. By giving a Certificate of Pure Goodness you might be responsible for the recipient’s transformation into a bag-toting, risk-taking leather aficionado and help along with the hundreds of lost hours in fortuitous travels and unsolicited conversations with strangers. In fact, you might notice their vacation photos start to resemble these:
There are three reasons we can think of for why you’d want to give Pure Goodness.
  • 1.You want the recipient to season your leather.Don’t play innocent with us. You know how long these bags last. Saddleback designs have a tradition of being passed on from generation to generation, thanks to our tough as nails construction and 100 year warranty.
  • 2.You want to give someone a boost of confidence.Quality gives confidence. Owning a Saddleback bag might just cause the recipient to walk with their chin a little higher, feel a little sexier or land that job they’ve been wanting. Quality is the gift that keeps on giving.
  • 3.You love them.Alright, cleverness aside, you don’t need a reason to give your friends or family a gift that shows you care. Maybe it’s a special occasion, maybe it isn’t, but you care enough to get them a gift you know they’ll love. Good choice. They’ll get the message.
  • If you give $150 or more, you'll receive a gift certificate worth framing. Printed on heavy card stock and nailed to a big swatch of real Saddleback leather, it's a gift in it's own right. If you spend less than $150, you can still request to have your certificate mailed, but it won't come with the leather. It grows on cows, not trees.
  • To send The Certificate of Pure Goodness, fill out the form below and proceed to checkout.

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