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    Near Perfect Unisex Bag

    by - verified purchaser |
    I love this bag! The leather is thick and gorgeous (same exact dcb from SBL) and the lining is light and soft. I put my mobile in the outside pocket with my keys. I put my swell water bottle in the open outside pocket and its perfect! Inside its wide open (I have actually hidden money under the secret flap). I was worried this bag would be a pain to put in backpack mode but it was easy and comfortable AND looks great! I typically wear this over my shoulder and I love it. My preacher at church had a fit over this bag and wanted one for himself! It's that good. Worth. Every. Penny.

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    Great for work or play!

    by - verified purchaser |
    This bag is wonderful and smells fabulous with the thick full grain leather. I have carried this with two laptops and files inside and like that I can adjust the mouth of the bag with the nipple rivet straps. Also, I have used this for travel and like that I can strap it closed with the buckle closer when it goes through the airport scanners. With the buckle closed and the nipple rivets closed to the tightest hole it is hard to get fingers inside which I like while traveling through airports or cities or when I have it in backpack mode. Great bag with multiple uses!

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    • A unisex all purpose carry-all.  Use as a tote or a backpack

    • False bottom (or hidden flap) to hide cash, passports or other important items

    • Secure three strap closure keeps contents from falling out and sticky fingers from getting in

    • Surprisingly roomy!  Can fit a few laptops or a half-gallon of milk plus more

    • Another great bag for airport travel. Secure with hands-free carry on (backpack mode)

    • Two side pockets.  One has a toggle closure for cell phone or keys, the other a slit pocket to fit a water bottle

    • Will fit a few tablets at a time and most laptops

    • Full grain leather (aka super durable leather)

    • Interior lined with pigskin on the front & back panels to easily wipe clean

    • Nickel hardware

    • 41 year warranty

    • Made in Old Mexico

    • We give 100% of our profits to educating, job training and feeding the poor in Africa and beyond.

    Dimensions (approximate):

    • Exterior: 11 ¾” W  x 13 ½ "H x 5 ¾” D

      • Side Pockets: 5 ¾” H x 5 ½” D

    • Shoulder Strap: 15” - 28” ¾” L (tote mode) x 1” W

      • Shoulder drop (adjustable): 6” - 14"

    • Interior: 11” W x 13” H x 5” D

      • False bottom flap: 5 ½” W x 11” L

    • 3.5 pounds

    This bag was inspired by one of our very own customers who wrote in and asked us to make a bag he could take with him to the grocery store while still being versatile enough to use in other settings.  With his suggestions, I took on the challenge and designed the Shopper’s Tote!

    Although this bag can fit milk, produce and has the organization you need to navigate the farmer’s market, it really is an all purpose carry-all for any occasion.  The side pockets and convertible backpack feature make it easy to stay organized and keep your hands-free when needed.  I love that this is a more unisex style (your men won’t complain when you ask them to hold this bag for a second) and the false bottom feature is really great to keep things safe and hidden

    How do I wear it?  You’ll see me with this bag at the airport, especially for domestic trips.  I love that I can fit my laptop in this easily with many other things.  Backpack mode is an essential feature to have when traveling with kids or running through an airport.  Finally, the adjustable closure really keeps your things secure.  The nipple rivet closures on each side along with the buckle in the center, really lets you close it pretty tightly which is great for security or when you put it under the seat on the plane.  As always, the purchase of this bag helps love others in need through education, food, shelter & job training.