Reeeeaally wanted to love it - but I didn't

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Fringe! 'Nuf said. And the strap is nifty...but when I got it, the strap is way shorter than it looks on Suzette or on the model (I'm 5' 10" and dangerously curvy) - I had to put it on the last hole to make it fit comfortably as a shoulder bag and I'm a cross body bag girl (standard handbag then and now - Saddleback Tablet bag worn cross body). In addition, the mahogany leather felt "plasticy" to me (I know it's not, but I'm so used to the tobacco leather in my other Saddleback bags) and fringe seemed like it was gonna need a lot of Milk and work to hang straight and floppy (it was kinda bent up in shipping). On top of that, I really dislike zippers on the mouth of bags but if that had been it's only shortcoming, I could have overlooked it for the fringe (Fringe!). Unfortunately this bag was a total fail for me - I wanted to love it sooooo much! Fringe! :( I guess if you're petite and don't mind your knuckles getting scraped on zippers, this bag is for you.

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Buy it for the fringe -- keep it for the strap

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I got this for Christmas after some pretty intense hinting (thanks sweetie). I originally wanted it for the awesome fringe. (Which is EVEN MORE EPIC in person.)

I wasn't 100% sure about the strap -- but it's fabulous. In person it's more intriguing than in the photos, and also that bit of stretch in the design makes the strap incredibly comfortable.

I was looking for something between my medium satchel (which is fabulous but heavy) and my teensy leather clutch, which is adorable but ... so teeny. This one is a great "medium" bag for me -- quite a bit lighter than the satchel, and perfect if I need more than my phone and a lipstick, but don't need my laptop.

This is like that perfect vintage bag people have if they're good at finding great vintage, which I'm not. Like everything in the Saddleback family, it gets lots of comments and appreciation when I'm out and around.

One point about the strap -- I'm 5'4" and like to wear the bag cross body. The strap works for me, but if you're taller, it may not be quite long enough for comfortable cross-body wear. The length of the strap is easily adjustable, so if you're medium height or shorter, you should be very happy, and if you're tall and you like to wear your bag just on your shoulder, you should be good as well.

Of course it's made like a tank and of course it will last forever -- goes without saying. Because of the unique/cute design & the outstanding quality, it gives major value for the money. Any "designer" bag at this price point will last you a year or two then fall to pieces.

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If you're on the fence about this...

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GET IT! Not only is it a nice size and not overly cumbersome, here's the kicker. It has the most comfortable strap I've ever put on my shoulder. It has made me have to talk to strangers a bit more, since they are complimenting it, or I'm letting them try it on. I say this truly, even after ending up with it crammed with my Macbook 13" sticking out the top, iPad (the old school bulky one), a wallet, scarf, random purse contents, and other airport essentials. That's stuffing it because I was in a pinch, but the strap still didn't let me down. A work of art!

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  • Boho meets business with this bag; it holds what you need while adding pop to any outfit

  • Fringe at it’s best - customizable!

  • Our most comfortable shoulder strap with a little or a lot of weight

  • Will fit most tablets, but not a laptop securely

  • Bag will sit up on it’s own

  • Wear over the shoulder or crossbody

  • Interior key clip strap & two pockets (zippered & cell phone)

  • Soft tumbled full grain leather (aka super durable leather)

  • Interior lined with Pigskin to easily wipe clean

  • Antique brass hardware, YKK zipper

  • 41 year warranty

  • Made in Old Mexico

  • We give 100% of our profits to educating, job training and feeding the poor in Africa and beyond.

Dimensions (approximate):

  • Exterior: 11 ⅝” L x 2 - 6 ⅛” W (top to bottom) x 10" H

  • Strap (adjustable): 38” - 54” L x 1 ⅝” W

  • Interior: 11 ½” L x 6 ¼” W x 8 ½” H

    • Inner zipper pocket: 4 ½” H x 8 ⅝” W

    • Inner cell phone pocket: 2 ⅛” H x 3" W

  • 3 pounds

The Sarape bag was inspired in the small town of Patzcuaro, Mexico where I visited a rug weaver in the mountains.  I loved all the fringe on the ends of the rugs so I decided to make a bag that had the same movement and bohemian feel.  

Here is what I love about the Sarape Bag… First of all, I get stopped every time I wear it.  It’s a great conversation starter & absolutely stunning in person.  Many of the details you see on this bag (shoulder strap & fringe) are crafted by hand so each purse is a work of art.  The strap alone takes about 8 hours to create.  Another favorite feature is the moveable flap.  You can move it to the front, over the zipper, for a double fringe look (and extra security by covering the zipper) or move it to the back for less fringe.

How do I wear it?  This bag is a statement piece and can make a simple outfit interesting, I’ll grab this bag and wear it with a t-shirt and jeans to dress it up.  It holds all the essentials you need for the day with room to spare.  I can carry my Lana wallet, the cosmetic bag, keys, sunglasses and few other things. As always, the purchase of this bag helps love others in need through education, food, shelter & job training.