Classic Briefcase reviews

It's finally here and it's magnificent!

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I want to first thank Dave and everyone at Saddleback for producing a magnificent and functional piece of art I plan to take with me on adventures everywhere. After watching countless videos and saving my pennies I finally pulled the trigger and couldn't be happier with my decision. The briefcase is better than advertised and I immediately felt like I was transported to an Indiana Jones movie. The leather on this bag is exceptional quality--great care, thought, and love went into the making of this briefcase. Thanks Dave, Blue (may he Rest In Peace) and everyone at Saddleback for a job well-done!

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Can't believe it

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I can't even believe that you are still reading reviews to make up your mind, they are all 5 stars and all awesome! XL tobacco!

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Even in the rain

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So it finally happened. I have the XL briefcase and have been carrying it for a few months now. Today is the first day that we had a good soaking downpour in the NE Penna. After I got in the car, it started raining like somebody had a hose at full throttle at the window. My heart sank because it was the kind of rain that even with an umbrella, my bag would get soaked (I wasn't worried about me, just my bag).

I thought about a garbage bag to cover, I thought about taking off my shirt, I thought about all kinds of stuff but figured that this would happen sooner or later. So I braved the elements took the L-O-N-G walk from the car to the office and wanted to curse every raindrop that pelted my briefcase.

Getting in the office I unpacked and just looked at all the water spots on my 'still new and precious in my head' XL briefcase. Thinking at worst, I'll just get the leather cleaner and risk having the original color deepen. Work took over and I just forgot to look at my briefcase. Coming back to my briefcase after an hour or so I did a double take.

Not only did the water dry, but there were NO water spots at all. The briefcase looked just like new. Truly a wonderful experience and exactly the opposite from what I've experienced with other pieces of good leather products I've owned.

Anyone out there trying to decide how this product will hold up in the rain...GO FOR IT!!! Superior product here!!!


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Best Briefcase Ever

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My XL tobacco classic briefcase came in this evening. One word. Perfect! I was concerned that the XL would be too big, but I was able to get all my daily items in it with room to spare. Not much weight difference between the last bag I had with all my times in it and this one.

Craftsmanship. Purely top notch. My boys are already debating who gets this bag and who gets my front pocket backpack. Lol.

Saddleback does it right. Excellent quality, superb craftsmanship, and overall a fine piece to really be proud of.

Thanks Dave and the team!

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Just Epic

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I don't want to bore you with a long drawn out epic story how this bag, while in Ecuaudor, it led me to some beautiful, mocha skinned, girl.

It didn't.

I'm happily married with 3 kids. What I can tell you is that it's the best friggin bag I have ever had. I usually have it in backpack mode while going to work. I sometimes mix it up by using the strap.... As a strap (messenger style) when my shoulders are hurting from working out.

Yes, I work out.

That said, this beast of cowhide holds my MacBook Pro 15", plus my piece of s*** dell work laptop plus a grid-it full of cables and USB drives. I also have a novel in there most of the time and a honking lunch bento. Yes. I said honking lunch bento.

Do yourself a favor and get this bag. You won't regret it

To mirror what every other owner said on here. I get tons of "oh man! Nice leather bag" and "are you getting paid more than me?" Which with I reply a confident "yes, yes I do".

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Great bag

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This bag is awesome. I've had it for almost two years and it's breaking in nicely. I get a lot of positive comments and have seen quite of few of them in airports and on the road. I got the medium size and it's plenty large enough for my laptop, files, and other accessories. It's a little pricey but, in my opinion, worth it.

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All that I expected and more

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Hello, Howdy & Waz up,

My bag arrived on day 5 of an 8 day heatwave and to add to that, our home heating and air conditioning system had to be replaced. So for 2 days, I left my poor briefcase in the box it was delivered in. Once the home unit was replaced and the house was cool, I was in the right frame of mind to really enjoy the entire experience.

Yes, the bag weighs a bit more than other briefcases on the market. Yes, I ordered the XL briefcase and it's like a mini suitcase. Yes, it was expensive. Yes, I put everything in it including the glasses that would go in the kitchen sink. Yes, I'm a big guy, 6'4, 280 lbs. YES, YES, and Y-E-S, I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Unboxing I realized, just like the advertising, this will be the last briefcase that I'll own. It's a work of art. I received numerous comments the first day that I started carrying the bag. But even if I didn't get one remark, I love the bag.

Having said all of that, if I wasn't a pack rat, I'd probably go with the large or the medium bag. It would have probably been big enough. But once I start throwing things in it, I just tend to keep going. When I say this bag holds a lot, it holds a lot. My other bags were bursting at the seams. This one is up for the task at hand.

The craftsmanship of the bag is just like is listed on the site. It's like the bag is made out of one giant piece of leather. I had no issues with the stitching, the buckles, the strap, the fixtures, the rings, the straps. It was in perfect condition. The ONLY thing that I might say is that although I want to be the one that puts the marks/wear & tear on the bag, I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't find any marks, scars, bug bites in the leather. My bag was in perfect condition.

As for some of the comments about the bag leaning to one side and falling over. Yes, it's a friggin' leather bag that has not had any use and comes really stiff. Really stiff. But one night on the chair filled with the stuff I was going to take to work the next morning and the crookedness from being packed in the box was all gone.

The bag is not for those that are used to carrying the chic, exotic, butter soft leather bags. I have a few of those. They're nice and get the job done. But this bag is work of art and (going to be a ) workhorse. That said, it's got some weight to it. So if you are used to those 'other' bags and want that same kind of look and feel. This bag is not for you.

But in the off chance, you want something that is stylish, something that you won't see on every shoulder, will be a workhorse and yet distinctive and you are not afraid of carrying a bag that has a little bit of weight to it, THIS IS THE BAG FOR YOU.

I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat. Everything that is except be in the middle of heatwave and have the home air conditioning system need replacing. I really dig my new bag and can't wait till it starts to petina. That's going to be the best part of all.

Lastly, I'm in a space in my life where the nylon backpacks don't do it for me any longer. I want something that I can take to a client site that shows I 'get it'. You don't bring a nylon backpack to an interview or pull documents out and put those on a conference table for clients to review. Subtle, but you want to be heard in a positive way before you even open your mouth or hand over that first document.


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4 years later, and this XL still going strong

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Five years later and this bag is still looking good and holding up. Money well spent. I've used it everyday when needed to carry books, laptop and/or cameras. It has soften up some but still retains its shape. I can fit my camera and all the accessories I need and my 17 inch Mac laptop in it. The bag is heavy, make no mistake about that, but that thick heavy leather means the bag will stand the test of time without falling apart at the few seams that it has. If it becomes to heavy and tiresome for me to carry across one of my shoulders, I just easily convert it into the backpack.

If you want quality, craftsmanship, workmanship and if made in the US means anything to you, then buy this bag, if none of that is important to you, then go to North Anerica largest junkyard of overpriced, cheaply made Chinese crap, macys, waste your money, and get one of those bags with the MK logo on it or any other crap they sell and see if it will hold up against a Saddleback bag. They wish they did sell something of this quality! The strap on this bag is made from more quality leather than any leather product they have in any of their junkyards of a store!

Be forewarned, you'll be getting compliments and envious looks, women and men, on this bag for its looks, quality and degree of sheer excellence.

This is what quality, good looks and functionality is all about, to serve a purpose well. A job well done Saddleback Leather, you truly get what you pay for!

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No s***t there I was

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I've carried this bag every day for three years now and taken it on hundreds of flights all over the world and abused it the entire time. This bag gets better with age.

I have the older version with the dark pig skin. I've had sodas explode in the bag and was able to just wipe it out with a damp cloth.

I have the extra large bag. I fly lots for work I live in a small city and have to fly regional jets in and out to the major cities. This bag is big enough to fit everything I need for a carry on. But will still fit in the over head on the regional jets. It fills the space completely but fits every time.

I've taken the bag camping and to the board room. And it always impresses.

Plenty of people complain about the weight. If it's to heavy get the smaller bag. This bag will carry what ever you put in it no problem so less space less junk lighter. The weight of the bag becomes negligible compared to what you have in it.

I looked for a long time when I purchased this bag. I can afford any bag I want essently. But wanted something that represented me more then the traditional briefcase my dad carried every day. I wanted something that expressed my military back ground I.e. Rugged as well as my current position a professional who has worked hard to accomplish a coveted status. A pinch of camping and my Eagle Scout roots. Simple rugged and built for the long haul but imaculent in my presentation. This bag by no means was the most expensive one I looked at. But by far was the best made bag I've ever seen. I've had professionals in manufacturing look the bag over and gush with envy at how every stich is perfect every cut precise every demention exact. How the leather and thread are far above grade and imaculent. I've since purchased from the ugly page for unique branded leather gifts but I have probably a dozen bags from saddle back and each product the leather is imaculent and the craftmanship is unsurpassed.

I hate reviews from people that have just opened the bag or have only had it a day or two. They tells me nothing of how it will wear and hold up. I waited 3 years to see if this bag would live up to the hype. There is no hype. This bag is all it promises to be not one stich not one fray not one defect has shown up and I have abused this bag by any standard. At first it was to find a defect then it was to see how good the bag is. I figured if I did break it I'd be willing to get another to replace it just because of how good the bag has been. Now I'm interested to see just how long this bag will last but at this point I don't anticipate having to ever replace it. I believe thy will fight over it when I'm dead my kids are already laying claim to their fav saddle back bags.

I don't write reviews I "vote" with my dollars and I've found most times they are less then useful I spend more time on negative reviews then positive ones but there is nothing I can complain of about this bag. I feel that as a solid Texas company with an eye to quality and a spirt of adventure and a soul of perfection I have always been impressed with every product I have and have no qualms about recommending this company to anyone.

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After Years Of Waiting/Coveting... UPDATE

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I originally posted around the holidays after using the bag for a couple of weeks. Six months in, update:

First, I made the gaffe of identifying my bag as a Medium Classic...I purchased a Large Classic.

The tobacco leather picks up the best little nicks & scuffs & wear everyday. Nicks all over the front from opening & closing & buckling & opening again. And darkening wear on the back from my hip.

The pads on the shoulder strap take about a month of regular use to break in the foam inside the leather so it curves to mold your shoulder. But once it does, the bag immediately feels lighter. So far I've only broken in 1 of the 2 pads.

I tried for the heck of it converting the strap to carry as a backpack, and found it uncomfortable for my everyday load (laptop, folders, notebooks, cables).

I noted in my original review that I folded a bandana into the bottom to provide a little bit of cushion for the laptop, and that works like a charm to date. Plus, now I always have a bandana with me. Creek Stewart would be proud.

With all three straps buckled to close the bag, it does take some time to open/close the bag. So I usually just have the main center strap buckled with the two side straps tucked up like in all the promo photos.

This thing feels like it's gonna last forever. It's Indiana Jones' will survive anything.

I would love to have another one, but then I would have to try to pick which one to use, and I'm not going to torture myself like that.

Get one.

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2 years later...

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Wow. Time does fly. I originally meant to write this a year ago. I've had the tobacco large classic for just over two years now. I knew I wanted one the first time I laid eyes on it several years ago.

First of all it's big. I'm 6' and about 195, give or take. I was considering the XL but let me tell ya I'm glad I didn't. It's just right and has more than enough room to carry my 15" laptop and various other items. It's not lite by any stretch but it's not heavy either. I had one of those canvas bags that a Government agent might carry in a 24 hour period, him being a Jack of all things (wink, wink) but after offloading all my stuff my bag weighed only 2 pounds more (no longer need a laptop sleeve due to the protection the classic gives). It goes well with business casual as well as jeans. It's John Wayne pretty and tougher than a 2:00 am steak at Denny's.

I don't travel the world or go to exotic places. I travel public rail to work everyday and see some fairly interesting things and feel I could defend myself with it if need be. I also carry some stuff from my peace office days in case bad happens.

After two years it's got scuffs and scratches and has a nicely worn, smooth area on the back. It tends to sit soft on the front unless I push the soft side in (think of sucking in your gut) and then it sits like it was brand new. It did transfer some of the color to my lighter khakis early on and now only when it gets rained on (it washes off). The pigskin lining looks almost yellow in some pics I've seen but mine is more of an olive tan.

Don't get this bag if you get something new every so often. Don't get this bag if you get bored with what you have after a while. Don't get this bag if you care about what PETA folks might say about you carrying leather. Don't get this bag if a 25 pound bag of dog food is heavy for you. Don't get this bag if you want strangers to leave you be. Don't get this bag if you think it's easier to buy cheap every so often.

Otherwise treat yourself and get this bag. Also, once you start buying Saddleback Leather, you can't stop. You have been warned.

Thank you for your time.

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Wow! This is incredible.

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I bought the Classic Briefcase in large/tobacco and waited until taking a few trips overseas before reviewing. I won't waste time talking about the quality of the bag as there are plenty of testaments to the quality already here. But this bag is incredible. I put camera and lens inserts to make it into a briefcase and camera bag. I carry a large pro DSLR Nikon and 3 or 4 fairly large lenses along with a 13" Macbook Air, camera batteries, Mac power cord and a leather journal. I travel all the time overseas and this dog hunts like no other bag I have ever owned. It may be on the heavy side but it can go from a safari or week in the woods straight to the boardroom and hold its' own the whole way. I just bought my niece one for her college graduation and plan to buy a few more for partners and associates. I am 6' 3" and weigh 195 lbs. and the large is perfect for me.

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The Only Briefcase I'll Ever Need

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I've only had my Medium Classic Saddleback Briefcase for a couple of years, so it's still practically new. I take it to the office every day, where I've received more compliments on it than I can count, including from senior management. I took it to another city for a training conference recently, where it received more compliments from several people. I took it into a job interview and we spent the first 5 minutes talking about the bag - talk about an easy ice breaker for a panel interview, and I did get the job; I can't blame that on the bag entirely, but it sure didn't hurt. I'll have to celebrate, but not with a new bag - this one is perfect. Yes, it's heavy, so if you're too weak to carry a few extra pounds then you'll have to find yourself a lesser bag. Every single day, every time I open my briefcase, it brings a smile to my face. If only I loved everything I own just as much!

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Honest Review - Med Classic Briefcase in Tobacco.

by - verified purchaser |
I will not go on and on about the quality and craftsmanship.... This cannot be debated.

I would like to tell you that I have researched this - and other leather bags for well over a year. Both in the USA and my native Canada.

My amazing wife of 20 years "allowed" ;-))) me to finally take the plunge. Love you KD.

So I did.....and I have no regrets.

I was VERY torn between the Med and Large........I mean TORN.....I was concerned that the med was going to look like a "Murse"..... and that the large was going to be too heavy....and too big.

Im not a big guy perse but I am 6 foot 200lbs.......athletic build, (could stand to lose 20 but...thats another story).

I use my bag for work everyday - I am a health professional who carries a 13inch laptop, portable printer, printer paper, day timer, regulations, pens, chargers, wallet et al.

I am out in the "field" dealing with the public all day carrying this bad boy and Im in heaven.

Of course I cannot speak to the large bag - but my med is perfect....

Dont wait, just it...

kindest regards from the North,


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14 months out, would buy it again. Here are my issues

by - verified purchaser |
I purchased the Large, Tobacco colored bag 14 months ago. I take the bag to work about 4 days per week and have taken it on several trips. I would buy this bag again without hesitation. Many of the reviews are very positive, and I agree with many of them, but I am going to be more critical. I hope this informs your purchasing decision.

I'll start with the problems I have with the bag.

-The front panel has started to bend over where it meets the bottom panel. Looking at the picture you can see that the two bottom corners an the floor are very square and you can see the two metal studs. Mine have started to bend over slightly almost to the point where the metal studs rest on the floor. Not a major problem, but I was slightly annoyed.

-The strap used to hold keys bounces around when the large compartment is empty. In the fourth picture (XL size) you can see the strap attached to a key ring resting on a shirt. The rolled up shirt in the picture will prevent the strap from bouncing around but when the compartment is empty the strap does not touch the bottom of the bag and bounces around as I walk. I solved this buy tucking to strap into the pocket holding the charger and mouse in picture.

-The side pocket meant for water bottles is very small and can only hold the smallest of water bottles. Think cheap plastic bottle from the grocery store. A slender thermos that fits snugly into my car cup holders does not fit in the side pocket.

The size is sufficient to bring a laptop with accessories, several folders, a substantial lunch and a change of shoes. When I've traveled I have been able to pack my toiletries and a couple changes of clothes.

The strap is comfortable and the handle is sturdy. Both of which are important when the bag is loaded down. The clips that connect the strap to the D-rings is sturdy and easy to operate.

The newspaper pocket on the back is amazing.

I had some problems with shipping where Saddleback shipped me a moleskin notebook cover instead of the bag. Customer service was helpful and the problem was quickly resolved with minimal work on my part.

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I received the extra large classic briefcase as a gift from my bride of 23 years (after some very direct hints), and am very pleased with all aspects of the product. Solid construction, gorgeous materials and its own character that conveys a message of sturdiness and stability. Saddleback is correct: my children will be fighting over this bag when I am gone.

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Love it!

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I am a woman and I travel almost every week. I was worried that the bag would be too heavy based on all the reviews. The bag is perfect! I purchased the large size and I can fit my laptop, my iPad, work documents, wallet and chargers and still have room. The bag is beautiful (tobacco) and I notice people looking at it as I go through the airport. It's stiff and as I use it more and more I'm looking forward to it being broken in. I watched all the You Tube reviews and glad I didn't buy the smaller version. Thank you Saddleback for makiing such a beautiful product. I'm so glad I made the investment.

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Very Satisfied

by - verified purchaser |
After several years of owning all sorts of bags, I finally decided to buy the Classic Briefcase in (L)Carbon. The quality of the bag is amazing, and it is definitely what I expected. I will say that no one can prepare you for the smell of the leather once you've unboxed it. The smell says quality, more than the look itself. I highly recommend this bag. My only disappointment is that I waited so long to pull the trigger.

The weight of the bag is over emphasized. I'm 6'3", and I find the bag to be lighter than I expected. If you are wondering if this purchase makes sense, just wait until it arrives. You won't regret your buying decision. Thanks Dave, you guys to do an awesome job!!

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The champion of briefcases

by - verified purchaser |
I purchased my bag about three years ago. I wanted to wait for a while to review it. After three years of extensive use in all kinds of weather in Salt Lake City, I am impressed. The best part of purchasing this artisan created bag is opening the box. I was overwhelmed with the rich smell of leather. All of my stuff fits nicely, with many well thought out little pockets here and there. It has a nice weight to it, so I know it is made of quality stuff. Everytime I rock it, I receive a ton of compliments. People really admire this satchel. It has an Indiana Jones quality to it. The hardware is stout and the stitching hasn't shown any wear. Even though I tend to stuff it overly full, there is no stretching or tiredness to it. When I walk into a presentation with this bag, I gain instant credibility. People know that I value quality and I am willing to pay for it. It still smells amazing. Please note that a 17 inch laptop warrants the extra large size. A 15 inch fits nicely in my large. This bag will definitely outlive me. I give a warm thank you to the craftsmen and craftswomen who created this wonderful briefcase. Your creation brightens my day. Thank you for your impeccable work.

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This just this bag! It'll make you more attractive to other people.

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I've been on the fence about this bag for several years now. I have bought a few other Saddleback products before, but I just kept balking at the moment of truth and not clicking buy. After buying this bag I am now filled with buyer's remorse - not for having bought this bag, but for not having bought it sooner!

This bag is amazing. I have searched negative reviews on the web and routinely find comments that this bag is too heavy. What do you expect? This bag is very solidly built, high quality, extremely durable leather. What you should expect is that to carry this bag you're going to have to man up a bit.

This bag will ask that of you (man-ing up) - and because this bag is so awesome, you're going to give it.

I've had mine for a week now, and after switching to it from a roller-bag, I still can't be happier with the decision to buy the bag. It feels good, and it looks good, and it starts conversations with random strangers.

Get this bag. It'll make you more attractive. Or at least, it'll give people a reason to talk to you. Because if you're like me, you need an accessory to get the ball rolling.

This bag is that accessory.

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A Hit in Las Vegas!

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I bought a large classic briefcase in chestnut leather quite a while ago and used it regularly for a mobile office. My 17" laptop and all the things I needed to continue my engineering work on the road fit and were protected. When my travels slowed down, the bag was a nice fixture in my workshop until I was packing for Las Vegas a week ago. I used it as my carry-on and received comment after comment. I even had a TSA security inspector and a pilot ask where I got it so they could look for one! Everywhere I went with the briefcase, I was told it was beautiful and asked where I got it. I was very happy to guide people to the saddleback website!!

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The Large Classic Briefcase is Amazing!

by - verified purchaser |
I have been on the fence about buying this for several years. A promotion at work, and the corresponding additional work that came with it, made the decision much easier.

The briefcase is everything I could hope for, and much more.

The leather is thick and durable. Having watched many of Dave's videos, it is clear that he truly cares about the products he sells. The stitching is obviously tight and the same thread is used throughout. The hardware is heavy duty and should last between 100 - 200 years, as long as it doesn't go scuba diving or get attacked by a crocodile!

The pockets are well placed, and allow for 'everyday items' to be readily accessible, and the 'occasionally used' to settle below the pockets, and not over bulge the bag.

Some people have stated that the bag seemed 'heavier' than they expected.. To me, it was perfect, and every bit what I expected a heavy leather bag to be. Don't think thin, soft buttery leather. Instead, think Grandpas WWII bag that went through 28 months in the European Theater of Combat. It's that strong.

Thank you for making this bag something I will be proud to hand down to my kids.

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It's with me every day.

by - verified purchaser |
This was my first purchase from Saddleback, along with a drybag. And it's awesome! I have searched high and low to find a bag that was of high quality and correct looks for me to purchase. And I wanted to purchase something for life! I find bags that I love, but they disintegrate after a few years. Backpacks mainly. So I found and desired this for years until my 40th birthday, and then knew I had to get it.

Worth every penny. Yes, it's heavy, but if you can't handle a little weight on your shoulder, c'mon, get to the gym. It's big, more room to carry your belongings my dear. It's looks great no matter what. The style is simple and classic. I don't feel like it will get dated, and even if it does, I really don't care. It appeals to me and almost everyone I come into contact with. And this thing is bulletproof. It will never disintegrate, or hardly get damage.

And the compliments! They are plentiful and common. What's also a surprise is to hear "Saddleback, right?" It's so distinctive, people know it by sight. My boys will be inheriting all my bags (need just one more to have enough for all four.) And I have no fear that their kids will inherit it too. I wish I would have discovered it 20 years earlier, so I could have had more stories and experiences with it by this point, but I'll just have to make a bunch from here forward.

Dave, you knocked it out of the park. All the work and time spent in Mexico have absolutely paid off. And the staff of your wonderful company is AMAZING! They make me feel incredible with every contact, and have even given me information about where to visit when I mention where we are traveling. I wish I could remember her name, but she sent me a package of materials about Mount Rushmore and the surrounding areas, knowing we were going to be traveling there in the near future. We had to postpone our trip, but I feel more confident we will have that in hand when we do get there. And when I was trying to make the order for this and the drybag, I wanted to take advantage of the free shipping special you were running at that time. But one of them was out of stock until after the special finished. Your wonderful staff made sure my order went through, I got the shipping (not a lot, but still a good perk) and got me the bags, with hardly any delay. Making me feel like the most important customer in the world. I tell people about your company constantly, no only for the amazing products, but for the wonderful people too.

Keep up the amazing work, Saddleback and Dave Munson! (I'm coveting the Beast Duffel and one of the suitcases now.)

P.S. The warranty is real. Believe it and use it if you need to.

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Great Bag

by - verified purchaser |
Got my large classic briefcase last year for father's day...I absolutely love it. I have tended to overstuff my previous bags (non-SBL) over the years and all have broken/ wore out in a similar fashion. I researched many other bags that could withstand a beating and were of good quality and kept coming back to this one. Bottom line is that it is a great bag that you can put a lot of stuff in and is very durable. I have received numerous compliments about it; I think what makes it stand out from the rest is its conservative is just a simple looking bag and is nice because of that. While I know many criticize the products because they are on the pricey side, I really invite you to navigate the website to the "rivals" section...many of the competitor bags are at the the same price point and I would question whether they are of the same quality (just watch a few of Dave's videos and you will start to learn a little about leather products). As for the features of the bag, I will be honest and say that I don't use the strap features often and use it mostly as a traditional "briefcase". While it is nice to know that it doubles as a backpack, I am not sure I will use it that way...If I had to walk with it over a distance, I would probably just use it as a shoulder strap. About the only thing that I would agree with on the negative side is the fact that there aren't a lot of extra compartments/zipper/pockets etc. I carry a ton of junk in my bag and had some trouble deciding how to arrange things given the equipped pockets. I ended up purchasing some cheap pencil cases at an "office" big box store, and they work just fine supplementing the bag. To that end, I understand why there aren't more zipper pockets, etc., because they are the parts of the bag that fail the quickest.

I will say one final word, and if that doesn't convince you to buy your next bag from them, nothing will. They have outstanding customer service. I recently got a water bag from them, and had to exchange it for the larger size. The representative "William" was extremely helpful and accommodating in a very complex set of circumstances involving the exchange (won't bore you with the details but SBL ended up getting me the specific bag I wanted after a promotion had ended and did not have to do it)...I have no doubts that they value every customer they have.

Hope that helps you with your purchase.

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Amazing, 4 years later

by - verified purchaser |
I have been using my Chestnut Large Classic Briefcase daily for over 4 years. I take it to and from work, use it for travel, to carry books, really any excuse to carry it and look at it. It's in spectacular shape. I deeply love this bag. I am the type of person who does not have many possessions. I live in a 500 square foot apartment (by choice) and keep my belongings to a minimum. When I do buy things I am very picky, I research them and take my time, treat them well, and hopefully never have to replace them. In this case i didn't buy it. My girlfriend knew I wanted it and got our families to team up to buy it for me as a college graduation present. This bag will last longer than I will. I'm in love with it (I'm also in love with my girlfriend who is still around, so yes I do know how to pick em).

The design is very thoughtful and functional: lots of pockets inside the bag, straps and d-rings are super handy, convertible to back pack mode is a plus. The large pocket on the back is amazing. I put the economist in it and love the feel of the leather.

The size is great for me. I almost never totally fill it but have before and I found the weight / bulkiness to be manageable and as expected. I keep my lap top, papers, reports, and books in the back compartment and then use the pockets to carry power cords, adapters, and other dongle as well as pens, pencils, keys, and business cards.

The materials and workmanship exceeded my expectations (still do). The leather is amazing; smells great, feels great, looks great, and ages beautifully. The attention to detail is impressive and unparalleled by any object that I've bought. My friends keep having to replace their bags, I don't.

I can't emphasize enough how much I love this bag. If you're the type of person who buys for life you will not be disappointed. On the other hand if you're more about the fashion and don't care how long it lasts you should probably buy something else.

The people who give bad reviews are mostly dissatisfied with the weight and heft of the bag. Know this. If that's not what you want then buy a different bag. I am a big guy. 6 fooot, 200 lbs. The size and weight are a perk in my opinion but I lift weights. I feel more secure about the safety of my objects inside the bag when I pick it up and it feels hefty, sturdy, and weighty--but that's just me. Make up your own mind before buying it and don't be one of those people who whines later because they didn't understand what they were buying.

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