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Umuragi Legacy Bag

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Umuragi Legacy Bag reviews

Absolutely Lovely Umuragi

by - verified purchaser |
My Umuragi arrived today!!!

I immediately photographed her and shared pics with a friend. This bag is built like a sexy tank. It will not hold evvverything you own, but the essentials will certainly fit into it's clean, sleek, structured interior. The style seems contemporary and modern to me, but still a classic LEGACY for sure. The finish is a matte black (not too shiny) which I love. The strap is a nice width and feels comfortable on my shoulder. She is just an overall awesome, well designed bag.

I found this site using key words "best constructed handbags". So now the search for MY Perfect Black Shoulder Bag Is FINALLY OVER :) YAYYYYYYYY! Thanks to Suzette & Love41.

So Happy,


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