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$579.00 to $669.00

  • Extra Large Chestnut now shipping with lighter colored, suede side of pigskin lining
  • The bag that started it all
  • Covered by our 100 year warranty
  • Works in the courtroom as well as the mountain trail
  • Converts to backpack for impromptu hikes
  • 1 or 3 strap closure system, you choose
  • 2 side straps on briefcase can be used as belts, tie downs or tourniquets
  • Can be used as a carry-on during airplane travel and fits under most airline seats
  • Extra flap of leather acts as a false bottom to hide your passport, cash, spare keys and more
  • 8 exterior D-rings can be used to tether tripods, slumber bags, blankets, or firewood
  • 4 interior pockets: 2 side pockets for pens, flashdrives, gum, and other small items and 2 pockets on center divider for cables, small notebooks
  • 2 exterior side pockets for sunglasses and water bottles 
  • 1 rear pocket for magazines, newspapers, and airline tickets
  • Internal key strap for runaway keys
  • No breakable parts, e.g. zippers, snaps, buttons, etc.
  • Made of tough full-grain leather, which takes hits well and looks even better with age
  •  Built with only a few pieces of leather, minimizing seams and weak points
  • Lined with strong supportive pigskin
  •  Stitched with marine-grade thread, and reinforced with copper rivets
  • Because of natural oils shade may vary
  • Dimensions (approximate size):
  • Adjustable strap length: 34 ¼” - 59 ¼”
  • Medium
    • Exterior: 14” W x 11” H x 9” D
    • Interior: 13 ½” W x 10 ½” H x 8 ½" D
    • 6.6 lbs
  • Large
    • Exterior: 16" W x 12” H x 9" D
    • Interior: 15 ½” W x 11 ½” H x 8 ½” D
    • 7.6 lbs
  • Extra Large
    • Exterior: 18" W x 13” H x 9" D
    • Interior: 17 ½” W x 12 ½” H x 8 ½” D
    • 8 lbs

    We use natural Markings Equal Inclusion of Exceptional Imperfection Ornamentation

    "... Saddleback Leather no longer discriminates against any cow on the basis of age, appearance, lactose intolerance... if the beast has a natural marking or brand, or whether or not they worship the Divine Bovine."

    Truth is, sometimes beauty is only skin deep... like with cows. Their poetry is notoriously terrible, but man, their hides are nature's art. We don't believe that flawlessness equals beauty. Beauty is when we're able to see something as it really is.

    This is true with humans too. There are lots of quality people who are really beautiful not in spite of, but because of the marks life has given them.

    Learn More

    So, in the morning, as we three, clean-cut smiley white guys emerged from the cheap hotel, everybody looked at us with suspicion. The government suspected us of bringing money to or training the rebels and the rebels thought we were government spies. Why else would any sober gringo carrying a leather briefcase visit Ocosingo? <readmore>Unless, of course, it’s just where the last truck we hitched a ride with dropped us off?

    But it was a morbidly interesting place with the relatively fresh bullet holes and anti-government messages of the rebels on the walls. Only a few years back, Ocosingo was the site of a major bloodbath where about 150 Zapatistas and Mexican soldiers were killed in a firefight, some found shot in the back of the head after surrendering. Tensions were still high. One could make an argument for it being the least touristy town on Earth. So, shortly after our silent breakfast, we headed out.

    But the cool thing was, Ocosingo wasn’t far from where we wanted to be. The massive Mayan ruins of Palenque were breathtaking, and if you looked into the jungle you could see the majority of the ruins still unexcavated.

    And then when we got to the jungle waterfalls of Las Cascadas de Agua Azul, we grabbed a vine, hacked it and used it as a rope swing into the river, tarzan style. The place was amazing as the clear blue river stepped down for miles creating a series of huge waterfalls. It was my original briefcase’s first big trip of many, but it easily could have been its last.


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    Cycling with the Classic Briefcase

    by - verified purchaser |
    Having tried many bags as backpack for my bicycle commute I attest that the SB Classic Briefcase is the best bag I have ever used. I own the large classic as I am a big man. I carry laptop, books and the necessities of life such that the combined weight is considerable. Herein is the magic. Thanks to the design features of the bag the weight is distributed evenly across my back so the bag is comfortable. The straps have large pads so they do not dig into my shoulders. The conversion from satchel strap to backpack strap is simple. The effect of tightening the two side straps around the bag is to round out the base so that the leather base of the bag is not sticking into my back. It is waterproof. The weight moves with my body as opposed to what happens with any pannier system.

    Thanks to this bag I no longer have to pack a cycle bag as a separate entity to my work bag. The two are one and the same.

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    Best use of cowhide in my closet

    by - verified purchaser |
    No doubt about it - this case is both beautiful craftsmanship and solid construction. You know you're carrying the best and the looks/comments the bag collects testify to that as well. Some things I really like:
    The carrying strap has plenty of adjustment room and the double pads ensure a comfy ride
    Haven't had a chance to use the multiple stainless rings but they offer lots of choices
    Outer end pockets come in handy
    Nice, full handle - you know you're carrying a real bag
    Sturdy enough to probably double as a tornado shelter if necessary.

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    Well worth the wait

    by - verified purchaser |
    I have been a Saddleback fan from afar for a decade. Recently I went a little nuts. In the last 3 months I've purchased a Classic Briefcase in Tobacco brown, my hearts desire, a Thin Front Pocket Briefcase in Dark coffee and a Tobacco desk pad set. I got the classic for myself and a few weeks later, on our anniversary, I gave my wife the thin front pocket. Initially she was really not into it. Just a pleasant smile and placateing gratitude. I insisted she carry it a few days. Now she's know at her office as the hardcore chic with the badass bag, and she cares for it menically. Yep. I was right again honey. The pad set gets compliments from all who enter my office. I work in the car business and trust me, a ton of people darken my door on a daily basis. Next on the list are the 13" Mac air sleave, cable ties and pouches.
    Here's the skinny. Dave does not mess around. He's not kidding about quality. He's not kidding about durability. If you want trendy crap with a silly logo on it then move on. If you want true beauty and last a lifetime quality then push the add to cart button without trepidation. Like I am, you will become a Saddleback fan for life. Keep it up Dave!!!

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    Too Heavy

    by - verified purchaser |
    Too Heavy, Not Practical, Sold it on EBAY. Well made tho.

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    It really is as awesome as they say...

    by - verified purchaser |
    and you won't be sorry that you spent the money. I've had mine for 18 months and I like the bag more and more as I use it.

    The one concern that every has is the weight of the bag, but I haven't found it to be that heavy. I went against the Saddleback sizing recommendations for my height and got the XL and I'm glad that I did. I wanted the extra space for when I use the briefcase as luggage for a weekend trip, a job for which this bag is also well suited. When commuting to and from the office, it isn't really all that heavy with a computer, notebook, phone chargers and other cables, and the few other things that I normally carry. It really only gets heavy when I load the briefcase down with a bunch of books and reference material that I sometimes use. I don't blame the briefcase for being heavy when I load a bunch of heavy things in it.

    Anyway, this is a great bag that's built like a tank with a classic design that's hard to beat.

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    Damn! You could lose you life for it!

    by - verified purchaser |
    Maybe I would not sold my soul for this breafcase but as an owner, I would fight for it till the last drop of my blood. I am not joking.

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    Story Bag

    by - verified purchaser |
    This bag is asking to be taken arround the world, to have some stories and adventures. I think it's made to resist the elements of earth and time

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    Admiring the Large Dark Coffee Brown

    by - verified purchaser |
    I've been going to this site for years and I always end up picking the large dark coffee brown classic briefcase. The styling is classic. The proportions are just right. And the dark leather has a depth of character that'll grow old with you!

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    This bag IS rugged-refinement perfected

    by - verified purchaser |
    Most things that are refined and elegant are very fragile and fall apart with even a harsh word or stern glance. Far too many things that are durable and reliable are built with all the craftsmanship and care you would find at the local chapter of cavemen united for progress.

    These bags don't force you to choose! The bag is tough and very well built but doesn't look or feel like a battle tank. The bag draws compliments from women who shop at Macy's and the men who shop at Gander Mountain. If you are looking for a bag that that you can count on to last and make a statement, this is the bag for you. Sure they are expensive, but quality always cost more up front but is cheaper in the long run. I got my in Chestmut and I just love it!

    Keep up the great work Dave and Crew!

    Ken B
    Technology Exec & avid outdoorsman.

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    Constant compliments

    by - verified purchaser |
    I have had my Dark Coffee Brown large briefcase for a little over 3 years now. It is obviously a very durable bag. Also, it gets constant compliments. For example, on a recent airplane trip I got quite a few compliments and lots of stares (with jaws dropped). Most notably were two examples:

    1. Boarding the plane one of the flight attendants exclaimed: "Wow - that is an amazing bag. I like it!" That says a lot from a woman who probably sees tens of thousands of bags per year.

    2. In the Dallas Ft. Worth airport I was headed down an escalator to try to catch a connecting flight. I could see in the window a man in a suit was pretty well running down the escalator to ask me about this bag.

    I love this bag. Also, if you pack right it holds a week's worth of clothes, or 6 bottles of rum (or a combination thereof).

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    Perfect bag - constant compliments

    by - verified purchaser |
    I didn't buy the bag for the compliments. I just love great bags and leather. I get stopped and asked about the bag a lot.

    The site refers to the XL Briefcase as being for those with overactive pituitaries. I am not one, as I am 5-10/200, but I carry the bag everywhere I go without pain or discomfort. I've had it for almost a year, and it keeps looking better and breaking in more. I use it for my daily work briefcase, and as my travel carry-on. (Yes, the XL, stuffed to the brim with a pouch attached can fit on even regional jet overhead compartments.) For instance, I put 2 laptops, my dSLR, 3 lenses, iPad, Moleskine (w/ Saddleback cover) and a book all fit into my bag, and fit into the overhead compartments.

    The bag is so incrediby well-made. I tend not to baby my bags, and I have torn the handles off of several by overloading them. I am confident this bag will not have this issue.

    I bought the dark coffee brown bag, as I love the color. After getting a chesnut Saddleback wallet, I began second-guessing my color choice. I think future purchases will be chesnut. Both colors are great, but the chesnut is nicer, IMHO.

    The bag is very utilitarian, as it has pockets everywhere I could want them. I thought the pockets on the inside were going to be in the way, but they work perfectly, as I can stack wider objects under the interior pockets, fill the pockets and then put other items in front of the pockets.

    The strap is very comfortable. I left both "pads" on my strap despite never converting my briefcase to a backpack. They help whenever I through the bag over my head and wear the strap across my chest.

    I promised my wife this would be the last bag I bought, and while we both understood this to be a little bit of hyperbole (I have a bag problem...) this is the last bag I will *need.* (I might still buy the large duffel from Saddleback, though. :))

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    One year later...

    by - verified purchaser |
    I have had my briefcase now for one year. I'm writing this review to let everyone know how happy I am. What an awesome product. I wanted it for 5 years and I finally got it December 2011. I use it everyday for my work. I carry my change fund ( I'm a bus driver ) my books, lunch , light jacket and a water bottle on the side. I carried it across my shoulder for a while but just switched to backpack mode. Wow, I still get compliments all the time. Don't wait any longer...just order the bag you really want. What item do you carry that makes you smile every time you see it ? Life is too short. Thomas Stewart

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    Family Legacy

    by - verified purchaser |
    Just received my briefcase. After being in courthouses for 15 years, I always admired the briefcases carried by older attorneys. In speaking with them, many times, they would tell me stories of how their father or grandfather was an attorney or judge and how the briefcase had been passed down a generation. I would look at the briefcase and just picture the many jury trials and legal fights that were supported by the books and briefs transported by the briefcase. To me, I was just in awe of the briefcase - almost as if the briefcase itself had a magical aura. Imagine my happiness in receiving my own briefcase and have the initial thought that it looked exactly like the briefcases I had always admired. At only 42, I could now look like a seasoned attorney with a history of my own. Even though neither my dad or granddad were attorneys, I could now appear like I came from a family of legal scholars. Instant confidence booster to me - if I looked like an experienced lawyer, I must be a great lawyer. Thank you for building such a wonderful product. The thought that keeps coming to mind is "Built like Granddad's with the power to continue the family legacy for generations." Simply beautiful. A. Castillo

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    Extremely nice, but...

    by - verified purchaser |
    When I took the bag out of the box, it was everything SBL & the YouTube reviews said it was. Strong sturdy construction made from wonderfully aromatic leather! What more could you ask for? Here's the but...I thought I was purchasing something that would take a bit of time to break in. I got it as a gift Father's Day (2012), and it has softened considerably more than I thought. Is it a deal breaker? No, absolutely not! It's just the joy of a long story laden break in period has come to a screeching halt. Long story short...Buy the bag already! A nice chunk of change, well spent!

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    Tobacco brown

    by - verified purchaser |
    I've spent the past year trying to decide on a color. Picked up a TB iPad case and the decision was clear. It's a darker tobacco, like the color on the briefcase shown on Amazon. It is incredible. It replaced a nylon backpack, so it's a radical change. Large is a great size for laptop, notepad, iPad and various smaller items. I have no regrets at all - color, size, expense. It is perfect.

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    by - verified purchaser |
    I just received my Classic Briefcase in Dark Coffee Brown and it is GORGEOUS! It is going to be exactly the work bag I have been looking for. I saw someone at the airport recently after I ordered mine who has obviously had theirs for some time. It looked great with a little worn-in characteristics that I look forward to mine having.

    Everyone from start to finish in the order process couldn't have been more friendly and more responsive. I would and will recommend their products to everyone I know.

    Thank you!


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    by - verified purchaser |
    I have an extra-large classic briefcase. There are many nice things about this bag but the best is that the more you beat on it the better it looks. Mine is stuffed to capacity: current contents include i-pad, i-pod, MacBook, 9 CDs, 14 file folders, one book, three magazines, three bottles of water, a set of screwdrivers, lottsa change, two packs of peanut butter crackers, a newspaper, a beeper, an extra t-shirt, and two cell phones. It is big, if you aren't at least 6'5" then don't get the extra large unless you have a sherpa. It fell down the stairs and nothing inside broke. A very cool product.

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    I don't know what to say...

    by - verified purchaser |
    I don't know what to say but...I'll say it. Wow! I researched "other" leather briefcases only to come back to Saddleback. If you ask me why I cannot give an answer. When ordering the bag the ordering process was quick, easy, professional. It arrived within a few days after I ordered it. When it arrived after I opened the packaging the wonderful smell of leather literally filled the room. My two cats eyes honed in on the bag. Uh oh. My wife when she came home from work, having a nose like a Bloodhound said, "what is that smell? It smells really good!" The bag is absolutely beautiful from start to finish. The first day I brought it to my office my colleagues immediately said "wow, where did you get that bag?!" Being in sales, when visiting a client, no joke, after putting the bag down in the client's office the client soon said, "your bag smells incredible and its gorgeous. Where did you get it?" Kind of embarrassing but a compliment. I've only had my bag for a few weeks. Already some wonderful scuffs and wear marks are appearing but like with any quality leather purchase, it makes a statement. I can only hope (and truly believe) this bag will serve me for many years to come. I truly envision passing this bag on to a family member after I am gone for their enjoyment. Then again, maybe I'll take it with me. The craftsmanship is second to none. When I put my bag in my car in the morning there has been nothing more satisfying than smelling a fresh ground cup of coffee along with the wonderful smell of leather this bag produces. I really can't describe this. I'm not some "leather expert" by any stretch. My cat(s) I think are jealous when I leave and my wife has been eyeballing many of the woman's products now as well. Fantastic product and I have been very pleased with this investment. I've owned many other leather products but this truly takes the cake!

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    My last one?

    by - verified purchaser |
    When I received my first large classic Brifcase 6 Month ago I thought I never need to buy one again. Some month later I have bought six of them in different coulers and sizes and the next one is ordered already. I just can not say no to a friend or family member telling me he/she always wanted a piece like that. Together with more of 100 Saddleback products I gave away for X-mas I now have my own pretty large Saddleback family around me. Thank you Dave and Susette, Agni

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    As advertised

    by - verified purchaser |
    I was given this bag for my birthday a few years ago. At first I was a little humbled by the price, but after carrying it for a year the biggest complaint I can find is that it is just as stiff as the day it arrived. This is even after leaving it on the trunk of a coworkers car and watching in horror as they drove off and the bag skidded to the pavement at about 30 MPH. It was scuffed, but after rubbing it down with some leather conditioner you would be hard pressed to see any damage. It looks good with casual clothes and suits alike. It will be the last bag I need. Short of theft or loss I could not imagine replacing it. It looks great, and the craftsmanship is second to none.

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    Awesome Bag!!

    by - verified purchaser |
    One of my good friends got me on to the Saddleback brand and I have been a fan since. I now have the medium wallet, moleskine cover and now the medium classic briefcase all in the coffee color, and I don't know where to start!! I was worried that I did not buy the right size since Dave says guys over 6 feet should look at the larger briefcase but, I am quiet happy with the medium. When I first got it I had to put all my everyday essentials in it and I accomplished that with plenty of room. I will be happy with this bag for a long time!

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    One hellofa bag!

    by - verified purchaser |
    I have both a large & xtra-large. The large will hold a 15" laptop, and the xtra-large will hold a 17" laptop. The large (pictured, hopefully) is just about a year old now, and has been on about 110 plane rides. It's the one I use every day. With everything in it that I carry, it weighs about 24 pounds (according to the scales at airports). I use a caribiner to carry water hanging off the D-ring. The front flap isn't even broken in yet; at least it doesn't feel like it is. This bag took the place of a high-end rolling laptop case, and I wouldn't switch back to it. I believe it states on one of the videos not to overpack this bag. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. It gets mighty heavy walking from terminal C to terminal A west in PHL. I have absolutely no complaints about this bag.

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    Great brief case

    by - verified purchaser |
    I have owed this bag (XL, coffee) for 4 years. I can fit my 17 inch MAC in it with plenty of room for more.
    This bag is bombproof.
    This is a heavy, huge and wonderful bag.
    I would call it a real hauler. You can use it as a briefcase, backpack or luggage.
    I use it much less since I got the standard backpack, but i planned to leave it to my kids or grandkids.

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    I Live With This Thing

    by - verified purchaser |
    This bag is utter perfection. I have the XL in Coffee, and carry my laptops (note...Multiple Laptops), power cords, routers, and I STILL have enough room for a change of clothes, toiletries, and a first-aid and survival kit.

    I am always getting compliments on this thing -- I've literally had people stop me in the street to ask where I got my bag from.

    To my future wife: You'll have to be okay with polygamy, because this bag is my first love.

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    It goes everywhere with me

    by - verified purchaser |
    I've had a tobacco brown medium bag now for about 6 months. My beautifuly Johnston and Murphy bag now sits in the corner. I love this bag! I carry my 15" laptop in it all the time. I use the straps and wear it as a backpack all the time for work. Get complements all the time. Fits under an airplane seat. Best thing? I strap it to my motorcycle to and from work when I ride. I did struggle with the caribiner type clasp for the straps: they would not stay screwed on tight. So Bettsy at your shop had me sent it back and you're putting the clasp on it. Terrific! I just had you send me some Chamberlain's leather milk to condition and maybe darken it a bit (coffee brown). Now I'm starting to lust after the backpack...dark coffee brown...gotta be. Thanks for a great product! Jerry.

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