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$790.00 to $905.00

  • 100-Year Warranty, details here.
  • Free Shipping, details here.
  • Extra Large Chestnut now shipping with lighter colored, suede side of pigskin lining
  • The famous bag that started it all
  • Works in the courtroom as well as the mountain trail
  • Converts to backpack for impromptu hikes
  • 1 or 3 strap closure system, you choose
  • 2 side straps on briefcase can be used as belts, tie downs or tourniquets
  • Can be used as a carry-on during airplane travel and fits under most airline seats
  • Extra flap of leather acts as a false bottom to hide your passport, cash, spare keys and more
  • 8 exterior D-rings can be used to tether tripods, slumber bags, blankets, or firewood
  • 4 interior pockets: 2 side pockets for pens, flashdrives, gum, and other small items and 2 pockets on center divider for cables, small notebooks
  • 2 exterior side pockets for sunglasses and water bottles 
  • 1 rear pocket for magazines, newspapers, and airline tickets
  • Internal key strap for runaway keys
  • No breakable parts, e.g. zippers, snaps, buttons, etc.
  • Made of tough full-grain leather, which takes hits well and looks even better with age
  • Built with only a few pieces of leather, minimizing seams and weak points
  • Lined with strong pigskin for added strength

  • Stitched with marine-grade thread, and reinforced with copper rivets for super durability

  • Dimensions (approximate size):
  • Adjustable strap length: 34 ¼” - 59 ¼”
  • Medium
    • Exterior: 14” W x 11” H x 9” D
    • Interior: 13 ½” W x 10 ½” H x 8 ½" D
    • Holds up to a 13" Macbook, and most 13" laptops
    • 6.6 lbs
  • Large
    • Exterior: 16" W x 12” H x 9" D
    • Interior: 15 ½” W x 11 ½” H x 8 ½” D
    • Holds up to a 15" Macbook, and most 15" laptops
    • 7.6 lbs
  • Extra Large
    • Exterior: 18" W x 13” H x 9" D
    • Interior: 17 ½” W x 12 ½” H x 8 ½” D
    • Holds up to a 17" Macbook, and most 17" laptops
    • 8 lbs

    Can't believe it

    by |
    I can't even believe that you are still reading reviews to make up your mind, they are all 5 stars and all awesome! XL tobacco!

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    by - verified purchaser |
    ....... and all that it throws at you - awesome

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    It's finally here and it's magnificent!

    by |
    I want to first thank Dave and everyone at Saddleback for producing a magnificent and functional piece of art I plan to take with me on adventures everywhere. After watching countless videos and saving my pennies I finally pulled the trigger and couldn't be happier with my decision. The briefcase is better than advertised and I immediately felt like I was transported to an Indiana Jones movie. The leather on this bag is exceptional quality--great care, thought, and love went into the making of this briefcase. Thanks Dave, Blue (may he Rest In Peace) and everyone at Saddleback for a job well-done!

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    Best Briefcase Ever

    by |
    My XL tobacco classic briefcase came in this evening. One word. Perfect! I was concerned that the XL would be too big, but I was able to get all my daily items in it with room to spare. Not much weight difference between the last bag I had with all my times in it and this one.

    Craftsmanship. Purely top notch. My boys are already debating who gets this bag and who gets my front pocket backpack. Lol.

    Saddleback does it right. Excellent quality, superb craftsmanship, and overall a fine piece to really be proud of.

    Thanks Dave and the team!

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    Great bag

    by |
    This bag is awesome. I've had it for almost two years and it's breaking in nicely. I get a lot of positive comments and have seen quite of few of them in airports and on the road. I got the medium size and it's plenty large enough for my laptop, files, and other accessories. It's a little pricey but, in my opinion, worth it.

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    Not just a bag, a new member of the family!

    by - verified purchaser |
    I will try to be brief but I am too excited. I have been looking at purchasing the classic briefcase for over a year now. I read all the reviews and watched numerous video reviews to narrow down my decision of size and color.

    To also assit I bought a tobacco ID wallet and med. notepad holder, a chestnut laptop case and a dark coffee pouch. Seeing the colors confirmed what I had known. For me I went with the tobacco brown large briefcase and the coffee colored pouch looks great hanging off of the front.

    Size was another concern. I felt I probably needed the large but did more research on the size of the things I need to carry. The extra 2 inches made the difference from a medium to the large. The extra large seemed too big to carry everyday.

    I just received my bag about a week ago and now have it filled. Here is what I have in it so far: DSLR camera with 2 lenses, A light for video shoots, 8 rechargeable batteries and 2 chargers for the light, extra battery and charger for the camera, macbook pro and sleeve, Apple charging equipment, med. note holder, legal pad (no cover), 2 small towels, the strap to the pouch(pouch hangs off the front of bag-with business cards, USB drive and documents like passports and travel documents), pens and of course a few snacks and breath mints.

    The bag is heavy to start but not as bad loaded as I would think. The shoulder strap really balances the load and the pads are comfortable. I had also read from some people that the leather was very stiff. This was true of my pouch but not the briefcase. The other thing about leather is it will get softer over time so be patient and the bag will become more pliable.

    This is a beautiful bag and my brother-n-law, who is in the Army, and I believe it would stop a 50 cal. bullet from 100 yards, that is how durable it feels. Quality does not come cheap but if you want the best and want something to last then this bag might be the least expensive of the options on the market.

    I hope this helps those of you who are taking time to read this. Take your time and do your own homework. Just be prepared, when you finally pull the trigger you will never look back and you will wonder why you hadn't made this decision sooner.

    Thanks Dave! Keep up the quality work as I have my eye on a duffle bag and my Brother-n-law has the front pocket backpack on his wish list.


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    I like the large chestnut briefcase!

    by - verified purchaser |
    The bag looks like a fantastic piece of luggage. I would be honored to carry around papers from my bank job as well as my new laptop in this fine leather briefcase.

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    This Bag Is A Compliment Magnet!

    by |
    I own an X-Large version of this wonderful briefcase. I love it. I have clients, partners and family and friends express near awe over it with each sighting. It really is a pretty cool bag and the customer service I experienced returning another product for full credit against this bag was even better than Apple!

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    Even in the rain

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    So it finally happened. I have the XL briefcase and have been carrying it for a few months now. Today is the first day that we had a good soaking downpour in the NE Penna. After I got in the car, it started raining like somebody had a hose at full throttle at the window. My heart sank because it was the kind of rain that even with an umbrella, my bag would get soaked (I wasn't worried about me, just my bag).
    I thought about a garbage bag to cover, I thought about taking off my shirt, I thought about all kinds of stuff but figured that this would happen sooner or later. So I braved the elements took the L-O-N-G walk from the car to the office and wanted to curse every raindrop that pelted my briefcase.
    Getting in the office I unpacked and just looked at all the water spots on my 'still new and precious in my head' XL briefcase. Thinking at worst, I'll just get the leather cleaner and risk having the original color deepen. Work took over and I just forgot to look at my briefcase. Coming back to my briefcase after an hour or so I did a double take.
    Not only did the water dry, but there were NO water spots at all. The briefcase looked just like new. Truly a wonderful experience and exactly the opposite from what I've experienced with other pieces of good leather products I've owned.
    Anyone out there trying to decide how this product will hold up in the rain...GO FOR IT!!! Superior product here!!!


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    Just Epic

    by |
    I don't want to bore you with a long drawn out epic story how this bag, while in Ecuaudor, it led me to some beautiful, mocha skinned, girl.

    It didn't.

    I'm happily married with 3 kids. What I can tell you is that it's the best friggin bag I have ever had. I usually have it in backpack mode while going to work. I sometimes mix it up by using the strap.... As a strap (messenger style) when my shoulders are hurting from working out.

    Yes, I work out.

    That said, this beast of cowhide holds my MacBook Pro 15", plus my piece of s*** dell work laptop plus a grid-it full of cables and USB drives. I also have a novel in there most of the time and a honking lunch bento. Yes. I said honking lunch bento.

    Do yourself a favor and get this bag. You won't regret it

    To mirror what every other owner said on here. I get tons of "oh man! Nice leather bag" and "are you getting paid more than me?" Which with I reply a confident "yes, yes I do".

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    After Years Of Waiting/Coveting... UPDATE

    by - verified purchaser |
    I originally posted around the holidays after using the bag for a couple of weeks. Six months in, update:
    First, I made the gaffe of identifying my bag as a Medium Classic...I purchased a Large Classic.
    The tobacco leather picks up the best little nicks & scuffs & wear everyday. Nicks all over the front from opening & closing & buckling & opening again. And darkening wear on the back from my hip.
    The pads on the shoulder strap take about a month of regular use to break in the foam inside the leather so it curves to mold your shoulder. But once it does, the bag immediately feels lighter. So far I've only broken in 1 of the 2 pads.
    I tried for the heck of it converting the strap to carry as a backpack, and found it uncomfortable for my everyday load (laptop, folders, notebooks, cables).
    I noted in my original review that I folded a bandana into the bottom to provide a little bit of cushion for the laptop, and that works like a charm to date. Plus, now I always have a bandana with me. Creek Stewart would be proud.
    With all three straps buckled to close the bag, it does take some time to open/close the bag. So I usually just have the main center strap buckled with the two side straps tucked up like in all the promo photos.
    This thing feels like it's gonna last forever. It's Indiana Jones' will survive anything.
    I would love to have another one, but then I would have to try to pick which one to use, and I'm not going to torture myself like that.
    Get one.

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    Honest Review - Med Classic Briefcase in Tobacco.

    by - verified purchaser |
    I will not go on and on about the quality and craftsmanship.... This cannot be debated.

    I would like to tell you that I have researched this - and other leather bags for well over a year. Both in the USA and my native Canada.

    My amazing wife of 20 years "allowed" ;-))) me to finally take the plunge. Love you KD.
    So I did.....and I have no regrets.

    I was VERY torn between the Med and Large........I mean TORN.....I was concerned that the med was going to look like a "Murse"..... and that the large was going to be too heavy....and too big.

    Im not a big guy perse but I am 6 foot 200lbs.......athletic build, (could stand to lose 20 but...thats another story).

    I use my bag for work everyday - I am a health professional who carries a 13inch laptop, portable printer, printer paper, day timer, regulations, pens, chargers, wallet et al.

    I am out in the "field" dealing with the public all day carrying this bad boy and Im in heaven.

    Of course I cannot speak to the large bag - but my med is perfect....

    Dont wait, just it...

    kindest regards from the North,


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    Very Satisfied

    by - verified purchaser |
    After several years of owning all sorts of bags, I finally decided to buy the Classic Briefcase in (L)Carbon. The quality of the bag is amazing, and it is definitely what I expected. I will say that no one can prepare you for the smell of the leather once you've unboxed it. The smell says quality, more than the look itself. I highly recommend this bag. My only disappointment is that I waited so long to pull the trigger.

    The weight of the bag is over emphasized. I'm 6'3", and I find the bag to be lighter than I expected. If you are wondering if this purchase makes sense, just wait until it arrives. You won't regret your buying decision. Thanks Dave, you guys to do an awesome job!!

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    by - verified purchaser |
    I received the extra large classic briefcase as a gift from my bride of 23 years (after some very direct hints), and am very pleased with all aspects of the product. Solid construction, gorgeous materials and its own character that conveys a message of sturdiness and stability. Saddleback is correct: my children will be fighting over this bag when I am gone.

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    A Hit in Las Vegas!

    by |
    I bought a large classic briefcase in chestnut leather quite a while ago and used it regularly for a mobile office. My 17" laptop and all the things I needed to continue my engineering work on the road fit and were protected. When my travels slowed down, the bag was a nice fixture in my workshop until I was packing for Las Vegas a week ago. I used it as my carry-on and received comment after comment. I even had a TSA security inspector and a pilot ask where I got it so they could look for one! Everywhere I went with the briefcase, I was told it was beautiful and asked where I got it. I was very happy to guide people to the saddleback website!!

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    The Large Classic Briefcase is Amazing!

    by - verified purchaser |
    I have been on the fence about buying this for several years. A promotion at work, and the corresponding additional work that came with it, made the decision much easier.

    The briefcase is everything I could hope for, and much more.

    The leather is thick and durable. Having watched many of Dave's videos, it is clear that he truly cares about the products he sells. The stitching is obviously tight and the same thread is used throughout. The hardware is heavy duty and should last between 100 - 200 years, as long as it doesn't go scuba diving or get attacked by a crocodile!

    The pockets are well placed, and allow for 'everyday items' to be readily accessible, and the 'occasionally used' to settle below the pockets, and not over bulge the bag.

    Some people have stated that the bag seemed 'heavier' than they expected.. To me, it was perfect, and every bit what I expected a heavy leather bag to be. Don't think thin, soft buttery leather. Instead, think Grandpas WWII bag that went through 28 months in the European Theater of Combat. It's that strong.

    Thank you for making this bag something I will be proud to hand down to my kids.

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    It's with me every day.

    by - verified purchaser |
    This was my first purchase from Saddleback, along with a drybag. And it's awesome! I have searched high and low to find a bag that was of high quality and correct looks for me to purchase. And I wanted to purchase something for life! I find bags that I love, but they disintegrate after a few years. Backpacks mainly. So I found and desired this for years until my 40th birthday, and then knew I had to get it.

    Worth every penny. Yes, it's heavy, but if you can't handle a little weight on your shoulder, c'mon, get to the gym. It's big, more room to carry your belongings my dear. It's looks great no matter what. The style is simple and classic. I don't feel like it will get dated, and even if it does, I really don't care. It appeals to me and almost everyone I come into contact with. And this thing is bulletproof. It will never disintegrate, or hardly get damage.

    And the compliments! They are plentiful and common. What's also a surprise is to hear "Saddleback, right?" It's so distinctive, people know it by sight. My boys will be inheriting all my bags (need just one more to have enough for all four.) And I have no fear that their kids will inherit it too. I wish I would have discovered it 20 years earlier, so I could have had more stories and experiences with it by this point, but I'll just have to make a bunch from here forward.

    Dave, you knocked it out of the park. All the work and time spent in Mexico have absolutely paid off. And the staff of your wonderful company is AMAZING! They make me feel incredible with every contact, and have even given me information about where to visit when I mention where we are traveling. I wish I could remember her name, but she sent me a package of materials about Mount Rushmore and the surrounding areas, knowing we were going to be traveling there in the near future. We had to postpone our trip, but I feel more confident we will have that in hand when we do get there. And when I was trying to make the order for this and the drybag, I wanted to take advantage of the free shipping special you were running at that time. But one of them was out of stock until after the special finished. Your wonderful staff made sure my order went through, I got the shipping (not a lot, but still a good perk) and got me the bags, with hardly any delay. Making me feel like the most important customer in the world. I tell people about your company constantly, no only for the amazing products, but for the wonderful people too.

    Keep up the amazing work, Saddleback and Dave Munson! (I'm coveting the Beast Duffel and one of the suitcases now.)

    P.S. The warranty is real. Believe it and use it if you need to.

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    Great Bag

    by - verified purchaser |
    Got my large classic briefcase last year for father's day...I absolutely love it. I have tended to overstuff my previous bags (non-SBL) over the years and all have broken/ wore out in a similar fashion. I researched many other bags that could withstand a beating and were of good quality and kept coming back to this one. Bottom line is that it is a great bag that you can put a lot of stuff in and is very durable. I have received numerous compliments about it; I think what makes it stand out from the rest is its conservative is just a simple looking bag and is nice because of that. While I know many criticize the products because they are on the pricey side, I really invite you to navigate the website to the "rivals" section...many of the competitor bags are at the the same price point and I would question whether they are of the same quality (just watch a few of Dave's videos and you will start to learn a little about leather products). As for the features of the bag, I will be honest and say that I don't use the strap features often and use it mostly as a traditional "briefcase". While it is nice to know that it doubles as a backpack, I am not sure I will use it that way...If I had to walk with it over a distance, I would probably just use it as a shoulder strap. About the only thing that I would agree with on the negative side is the fact that there aren't a lot of extra compartments/zipper/pockets etc. I carry a ton of junk in my bag and had some trouble deciding how to arrange things given the equipped pockets. I ended up purchasing some cheap pencil cases at an "office" big box store, and they work just fine supplementing the bag. To that end, I understand why there aren't more zipper pockets, etc., because they are the parts of the bag that fail the quickest.

    I will say one final word, and if that doesn't convince you to buy your next bag from them, nothing will. They have outstanding customer service. I recently got a water bag from them, and had to exchange it for the larger size. The representative "William" was extremely helpful and accommodating in a very complex set of circumstances involving the exchange (won't bore you with the details but SBL ended up getting me the specific bag I wanted after a promotion had ended and did not have to do it)...I have no doubts that they value every customer they have.

    Hope that helps you with your purchase.

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    Absolutely stunning peice of workmanship! I would not hesitate to reccommend this product!

    by - verified purchaser |
    This was my first Saddleback purchase, and it has not left me wanting! The quality of materials in the bag is obvious from the moment you see it, and its beauty is stunning. The wonderful thing is that it is as useful as it is gorgeous. The functionality of this bag is unparalleled in my experience and research (and I have used quite a few different bags). It holds all your stuff in an organized way and keeps it protected and available. It is built as sturdy as a tank, with rivets at every possible stress point. Also, the hardware is of the highest quality and strength, and is beautifully shiny. All around an awesome product and well worth the price!

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    Best Bag on the Market

    by |
    I had researched this bag and desired it for three years before pulling the trigger. I'd like to say that I used that time to shop around and viewed a lot of Daves compeditors websites but I would be lying! Sure I did a little research but a little is all you need to do after seeing thier offerings compared to Saddlebacks. No my hold up was saving the money. Don't get me wrong, im not complaining about the cost.'s worth every penny....and more. It's just every year my wife and I decided it would be my Christmas gift...and every year we ended up spending that money on our kids instead of me (which I didn't mind at all). During all this time I researched the bag, the company, the saddleback story, watched all the videos, learned all about the leather and quality...and of course shopped to look at the competitors (which Dave put the links to thier websites on his....crazy right?). Every time it brought me right back to this website, and my desire for the bag increased each month.
    Earlier this year I bought the iPad Air case.....loved it too. But we made the decision to get my bag, tobacco color in large for Christmas. I couldn't wait to open it. It is the most beautiful, well made and functional bag on the market.....hands down. I debated between the large and extra large because I wanted room for a jacket or extra shirt for when I travel....I went with the large in the end and I'm glad. It's so functional in that I can strap a jacket to the bag if I need to instead of putting inside. And there is plenty of room inside as well.
    I read many people talk about the weight.....well I'm a big guy so the weight isn't an issue with me but come on people....Dave tells you up front the exact weight and that it's a little heavy compared to other less well made bags. Those bags are light for a reason...they are not made as well or with the best leather. Daves are a little heavier.....they are made of the best, most durable leather. Ignorance is no excuse for complaining when all the disclosures, data and metrics are listed on the website. Personally every time I lift the bag it's a reminder of the quality that I purchased.
    So my wife and I laugh now because she can finally not have to hear me talk about wanting this bag any longer. For my daughter it was the Apple Watch.....for me it was the Saddleback classic briefcase. Lol. I'll treasure this bag for a lifetime and continue to support the company in other products as well.

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    by - verified purchaser |
    It is my intent that this review will be a little different than most. Most of the reviews are posted shortly after folks receive their briefcases and they are excited, which is certainly understandable. My wife purchased my Classic Brief case for me 5 or 6 years ago (I lose count). The bag is exceptional, the craftsmanship and styling/design is exceptional, and the quality of the product is exceptional. This brief case has traveled through many airports and to several different countries. I still get stopped by someone almost every time I go in to an airport and complemented on my brief case. I promised my 10 year old that when he begins his professional career that I will either give him my brief case or I will buy him a new Saddleback brief case, his choice. Folks this kind of quality is difficult to find in today's market. I am a trial attorney by trade and this bag is the envy of many who are still figuring out that an investment in this type of tool is just that, an investment and worth it. This bag is built to stand the test of time and has exceeded all reasonable expectations. Good work Dave!

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    It will live longer than I will...

    by - verified purchaser |
    A quick review. I bought the XL because I wanted something that I could use for any occasion- traveling, business, etc. It has exceeded my expectations and more. The trouble is I don't use it enough to break it in. The leather and craftsmanship is top quality, but like most shoes- you have to use them before they'll mold.

    Everywhere I go people compliment me on it. It's truly one of the sharpest, masculine bags out there. I can throw it around and it keeps taking a beating. I hope to build more character over time, but I do not regret the purchase one bit.

    It's the details, the quality and the dedication to putting forth a product they can proudly stand behind that makes Saddleback Leather my go to website- I've bought a wallet, briefcase, iPad Holder and Notebook/Planner and I have yet to ever be disappointed.

    I bought these when I was 28-29, I'm 30 now and they will surely outlast my career.

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    Best use of cowhide in my closet

    by - verified purchaser |
    No doubt about it - this case is both beautiful craftsmanship and solid construction. You know you're carrying the best and the looks/comments the bag collects testify to that as well. Some things I really like:
    The carrying strap has plenty of adjustment room and the double pads ensure a comfy ride
    Haven't had a chance to use the multiple stainless rings but they offer lots of choices
    Outer end pockets come in handy
    Nice, full handle - you know you're carrying a real bag
    Sturdy enough to probably double as a tornado shelter if necessary.

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    Five years on

    by |
    I bought my large sized bag five years ago. I use it to carry paper files and a MacBook Air, pen, pencil, occasional book etc. It is a beautiful bag. The craftsmanship is incredible. I get constant comments and inquiries about the bag when I travel with it. People actually stop me and ask where I got the bag. Everyone who sees it gushes. The bag is exactly what I need a briefcase to be..I would like to address the "heavy" issue that's going around the reviews. One thing the bag is not is a magic, nano-technological, transport device that folds into a one inch square. The bag is heavy and is advertised as such owing to it's herculean construction. I am by no means muscle bound. However, I don't have any problem lifting my (filled) bag into the car or off the floor or even onto my desk. I use one hand. The bag fits perfectly under an airplane seat. It is what it is, and what it is is fabulous.

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    Outstanding quality

    by |
    A briefcase that I had for years developed a problem with the handle. I contacted the manufacturer and they would not do anything to repair it without me paying to send it to some place in Florida and then they would tell me how much it would cost to fix it. I then took it to a leather repair place and they wanted over $200 to replace the handles, stain the leather to match the bag and repair some other leather damage to the bag. Disappointed that the prior bag manufacturer (made in the USA) would not take care of the issue, I looked into a briefcase with a lifetime warranty and came across Saddleback. The bag is outstanding. It has surpassed my expectations. Some people make an issue out of the weight, but this bag is only about 2 pounds heavier than my prior briefcase and this one has a shoulder strap to make carrying easier. I guess some folks might have trouble with the bag, but I don't see it as a problem for an adult man to carry. The leather is thick and sturdy. I'm a lawyer the case is formal enough for court and the large size is no problem fitting under a seat on an airplane. Saddleback is a little expensive, but the quality is outstanding the you don't have to worry about what to do if there is a problem in a couple of years like you would with a knockoff brand or briefcase with a year or two warranty.

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    Our original model and top-seller: Classic briefcase with two interior pockets, large enough for up to a 17" laptop, and a magazine flap on the back.

    So, in the morning, as we three, clean-cut smiley white guys emerged from the cheap hotel, everybody looked at us with suspicion. The government suspected us of bringing money to or training the rebels and the rebels thought we were government spies. Why else would any sober gringo carrying a leather briefcase visit Ocosingo? <readmore>Unless, of course, it’s just where the last truck we hitched a ride with dropped us off?

    But it was a morbidly interesting place with the relatively fresh bullet holes and anti-government messages of the rebels on the walls. Only a few years back, Ocosingo was the site of a major bloodbath where about 150 Zapatistas and Mexican soldiers were killed in a firefight, some found shot in the back of the head after surrendering. Tensions were still high. One could make an argument for it being the least touristy town on Earth. So, shortly after our silent breakfast, we headed out.

    But the cool thing was, Ocosingo wasn’t far from where we wanted to be. The massive Mayan ruins of Palenque were breathtaking, and if you looked into the jungle you could see the majority of the ruins still unexcavated.

    And then when we got to the jungle waterfalls of Las Cascadas de Agua Azul, we grabbed a vine, hacked it and used it as a rope swing into the river, tarzan style. The place was amazing as the clear blue river stepped down for miles creating a series of huge waterfalls. It was my original briefcase’s first big trip of many, but it easily could have been its last.