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Large Classic Briefcase in Dark Coffee Brown

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This is an amazing product. The color, fit and finish is absolutely top notch. I was previously a tobacco guy, but after getting the classic briefcase in DCB, I'm convinced it is the perfect blend of ruggedness with sophistication.

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5 Year Review of Large Classic Briefcase in Chestnut

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So five years ago, I was in Iraq standing watch 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. My mom had sent me a care package full of random magazines(flight attendants have a lot laying around). One of the magazines had a section "100 luxury Items you want" or something to that effect. I saw this old school bag that was built like a tank. I thought to myself, here is a company that is making products that actually have value. I figured I would treat myself and I went ahead and had the bag shipped to me in the middle of a war zone.

So from a military perspective, some guys get it and others don't. Everyone wants to be tactiCOOL lately with all of their wannabe Seal Team 6 gear. DISCLAIMER: I did not kill Osama and neither did my bag. But over the last five years I have noticed more people asking me about it or simply saying, "Nice Saddleback!".

Moving On.... When I first received the bag it smelled amazing and all the other stuff that everyone on here has written about. My thought was it just looked too good. I laugh at the people who worry about scratching it or complain about the natural leather marks. IT MAKES THE BAG LOOK BETTER! So my recommendation is to stomp on it, roll it, stand it upright and crush it. I did this at the 3 year mark and now I am even happier. The pigskin lining makes parts of the bag stiffer than the rest(for good reason). Stomping and creasing the the bag not only makes it look older and more like Clint Eastwood, it makes it easier to manipulate. So buy this bag and don't baby it.

At the 5 year mark and being in the Navy, living in humid environments, the hardware does have some corrosion. Hey, it happens. I did see a video talking about using stainless, but I am not sure if they started or not. Once again, corrosion only adds to the my bag has been around the world three times, while your bag was sitting in a sweatshop in China look.

So if you want to have a bag that will tell people that you like things that are well made, you understand that leather weighs more than nylon, and you have the cash... do it!

I have since bought the Macbook Sleeve, multiple wallets, iPad case, and I am really thinking about that Waterbag. I should just take my own advice and buy the damn thing!

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Finally got it

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Dropped hints to the wife, bought her a similar one, she even got the color right, but the size wrong.

Well after all the waiting, finally arrived to me. I am over in AFG and hoped that wouldn't cause too much problems, it didn't.

Its fantastic! XL in Dark Coffee Brown. Is it expensive, yes, but its what I wanted and and I can tell you that it will serve me just fine. I travel quite a bit and have grown tired of the backpack look.

My collection of Saddleback Leather continues.

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50th Birthday Present

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Just turned the big 5-0 and my parents gave me this briefcase as my present. They bought me the Large one in Chestnut. This is my first (and not last) Saddleback Leather item. My first thought was that I love the Chestnut color! This is my personal favorite color of leather. The design and layout of the pockets are perfect. It stands up well even with my laptop in it. I do have a 15" Dell lap top that fits in the inside back pocket snuggly. Since the fit is snug, the outside, side pockets become a bit compressed which makes it difficult to put a water bottle in. I am passing my laptop down to a colleague and will get a 13" laptop next. This size works for me and I believe the XL bag would have been too large. I am sure this will live well past my working life. I just have to figure out which one of my 4 kids will get it after that.

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Thoroughly Impressed.

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My Classic Briefcase arrived and is in aggressive field use. I have another leather briefcase from another manufacturer dating from the "dawn of time" that sports high-quality leather ⅔ the thickness. It's been re-stitched and restored. The latter's design does not meet my newer requirements. Saddleback's does and is built (cleaned up for Internet!) "Like a brick Out-House." Your videos should be a "Must Watch" for anyone considering placing an order. "Knock Off a Saddleback Briefcase" and "Midnight Three & Six." The latter brought my day / world to a dead cold stop and presented an opportunity to Reflect on What Matters - an opportunity that easily would've otherwise been lost. If your knock-off briefcase competitors don't put you out of business before the new year, I look forward to another order. BTW, the “Personal Bible Verses of Salvation Assurance Comfort” found under the false bottom was well-received!

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Excellent bag

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This website and anything remotely related to Saddleback Leather products has been my obsession for the past 2 months. For close to 60 days, I trawled through many pages of reviews, pictures & youtube videos to help me find my perfect bag... And after that monstrous research effort, I ordered a Large Classic Briefcase in dark coffee brown.

Now, living in Sydney, Australia, didn't make things easy. My suggestion to those who are purchasing from overseas, is to choose the postage option that costs the least. I chose the express post delivery - delivered within 5 to 10 business days. After all, how could I possibly wait any longer?

Well, what was meant to be 2 weeks was drawn out over 3 long weeks. I called Australia Post, and they said I might as well have chosen the cheapest delivery option, because anything else would get here just as fast.

Anyway, on receiving my bag, I am now a happy chappy. First impressions are that the bag is of superior quality. The leather is thick. The bag is adequately weighted. The threads are perfect, not frayed. The aroma is intoxicating, and yes, it does indeed fill the room, a constant reminder that you have made a wise decision.

I have read and viewed a lot of complaints about the bag being too heavy. Well, I'm 5 foot 7 & the large classic briefcase is not heavy for me, weighing in at 154 pounds. With my 13 inch MacBook Air, it's sleeve, keys, books, etc, the bag still feels relatively light to me. While it isn't heavy, it is bulky. But that doesn't matter to me, as I believe it will wear in with time.

3 negatives thus far:

- I notice that the 2 outside straps are of different lengths. I'm not sure why that is.

- There is a minor scratch on the leather that appears unnatural. I'm not too fussed about it, as it is hardly noticeable & I'm sure I'll add more scratches to it as time goes on.

- There are copper-coloured rivets on the top of the bag that are not in keeping with the other rivets. This is not evident in the pictures on the SB website.

I would rate the bag 4-and-a-half stars for now... I will use it on a daily basis for work - where I will have to carry my laptop, an iPad mini, at least 2-3 reference books & my notepads - and I will return to review the bag after say, 30 days of use.

I hope this helps with your purchase.

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Best of the best

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I recently bought the the Classic briefcase the leather pouch a coin purse and cable bag all dark coffee brown . I thought the large briefcase might be to big no way it's perfect not as heavy to me as many say. It's craftsmanship at its finest everything laid out perfectly for me, worth every penny, the pouch awesome I have two phones a galaxy note 3 and an I phone plus it carries both with my waterproof notebook and steel pen. Does not look man pursey at all oh an my knife fits too. Carries easy and well the quality of the bag is the best it fits my classic briefcase in many ways clips right on did I mention the quality of the leather and workmanship? Hehe it is the best I've seen. cable bag fits briefcase easily and cleans up clutter and is tough as nails. I put this awesome array of man goodies next to my Tucker saddle yup you deserve the name Saddleback I'm impressed and now a loyal customer oh and I need another cable bag , off to order before we head to Alaska next week where my new accessories will feel at home in the frontier what stories they will contain . Thank you Saddleback you are true to your word.

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I've waited to write a review for a few years (Jan 2011, now July 2015), because I don't feel that a "100 year lifespan" item should be reviewed in the first week.

First, let me say that "lifetime" items require maintaining. This should somewhat go without saying, but some of the people at the Buy-It-For-Life Reddit community seem to think otherwise. If you buy a "lifetime" knife, it will require sharpening. If you buy a "lifetime" leather good, it will require polishing and oiling. If you buy a "lifetime" bicycle, it will require new tires, tubes, etc.

Next, let me say that I receive many compliments, and use it frequently. It was my backpack in grad school, and my work travel case in business. I've just returned from 2 weeks of travel, where I carried it daily. I am generally pleased.

This said, there are two major downsides:

- Firstly, it is heavy. ~10 pounds of weight is a lot without transporting anything. Adding a laptop, textbook, and a charger/two can get you up to ~20#. I started biking to work last year, and this bag is too heavy to use in this context (adds 5 minutes to the trip).

- Secondly, it is large. You can compress it down to smaller size by using the overstraps, but if you find yourself doing this regularly, you should really get a smaller bag.

There are a few unexpected upsides:

1 - the rings on the side can be zip-tied or carribeaner-ed together, resulting in smaller size. This can matter.

2 - the side rings are really good for clipping a water bottle

3 - the extra belts have come in handy many times for lashing various things together.

I would buy it again, as it is the "buy once, cry once" item which suits all of my needs. That said, it isn't always the right tool for the job.

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Finally Purchased. Couldn't Be Happier.

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I first learned of Saddleback Leather over at the Art of Manliness blog almost 2 years ago and fell in love instantly. After months and months of debating on whether to purchase a classic briefcase or not, I finally ordered mine. Upon my wife's encouragement, I ended up closing my old high school checking account (that I hadn't touched in years) and used the money to purchase the Classic Briefcase, Large, in Dark Coffee Brown. Boy, did I marry a good woman!

My leather arrived today and I honestly could not be happier. Just like the vast majority of other reviewers, I am amazed at the craftsmanship, the rich aroma of the highest quality leather, and the rugged beauty of this bag. I am a young pastor, and I expect to use this bag for the rest of my life - transporting my laptop, bible, various books, and whatever else to and from the office and wherever else ministry takes me. At 6' 2" the bag fits me perfectly and is exactly the dimensions that I anticipated. I took a long time in making this decision and I'm 100% confident it was the right one.

Mr. Dave Munson, thank you for this product. I love it and am proud to own it. As well, I appreciate your business card. God's very best to you.

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Leaning Bag of Pisa

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Bought the extra large brief. Good looking bag. Will last a lifetime.

The problem with the bag is it leans too much. It makes it difficult to put stuff in or take stuff out. So it is a briefcase that is not as functional as I would have expected. I shared my disappointment with Saddleback but because I tried to break the bag in for more than 30 days , Saddleback refused to take it back. So if you have any issues with a product be sure to send it back within 30 days.

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damaged upon arrival

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I bought my bag in 2007 and it arrived damaged. I was serving in Baghdad at the time so following up repair inquiries was a challenge. I was told the damage (a large slice in a strap) was cosmetic and part of the character of the item, but for the hundreds of dollars paid I expected more. I may re-engage my attempts at satisfaction, but be aware of this experience as you contemplate these products.

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Car air fresheners are now a thing of the past

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I first came across Saddleback leather when watching a Youtube video of an English leather worker called Ian Atkinson, making a leather belt, explaining how he punches the holes 3/4 inch apart just like Saddleback Leather. I clicked on the Saddleback Leather website, just to have a look & almost immediately wanted a Classic Briefcase. I didn't need one, but boy oh boy did I want one.

I have the XL in Tobacco & it is everything & more than I expected. It is beautifully made with awesome quality leather & fixings. At first it was lighter in colour than I had hoped but after only a couple of weeks daily use, the colour has darkened a lot & the natural shading & wear marks are beginning to shine through beautifully. Never have I owned such a stunning bag which really does get better with age. If I could only use 2 words to describe the leather & workmanship, they would be; 'IMPERFECTLY BRILLIANT'!

Initially my work colleagues asked me why I had such a big bag and I must admit it is very big. I could have got away with a Large but I, like most men figured I was better to have too much than not enough. I fully intend to use it for more than just work & am really looking forward to using it on trips including taking it all the way across Route 66 on a Harley when I go over to the States in September.

The front section has 4 internal pockets, one on each end, which I use for my wallet & small notebook and 2 which are attached to the central divider. These are perfectly placed so you can still use all of the 'floor space' of the bag & have smaller stuff in the pockets, not rolling around getting lost like in other bags. I carry lots of work files, a thermos of tea, a water bottle, my lunch, my leatherman, my camera & a lot of other 'man stuff' * there's still loads of room to spare.

The strap is long, I'm 5'10" so wear the strap quite short but it's easy to shorten by tucking it up like the front buckle strap, so don't worry if you're tall. You would have to be a giant to find this strap too short.

All in all this is a stunning bag which I intend to enjoy for years. During my working day, I visit my customers in their homes & my bag lives in the boot (trunk) of my car which now smells of gorgeous Saddleback Leather. Car air fresheners are now a thing of the past.

I calculated that each car air freshener costs $1 and lasts around a week so my bag will have paid for itself in about 12 years. That means I will have 88 free years until my warranty runs out. BARGAIN!!!!

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Living a year with the XL

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I have the XL in the discontinued Carbon Black (it wasn't really black as much as it was a gunship gray). After having it a year, I have a few recommendations and observations:

1. Get the XL only if you're really sure you need the space. Otherwise, Large or the Thin models would be ideal. As a corporate trainer, I travel with lots of equipment: Projectors, laptops, demo models, presentation materials. When fully weighed down, the bag routinely weighs 40lbs. (Side note: I do get questions, comments, jokes when I set down such a massive bag: "Where'd you get that?" is common.)

2. The leather does soften and become more pliable, but not to the point where it creases or cracks. However, due to the size, the XL has a hard time staying upright. It always settles with the hardware and straps facing down, like it slumps over from the weight of the inside pockets. I can live with that.

3. The XL isn't really practical for flying. If modestly packed, it will fit overhead. If packed to the seams, maybe not. Even modestly packed it barely fits under the seats of full size planes, but not under little regional jets. The quality of the leather, however, makes this an ideal travel bag. I travel 20% of the year and it might sound brutish, but I don't hesitate to throw this bag under the seat and kick it in and yank it out. It takes an obscene amount of abuse and the leather has this Terminator 2-like way of self-healing.

4. When I do fly with it, it doubles nicely as a luggage and briefcase combo. If you like to travel "light" (not light in terms of weight), then the XL easily stores your work materials plus a pair of pants or two, some shoes and shirts.

Here's a decision tree: Are you part Sherpa? If yes, then get the XL. If not Sherpa, then don't.

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This thing is the fire!

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I bought the large in tobacco and it is hands down the most well constructed bag I've ever seen. The leather is obscenely thick, the stitching is doubled everywhere and rivets are used in every critical stress point. I can't imagine the thing will fail, but if it does I know the warranty has me covered.

It is a little on the heavy side for a briefcase, but that comes with the territory. If your on the fence, jump on over - the grass is greener over here.

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I am so glad to have finally bought it..

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For more than 6 months, I went through all the videos on youtube, read every review on the website, trolling through the first 10 pages in google on saddleback briefcases in an attempt to decide on which type, colour and size I would like. Sometimes, it took a day. It was really addictive, reading reviews of saddleback products.

Finally, I pulled the trigger and ordered one. For my love of reading reviews, I must write this one. Why I chose the size and the colour. It is the classic Large briefcase in chestnut. It is the perfect fit for me. I am 5'10 and 190 pounds. For all of you deciding between a medium and a large (like I was), and if you are around the same specs as me, save your time considering and just get the large. The medium will look really tiny on you.

When it came, I couldn't take my eyes off it. The chestnut is beautiful. Excellent for a professional setting. I couldn't keep my hands off it. My girlfriend thought I was going to sleep with my briefcase! The leather smell is intoxicating. It fills your whole room with it. I am smelling it as I type this review.

Build wise, it is solid. Very confident it will last more than a 100 years. The quality is as of what other reviews say. The bag is relatively heavy, but not THAT heavy. Any guy can carry that !

I travel to the office and out to meet clients everyday, and backpack mode while wearing a shirt and pants fits me like a glove. I am able to pack my gym gear (shoes, shaker bottle, protein, clothes), my office papers, and my MBP 15in. Note: a 15in MBP will be impossible to fit in a medium classic briefcase.

I love it to bits. This is a great investment as compared to buying a bag from a high end luxury brand, which will easily cost 3-4 times.

Thank you dave.

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This is a status symbol.

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I've had this bag for exactly a week. I got the large in coffee. I was excited for the quality of the bag but I had no idea what was in store. In the last seven days I have received a minimum of 10 compliments per day about it. Today the bag sparked a thirty minute conversation with the president of a university in Iraq. My bosses and coworkers have been stopping by my desk just to chat about it. It literally turns heads (and feet) in my direction. I've never purchased a product that made such an immediate and profound difference in my quality of life (i'm not exaggerating). The quality, smell, and appearance are phenomenal. Just make sure you're ready for the boost in visibility.

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Four Year Review at 2am

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Okay y'all - it's one a.m. CST and I'm here to lay down the most heartfelt and wine induced review you've ever read in your life...

July 2011: I have my first big paycheck from the first real estate transaction I closed. After lusting after anything and everything SBL, I pulled the trigger on a Large DCB briefcase. I took the "leather test" very seriously, having trouble deciding between Tobacco and DCB. The sophisticated simplicity of DCB vs. rugged utility of the TB is what eventually won my heart. Along with the briefcase I tacked on an order for one of their run of the mill DCB medium bifold wallets.

Here I am nearly three years later and I can confidently tell you that apart from a select few worldly possessions scattered around my house(family pictures/heirlooms) my briefcase would be the first thing I save in the event of a house fire. I've even had the rare day dream while flying on airplanes with it about how I would best assist everyone off the plane...then crawl back into the wreckage to grab my briefcase.

This bag got me through my final year of college. It has traveled with me far and wide. Australia, Austria, Germany, Argentina, France, Dominican Republic, Canada, and hundreds of thousands of miles of road trips. On one particular trip while in Vienna, Austria(while still in college) we were strictly prohibited from imbibing while abroad...however, we were due to take a boat to Bratislava, Slovakia(about an hour by boat) and I decided to do what was best for our group and load four bottles of red, a few baguettes, and the entire refrigerated section of a delicatessen into the briefcase(a superb example of how much a Lg can hold!). I became an instant hit on the trip! Students and teachers alike let down their guards and partook of the elements. So, truly, SBL can bring people together. On the ride back, having exhausted our supply(there were only 6 of us!) I found my briefcase in want of a load. No kidding, as if Providence itself knew of my ability to transport elicit goods - we found six stray kittens in a ditch without a mother walking back to the boat. Wrapping them gently in a pashmina and tucking them carefully into the pockets of the briefcase we took them to a new life back in Vienna...where I can report all but one are living happy, healthy lives! Okay - I've digressed.

What has four years done to the briefcase? Well, unsurprisingly it has softened it up quite a bit! It doesn't "flop" as I've read many do after so many years. and I can tell you it's not for lack of use. I would honestly say I've strapped it to my shoulder 330-340 days of the year for the past 4 years. The DCB just is a little stiffer by nature. It also doesn't "scratch" particularly easily. I don't know how some peoples scratches as easily as they do! I've seen chestnut do it - but it's a slightly different finish. To do that to DCB you would have to tie it to a rope and throw it out the window for a few miles... so the exterior finish is tough. After time, it also shows "superficial cracking" along the edges of the top flap that rub against the dog leash claps and strap after so many years - because that is where the most pressure is put while carrying. Let it also be said my daily haul is VERY heavy. Comical really. I've only measured it twice when it was so hilariously heavy it caused me to tip over as I walked out the door - it usually weighs in around 19-31lbs and yet, carries surprisingly well. About two years ago I started conditioning it regularly, when I saw noticeable "dryness" to the leather. This seems to have added years to its longevity and has made the leather softer to the I do it about every 6mo's whenever the mood strikes.

Are there pitfalls? You bet! The biggest, and it's still a rather small nit to pick, is the bottom four leather loops where the D rings are attached. Entirely convenient for someone(I'm sure...I'm no architect or anyone that needs to strap something to the bottom, but I have seen pictures and they seem great!) but also where the most "wear" is visible on the bag. Reason being that it's the first bit of leather that touches the ground when you put the briefcase down. For me, it's the back two loops(where my heaviest articles are...old 17in MacPro, folders, books, etc) that have shown the most wear/tear and I can confidently say that my bag will be back for replacement on those loops within the next two years. Again - very minor. and truly the biggest "fail" of the bag that isn't a fail at all, it's just going to cause them hellacious warranty claims from the folks that actually use their bags. I don't envision any other part of the bag needing repair or replacement in the next four years(same time as I've owned it) unless a metal D ring or the clasps snap. Something I've seen can happen as these parts ARE NOT stainless steel as I had thought, but simply chromed pot metal. Fine for the average consumer, but a shame to take that shortcut. Nonetheless, can't you tell I'm in love?

That wallet I ordered? Sitting next to the computer as I'm typing. It's the damnedest little piece of leather. It's broken more credit cards, library cards, drivers licenses, etc. than I choose to count. I've gotten replacements from SBL but given them away after a few weeks as they did the same thing! I think it's just part of their charm. You'd think it'd stop doing it, but I'm about two weeks away from having to order new credit and debit cards as they've started to crack. New ones every 4-6mo's seems to be the norm...and yet I love it. I put it in my back pocket every morning and think man - I love this wallet.

If you've stuck around long enough to read this entire review, you're obviously wanting one of these bags badly. So I'll tell you this. Since July 2011 I've probably spent additional $3,500 on assorted SBL products - two suitcases, one beast, a simple backpack, a satchel, a pouch, notepad holder, bible case, passport case, and a few other odds and ins. What you've read is true. The leather HAS changed since just four years ago. Hell, it's changed since a year ago. It's changed in the way it's being prepared and thus how it comes to you, the consumer. It DOES feel of a slightly lesser quality. However, this is simply compared to older bags that I have to compare them to. Is the leather a lesser quality? I don't know! If it is I wouldn't think they'd tell us! As a first time buyer? I would probably fall in love with the first bag I saw...because you couldn't tell a difference. What are some of the new complaints? That the leather feels "plasticy" and has a glue or adhesive smell. I've gotten piece like that and promptly sent it back, then got another and it was fine. That would be my final advice to you.

Yes, if you're on the edge about purchasing a briefcase, do it. You won't regret it. If what you get isn't what you hoped you'd get, send it back and ask for another or move along and purchase from someone else. It's a huge investment - but I can tell you if it's ever lost or stolen, I will promptly shell out the $500-600 to buy another. tomorrow. They're that great.

The wine sleeps are kicking in now. Remember guys, buy nice - or buy twice.

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Best leather bag

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I purchased the Large Classic Briefcase in chestnut for my husband 3 years ago. He has used this bag daily on and off since then and loves it. The quality is unparalleled. This bag is solid and HEAVY. I can't handle it, but he's 6'2" man with big shoulders and he has no problems with it, even fully loaded. He is a pastor in a large church in an urban area. He usually carries his MacBook, his large Bible, several Bible reference books, his iPad and/or iPod, laptop cords, and miscellaneous items with ease. A few months ago, he left the bag in his truck during Sunday service. Someone smashed the truck window with a boulder and stole the bag. Two days later, we got a phone call from an elderly man saying he found the bag and wanted to return it. The thieves had apparently dumped it in an alley. The man said could tell by the contents of the bag that my husband was doing God's work and he wanted to make sure he had everything he needed to continue doing it. When my husband went to pick it up, the man marveled at how foolish the thieves must have been for stealing an iPod, but leaving such a fine bag behind! This bag is even more precious to my husband now because God made sure it was returned to him.

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A longish review that manages to say nothing much.

by - verified purchaser |
Ordered a large briefcase in tobacco. Received a large briefcase in chestnut. Well, hell, when I placed the order I was all kinds of back and forth between those two colors anyway and almost changed it to chestnut several times. So I suppose fate said chestnut. When I received the bag, I called Saddleback to give them a heads up about the mix up. The young man I talked to, who sounded a little like a surfer (called me bro) was devastated. Just really upset. Promised to make it right post haste. I had to console him and explain that it didn't harsh my mellow. He sent me a key fob in chestnut to match my bag. I usually hate being called "bro", I'm almost fifty, but his sincerity ("I gotta tell ya bro... chestnut isn't my favorite") and willingness to listen to me ramble a little on my thoughts vis-a-vis tobacco vs chestnut really won me over. Nice kid and great customer service.

Materials and construction... lives up to the hype. And I'm not just saying that because it was $610 and you dang well better love it. It's clear that quality control is a priority with these people. Only flaw I've found is that the central buckle is slightly skewed. It's sewn on in the right spot but canted just a few degrees to the left. This causes the top flap to sit slightly more to one side than the other. And I do mean slightly. I'm very fussy about these things. I examined every seam, rivet and piece of leather meticulously and that was all I could find. I doubt anyone else would have found it. I can see why these bags are so pricey. Great materials and attention to detail cost a lot. I have no idea what the profit margin is on these but it can't be a whole hell of a lot. I owned a Rolex that had a lot more flaws than this bag has (it did, however, keep better time).

Comfort... No problem. People who write reviews about how heavy it is annoy me. Yes, it's heavy. They tell you the weight and if you bought it anyway shut up about "heavy"! Alright... it's heavy. About as much as my empty expedition backpack. I really never notice though. I find it carries very nice in satchel and backpack mode (on the motorbike).

Utility... I can, and do, fit lots of crap in this thing. Lots. Chargers, lap top, extra clothes, books, first aid kit and more stuff I can't think of right now. Not quite big enough for an over nighter in the woods unless you want to go hardcore minimalist somewhere tropical... with room service. Short of that, it'll hold more than you want to lug on a daily basis. One caveat; seems very possible to lose small stuff in the gap between the flap and the top of the bag. Somewhat of a gap there at the ends.

Overall... Very good and I feel it was money well spent. I think Dave and I had a fair trade. I gave him $610 and he gave me a leather bag that I feel was worth every penny of it.

So why not five stars? I've never given anything five stars. That level of perfection is unobtainable... the central buckle is ever so slightly skewed.

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XL Classic Briefcase

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This is an amazing product. Everything about it is built to last, and it looks great too. After a week or so of daily use, it keeps getting better (scratches, personality, etc.). I went back and forth trying to decide between the L and the XL and I ultimately chose the XL. Like everyone says, the XL is huge. I carry two laptops, work files, and all kinds of random stuff and I still only manage to fill it about halfway. I probably should have purchased the L, but now I have a bag that will never say no.

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This bag is solid!

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Other than UPS acting like a monkey humping a football the experience was ok. I picked up my bag today and it was well worth the wait. This bag is other way to say it. So, if you have an old high school shoulder injury, you may want your wife to buy you one of those girly 31 bags.

Dave, just for your info, I was able to store my old school 17"mac in the large bag so it can be done.

My great grandchild will be contacting you company in about 100 years.....take care.

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Large classic briefcase dark coffee

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After stalking this bag for months, I finally made the plunge and bought it. I love the craftsmanship, looks and the smell of the leather. I've been carrying it everyday and enjoy the quality of the product. In my opinion, well worth the money. It is a little heavy, but anything worth having takes effort:) It's not as difficult to get in and out of as some have said once you get the hang of it. I'm done with zippers and breakable parts. WARNING: these products are addictive, you are forewarned. Ordered the water bag to go with it, can't wait to get it. Thanks Saddleback for the beautiful products!!

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Yep; It's a Definite Keeper

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I've owned many a bag - Tumi are top among them. But I expect a lot from my luggage and briefcases. When I work, I work and when I go - well, you get the idea.

I've had my Large Classic Briefcase (Chestnut color) for over a year now. It's still solid and rigid. Probably won't be bending anytime soon. And yes, many a folk will complement me on my briefcase. But frankly, I don't care as the bag is for me as I didn't buy the damned thing to impress anyone. Still, it's a nice effect whenever you met up with strangers sizing you up. They see that bag and they know.

I bought a bag to carry my laptop, notebook, various sundry adapters, pens, medicine (Advil and I are good friends) cigars (gotta have them; end of story), sometimes even a flask (brokered many a deal and mended a lot of fences over some nice aged Bourbon) along with my checkbook(s), an energy bar (or two) and the usual paperwork (and sometimes even an iPad).

And just for kicks (well, not really) I'll attached my pouch carrying other items (clips on real nice and easy and looks good). And for those rare moments, I'll clip on my map/engineering plan carrier under my bag to the a couple of the multitude of nice, good, solid clips.

It's heavy alright. You'll get a workout. The 'backpack' routine has come in handy a number of times and the shoulder strap is a must.

But until now I have found no equivalent to my Saddleback bag. Yeah, I tried them all and again, Tumi (along with a few others) are very good, but it's not the same for the simple reason that after using my Saddleback I found myself having to keep myself in check going 'gentle' on the other bags.

And the moment came when the dime fell was just the other month.

Out in a wide open farm field in the cold of winter with the wind blowing and the snow falling, I stood there with my colleague Big Mike as we conducted a sales routine to an ambassador from the nation of Sierra Leone on the merits of our gasoline system which converts pond scum into gasoline (for more on this, go to Yes, it's for real). When the time came to go, we realized that it was best if Mike and I went in his pick up truck, leaving little room for our cases. I said I'll just throw my briefcase in the back of the pick up, exposed to the snow, wind and cold. Mike asked me, "you sure about that?"

"Yep; it can handle it."

Long story short: we rode to the restaurant, made the deal and rode back, with me secure knowing that my laptop and paperwork was well protected.

I reminded myself that back in the days, when the riders when out on the open plains, this was the very kind of bag they relied on to live and work. It worked for them, it works for me - and it'll work for you. Maybe you won't be bugging about with some high level ambassador in some cold, open field in a beat pick up truck with practically no room inside, but there will come a day when something similar will happen and you can ride on knowing your stuff is good inside your Saddleback bag, regardless of what type or style it is.

My Saddleback bag isn't just any bag: it's my Battle Bag. And when folks see me coming with my Battle Bag, they know I mean business.

And btw to the folks at Saddleback: expect to see an order from the Ambassador of Sierra Leone at some time in the future, if not the President of Sierra Leone. We plan on throwing in a Saddleback bag for the good ambassador to help clinch the deal.

Thanks to everyone at Saddleback: keep on making that magic! It's great to see that crasftmanship and the joy of making something good is still around!

PS: a slight disclaimer. I also own a number of other Saddleback products. Gotta check out their wallets, They do indeed keep their shape! Best damned wallet I've ever owned! Ditto for their belts!

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Five years on

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I bought my large sized bag five years ago. I use it to carry paper files and a MacBook Air, pen, pencil, occasional book etc. It is a beautiful bag. The craftsmanship is incredible. I get constant comments and inquiries about the bag when I travel with it. People actually stop me and ask where I got the bag. Everyone who sees it gushes. The bag is exactly what I need a briefcase to be..I would like to address the "heavy" issue that's going around the reviews. One thing the bag is not is a magic, nano-technological, transport device that folds into a one inch square. The bag is heavy and is advertised as such owing to it's herculean construction. I am by no means muscle bound. However, I don't have any problem lifting my (filled) bag into the car or off the floor or even onto my desk. I use one hand. The bag fits perfectly under an airplane seat. It is what it is, and what it is is fabulous.

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Good Morning Everyone,

I have not bought one of your fine pieces of merchandise yet but I have seen your exceptional workmanship and have told a lot of others about your website. One of my friends went on the other day and purchased your medium size brief case and he cannot say enough good things about it. My goal is to continue to spread the word about your fine product and one of these day even order one for myself. Thanks and keep up the great work.


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