• Designed by Suzette
  • Full grain leather
  • Two straps for easy carrying
  • Shoulder drop is 12"
  • Measurements-13" H x 15" W at bottom and 19"W at top x 3 1/2" D
  • Lightweight-approximately 2 lbs
  • Nickel hardware
  • All leather stretches, since the straps are unlined, it may stretch some
  • Comes in four colors:Chestnut, Coffee, Tobacco, Black
  • Made in Old Mexico

It's been said that the simple things in life are often the best and that was the idea behind the Love 41 Simple Tote. Sometimes you just want something uncomplicated to throw your stuff in and go and this beautiful bag fits the bill perfectly. The dimensions of this great-looking, sturdy leather tote make it ideal for use as a book bag, running to the market, a day at the beach, a diaper bag, or for a weekend getaway. The Simple Tote is smart and functional with a style that translates through every season and event. Take a step towards simplifying your life and get yours today!


Chestnut Tote is absolutely gorgeous ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

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Love the size, the color, the straps (so comfortable), everything about it. I know its floppy leather will get scratches and age beautifully, so happy with this purchase. It's also my first tote and totally enjoy using it.

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My new every day carry

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I ordered this bag on a whim, since my previous large nylon tote that was my every day carry started wearing out. I wasn't sure that I'd like it, but had heard so many good things about Love 41 that I figured it was worth a try.

This bag was on back order (which shows how awesome it is), and I received it a few days ago.

Wow. The leather is soft, buttery, and thick, and yet the bag is light and great for someone who is on the move. The tobacco color is so versatile, it'll be easy to transition between seasons and goes with everything. The construction is solid, so I had no problem stuffing it with my laptop, two binders, books, and all my other gear (I'm a doctoral student and work full time). I thought I'd be bothered by no internal pockets, but I rarely used them anyway in my other nylon tote so it hasn't been an issue whatsoever. It is definitely a big bag, but as a tall woman it suits me perfectly.

This has definitely become my new everyday carry, and thanks to the great craftsmanship, I know it'll be up for the challenge.

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What a beautiful bag!

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I love this bag!!! Wow, it is so beautiful. I picked the tobacco color and mine is darker than the picture, I really love the color! I have expensive bags, but they don't even come close to what you are getting with this bag. Finally, a bag that fits everything!

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Had to buy one in every color.

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I couldn't help myself. I have 1 in every color. Each one is so beautiful in it's own way. This tote is just a nice, big open hole for toting around a whole lotta stuff everyday.
If I had to choose just one though, I would probably go with the what Love 41 calls "black". What I received was more like a matte dark graphite and I love that one the most. It seems to be a bit more rigid than the others and it's just beautiful. But they all are!!
The Tobacco definately has the most personality with visible blemishes, scars, and overall color variation, and is the softest and most pliable of the 4.
Dark Coffee Brown and Chestnut have a bit more sheen and probably won't show scuffs and scratches as much, but are lovely just the same, and very classy looking.
They will all get more and more delishus with time.
You can't go wrong with any one of them, better yet, get them all like I did! :)

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Beautiful bag, elegant carry all

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At first I was worried the bag would be too big for me (I'm 5'1 and slender) but it fits well. Love that I can carry extra diapers and my personal items all in one great looking bag. I ordered the tote in black - in person the bag is more dark gray & brown mix but I like it better this way.

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Simple and Perfect

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True to its name, if you're looking for a tote that is simple and clean, this is it! Whenever I'm headed out and just want a tote to throw things in, I grab this one. I have it in Tobacco (can I please have ALL THE COLORS though??) and I love how versatile it is! This isn't my only tote because I usually end up missing my phone pocket. With the Simple Tote, I keep my phone in the Saddleback soft sunglass case to avoid scratches, but sometimes I'm lazy and just throw it in there with everything (probably not the best idea with the keys). I love how the patina is getting better and better the more I use it. I love the size. I love the weight. If you're looking for quality and something amazing, you cannot beat this tote!

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Just what I needed

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I have used this tote for so many different things.
-Carrying my small purse, work papers, lunch and random bits to work
-towels, drinks and snacks to the beach
-toiletry bag, iPad, hair straightener and gadget cords while traveling
-shoes, clothes and water bottle to the gym
-yoga mat, water, small bolster and towel to yoga class
My point is its very versatile and stylish at the same time which I love. It looks brand new despite all the use it gets. Great purchase and a very reasonable price as well.

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Favorite thing

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I am very frugal, and never apend money on myself, let alone over $150 for a bag! I love this bag so much. I am a simple girl who likes to put all her eggs in one basket, and this is the perfect basket. It is perfect for everyday use. It is perfect for Sundays when I throw everyone's bible in my bag. It is perfect for traveling. It is light enough to make it practical for a few things, and big enough to where it carries all the things. Not to mention the fact that it is adorable. I am proud to carry this bag everywhere.

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Love this tote!

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I was very hesitant about whether I would like this bag or not. I’m quite picky about any bag or purse I buy but I was absolutely not disappointed. I had done research and looked at leather totes for months. I follow blogs in the planner community and folks had been going wild about some other leather totes on the market. I opted to go with the Love 41 Simple Tote (chestnut) for several reasons. 1) The price point (and quality) on the Simple Tote is flat out insane! 2) The shoulder drop, the width of the shoulder straps and the lack of structure in the strap (see below for the shoulder story) 3) The bag is lightweight. 4) My husband owns several Saddleback products, so I knew the quality of the leather and construction would be excellent. (It’s great that he is going to be supportive of my new obsession with Love 41 bags!)

When I bought the Simple Tote, I had been carrying a designer name tote that had a very small shoulder drop and the straps were rigid. Between the straps cutting in and the weight of the bag itself, it was killing my shoulder walking in and out of work. Plus, I never wanted to carry it in anywhere that I would be holding it for an extended period of time (we’re talking 10 minutes here).

Enter the beautiful Simple Tote. I replaced my old tote immediately. I love this bag! The Simple Tote is so comfortable to carry. It does NOT dig into my shoulder. It is lightweight. I have stopped just pulling out my wallet to go into stores and now take my bag everywhere because it is absolutely not burdensome to carry like so many other bags I own. I am also one that is really rough on bags. I don’t give it a second thought because I know that this bag can take anything I throw at it.

I can’t see myself replacing this bag with anything else as my every day and work tote. Although, I will be purchasing more bags from the Love 41 and Saddleback family for other uses. Overall, I know this bag is only going to get better and more beautiful over time.

Quality – Impeccable
Functionality – On Point
Comfort – Phenomenal

If you are in the market for a tote, you definitely can’t go wrong with this one!

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Love my Tote!

by - verified purchaser |
I love love love my new tote. It has a ton of space and the straps do not fall off my shoulders (common problem for me). When you place the tote on the floor it holds shape which is a huge plus! The inside is pretty straight forward, no pockets or anything like that. It may be a little difficult to find smaller items such as a cell phone or something similar in size due to how large the tote is. I ordered the tote in Tobacco, the only thing that I noticed is the picture had more notable marbling compared to my actual bag. No biggie! Still in love with my purchase and the fact that the proceeds go to charity! Makes everything just a little sweeter!

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Best Tote Ever

by - verified purchaser |
This is my go to bag whenever I need something bigger than my everyday purse.
I have the tobacco color and get compliments every time I wear it, now who doesn't like that?! The leather texture is stunning and makes a simple bag so unique!

I carry my laptop (13" Mac book) a smaller purse (the Kwizera crossbody), books, a water bottle and more!
This is my go to bag for literally everything.

I love to fold it smaller and put it in my check-in luggage for a long trip. This way, if I go shopping or need an easy bag to carry around, I just pull it out and have some extra carrying space. I have also traveled with this several times and it fits standing up under the seat on the plane so things don't fall out. Its roomy inside makes it easy to take this bag, sneak in a smaller cross-body purse and still bring a larger piece of luggage all as carry-on.

If you're looking for a reliable bag for all day & everyday, you can't find anything more durable at this price point!

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by - verified purchaser |
I fell in love with this bag as soon as I laid my eyes on it. I'm a sucker for huge bags that I can just throw anything in. I knew I had to have it, so after weeks of bugging the Love 41 team about their color opinions, I finally decided on the Dark Coffee Brown tote bag.

As soon as I opened it, I knew right away: THIS BAG IS HUGE. Like way bigger than I expected. I'm a petite girl and I stand 5'2". I have lanky arms so the height and drop of the bag is fine, but it is still incredibly overwhelmingly MASSIVE that I can hide behind it TWICE. I did read the measurements in the tote bag description, but I guess it's my fault for relying on Instagram pics of women who I now realize are probably a foot taller than me, instead of using a ruler to get an idea of how big it would really be. I'm not sure how I plan to wear this bag yet without looking like the bag is wearing me.

I also found it a bit too expensive for the price ($169), considering my Saddleback Book Bag has a more complex design with thicker, more structured leather and it was only $139. Nevertheless, I think every girl needs a large tote in her life for lazy or crazy days (just make sure it's proportionate to your body type!). When you realize that 100% of profits go to charity, $169 is completely worth it.

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love my simple tote!

by - verified purchaser |
what can i say, it is a very simple tote. do not expect: pockets, lining, zippers, snaps, closures, hidden pockets, key fobs, rhinoceri, built-in microwaves, anything not listed in the description. Simple tote. that said, I LOVE IT! i use it for days when i have to rush around from afterschool to swimming lessons to gymnastics class, while carting my laptop bag AND my regular purse AND two phones, extra mouse, cable bag(s) etc. it is indispensable for those days when you just need a BIG BAG to toss everything else into and go. the bag does hold shape quite well when set on the ground, so good for sitting under your chair at the doctor's office or while you cram in some work while waiting for your son's swim lesson to be over. it won't fall over unless you really try to kick it over. just right as a basic bucket for you to carry everything else in. plus, it is absolutely gorgeous leather, you will look ABSOLUTELY fabulous wherever you decide to bring this!

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  • The unstructured everyday carry-all that fits most of life in one convenient place

  • Simple, yet elegant style that is multi-purpose (use as diaper bag, beach bag, overnight bag, work bag, the list goes on.)

  • Semi unstructured style forms to your movements and allows you to be comfortable when wearing

  • Will fit laptops including accessories

  • All leather stretches, since the straps are unlined, it may stretch some

  • Full grain leather (aka super durable leather)

  • Unlined interior

  • Antique Brass Hardware

  • 41 year warranty

  • Made in Old Mexico

  • We give 100% of our profits to educating, job training and feeding the poor in Africa and beyond.

Dimensions (approximate):

  • Exterior: 19” W - 15” W (top to bottom) x 13" H x 3 ½” D

  • Interior: 15 ¼” W x 13'' H x 4'' D

  • Strap: 27 ½” L x 1'' W

    • Shoulder drop: 12"

  • 2 pounds

I designed this bag because I wanted something that was simplistic and no fuss, yet versatile.  This bag is just that.  This is a great everyday bag for the person who wants to be able to throw anything in their bag and go.  It can really carry a lot. I also wanted something that was lightweight and somewhat unstructured or floppy.  

How do I wear it? It's such a versatile bag, I carry it for all sorts of purposes including an everyday purse when I'm running here and there from home to office to store (most days). The style is really simple and goes with any outfit, causal or dressed up. I love that it keeps everything together effortlessly and is so easy to get things in and out quickly. I throw my clutch purse in here or the Koroha bag alone with my keys, laptop and sometimes iPad. There's a lot of room in this bag! I also like that I can fold it up and fit it in my luggage to use when traveling. As always, the purchase of this bag helps love others in need through education, food, shelter and job training.