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"Quality is not an act, it is a habit.”
Classic Briefcase - Our Best Selling Bag
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85.7143% of reviewers would recommend this to friends
  $568.00 – $664.00

Product Details
  • Dark Coffee Brown now shipping with lighter colored pigskin
  • The bag that started it all
  • As at home in a courtroom as it is on a mountain trail
  • Converts to backpack
  • 1 or 3 strap closure system, you choose
  • 2 side straps can be used to as belts, tie downs or tourniquets
  • All sizes fit beneath airline seats as carry on
  • False bottom
  • 8 D-rings for lashing
  • 4 interior pockets, 2 for pens and 2 for cables and chargers
  • 2 exterior side pockets for sunglasses and water bottles and 1 rear magazine pocket
  • Interior key clip
  • No breakable parts, e.g. zippers, snaps, buttons, etc.
  • Two interior 4 ¼” deep sections
  • Because of natural oils shade may vary
  • Dimensions (approximate size):
  • Adjustable strap length: 34 ¼” - 59 ¼”
  • Medium
    • Exterior: 14” W x 11” H x 9” D
    • Interior: 13 ½” W x 10 ½” H x 8 ½" D
    • 6.6 lbs
  • Large
    • Exterior: 16" W x 12” H x 9" D
    • Interior: 15 ½” W x 11 ½” H x 8 ½” D
    • 7.6 lbs
  • Extra Large
    • Exterior: 18" W x 13” H x 9" D
    • Interior: 17 ½” W x 12 ½” H x 8 ½” D
    • 8 lbs
    “Quality is not an act, it is a habit”
    - Aristotle

    So, in the morning, as we three, clean-cut smiley white guys emerged from the cheap hotel, everybody looked at us with suspicion. The government suspected us of bringing money to or training the rebels and the rebels thought we were government spies. Why else would any sober gringo carrying a leather briefcase visit Ocosingo? Unless, of course, it’s just where the last truck we hitched a ride with dropped us off?

    But it was a morbidly interesting place with the relatively fresh bullet holes and anti-government messages of the rebels on the walls. Only a few years back, Ocosingo was the site of a major bloodbath where about 150 Zapatistas and Mexican soldiers were killed in a firefight, some found shot in the back of the head after surrendering. Tensions were still high. One could make an argument for it being the least touristy town on Earth. So, shortly after our silent breakfast, we headed out.

    But the cool thing was, Ocosingo wasn’t far from where we wanted to be. The massive Mayan ruins of Palenque were breathtaking, and if you looked into the jungle you could see the majority of the ruins still unexcavated.

    And then when we got to the jungle waterfalls of Las Cascadas de Agua Azul, we grabbed a vine, hacked it and used it as a rope swing into the river, tarzan style. The place was amazing as the clear blue river stepped down for miles creating a series of huge waterfalls. It was my original briefcase’s first big trip of many, but it easily could have been its last.

    We use natural markings.
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    Customer Reviews 252 reviews
    85.7143% of reviewers recommended this

    Saddleback Rules

    I've had my bag for about a year and (God willing) I have a long way to go yet. My Saddleback is not simply a briefcase; it's my "battle bag". Packed within I hold office where ever I go, do my business on the fly; when I pluck it down, it says "this is the main headquarters." When I've gone to meetings and/or 'work situations', I've pulled out more 'hat tricks' then several hockey championships from the bag. Now, when I hit the road I simply load up my bag and go out the door knowing that when I arrive, I'll be ready for business.

    Slight caveat: these bags are heavy and they're not for everyone, but speaking as one whose gone through business bags / briefcases like some folk go through kleenex, so far what Dave Has Wrought kicks some major butt. Besides, I always could use a decent workout.

    Now, the only thing I have to do is get my bag branded so that when I leave it on the conference table, and go about the board room chatting it up, my enemies (and their attorneys) will tremble with fear and my allies stand in confidence as I give out my infamous trademark laugh and watch more suckers eat the bullet and get dragged out - to 'suggested retirement' or simply court ordered time.

    I may not have a horse and a gun, but with my Saddleback bag, I still can tame the wild east.

    Keep on rocking, Dave!

    PS: love your video regarding knockoffs; brilliant!

    Large VS Extra Large

    I struggled when I was searching the web for a good comparison of the large and the XL classic briefcases. I was stuck and had no idea which to get based on the size difference. I didn't want the XL to be too big but also wanted to ensure that I could carry everything that I needed in the Large. To solve my problem I ordered one of each, luckily both popped up on Dave's Deals within a few days of each other.

    I'm 6'1" 205lbs. So I'm not a small guy by any means but I definately wouldn't call myself hercules either. The large is honestly a great size, there is no reason you could not carry everything you need in this bag. My issue with it mostly has to do with the laptop situation. I love Dave and all of his products but I do not think he will ever convert me to being a Mac computer guy. So because I use a PC I'm always in this weird gray area for his different sizes. My 15.6" Dell fit snugly and securely in the large but I like to keep my laptop in a case or sleeve so the large wasn't quite wide enough for that.

    When I first saw the XL I was a little worried, it looks quite massive upon first glance. People complain about it's weight, lets be honest here guys is the large like carrying a feather around? Negative. The weight difference between the two really isn't that much when empty, the only time it becomes a problem is when you load the XL as much as possible. One thing I didn't realize would be so nice about the XL is that extra inch of height that it gives you, it allows my to keep my medium notepad holder in there vertically instead of having to lay it down horizontally. This gives more room to carry other things.

    For those of you who are back and forth between these two sizes here is what I would tell you:
    1. If you travel a ton with it and need to carry more than just into the office or from the house to the car the XL may be too big and bulky.
    2. Figure out your computer situation and use that to help you, especially if you want to keep it in a case.
    3. I can't speak for those of you who are shorter than I am but the XL does not look too big on me in my opinion, so don't worry about that. It's not about what it looks like on you anyways, its about how functional it is and how sexy the bag is no matter what size/color you get.

    I decided to keep the XL and could not be happier with it, whichever one you decide to buy you will enjoy so go ahead and pull the trigger already!


    Well worth the pain of the wait

    What a bag! Oh what a bag! I am now the proud owner of a medium tobacco classic, and boy does it feel good. And the smell... oh what an aroma! I might just stick my head inside the confines of this work of art for another whiff or three.
    Size wise, it suits me very well; I am a 5 foot 8 male with an athletic build.
    A note to any one from New Zealand considering purchasing one; be prepared to wait close to a month for it to arrive, and you will have to pay customs fees, which amounted to nearly $150 NZ :(
    I am looking forward to taking this bag not just to varsity, but around the world along with my old SB passport wallet.

    great as usual

    i have received tobacco briefcase it looks wonderful, well built as usual.

    i have to wait for the test of time :)

    Great bag!

    I bought this bag in Dark Coffee Brown color and large size somewhere between 3 and 4 years ago. It's a fantastic bag, and it holds up really well.

    My bag is still somewhat stiff in its body, but I haven't really stretched it. I can travel for about 3 days with just this bag (taking a laptop, clothes and even a pair of dress shoes) if needed, haven't done it a lot. Some people mention the leather cracking on the back of the flap, I have this too, but very superficial. The best way to combat this is to put a ton of that leather milk product on. I might try my "Le renovateur" shoe leather treatment which does wonders on beaten up shoes. But it's not bad, but on my next SBL bag I'll slap a bunch of treatment on the flap before I start using it.

    This bag got me tons of compliments. A lot of TSA people like it too. I always mention the 100 year warranty and people are amazed. When I just got it, it was all pristine. First nick in the leather got me a bit annoyed, so I can fully recommend just taking your keys and making a scratch on the flap yourself. Like a new car, just scratch it, the first little thing is always the worst, so just get it out of the way! Then rub it, skin grease is supposedly a good thing for leather too.

    In every day use, going to the office, it's a bit big actually. I'm considering the classic messenger for this. It can hold a ton and it's bulky too. Nevertheless, I like it.

    My briefcases collection is now complete

    I finally was able to get the XL briefcase and in my favourite colour as well. The XL has been my everyday carry to office. Despite it being the biggest size, it looks fine in backpack mode for my 5"5' frame. It is also not that much heavier than the large or the medium. Definitely my favourite bag next to the small briefcase.

    Would I recommend this product? Definitely a must for SBL fan.

    Wonderful Piece of Kit

    What can I say? It is a big, heavy bag. It is sturdy and it can carry a lot. It is very handsome to my eyes.

    After years of using a variety of ballistic nylon bags, I found that a common problem was that the material eventually wore out. Oftentimes, handles would snap off, the sewn thread would unravel, and the protection of my laptop and other equipment would be less than adequate.

    With this bag, assuming that we do not get to the point where snipers are shooting at briefcases on the streets, I do not see how I could damage my stuff. This bag, in addition to being very sturdy, also offers what you could call crumple zones. Its shape offers a lot of give and absorption.

    Another feature is that the central carrying handle is offset from the central vertical plane of the bag. At first glance, it appears to be done to allow room for the massive loop at the top. What it also appears to do is to allow the bag to establish a new balance point so that the hand never gets caught between the top ring and the substantial handle. It works. It is easy to hold the handle with no pinching. Somebody really did their homework in designing this briefcase.

    Overall, this bag is extremely overbuilt and I have no doubt that it will outlive me. I am very satisfied with it and I highly recommend it to anyone. As a last point, the weight seems to disappear after a short while. It is quite comfortable to carry and it easily conforms to the body.

    My travel buddy

    Dear Saddleback team, after many years of wait (savings) my M chestnut briefcase has arrived. This indeed will become my travel buddy whom I wish to brake down with many travels, miles and experiences. Indeed, this is something I wish my grandkids to fight over once Im gone. The quality and smell is impeccable!
    Your 100 year warranty will certainly be put to the test.

    Large Dk Coffee Brown - Fantastic

    Bought a 10% off DCB bag a few weeks back and just got back from a road trip. I wanted to field test it before reviewing it.

    Firstly, I would highly recommend that you buy off Dave's deals - the blemishes are very minor and probably something you will put on the bag within 1-2 weeks of use anyway.

    I was debating between DCB and Chestnut a lot. The first bag that appeared on Dave's deal was a DCB and I jumped at it. Funnily enough a Chestnut showed up the next day. :-)

    I like the DCB, it looks very sober and regal. Classy without attracting too much attention to itself.

    The leather is of very good quality and looked tough as nails. The construction looked very solid too.

    The bag is heavy but after a few days of using it, the weight becomes less of an issue. For reference I am slim built - 5'11" and 160lb.

    Also when I travel, I use a wheeled carry-on bag and attach the briefcase to it. Thus for long hauls (airport walk through), my shoulder gets some respite.

    The bag is still tight as the leather is new, but will free up some more space in time. There is a pretty impressive amount of room in it.

    I got a lot of compliments on my trip and at the office. People love it.

    As do I. Fantastic bag - well worth it!

    Large Classic Briefcase Tobacco

    After a few years of waiting and wishing, I finally got my dream briefcase. This was not an easy one to get either. Always sold out. But my consistent checking back on the site finally paid off! This bag is beautiful. It is the perfect briefcase. I love the new tobacco style. It adds so much more character to your bag. I'm looking forward to carrying this for as long as I can. And the large was the perfect size. I'm 6'4" about 200lbs. We'll worth the $ for this one.

    Large Classic DCB

    Awesome! If I had one word, that would be it. Since there is room for a bit more... Let me fill in a few gaps that aren't in these other reviews. The natura pigskin, to me, is amazing. I personally wouldn't be interested in the stiffer non natura. Don't steer away if you think that is a lesser quality...it isn't, just softer. For me, that is great. I wrote off the "backpack" ability as a novelty I would have little use for... Wrong. Super easy, super comfortable, and just plain useful. This is a substantial briefcase. However, I like to be prepared...always have. If you are a minimalist, no need for the classic. It is great for travel. I throw the following in mine as standard: 15" laptop, iPad, normal 8.5 x 11 note pad, 3 folders with paper, iPhone, all chargers, wallet, passport, Franklin covey reg size binder, micro umbrella, med kit(Chapstick, Advil, allergy meds, vitamins),. Beautifully made with longevity in mind. After seeing my bag, and checking out the sit, my wife is now after one of the women's purses on here. Thanks Presidente Dave and Co.

    I need an XL briefcase to complete

    I actually have 2 small briefcases, 2 medium briefcases and one large briefcase. In the photo are my suede lined briefcases. I was lucky enough not just getting one small briefcase but two and both are the rare suede lined with one being the collector's edition.

    These bags are already put to good use. The small is for weekend travel to shop or cinema. The medium or large for my office carry mainly to carry my laptop. It seem I might need to carry an 18 inch workstation laptop and that will be a good reason to get the XL briefcase.

    I carry the bigger ones as backpack and being longer horizontally instead of vertically avoid the back from resting on the back of my bottom.

    I forgot to mention. The patina on the tobacco brown and chestnut look awesome.

    Large Dark Coffee Brown

    After months of looking at the bags on the website, I came across the Classic Briefcase in the Dave's Deals section. 25% off normal price was a deal I could not pass up, so I bought it.

    The bag arrived today and it is exactly what I was hoping for. Great design, great craftsmanship, and a ton of room for my everyday items. I've also been looking for the reason why it was discounted so heavily and admittedly, I still have yet to find anything. I liked the quality so much that I went ahead and bought the iPad sleeves as well..

    It really is an ego trip.

    Yes, I can fit all my stuff into it. I also understand the need for strength training as I age. Cardio is only one part. Carrying the bag is my upper body training. I do not mind, I know it will outlive me. So what? I don't take it on airplane trips, I may be charged for excess weight. People always comment on the bag. (there's the ego). It's made well, but so was Rome. I am looking forward to the day I am stranded, so I can chew on the leather for sustenance.

    XL Charcoal Black

    Finally, after eye-balling this briefcase for the past few years, I pulled the purchase trigger and got one. Love the bag! It exudes coolness... Currently carrying a host of items that used to almost burst the seams of my older bag and there's still room for more. Even more surprising is the rather comfortable strap pads! I'm glad I bought this!

    XL Dark Coffee Brown

    The wait is finally over to get my first Saddleback leather briefcase. I was given an XL Dark Coffee Brown briefcase recently for my 4oth birthday by my father, and couldn't be happier with it. I think I've smelled it over 50 times and looked through it a few dozen. I look forward to using my briefcase daily.

    Medium Classic, Tobacco

    Where to buy?
    Used eBay, or Dave's Deal? Pretty much I was finding that I would pay a minimum of $450, shipped out of eBay ... and at that, I'd have to take DCB or Chestnut. I got tired waiting for auctions to end. Why not spend the extra $80 and not worry about what I was getting from eBay? I purchased a 10% discounted bag in my fav color from Dave, and basically the savings paid for a Bible cover (also DD, 25% off). As others say, I couldn't find a problem.

    Time to get here:
    From Texas to basically Buffalo, NY ... ordered on a Friday (late), it was shipped on Monday, arrived in Buffalo on Friday afternoon. Not bad at all.

    Amazon or Saddleback? I have AMZN Prime, and for Chamberlain's I'd definitely recommend AMZN. It will get to you faster and for free. For leather products, you can't get DD on AMZN, and if you like Tobacco I wouldn't trust AMZN to be a source. Once again, you have to weigh the cost of shipping (included w/AMZN prime) against Dave. I'm not patient, so I bought from SBL.

    What can you fit inside? Do I need to go to a Large?

    For me, I wondered how much in the way of clothing I could put inside. Pretty much, one day's clothing. If you are wearing wrinkle resistant shirts/chinos ... you can roll up and put in one shirt, one pair of pants, underwear, socks,a tie, shaving supplies (not a "kit"), smaller sweater (sleeveless vest, perhaps). Switched to more casual wear, possibly two pair of jeans and at least three polos. That would leave the second section for your laptop.

    Alternatively, I would guess you could easily fit 4-5 bottles of red wine in there. Each his own, but to me a Large might have been overkill on a daily use but better for overnighters. Of course, I'll eventually get a backpack or a Wetbag for airline travel to combine with this beauty.

    Here's the thing about what fits ... those marvelous straps let you expand. How many times have you been on a trip and bought something, and needed just a *little bit more room* on the way home? I just know that's what I am going to come to love about Dave's stuff.

    No surprise about the quality and yes, source a DD because whatever flaws they are talking about I couldn't find. Weight ... again, the Large *might* have been an issue. I'm guessing about 20% of the weight of the Medium is in the strap, which is removable.

    I'm color blind, and its really sort of hard to make out the contrast for me between all the colors. The Tobacco came in really quite a bit darker ... I loved it. The Bible cover was DCB, and honestly that would have been fine.

    How stiff will the leather be?
    Really, not bad at all.

    I'll get a followup review once I've had a chance to work with it for a year or so. But chatting online with Liz and dealing with this site has been great.

    No Buyers Remorse, No Regrets

    This is absolutely my favorite briefcase and well worth the investment, and I have received so many compliments about it.
    I bought my large, dark coffee brown, classic briefcase from saddleback leather a couple of months ago, and have been 100% happy with it. I work in the technology field and frequently have the need to carry around both a PC laptop and an Apple Mac Book Pro for my work, I can easily fit them both in this briefcase along with all the other items I need to carry with me, with no problem at all. The case is a rugged, well-constructed bag that exemplifies, simplicity and functional design. I also like the fact that it looks great and equally at home, whether I'€™m using it at work or traveling. I'm looking forward to using it for many years to come. Thanks Dave for the great product!!!!

    Ronn S.

    This Bag Delivers

    I've had my medium chestnut briefcase for a few months now, and though I've carried it to work almost every day, I hadn't really lived with it until early February when I took it on a long weekend to California wine country. I used it as my carry-on bag (and packed it with extra clothes and shoes in case my checked luggage was lost) and couldn't believe just how much I could fit in there. In short, this'll be my weekend bag from now on. When my wife and I arrived in California (after a severely long drought) the skies opened up and it rained more than a foot and a half in just under three days. During this time, I decided to put Dave's promise that his leather "laughs at water" to the test. I carried it everywhere--on my shoulder, as a backpack. The bag got wet. Repeatedly. To the point I started to get nervous about what I'd put my expensive bag through. Turns out I didn't need to worry. I could almost hear the bag chuckle the first time I wiped it down with a dry cloth. No marks, no stains, no visible damage. That said, it somehow looks better than it ever did. I can't put my finger on it, but it might be that I just appreciate its fine craftsmanship even more after the trip. At any rate, I'm not going anywhere without it from now on.

    My Favorite Thing

    Now when i first saw Saddleback Leather, I was enthralled, consumed and absorbed by everything I saw, the beauty of the design was phenomenal and I knew, after some deliberation, that the dark coffee brown large classic briefcase was for me, sure enough when it came in (in surprising time too) I knew instantly that this would be the bag that I would spend my life with, and potentially the same for my children, the smell is incredible and it suits all my needs, if you see people commenting on how heavy it is, imagine them being comfortable with lightweight, short lifespan, and to be honest lacking in character canvas at best, to me this bag is perfect and weight is of no consequence.

    Color and size

    I got this bag in tobacco color. At first I did not like the color as it is too light. After 2 weeks, it turns darker and looks beautiful.

    I am 5'9. The large bag is a little too big. But never mind. The bag has the correct proportion. It is not too heavy either. Unless you put too much stuff in it (just like any other brand)


    I have had my large classic chestnut briefcase for over 2 years...I carry it every day...and it still looks absoultely greaty When I have to travel with colleages...they take bets on the over/under of postive comments I get in the airport about the bag. Usually it is about 4 per one way trip.

    My Best Friend

    Last year I decided to enroll in an MBA program to enter the...real world. My friend insisted that anyone going into business school should have a real briefcase (no one carrying a canvas backpack can be taken seriously). He recommended Saddleback and I became addicted. Large round satchel, two wallet sleeves, and finally the large tobacco brown classic briefcase. I've loved this bag since I got it but I never REALLY needed it until I started school in January. Now that I'm 6 weeks in, I am so glad I made this investment. It looks great, it's incredibly functional and of course I get comments all the time. Sometimes it gets loaded to a point that I feel like I'm going to tip over, but I just look at that as my daily exercise. Overall, if you've been considering it, stop considering it and buy it. (maybe check out the new front pocket one just in case).


    I have been an SB customer for several years. I absolutely have loved everything I have bought. Recently, I decided to buy the briefcase. Unfortunately the old Tobbaco Color has changed. I kept calling to see if SB had one that was returned or forgotten in stock, I even asked if they could custom make one for me. No such luck, I had to broaden my search. I eventually spent a few months watching eBay and finally I saw my bag! As with quality, you would expect it to hold its value. As a SB eBay expert, I can tell you a used Briefcase will go around $500, thats more than 3/4 of the cost of a new one! Well, mine arrived today, and I can assure you it is still worth every penny. Dave & Company....great job as always!

    GREAT product (as usual)

    I FINALLY got the large classic briefcase in the "new" tobacco brown. It is my fourth SBL purchase. The tobacco brown is awesome (everything else I have purchased in DCB). Let me tell you, this bag is ALL that I expected and more. I have used it daily for about six weeks now and it is fantastic. If you are debating between the medium and large (like I was), go ahead and get the large. I use it for daily business commutes with a portfolio, folders/paperwork, pens, business cards, digital camera, phone, small flashlight, snacks/water, and it is a good size. There is room for plenty more if needed for travel; but it is good for the daily essentials too. It is NOT too heavy or too big (I'm 6", 190ish). Thanks again SBL team for a great product!

    Pretty Good Bag

    I have owned a medium Classic Briefcase in Tobacco for around two weeks and generally I really enjoy it with two exceptions:
    1) I know that Saddleback uses leather with some scars in it, but I was not expecting 7 very obvious scars right on the top of the bag. (at first glance they look like someone wrote on the bag with a black pen)

    2) Contrary to the website, this color WILL rub off on clothing (as evidenced by two pairs of my khakis that now have quarter-sized brown marks where the bag exerts the most pressure against my body while carrying it.)

    All in all this bag is a beast and I really enjoy carrying it.. still though, it seem like for the money nothing short of perfection would be the standard.

    My kids are already fighting over it.

    I have had my Large Classic Briefcase in dark coffee brown for a little over a year. I am 5'9" with an athletic ex military build and the large fits just fine. I waited for 2 years before purchasing and I am glad I finally did. It is a decision that I do not regret. I looked at every alternative on the market and as a hobby leather worker I had to go with Saddleback. Yes It is expensive and yes it is heavy but you cannot argue with the quality. I have made leather bags and backpacks, for friends and family, by hand for years and even though I make mine as sturdy as possible, I will never match the fit and finish of this bag. Quite frankly, I don't want to. It would be too much work and cost way more than just buying from Dave. I use mine everyday for work, I am a adjunct college instructor, as well as weekend trips and longer ones, it is simply perfect. My three kids all laid claim to it as soon as it arrived so I made each my own version of the satchel with the promise that when they finish college they will each get a classic briefcase. I cannot recommend enough. It is worth every penny and then some.

    The best.

    I got this for my college graduation 5 years ago. Now, about to complete my Doctorate, it has been my trusty companion on every day of class and every day on the job. When I first got it I was concerned about the weight/stiffness of the bag. Let me tell you, after a few years it is PERFECT. The leather has all broken in and completely bendable and soft. Also, don't be afraid of the price. I have a few friends in grad school that had middle of the road bags when the came into school, then bought another one when their first one broke, and finally I talked both of them into getting this bag. It will pay for itself over time. ENJOY!

    Awesome Bag

    Awesome bag. I purchased the Chestnut large. I bought it with a 10% Dave's deal. Can't even see the "imperfection." I used the money saved to get 2nd day delivery.

    A Really Fine Bag

    I'd been obsessing over the website for about a week or so trying to figure out which bag I'd buy at some point in the future and I'd narrowed it down to a Large Classic Briefcase in Dark Coffee Brown. The bag is very different from any other briefcase I've ever owned and ultimately that's why I chose it. I had no intention of buying it in the short term but I happened to look at the Dave's Deals page and there it was so I grabbed it and I am so glad I did.

    The leather quality is stunning and the workmanship precise. The fact that Saddleback considers a bag this fine to be flawed in some way amazes me because I can find no flaws and I've been staring at it for a week. It's almost three pounds heavier than the bag that I'm replacing but it carries light due to the wide, thick pads on the strap. I feared it would be too big based on some of the reviews that I read but it's perfect and I'm glad to have some room to spare. One thing that I really appreciate about the bag is that it's so stiff; it holds its shape and when I set it down it stands up instead of falling over or crumpling like lesser bags.

    The "complexion" of the leather, for lack of a better word, is flawless and the smell divine. I love opening the door to my truck or my office if it's been in there for awhile. Coworkers have complimented me on it and my wife approves. It's a tool after all, and a fine one. I carry a bag every day and at fifty years old this is the last one I'll ever need.


    Had it a while now. Got asked if I was the Manager by a customer the other day. Also got the phone/wallet/note shoulder cowboy type bag. Use it everyday... girls notice and say it is 'cool'. Hell I am 61 years old. It gets buried with me for the return trip.
    Will be buying a couple of suit cases, mac things etc . Top quality and they make me happy, being strong & practicable is an extra.

    It makes being a CPA cool...

    Yesterday, we had the worst snowstorm of the season, most people didn't go to work. I went and my 30 minute regular commute took 2 hours. My large classic DCB was delivered to my office in the middle of a Cleveland snowstorm! Now that's a tough bag! I cleaned out my Pleather firm-issued laptop bag and my 'super-nerd audit case' and put everything in this new bag. It's amazing. At the end of the day, I slipped my laptop in and walked out my office door and past a coworker's door and he yelled, "dude, that's a really nice bag!" Five steps Dave...and I received my first compliment! I'm 5' 7" but I'll tell you something, last night I walked a little taller!

    Just great...

    Got one of those over a year ago as a replacement for at least a decade old briefcase. Office, hiking, airplanes, back of a truck, shooting range, you name it. The only thing that gets replaced frequently is the content.... :) When Dave says your kids will fight over it, it just might be true. With two sons, I might have to get another one of those in the future just to prevent future family troubles.
    Like said in the title, just great...

    It's heavy and heavy is good

    After weeks of obsessing over whether or not to buy one, my wife put me out of my misery and gave a gift cert. for a large briefcase (Tobacco). Having used it every day for the past 15 months, I have not regretted choosing this as a daily carry brief case. As such, I routinely beat the crap out it. The stuff I regularly carry in it includes; two (2) ThinkPad laptops, a leather zippered portfolio, a mini mag flashlight, a Leatherman “Juice”, a large ring of spare keys and a loaded DB-9 semi-auto pistol. I also use the bag as a valise/backpack when traveling and jam it with as much stuff as it could hold + have lashed two (2) travel fishing rods to the bottom of it. Without a doubt the bag is heavy, but if it was made out of cheap, light weight pieces of leather it would have fallen apart by now. As it stands, I’m still breaking mine in. I’ll finish by adding that my wife thinks my briefcase is too bulky and looks just…OK. Good! At least, it will never be mistaken for a “Murse”.

    No regrets.

    I first discovered Saddleback Leather by accident when I looking up black labs. For some reason I stumbled across Blue, Dave's black lab. I also have a black lab, who resembles Blue. Blue, of course, brought to my attention the briefcases at Dave's website and I have been studying the various briefcases for nearly a year now. I wasn't sure which case would best fit my needs and being somewhat tight fisted I was leaning towards the smaller, less expensive cases. What I really wanted was the classic briefcase. I even ordered the messenger bag, only to discover it was too small, so I returned it.

    My wife said I didn't need another briefcase and I should just get over it and appreciate what I already have. She also didn't like the looks of the rings on the case. She was unyielding.

    Well, my father and mother would gift all the kids in the family money each Christmas. My dad recently passed away, but my mom decided to continue this tradition. This gift allowed me to purchase a briefcase and I will carry it in my father's memory.

    I spoke with customer support, who are awesome folks, and they felt the large classic size briefcase would best meet my needs, based on what I carry.I have carried the case for a little over a week now and they are spot on. I have no regrets. I was concerned about the weight and the possibility it would be too large, but to my pleasant surprise it is not.

    For those people who require more room for their things I highly recommend the large classic briefcase. The quality is consistent throughout all the various cases, but the organization of the large classic briefcase is just perfect. Oh, my wife has also admitted it looks nice and she sees why I prefer this case to what I was carrying. Thanks to all you great people at Saddleback!

    Classic Briefcase-med. tobacco

    It really is a great product. It is heavy, but that's expected with the quality and quantity of leather used. One comment i received is "how many cows did they kill to make that bag?". i love it, i can't wait to put some miles on it, i love the worn, aged look of leather. i would like to see additional side pockets, currently the side pockets are located near the "back" part of the bag, it will be nice to add 1 more side pocket (per side) to the "front" part of the bag.


    I have the large Classic case and it's fantastic. I ordered the medium and it was to small for what I needed. Very well made and for those who are concerned it's not too heavy. Love my bag!

    Saddleback fan for life!

    No Better Briefcase

    This is absolutely the finest/best briefcase I have ever owned (and I have owned a lot of them in my 40 years in busienss). I have carried laptops, iPads, Engineering Notebooks, file folders, pens (in their leather pen cases) and even some large photo lenses on occasion (when push comes to shove). It has worn beautifully and still impressed a lot of folks with its obvious quality and strength.

    Jobsite to Boardroom

    As the VP of Construction for a midsize real estate developer, I needed a bag that could go from the Jobsite to the boardroom and look good doing it. After 8 months of heavy use, this bag has exceeded all of my expectations and hopes. I take it to job sites and don't worry about putting it down and getting it dirty or scratched. I can also walk into a meeting with an equity partner or bank knowing that I have a the best looking bag in the room, I get regular compliments. The leather has started to softened and has conformed to my side when slung over my shoulder. I am 6'-0" tall and find the bag very comfortable when slung over my shoulder. I don't find it's weight or size cumbersome at all, as some other reviews have noted. It easily fits my laptop and all the paperwork I need. plus my misc items (sunglass case, calculator, pens, highlighters and drafting materials). I regularly use the external lash points to attach 8" to 12" rolls of plans to the outside of the bag. I have even used the bag to make overnight business trips stuffing it to the gills with clothes and work. All in all, I am proud to cary the best made bag in the world. My wife wants me to plan on giving it to one of my children when I retire, but I am sure that I will find a use for it in that stage of my life, so when they are old enough I will make the investment and get each of them one too.

    Thanks Dave for the best of the best.

    Absolutely Awesome and Beautiful

    I brought the classic {XL} briefcase {TOBACCO} for Christmas! I Absolutely Love my new Briefcase! The quality and workmanship is truly unmatched!! I am 6ft.- 4in. 225lbs I do not find the briefcase to large nor to heavy for daily usage! This briefcase in {TOBACCO} is absolutely Beautiful!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND SADDLEBACK LEATHER PRODUCTS!! May HASHEM continue Bless Saddleback Leather Company {Pr,8:12}& {3John 1:2}

    My latest addiction

    To all new customers: if you think you're not doing great financially...run..run quickly because it's like a drug, if you bought one then it'll be too later for you...you're stuck for life...in SBL case you're children and grandchildren will be stuck for life because of you...
    To Dave: i think you should start an SBL rehab plan or something...for example if a customer bought items for more than 700 USD a month, his account will be blocked so he won't be able to buy anything until next month...
    jokes aside, i got lucky and snatched a large "discontinued leather" tobacco classic briefcase with suede lining, it was on 10% Dave's deal...i wanted it to be a gift for my old man...since i got it, i don't think i'll be able to give it to him...i'll give him a satchel or something else...
    as for the Dave's deal..the 10%...there's nothing wrong in the bag...
    P.S: for the new tobacco i got a moleskine cover, so i think i have an idea how it looks like...
    today i received the classic briefcase in "old" tobacco, and i think you guys should bring it back...it's ok believe me, i'm speaking for myself and the majority of your customers, i think if it costs you guys a bit more to make it, we are ready to pay extra to own it...so you'll end up having 5 colours instead of four...the discontinued tobacco (or the fifth colour) will cost a bit more for those who are willing...
    SBL items are not just leather bags they are a state of mind...

    Quality and Versatility

    I just got my large briefcase delivered. After reading all the reviews about it being too big, and too heavy, I was a bit surprised that it is not too big. or too heavy. Its just the right size and weight for a practical everyday work briefcase that doubles for other uses. It is great to see that quality workmanship still exit in the era of mass production and limited product lifecycles. This will be replacing my 15 year old broken leather briefcase, two recently purchased camera bags, and a laptop bag. I wanted a briefcase to use for work and travel and it fits the bill perfectly. I looked everywhere and no other briefcase had the same quality and versatility. Thanks to Dave for making such a product.

    Five Years and No Regrets

    I purchased the SBL large chestnut classic briefcase about five years. Leading up to my purchase I had gone through about five briefcases in ten years at about a $100 a bag. I carry around a computer and at least four books, as well as sundry items, on almost a daily basis. This amount of weight puts a lot of strain on bags, as evidenced by so many bags in ten years. Then I sat down at the computer to search for an all leather bag, thinking it would be more durable. And that is when I came across SBL. I was hooked at first sight. The price at first seemed high, but I had spent that amount of money over ten years and doomed to do so again if a remained on the same track. If this were the last bag for me to buy, then I would actually save money over the long run. After five years I have no regrets. In fact, I am only more pleased that I purchased it year after year. In the back section of the large I am able to fit a 17" MacBook Pro, a small bag with the cables, and an iPad. In front section I able to fit up to six books two wide (depending on size), a small bag with sundry items, pens in the side pockets, and small notebooks in the big inside pockets. I have solved the problem of my children fighting over it when I die. I purchased a large satchel (chestnut, of course).

    Great bag...XL is too big though

    My wife got my the XL Classic for my birthday a while back. Beautiful bag. Well constructed. Way too big. I'm 6'6" and ~260 and it is still too big. If it were a L, I'd be completely in love. So, unless you are REALLY REALLY sure you need an XL, get a L.

    "New-2-Me" Large Tobacco Briefcase

    I managed to "rescue" a large tobacco colored classic briefcase. Though it is beautiful almost beyone description, I'll try anyway.

    The Saddleback Leather Classic Briefcase! A magnificent portmanteau luggage! It is the apex of baggage. I imagine the angelic host might use Saddleback Leather bags to convey divine messages from the eternal realm to our mortal veil if needed, though theirs would no doubt have little wings and never get dirty. Polyester filament marine-grade thread! The inevitable and inescapable progress of man! That sentence contains a tautology. Leather bags and packs have existed since the dawn of humanity. No doubt the form and function were devised by some enlightened ancestor who, in eons past, was the first leather artisan who’s subtle genius furthered civilization as the anonymous mystic progenitor of Saddleback Leather. Behold the soft sussuration of the classic briefcase as it cleaves the weft of worlds! Without my briefcase I am half of two abysses: a well staring at the night sky. Good luck, noble folk, and Godspeed in your quest to symbiotically embrace a Saddleback Leather Classic Briefcase!

    A fine bag

    I bought a large Dark Coffee just a few days ago from a gentleman who had imported in into the UK.
    As an owner of several expensive leather bags, I'd had my eye on the Saddleback site for sometime, and once I had my mitts on the bag itself I wasn't disappointed in anyway other than that I had prevaricated on buying one for almost two years.

    The bag is of astoundingly good construction, in flawless leather, it holds everything I need it to, and space for more. It is heavy, and heavy duty, the previous owner was very sad to let go of it, and I was delighted to take ownership.
    I've hardly let it out of my sight the past couple of days and have carried it around on a couple of entirely unnecessary journeys simply to have it along, and yes as you can imagine it attracts a lot of envious glances.

    I'd just say to anyone who is remaining on the fence over a purchase, take the risk and get one of Dave's bags, you won't have any regrets.

    My goto EDC bag

    I own a medium dark brown briefcase, and it has been one of the best purchases I have ever made. I have carried it every day for the better part of two years and it is beginning to mold to my hip and shoulder and wears like it was tailor made for me. I have fit everything from my laptop and a few notebooks, a couple bottles of wine, my full EDC kit, AND my Nikon camera with its accessories, in it at one time. Beyond function, my coworkers refer to it as my "Indiana Jones" bag, and more people have asked me about it than about anything else I own, and I use a lot of different, and unique items! If I had one complaint, it would be the weight, but I associate that with its quality and I've hauled it so many miles I don't feel it anymore. Final advice: buy one! You will not regret it!

    Copper rivets

    I just received my large classic briefcase in chestnut. I own 7 other SB products and am happy with each. The briefcase is lighter than I thought, considering some of the reviews. My large satchel weighs about the same.
    With the briefcase, I found the mix of copper rivets with the mat rivets rather odd. It makes the case look like it was repaired at some shoe shop as the copper rivets don't appear as robust and don't blend in with the leather as the others on the briefcase.
    I'm keeping the case and I guess I'll adapt.

    Tobacco color = winning.

    Amazing product. I am imagining these smell GREAT from the factory w/ the quality of leather here.

    Great Bag, Great Value

    It's hard to even put into words how great this bag is. It's absolutely beautiful. If you appreciate good leather, you'll love one of these. The smell alone is amazing. The briefcase is very functional and holds quite a bit. I'm an attorney and can carry most of my files to a trial or deposition in it. On the weekends, it will fit a laptop, iPad and several other items.

    It would be nice, as others have mentioned, to have a way to close the interior pouches. It would also be nice to have more pouches available for various accessories. The bag is also quite heavy. The large and extra large versions run around 8 lbs. empty, so with a few books, a laptop, etc. the total weight can pretty easily exceed 20-30 lbs. I don't even notice this, but my wife for example wouldn't be interested in one of her own due to the weight. But these are such minor criticisms of such a great product...kind of like driving a Ferrari and focusing on how the drink holders could be designed better. I love this briefcase and would recommend it to anyone who appreciates quality products.

    Big enough for three jobs

    The XL looks like it could handle the necessary paperwork from all three of my jobs. And it looks great, too.

    Can't wait to get one of these briefcases

    My family, especially my wife is tired of my wearing dress shirts, slacks and sports coat to work only to grab my papers and carry them to work in a Wal-Mart plastice bag.

    I'm saving up

    I just got out of the Army and will be starting college in the spring. I really want this bag in chestnut. The design is very eye-catching, and everyone says the bags will last forever. I'll be getting one of these soon.


    I came on the site today to do some Christmas shopping and decided to write a review for my briefcase. I bought the CLASSIC XL from Dave's Deals. First off, I got the 10% discount - but I have yet to figure out what was "wrong" with the bag to warrant it being placed on special. I can recommend Dave's Deals based on my experience.

    I'm a records officer for a large cabinet-level agency in Washington. I carry A LOT of stuff around with me and spend a lot of time in DC on trains, taxis, and even on bicycles running the gauntlet between various offices. My briefcase is like my car. Since coming to DC I've gone through six bags in four years - this is the first one I've ever owned that holds up.

    First off, I put my bag through its paces - rain, snow, plane travel, etc, and it's TOUGH. The rivets are incredibly sturdy, the straps are strong, and the d and o rings will NEVER break. I pack the XL to bursting and still manage to hoist it on my back. The leather softens, but doesn't stretch - so the bag holds its shape. You can fill this bag up again and again and not have to worry about it breaking. The use of buckles instead of zippers and snaps is a HUGE plus for me as my load will never become unsecured as I cycle along.

    The drawbacks aren't drawbacks for me - but folks need to know about them. The bag is heavy - the XL weighs about 15 pounds empty. I wear mine as a backpack and that takes care of that issue. The bag has buckles. You have to buckle and unbuckle it. I use ALL THREE of mine to secure my large load - I prefer this security over the convenience of fast access. The bag is not "boardroom chic" - it's more "oil field chic." It's leather -it's saddle leather. It looks like something Indiana Jones would carry. That fits my personal image (my hobbies are travel and amateur archaeology.)

    The result is - if you want an amazing looking bag that reliably carries a ton of stuff - and your coffee Thermos and cigar cutter - get one of these. You will not be disappointed. It's the only bag I've had that gets better with age.

    Best Investment Ever Made

    I own the large Classic Briefcase in dark coffee brown. I have owned it now for over a year and this is by far the best investment I have ever made in my life. I'm a young professional (maybe not so young anymore, 31yo) and in the past I have purchased many briefcases for business and the longest time one ever lasted was about a year before breaking down or me getting bored of it. It's only been over a year now but I am confident that it will last a lifetime. I don't ever plan on replacing this bag so in the long run I will be saving tons of money. I use it not only for business but for travel as well. I get compliments all the time and so will you when you stop reading this and just go for it and buy one. The quality is amazing... when you receive it you will know what I mean! One last thing, for reference.... I'm 5'9 and about 180lbs. At first the bag seemed a little too big for my built but if ultimately you need a bag to fit a bunch of stuff, the large is your size. I'm glad I didn't go with the medium. Oh, and backpack mode is very cool and convenient when carrying your bag for longer periods of time. ***Be sure to get a luggage tag with this purchase!!!


    I love this bag. The style and handmade quality is exactly what I want from life. Still, this bag is like finding something in your grandparents attic - really cool, but not always practical.

    I bought this because it helps me organize my files, seperate my files from my computer nad stay organized. I origianally order the Extra Large ,and it was huge, way to big!!! I returned it and replaced it with the large which is a much better fit.

    The Good: It looks great. I have had this guy a year and received an enormous number of compliments. It is sturdy. I haul it every day and had previously worn through a briefcase ayear. This thing is bomb proof. The leather has softened and shaped, but not broken down and it looks better with age.

    The Bad; It is really heavy. I have a Tumi Balistic Bylon bag that weighs a fraction of this thing. My wife, who was a marine and rides her bike in lieu of a car through snow and sun, and who carries a 30 lb bag every day, commented on how heavy this bag is - when empty. There are too many rings hanging from it. One person asked me if I had turned a saddlebag from a motrocyle into a briefcase. Lastly, organization. This works perfectly for carrying files and a computer. But it doesn't have the pocket many brifcases have. I lose pens to the bottom of it and cords and everything else. It is not a bag for those looking for convenience.

    But like I said, I love this bag. I have created a system where everything I need fits in it perfectly, and I wouldn't give it up. But for all that the leather has shaped to me, I have had to shape to it. If you are looking for function look elsewhere. This bag is not for the faint of heart. If you are seeking a unique bag flush with eccentricities, you have found the bag for you.


    I just received my briefcase and I love it. I was recommended to Saddleback when I saw a co-workers backpack that I had been admiring. When he turned me on to the website I knew I would be getting one. But how to choose? I decided to get the Classic Briefcase in Tabaco. What quality and workmanship. I just retired my last leather briefcase. It couldn't hold a candle to this bag. I now have the daunting task to figure what one to buy next. You will not be disappointed, and coming from me that is saying a lot. I am very particular and have and eye for details.

    You won't understand until other people see it

    I received a Large Chestnut briefcase from my wife upon finally graduating with my undergraduate in finance after a long journey via the military and other places. My initial gut reaction was that it was enormous and would be a bear to carry in the city to my new job everyday. Upon walking into my new office on the first day of work, my opinion was forever changed when every single individual I walked past seemingly had something marvelous to say about my bag. Now, I wear it proudly and can't wait for people to ask me about it. I recently was in an Allen Edmonds looking at some high quality shoes, and the saleswoman asked me about my bag before even asking me if I needed any assistance. I didn't buy the shoes, but I left her Dave's card (I carry them because I have many from repeat purchase, keep sending them with purchases Dave!!!!).

    All this long windedness just leads me to say, if your gut tells you that you think you will enjoy owning it, you're more likely right than wrong. Buy whatever you're looking at without blinking and you'll be happy for a very long time. And if you're lucky enough to have a wife like mine who'll buy it for you, even better!!!!

    Fantastic, but...

    So I have had the classic briefcase in chestnut for just over a year now. It is a fantastic bag, and I use it just about every day. I have had numerous conversations with people about what a beautiful piece it is. People do stop me about it. So, expectation-wise, that's all accurate, and it was a fantastic and very treasured gift from my wife.

    When it first showed it did have faulty clips on the shoulder strap that would unloosen on their own (of the screw variety). This was a very rare occurrence, but as an expectant father I was concerned. One email to Saddleback service, though, and they sent a new shoulder strap at their own expense right away.

    The bag is roomy, and fits a work laptop, cords, a notebook, moleskin and a few other things without issue. It's also good for storing things like water bottles and coffee mugs in the side pockets.

    If I had any criticisms, and they are few, it's that the interior pockets could use flaps with closures of some kind. Or perhaps they need to make a version of the bag with interior closures. I find that because the interior pockets are open, if you turn the bag on its side or upside down (overhead compartment on the airplane, bad car packing jobs, etc) the contents of the interior pockets get dumped. Not really a big deal for me, but it might be a consideration for habitual long-distance travelers.

    The bag is heavy, especially when loaded with laptop et al, as well, but you get used to it and it shouldn't be an issue if you are in decent shape and aren't made of paper.

    I would buy another if I needed it. I am thinking of buying a satchel because I find while the briefcase is great for work (I work in marketing), and for travel out and about, sometimes I wish I had a smaller bag with less bulk when I'm just out and about on weekends.

    I also own a number of other SBL pieces -- two tow belts, a wallet, a moleskin holder. Happy with it all.

    Costs and logistics - a UK perspective

    I'll talk about the briefcase itself at the end, but I thought it might be useful to say something first about the costs of getting it to me in the UK, in case it helps other potential buyers on this side of the pond.

    My briefcase was dispatched late afternoon (Texas time) on Monday and arrived here on Friday morning just after 09.00. I chose the discounted UPS 'flat rate to Europe' which turned out to mean the UPS International Expedited service which I think is available all the time, but I only paid $25 for it.

    The main question is how much did it cost, when the import duty, VAT and handling charges were added. Well, including the discounted shipping the XL Classic was $689, which at the Visa exchange rate of $1.61 to the £ is equivalent to £428. The additional costs were as follows:

    Visa foreign currency charge £11.76
    VAT £89.08
    Duty £12.78
    UPS brokerage £11.00

    Total taxes and fees were therefore £124.60 (or $200), of which I had to pay £112.84 to the UPS driver by cash or cheque (or I could have phoned up to pay by debit or credit card). If you aren't going to be in then you'll need to work out how the driver can be paid. They will try to deliver 3 times (Monday to Friday only) before returning the package to sender. They can't leave it without being paid.

    So, all of that brings the total cost of the purchase to £552.60 (or $884).

    Overall, I'm just a tiny bit disappointed. I had worked out what the tax and other charges were going to be, and I'd set my expectations in line with that amount of money, although the reviews I've read here and elsewhere played a big part too. It is a marvellous piece of luggage, it will last as long as they say and ultimately I can afford it, but looking at the briefcase right now in its raw, unused, not-broken-in state, I'm not sure I can quite see £552 worth of value. If I had paid what a US buyer would pay then I'd feel 100% satisfied.

    As for the briefcase itself, the leather is as stiff and strong as everyone says, and it is going to take quite some time to soften up and develop a bit of character. I bought the XL, which is big enough to carry all my work stuff with room for a medium size dog or a small child besides. For some trips that means not having to take a separate bag.

    Must have bag

    This briefcase is my go-bag. It’s heavy, but durable. I love the classic styling. I have Chrome bags, EDC military bags, mountain hardwear and for some reason, I consistently use this bag for almost all trips. I’ve tethered sleeping rolls and tents to it, outfitted it with makeshift pouches, and filled this bad boy to the seams, rolling it with bungee cable. For some reason, making this bag work, pushing it to its outer limits, has endeared it to me. It gets the job done, no BS. Every stitch and rivet has held like new. Love it.

    Advice from an Senior Professor

    Boys and girls, do your homework! I am two years into a large classic that has been all over the US, Hawaii, and England. It will be in Paris next summer. The bag weighs 8.5lb. Questions?

    I was buying a department store bag at $70 bucks every couple of years.

    My math: 1 @ $70/2 years = $35/year x 100 years(warranty) = $3,500

    My 10 pound Dell 17" laptop/charger was killing department store bags at the rate of one every couple of years. I grew tired of buying these bags at increasing prices, and after my third I thought there must be a better choice. I did the research I suggested you do and arrived at the bag I purchased. For me, the choice was clear. Two years ago I paid $550.

    You will pay $610. Our math: $610 vs. $3500. Questions?

    It's all true.

    It's all true, both the good and the bad. The quality is excellent and exactly as shown. The metal hardware is shiny and very heavy duty, the leather is gorgeous and of the best quality. The rivets, the stitching, the lining, it's all just like Dave says it is.

    It's also heavy. And a little big. No one out there is lying to you about these bags.

    So why buy it? Why spend the money, when you could have probably 8 or 9 Target-grade backpacks for the same investment?

    I think the answer is: you have to be the sort of person who cares about certain things. You have to want a thing that will work and be beautiful and durable forever. You have to want honesty in materials. You should be the sort of person who knows what quality is, who cares about it, and who is happy to pay for it.

    It's not just a briefcase. It means something. It exists because Dave wanted it to exist. It expresses, irrefutably, a set of values. It is certain. And it may sound self-important or pompous, but I wanted to invest in these qualities. I paid for them, I got them, and here they are. They smell good, they feel good. It's all true.

    med brief

    Best bag ever this bag makes me want to travel the world.told my wife now because of the bag I need to take pics in foreign country's

    Awesume briefcase

    I love this bag, I purchased this bag from a private owner off of ebay and let me tell you it was well worth the money. I have several briefcase but none like this. I carry this bag everyday , my MacBook Pro, ipad, files, and saddleback notebook fits in this bag without any problems. I have received so many compliments about this bag and I have so many beautiful pieces of saddleback leather products I will not buy a,nothing else .If your looking for a quality bag, purse, wallet, or notebook. I highly recommend saddleback leather. Don't waste your money on knockoff buy the real thing and save yourself money and the heartbreak .

    My left hand.

    This bag has gone with me to the operating room (and everywhere else) for three years. I don't think about it too much. it's just my bag, the way my left had is just my left hand. I mean, do you say "boy, what a great left hand I have?" No. it just is your left hand, the way my saddleback is just my bag. No muss, no fuss. Would I miss my left hand? Of course. Likewise my saddleback. Just buy it. You'll see.

    Ron Swanson WOULD be very impressed!

    ....Alright, are you going to buy one now or not? This bag changed my man card to a steel plate!

    What are you waiting for?

    The Marquee Bag - The creme 'de 'la creme

    Where do I start?
    This is the bag that led to my purchasing 12 more saddleback bags/items. My doctor friends think it's the ultimate bag for MD's. I sling it over my should when I row in from an anchorage to see customs, In court a bailiff just about interrupted a court proceeding to ask me where I got it. and so on.
    I get stopped all the time, at home in Honolulu, on elevators, in airports, on the sidewalk.
    This bag evokes many things to many people. When you touch it and open it it almost emotional. It is a living reminder of quality that used be mfr'ed in america but is no more.... When I first browsed the bag on this website I though sheesh!, how expensive, then I looked at the competitors' links that Dave links to, and I realized.... this is actually reasonably-priced old-fashioned quality kit that is guaranteed for 100 years. After much research - I found that one else makes leather bags and items of this quality. Saddleback is your only choice. I'm glad I found them. A complete set of luggage/beast duffel and large water bag are in my future. As long as Dave Munson makes it - I will come.

    Investment vs Expense

    I have had my medium dark coffee brown briefcase for almost 5 years now. My "new briefcase" hunt used to be an annual ritual to replace a bag that had aged - no more! This bag has only gotten better with age and the compliments keep coming. One of the few items I own that is not disposable and that makes me enjoy it all the more. Now have a wallet as well and enjoy that as much (that had been about every 6 months for a new one and going on two years it looks like it will wear as well as the case). Thanks to Dave and crew and congrats on your well deserved and growing success.

    Single Greatest Bag Ever

    Dear Dave,
    After searching forever for the "right" laptop bag I finally found it. I travel a lot for business and this bag is perfect for my needs. I can put my feet on it and never worry about it or its contents. At first its empty weight was a little shocking compared to the tech fabric laptop bags that are so common, but that just comes with the very thick leather. It's really freakishly tough for a bag and it holds way more stuff than I need. I've had two laptops, power supplies, a canon DSLR, pens, notepads, cables of all sorts, and still had room for a thin jumper. I get compliments everywhere about it. I love thing and after 10 months of use it's still going strong! Keep up the great work.

    8 Months in, I love it even more!

    I've had my large Dark Coffee briefcase for about 8 months now. I need to get some leather milk and buff some of the scratches, but I'm loving how it's breaking in, much less stiff then it was new (not that that was a bad thing), and starting to show some character. Surprised it took me this long to figure this out, but I just switched the orientation on the two end straps, so the buckles hand down over the top of the flap, rather than pointing up. I hardly ever buckle them, and this gives it a cleaner line without so much clanking. Loving it more each day!

    Friday was a GREAT Day

    Today started with me driving to my local Post Office to pick up my Large Chestnut Briefcase..I got it home and the leather smell invaded my office... This is my second Saddleback product and I am very..NO Ecstatic with it. I get ALL my stuff in to this briefcase, with no issues at all. I also heard that I had been successful in getting a new job.. This will involve quite a bit of travel. I intend to photograph the bag ALL over the place.
    Thanks guys for making a great product.. You really do what you state on the website.

    You don't buy a Saddleback..You Invest in a Saddleback.. As a famous trainer company states "just do it".

    Thanks guys.


    Exquisite, Rugged, Hefty

    I bought my bag second hand on eBay. Large, Tobacco Brown. I love this bag. I consistently get comments about how great it looks, but my favorite comment came from my female students here in China: "We think you have a magical bag. You have so many things in there!" Followed by, "But isn't it heavy?"
    Yes, it's magical.
    Yes, it has some heft. But all that magic doesn't come without some sacrifice.
    So sweat a little more and beef up those abs and legs: this bag is worth it. (Truly, though, I had a slightly bigger nylon bag that was 4.5 lbs. This is 7.6. That isn't a big difference, fellahs!)

    Lastly, beat it up, bend it well, roll it like a burrito. That's when the beauty and usefulness really starts to shine through!

    Good bag but big

    I'm 5'5. I initially bought the medium but it looked to small and the proportions were weird. A few people were like "nice murse, dude" so I ended up exchanging it for a large. The large is correctly proportioned but it's a big bag.

    I've had the large for about a year now. I don't use it every day, but instead as a weekend bag or a trial bag. It's not really a briefcase, but more like a travel the world bag. If you need to throw everything you own into a beautiful leather bag and travel the world, this is your bag. I use the backpack feature a lot, and it's good for grocery shopping, etc.

    I ended up buying a thin briefcase, which I use more. The medium thin briefcase is a better briefcase for every day use. On average, I travel with a laptop, iPad, a few books, and some pens. This is more practical. With the classic, I was bumping into people on the train, and it made tight spaces awkward.

    Don't get me wrong, it's a great bag. Just think about how much stuff you carry on an average day. If it's just a laptop and some books, a thin or a satchel will meet your needs. If you have the need to carry around a lot of stuff, and you want a bag people will compliment you on, this is it.

    I Like It

    I've had my large dark coffee brown briefcase for about seven months now, and I'm happy with it. I'm not going to repeat all the product specs and other good qualities here: it's all true. But I will share a little of my personal experience with the bag.

    I carry the bag to work with me everyday. I usually pack a 13" MacBook Pro, a book or two, a few file folders, a notebook or two, and pens & pencils. There's room for a lot more. Honestly, I have more space than I need. But's that's okay, because the extra space is there when I need it.

    I got it a 15% off Dave's Deals, and the only thing I can find that might be imperfect is that the big ring near the top handle appears to have been sown on slightly crooked. It took me a while to notice it

    I've read a lot of reviews of this bag, and I've notices three common negative criticisms. I will say something about each one.
    (1) It's too heavy. That could be true for you. The bag has some heft, and if you don't want a heavy bag, then you might not like this one. I admit that I didn't like the weight at first. But I got used to it quickly, and now I don't notice the weight.
    (2) It doesn't have good organization. This is also a legitimate concern. If you're looking for a bag with lots of compartments, zippered pockets, etc., keep looking. But this bag has enough organization to function just fine, at least for me.
    (3) It's expensive. Yes, it is. It is not, however, outrageously expensive. It's reasonable compared to some other designer briefcases. I'm not the judge of what anyone thinks is too expensive for their budget, but I think the price is fair.

    Overall I really like this briefcase. I can see why it might be not right for some people, but if it fits your budget, needs, and personality, then you've found something special.

    Loved Mine So Much, Bought My Wife a Tote!

    Had been looking for a satchel for some time, but couldn't find anything that rang my bell. My wife, the shopper that she is, stocked the x-mas tree with with a large Saddleback bag. Came out of the package a little stiff, but my dad was a horseshoer, and the rest of my family was into horses (I got bit and bucked off so I ride a mtn. bike instead), but I understand leather, cleaned a lot over the years - then I read the notes included with the bag - paraphrased herein "this is the bag your kids will fight about after your gone" and "today your bag looks as bad as it ever will". Those are true statements. This thing is sweet, I go out of my way to thrash it, but within reason Dave.

    My wife kept asking me not to look up the price. That's cool, but I heard it about three times over the next few weeks - so I checked out the site. Gulped initially, but I love this thing. It looks better and better every week, lots of comments complementing my new ride. I figure it'll peak around 47 years, just like me, I may not be around by then but it will still be enjoyed by the kids. It's got a mere 10-months on it, just a baby.

    I got a new Saddleback wallet for my birthday complements of my wife (again), and have been eyeing the belts. My wife turns 40 this year. I snagged a large Saddleback tote for her after a few not so subtle hints, but she thinks I missed the old tobacco leather. She's gonna look even hotter carrying that thing around, too bad she's gonna have to wait until her b-day Jan. 1, although I'm sure she'll be snooping around the site lusting after the tote, and this may not be a surprise, but you'll still have to wait for it! Sorry Heidi - I'm such a tease.

    G. LaBudde

    Drool No More!

    I have always loved the look of the Classic Brief Case, and like most ended up studying all the reviews, watched all the U-Tube presentations and understand accept all the good, bad and ugly that has been written up on the Internet....I waited and waited because it is a very expensive bag....and have no reason to make the purchase.

    So after 2 and a half years I finally have a reason to purchase this bag. My husband who is 6 feet tall came home one day. I noticed that he was carrying his brief case with a make shift handle, a combination of 2 large leather fob for keys he'd connected together. It was ugly and awkward and he still had to hold the bag from the bottom because he'd over stuffed he bag. I felt so sorry for him since I had given him that bag!

    Anyway I went straight to Dave's Deal to see what was on offer... Like always, things are never simple... The carbon black classic brief case wasn't on offer in any size. So I paid full price on the Large, CB, brief case. It arrived 10 days later! I have not looked back since!

    It is a big piece of luggage and it certainly is NOT for me to carry ( though I would consider a small size if SBL decide to make another round) On my husband however, who likes to carry everything from the kitchen pantry to the kitchen sink it is a perfect size. I'm so glad I purchased this when I did, because very shortly after my purchase, SBL announced a change in leather finish for the black! Not to our taste, but thumbs up on the concept!


    Awesomeness squared!

    I've had my X-Large dark coffee brown classic briefcase for about 6 months now and it's really starting to look good.

    Yes, they are all that people say and even then, there are no amount of flowery adjectives that can completely encompass the true awesomeness of these bags.

    I had been looking at this site for quite a while before buying. I got mine at a 15% discount, and all I can say is that the criteria must be on the zealous stringent side, because I studied the bag from top to bottom, and for the love of me, I couldn't see what merited the discount.

    I laugh when I see people mentioning that they are too heavy. Really? Well then, sell it to someone who has a pair and go buy a pink vinyl micro-purse instead.

    They are not the cheapest, but when you start comparing Saddleback leather to any other out there, they're actually less expensive, since no other companies offer anything remotely close to the quality designs and craftsmanship that you get here.

    The 100 year warranty is probably very conservative. Well cared for, these bags will be around for way longer than that.

    What else can I say. I you're like I was and you're pining for one, devouring this site daily, coveting a sweet sweet leather piece, just take out the old credit card and do it. You'll never regret owning such a fine piece of hand-crafted awesomeness.

    My next will probably be a beast duffel, and also, a suitcase to match. When I retire, I plan of having pics of myself, my Saddleback leather, and the great natural and man made wonders of the world in the background.

    Oh, by the way, the new colours are pretty amazing too!

    Well done Saddleback!

    Too Heavy

    Too Heavy, Not Practical, Sold it on EBAY. Well made tho.

    You will definitely receive compliments

    I am the owner of two of these fine briefcases; originally I got the XL as I had an extra large amount of things to carry. The sizing by Dave on the height of the wearer in relation to the bag is pretty correct, as a 5"8 man it looked a little ridiculous, but hey, I had a lot of things to carry!

    This bag accompanied me daily for over a year, during which time it received plenty of scuffs and marks from daily use, as well as began to soften and become nice and floppy. The more "damaged" it became, the more compliments I received!

    At the present time however, I no longer need to carry nearly as many things with me on a day to day basis, so I decided I would get a medium classic briefcase so that I wasn't carrying around a bag that looked so gigantic on me. The medium briefcase is a perfect size for my body, though I will admit I am a little sad that it doesn't look quite as good yet without all the scuffs and marks from use. I suppose that must be earned though!

    **The Lou Ferrigno Bag**

    Dont listen to anyones eles's great reviews on this bag or any other SBL Bag. THERE TOO HEAVY!. I used it one time on a business trip. I Carried a 17" laptop, video camera, SBL Large Wallet and a Few wires, Gum, SBL Straps, SBL Small wallet, weight about 21 lbs. In backpack mode, Looped the straps through the "Welded" ring, Why i say "Welded" Ring? because its not a complete circle, its a poorly welded incomplete ring that eventually, the weld broke, 1st trip in backpack mode- but anyways.. the thick leather straps and adjustable "shoulder pads" put too much strain on your shoulders. NOT ergonomic at all. Not Comfortable. Kept tring to adjust the shoulder pads to keep it from digging into my shoulders. Its a hassel taking it on and off, expecially with the weight, and make leather strap makes marks on your arms. When in the other backpack mode, where you pass the shoulder pad through the "Welded " ring, the weight of the bag causes the strap to shift and its hard to keep the bag properly aligned. UHH!! When worn over a single shoulder, or across your body, forget about it!! its too heavy, clunky, bulky & awkward to walk while your hip bangs into it. I was forced to use the top handle to keep it steady.ANNND to keep the stress off my shoulder, UHHH! FORGET about carrying it for a daypack on a hot day, you would have to be out of your mind!! its definatly not a bad recommened by the A.C.A- american chiropractic association- like THE NORTH FACE bags are, so i got rid of it. and im going back to THE NORTH FACE for accessories. which i never had issues with there products and offer a lifetime warrenty. Sorry SBL.. Its not even a conversation piece, you'd have to be out of your mind to tell someone you paid over $600.00 bucks on a bag!

    It really is as awesome as they say...

    and you won't be sorry that you spent the money. I've had mine for 18 months and I like the bag more and more as I use it. The one concern that every has is the weight of the bag, but I haven't found it to be that heavy. I went against the Saddleback sizing recommendations for my height and got the XL and I'm glad that I did. I wanted the extra space for when I use the briefcase as luggage for a weekend trip, a job for which this bag is also well suited. When commuting to and from the office, it isn't really all that heavy with a computer, notebook, phone chargers and other cables, and the few other things that I normally carry. It really only gets heavy when I load the briefcase down with a bunch of books and reference material that I sometimes use. I don't blame the briefcase for being heavy when I load a bunch of heavy things in it. Anyway, this is a great bag that's built like a tank with a classic design that's hard to beat.

    Better Than New

    Large Tobacco Classic Briefcase purchased in November 2008. I've taken this bag through weekly air travel, road travel, taxis, trains, trips to the office, rain snow summer heat... It has served multiple roles: computer bag, weekend bag, lunch bag, and a beer bag/cooler (was away on business and had some time to kill).

    After the first year of daily use, the leather began to break in and take on a more classic look and feel. 5-years later it looks even better and still holding up strong.

    I use conditioner about once every 10-12 months; the first few years using Lexol and later switched to Chamberlains Leather Milk. Both work great. If your bag gets a lot of scratches and scuffs as mine does, the conditioner will buff it out like new. But no worries, scratches give it character - women like character ;)

    After 5-years of almost daily use, I truly believe this will be the last brief case I'll ever need. It gets better with age - Better Than New!

    I like the large chestnut briefcase!

    The bag looks like a fantastic piece of luggage. I would be honored to carry around papers from my bank job as well as my new laptop in this fine leather briefcase.

    Damn! You could lose you life for it!

    Maybe I would not sold my soul for this breafcase but as an owner, I would fight for it till the last drop of my blood. I am not joking.


    ....... and all that it throws at you - awesome

    Turfhead Golfnut

    Lifetime quality briefcase, strapped on my shoulder daily tending the turf at the local country club. I can't wait to see what it will look like broken-in as the years go by as the large dark coffee brown leather ages and the pigskin liner protects my valuables.

    Worth Every Dollar

    I first became familiar with Saddleback through my brother who has owned a medium briefcase for several years and I recently purchased a medium coffee brown briefcase for myself (taking advantage of Dave's Deals 10% off). All I can say is that this is simply the best bag I have ever owned. The durability, the look, the smell and the versatility of this bag are clearly evident from the moment you begin using it. I have owned several nice (and expensive) bags/briefcases over the past few years and I can count on one hand the number of comments I have received. I have gotten more comments in the first month of owning this bag than in the past 5 years with those other bags.

    The bag is heavier than others I have owned, but the way the strap is situated and with the way it sits across my shoulder it is much more comfortable so it actually feels lighter. The inner design of the two large compartments and multiple pockets hold everything I need and use regularly (wallet, sunglasses, pens, USB drive). The key clasp is perfectly placed and my car keys slide right into the outer pocket.

    In the last month of using this bag every day it is beginning to acquire well-placed scuffs from daily use. Part of the reason I chose this color is because those scuffs look incredible. It gives the bag character and shows that its well used. It reminds me of my brown leather sofa...the more it is used, the more comfortable it becomes. My brother owns the light tobacco brown which has aged to a slightly darker brown...gaining a "patina", if you will.

    All of the hardware, rivets, straps and seams on this bag feel indestructible. My reason for needing new bags over the years was always because of tears at the seams. I doubt this will ever happen with this bag. The "100 year" warranty is probably a conservative estimate.

    I don't just buy things on a whim. In fact, I tend to research products for so long that I often talk myself out of buying them. With this bag I was trying to decide between the medium and large briefcases and eventually went with the medium. I am very ahppy with this choice and it works for me. I do not carry a laptop with me but I could easily fit my iPad or a 13" MacBook Pro in this bag. I can also fit two full sized textbooks along with my other daily items. It is ideal for a carry-on for airlines. It is probably a bit too small for a long weekend trip but would definitely work as an overnight bag. For a point of reference, I am 5'8" with a regular build and this bag fits me well. The large bag wouldn't be as comfortable and may look too bulky. I agree with Dave's assessment that a taller person should consider the larger sizes.

    I would not hesitate to buy any other products from Saddleback.


    If I could choose any briefcase in the world to have it would be this one. One of a kind and amazing.

    Did you kill the cow?

    I have been carrying my Large Classic Tobacco briefcase around for almost 11 months...
    It has travelled with me for 40000 miles in my car. I cant begin to count air miles, multiple countries and multiple weather conditions. Its been in and out of countless meetings all year. Kicked, stepped on, tossed, dragged and even cleaned once in a while.
    So many people comment on its classic styling and good looks.
    I am glad to report, so far so good!
    Its been a reliable and resilient travel companion.
    Now, the nuts and bolts:
    It fits under the seat in front of you(on an aeroplane).
    The shoulder strap is comfortable hanging off your shoulder or worn bandolier style. If its loaded up, bandolier style is a little more comfortable.
    It fits a A4 dayplanner, ipad, macbook and a medium Saddleback leather notepad holder in the 1st partition without a problem. Catalogues and noise cancelling headset in the second.
    I also carry power cable and adaptors for iPad, macbook and iphone in the side pockets. Business cards, lip balm, hdmi cable, mini-usb cable, breath mints and checkbook in the internal pockets.
    A perfect fit for my business needs...
    After 11 months it still looks as good as new.

    Story Bag

    This bag is asking to be taken arround the world, to have some stories and adventures. I think it's made to resist the elements of earth and time

    Great looking bag

    This is a very stylish bag with the rugged durability. Just what a manly man needs

    Admiring the Large Dark Coffee Brown

    I've been going to this site for years and I always end up picking the large dark coffee brown classic briefcase. The styling is classic. The proportions are just right. And the dark leather has a depth of character that'll grow old with you!

    This bag IS rugged-refinement perfected

    Most things that are refined and elegant are very fragile and fall apart with even a harsh word or stern glance. Far too many things that are durable and reliable are built with all the craftsmanship and care you would find at the local chapter of cavemen united for progress.

    These bags don't force you to choose! The bag is tough and very well built but doesn't look or feel like a battle tank. The bag draws compliments from women who shop at Macy's and the men who shop at Gander Mountain. If you are looking for a bag that that you can count on to last and make a statement, this is the bag for you. Sure they are expensive, but quality always cost more up front but is cheaper in the long run. I got my in Chestmut and I just love it!

    Keep up the great work Dave and Crew!

    Ken B
    Technology Exec & avid outdoorsman.

    Constant compliments

    I have had my Dark Coffee Brown large briefcase for a little over 3 years now. It is obviously a very durable bag. Also, it gets constant compliments. For example, on a recent airplane trip I got quite a few compliments and lots of stares (with jaws dropped). Most notably were two examples:

    1. Boarding the plane one of the flight attendants exclaimed: "Wow - that is an amazing bag. I like it!" That says a lot from a woman who probably sees tens of thousands of bags per year.

    2. In the Dallas Ft. Worth airport I was headed down an escalator to try to catch a connecting flight. I could see in the window a man in a suit was pretty well running down the escalator to ask me about this bag.

    I love this bag. Also, if you pack right it holds a week's worth of clothes, or 6 bottles of rum (or a combination thereof).

    Unqualified Endorsement!!!!

    What can I say that hasn't yet been said on all the comments and youtube posts? I absolutely love this product.

    After toiling over which SBL product on which to lose my virginity, I finally chose the Classic Large Briefcase in TB. As a 5'10-1/2" tall Asian man working in banking, I debated between the medium and large for weeks. I was always going to chose TB as the colour because of how it ages over time. I am happy I chose the large, but the medium also could have worked. In full packed and un-cinched mode, the Large can seem a bit big in proportion to my frame, but I elect to use all three straps to cinch things down and it makes it less than the full 9 inches wide....and it fits me better. Also, it makes the bag easier to carry as things are tight and not jostling around inside.

    Like a baseball glove, I spent the first three days beating this up, bending it, sitting on it, stepping on it and it all helps to begin the break in process. My wife is jealous. Having owned many belting leather bags before, this leather is thicker and more matte-like in feel coming out of the box....but after a week, I can see how the patina will develop.

    To my banker friends, do not hesitate....this is by no means too casual looking, even in TB....and to road warriors, it is highly functional and indestructible....through airports, subways, etc. To my married friends, my wife laughed at the weeks of time I spent on this site....but then she saw the leather and we immediately went back to order the passport and moleskin covers for her.

    I have owned Tumi leather stuff....no complaints...and if you need pockets and accessibility, I can see the design advantage.....but for similar money, SBL is simply a better made product. I have owned Hartmann....there is no comparison...SBL is better. I have owned Swayne Adenay and Brigg.....equivalent workmanship to SBL, but at four times the cost!!!! And the SBL designs are more to my liking.

    Gents, stop wasting time and buy one of these. This product and this company live up to the hype. I received this bag in four days to Hong Kong! I am sure to buy more!!!!

    American Born Chinese, 52
    Banking Executive in Asia

    Classic TB Large

    Just a pic of a week old bag...

    ...further to my detailed review, weight is not an issue. I man you don't buy such a bag if you want nylon weight. You buy it because it is so solid.

    I love it.

    Large Classic Tobacco Brown

    I rate this at 5 stars because for my uses it is a 5 star bag. But it won't be that for everybody, just continue reading for a true review.

    I have had my briefcase for a little over 2 months now. I absolutely love this bag. I carry it everywhere. It has all of my necessities and plenty of room for a laptop and textbooks and such. Weight is not an issue for me, I am just over 6 feet tall and weigh in near 270 pounds, and I spend many hours a week in the gym. This bag is perfect for me.

    However, that will not be the case for everybody. It is big, and heavy. If you are of a smaller frame, I recommend the Satchel or Med. Briefcase. I personally had a Satchel for a while, but it just wasn't quite big enough for my stuff. It also lacks some of the "conveniences" that those used to nylon bags would like (zippered pockets, lightweight...etc.). So that is a consideration to make also.

    The quality is outstanding. The leather is beautiful, the stitching is solid, and the pigskin lining that I got is amazingly durable. I have no doubt that it will last well past my lifetime. If you have been looking at these bags, you already know that and there is nothing more for me to add.

    It is beautiful to look at. I used to carry a canvas bag I picked up at a military surplus store. I picked it up in highschool, and it served me well for 3 years, but it looked terrible. I didn't carry it when wearing a suit or anything like that. Nor would I carry a nylon bag with a suit. But this bag, no issues there. It looks formal just as well as it does casual.

    Overall, for me the bag is worth 5 stars. My life is in that bag. But, for some it may not work as well. It just depends on what you are after.

    Perfect bag - constant compliments

    I didn't buy the bag for the compliments. I just love great bags and leather. I get stopped and asked about the bag a lot.

    The site refers to the XL Briefcase as being for those with overactive pituitaries. I am not one, as I am 5-10/200, but I carry the bag everywhere I go without pain or discomfort. I've had it for almost a year, and it keeps looking better and breaking in more. I use it for my daily work briefcase, and as my travel carry-on. (Yes, the XL, stuffed to the brim with a pouch attached can fit on even regional jet overhead compartments.) For instance, I put 2 laptops, my dSLR, 3 lenses, iPad, Moleskine (w/ Saddleback cover) and a book all fit into my bag, and fit into the overhead compartments.

    The bag is so incrediby well-made. I tend not to baby my bags, and I have torn the handles off of several by overloading them. I am confident this bag will not have this issue.

    I bought the dark coffee brown bag, as I love the color. After getting a chesnut Saddleback wallet, I began second-guessing my color choice. I think future purchases will be chesnut. Both colors are great, but the chesnut is nicer, IMHO.

    The bag is very utilitarian, as it has pockets everywhere I could want them. I thought the pockets on the inside were going to be in the way, but they work perfectly, as I can stack wider objects under the interior pockets, fill the pockets and then put other items in front of the pockets.

    The strap is very comfortable. I left both "pads" on my strap despite never converting my briefcase to a backpack. They help whenever I through the bag over my head and wear the strap across my chest.

    I promised my wife this would be the last bag I bought, and while we both understood this to be a little bit of hyperbole (I have a bag problem...) this is the last bag I will *need.* (I might still buy the large duffel from Saddleback, though. :))

    One year later...

    I have had my briefcase now for one year. I'm writing this review to let everyone know how happy I am. What an awesome product. I wanted it for 5 years and I finally got it December 2011. I use it everyday for my work. I carry my change fund ( I'm a bus driver ) my books, lunch , light jacket and a water bottle on the side. I carried it across my shoulder for a while but just switched to backpack mode. Wow, I still get compliments all the time. Don't wait any longer...just order the bag you really want. What item do you carry that makes you smile every time you see it ? Life is too short. Thomas Stewart

    My Last Briefcase!

    I've been a 100,000+ miles per year flyer for the past 12 years, and got tired of buying the black nylon rolling briefcases with supposedly a "lifetime" guarantee, but I could never seem to get more than 2-3 years out of them before they were shot. Not only that, but they were just like a million other bags out there -- nothing distinctive, and they sure don't build up character over time -- they just look old.

    Anyway, this time around I decided to go with more of an old-school leather bag, but there's a lot of junk out there in that category as well. I ran across Saddleback in a web search a couple of years ago, and ended up getting a passport wallet, luggage tag, iPad case, and portfolio, all of which are great. I pulled the trigger on a Daves Deal Large Classic briefcase in Dark Coffee Brown about 6 months ago. I'm 6'4" and 220 lbs and supposed I could have pulled off an extra large, but when I fill up this one it is definitely heavy. I think the large suits me just fine, and forces me to think a little about what I really need to be carrying.

    Since I received it, I've logged over 60,000 air miles with it, and it's gone to China and Germany with me. People are always commenting on it and saying how great it looks. I did have a small issue with a rivet coming loose on the handle, but Saddleback Customer Service was great. They sent me a prepaid return label, and I had it back in my hands within about 3 weeks (this was during the holidays, so it took a little longer).

    My bag and I are off to China again at the end of the month!

    If you're like me and you've been debating whether to get one of these, I can recommend that you go ahead and make the purchase. You won't regret it.

    Family Legacy

    Just received my briefcase. After being in courthouses for 15 years, I always admired the briefcases carried by older attorneys. In speaking with them, many times, they would tell me stories of how their father or grandfather was an attorney or judge and how the briefcase had been passed down a generation. I would look at the briefcase and just picture the many jury trials and legal fights that were supported by the books and briefs transported by the briefcase. To me, I was just in awe of the briefcase - almost as if the briefcase itself had a magical aura. Imagine my happiness in receiving my own briefcase and have the initial thought that it looked exactly like the briefcases I had always admired. At only 42, I could now look like a seasoned attorney with a history of my own. Even though neither my dad or granddad were attorneys, I could now appear like I came from a family of legal scholars. Instant confidence booster to me - if I looked like an experienced lawyer, I must be a great lawyer. Thank you for building such a wonderful product. The thought that keeps coming to mind is "Built like Granddad's with the power to continue the family legacy for generations." Simply beautiful. A. Castillo

    Tobacco brown

    I've spent the past year trying to decide on a color. Picked up a TB iPad case and the decision was clear. It's a darker tobacco, like the color on the briefcase shown on Amazon. It is incredible. It replaced a nylon backpack, so it's a radical change. Large is a great size for laptop, notepad, iPad and various smaller items. I have no regrets at all - color, size, expense. It is perfect.


    I just received my Classic Briefcase in Dark Coffee Brown and it is GORGEOUS! It is going to be exactly the work bag I have been looking for. I saw someone at the airport recently after I ordered mine who has obviously had theirs for some time. It looked great with a little worn-in characteristics that I look forward to mine having.

    Everyone from start to finish in the order process couldn't have been more friendly and more responsive. I would and will recommend their products to everyone I know.

    Than k you!


    Extremely nice, but...

    When I took the bag out of the box, it was everything SBL & the YouTube reviews said it was. Strong sturdy construction made from wonderfully aromatic leather! What more could you ask for? Here's the but...I thought I was purchasing something that would take a bit of time to break in. I got it as a gift Father's Day (2012), and it has softened considerably more than I thought. Is it a deal breaker? No, absolutely not! It's just the joy of a long story laden break in period has come to a screeching halt. Long story short...Buy the bag already! A nice chunk of change, well spent!


    I have an extra-large classic briefcase. There are many nice things about this bag but the best is that the more you beat on it the better it looks. Mine is stuffed to capacity: current contents include i-pad, i-pod, MacBook, 9 CDs, 14 file folders, one book, three magazines, three bottles of water, a set of screwdrivers, lottsa change, two packs of peanut butter crackers, a newspaper, a beeper, an extra t-shirt, and two cell phones. It is big, if you aren't at least 6'5" then don't get the extra large unless you have a sherpa. It fell down the stairs and nothing inside broke. A very cool product.

    I don't know what to say...

    I don't know what to say but...I'll say it. Wow! I researched "other" leather briefcases only to come back to Saddleback. If you ask me why I cannot give an answer. When ordering the bag the ordering process was quick, easy, professional. It arrived within a few days after I ordered it. When it arrived after I opened the packaging the wonderful smell of leather literally filled the room. My two cats eyes honed in on the bag. Uh oh. My wife when she came home from work, having a nose like a Bloodhound said, "what is that smell? It smells really good!" The bag is absolutely beautiful from start to finish. The first day I brought it to my office my colleagues immediately said "wow, where did you get that bag?!" Being in sales, when visiting a client, no joke, after putting the bag down in the client's office the client soon said, "your bag smells incredible and its gorgeous. Where did you get it?" Kind of embarrassing but a compliment. I've only had my bag for a few weeks. Already some wonderful scuffs and wear marks are appearing but like with any quality leather purchase, it makes a statement. I can only hope (and truly believe) this bag will serve me for many years to come. I truly envision passing this bag on to a family member after I am gone for their enjoyment. Then again, maybe I'll take it with me. The craftsmanship is second to none. When I put my bag in my car in the morning there has been nothing more satisfying than smelling a fresh ground cup of coffee along with the wonderful smell of leather this bag produces. I really can't describe this. I'm not some "leather expert" by any stretch. My cat(s) I think are jealous when I leave and my wife has been eyeballing many of the woman's products now as well. Fantastic product and I have been very pleased with this investment. I've owned many other leather products but this truly takes the cake!

    My last one?

    When I received my first large classic Brifcase 6 Month ago I thought I never need to buy one again. Some month later I have bought six of them in different coulers and sizes and the next one is ordered already. I just can not say no to a friend or family member telling me he/she always wanted a piece like that. Together with more of 100 Saddleback products I gave away for X-mas I now have my own pretty large Saddleback family around me. Thank you Dave and Susette, Agni

    As advertised

    I was given this bag for my birthday a few years ago. At first I was a little humbled by the price, but after carrying it for a year the biggest complaint I can find is that it is just as stiff as the day it arrived. This is even after leaving it on the trunk of a coworkers car and watching in horror as they drove off and the bag skidded to the pavement at about 30 MPH. It was scuffed, but after rubbing it down with some leather conditioner you would be hard pressed to see any damage. It looks good with casual clothes and suits alike. It will be the last bag I need. Short of theft or loss I could not imagine replacing it. It looks great, and the craftsmanship is second to none.

    Awesome Bag!!

    One of my good friends got me on to the Saddleback brand and I have been a fan since. I now have the medium wallet, moleskine cover and now the medium classic briefcase all in the coffee color, and I don't know where to start!! I was worried that I did not buy the right size since Dave says guys over 6 feet should look at the larger briefcase but, I am quiet happy with the medium. When I first got it I had to put all my everyday essentials in it and I accomplished that with plenty of room. I will be happy with this bag for a long time!

    One hellofa bag!

    I have both a large & xtra-large. The large will hold a 15" laptop, and the xtra-large will hold a 17" laptop. The large (pictured, hopefully) is just about a year old now, and has been on about 110 plane rides. It's the one I use every day. With everything in it that I carry, it weighs about 24 pounds (according to the scales at airports). I use a caribiner to carry water hanging off the D-ring. The front flap isn't even broken in yet; at least it doesn't feel like it is. This bag took the place of a high-end rolling laptop case, and I wouldn't switch back to it. I believe it states on one of the videos not to overpack this bag. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. It gets mighty heavy walking from terminal C to terminal A west in PHL. I have absolutely no complaints about this bag.

    Great brief case

    I have owed this bag (XL, coffee) for 4 years. I can fit my 17 inch MAC in it with plenty of room for more.
    This bag is bombproof.
    This is a heavy, huge and wonderful bag.
    I would call it a real hauler. You can use it as a briefcase, backpack or luggage.
    I use it much less since I got the standard backpack, but i planned to leave it to my kids or grandkids.

    Great Bag, Only a Couple of Issues

    This is a great bag and I wholeheartedly give it five stars. I can put my Lenovo Thinkpad, small notebook, travel first aid kit, mouse, wireless hotspot, miscellaneous cables, Leatherman, odds and ends and still have plenty of room for whatever shows up during the day needing a place to hide out (Remington 1911A1 Enhanced for instance). And I'm told it's the best looking manpurse by everyone who sees it.

    There are a couple on things that aren't perfect - (1) One rivet popped out after a couple of months. Not a big deal, I put in a chicago screw instead of sending it back for repair - I didn't want to go without the bag for a week or two! Its on one of the straps and is hidden so I'm not worried about it. (2) The strap isn't quite long enough to use as a backpack on my 6' tall 290 lb body. If your chest is less than 72" around you'll be fine. Again, not a big deal - I bought some of Dave's d-ring straps to use on the rare occasions I actually make it into a back pack. (3) the biggest problem is the shoulder strap screw links can come loose at random times. I'll go to pick up the bag and the strap has come loose. I guess I can get out the vise grips and snug it down, but them I won't be able to remove it without a tool. It may just be my strap and not a common problem.

    Other than that, this thing is bullet proof.

    I Live With This Thing

    This bag is utter perfection. I have the XL in Coffee, and carry my laptops (note...Multiple Laptops), power cords, routers, and I STILL have enough room for a change of clothes, toiletries, and a first-aid and survival kit.

    I am always getting compliments on this thing -- I've literally had people stop me in the street to ask where I got my bag from.

    To my future wife: You'll have to be okay with polygamy, because this bag is my first love.

    It goes everywhere with me

    I've had a tobacco brown medium bag now for about 6 months. My beautifuly Johnston and Murphy bag now sits in the corner. I love this bag! I carry my 15" laptop in it all the time. I use the straps and wear it as a backpack all the time for work. Get complements all the time. Fits under an airplane seat. Best thing? I strap it to my motorcycle to and from work when I ride. I did struggle with the caribiner type clasp for the straps: they would not stay screwed on tight. So Bettsy at your shop had me sent it back and you're putting the clasp on it. Terrific! I just had you send me some Chamberlain's leather milk to condition and maybe darken it a bit (coffee brown). Now I'm starting to lust after the backpack...dark coffee brown...gotta be. Thanks for a great product! Jerry.

    I love this thing!

    I've had my bag for over a year now and it's the BEST briefcase I've ever owned! It's getting worn in and more supple every day. I switch from briefcase to knapsack mode often and it is so fast and easy to do that it's hard to believe. Fits perfectly underneath airline seats and in overheads. It is AWESOME!!!!!

    A product built to last

    Several months ago I purchased the medium classic briefcase in tobacco brown and each day I grow more and more fond of it. The briefcase is built to last. I received several compliments on it and will continue to refer others to the Saddleback website.

    The medium size works well for me. I am 5'10" and weigh about 165lbs. I am not an academic but rather work in a hospital. Subsequently, I don't need room to carry large textbooks everyday but rather carry my iPad, a notebook for notes, and assorted other knick-knacks like a point and shoot camera. The medium size is sufficiently large enough to accommodate everything I need to carry on a daily basis without being too heavy. As the website recommends I too would suggest a medium for someone equal to my size who doesn't need to carry around their office.

    I went with the tobacco brown color because I believe it will show the marks of use over time and in doing so it will acquire more character.

    I highly recommend this product and company for anyone looking for a quality briefcase that is capable of lasting a long, long, long time.

    Simply classic

    The construction of this bag is remarkable. Expectations will be exceeded and not by a small margin. Get used to hearing: "What a beautiful briefcase." Because you will hear it often. Overload it, toss it around, beat it up, it does not matter. The bag just keeps coming back for more and looks better and better as the days go by. If you appreciate fine craftsmanship, timeless style, and exceptional utility, this is the bag for you. Cry once and buy this bag, you will be happy that you did.

    Oh my, the memories

    I purchased the large Classic Briefcase about four weeks ago. My brother calls it a "man bag", but every time he sees it he wants to smell the bag. He may not know why, but I do. It is the memories of youth brought back. The first thing I do whenever I pick the bag up is smell the leather. Nellie Fox and Roy Sievers fill my mind and I am transported back to those days of playing summer work-up games with my Nellie fielders glove and Roy first base glove. Used those same gloves for the rest of my playing days, Babe Ruth, high school and college.
    What the hell does this all mean? I don' t know for sure, but I do still have those gloves after 48 years and hope to have this bag at least as long. Being 62 that will not happen, but I do know this bag has brought more feelings and memories and future memories than anything I have purchased since those gloves. Thank you Saddleback folks, there just may be magic in your bags..


    I travel the Midwest for work. I wanted something durable but nice - but I never expected so many comments. But not because it is ostentatious - because it is so cool. People immediately comment on the quality and ask if it is new. I reply nope and it gets better and better over time. My main goal was not to be everybody else with the same cheesy bags. So I will admit I was totally impressed in the extreme high quality of this bag. Begrudgingly I recommend it but not too much because I like being unique! In fact once on a plane the guy in the middle row looked down and saw my bag on the left and the thinner version on the guy to the right. He was sold by the end of the flight.

    Classic Briefcase and awesomeness

    i wast alot of money on stuff that i use all the time and it dont llast. The Classic Briefcase is the best bag i ever got in my life i take it every where i go i love this bag.This bag is big and it looks awesome i like how it turns in to a backpack that comes to use for me alot. I go out my way to tell every one i meet about this web site i tell them that it is run by a hard working very loveing people around you cant find many people like this this day and age and i let them know how awesome all the stuff is and how well made there items are.

    Continues to impress...

    I agonized for over a year - trying to justify, not only to my wife, but to myself - the cost of getting one of these bags. The day it arrived, as many others have commented, the house filled with the intoxicating aromas that only a high quality leather can provide. Upon first glance, it was BIG, it was OVER ENGINEERED, it was AS PROMISED!

    Over the past 7 or 8 months that I've had it, I've (and just as importantly, the wife ;) ) got over the initial cost - like my Audi A6; our Wusthof knives; my Omega Seamaster and so many other material objects we're able to afford, quality is a key factor to enjoying Saddleback Leather products. I now know that this is the last bag I'll buy (sorry Dave and crew...)

    I took my bag on vacation to NYC recently and once we pulled up to the valet at the Intercontinental and proceeded to unload the car, the valet saw the bag and started asking all about it. He was so impressed with it that he asked if he could show his coworker who was about 15 ft away. The coworker came over and they both continued to praise the bag, asking where I got it, how much... all the usual questions. When the wife and I checked in, we couldn't help but be amazed by the fact that, here were two guys that handle luggage all day long, at a respectable hotel, in one of the largest cities in the world and they're impressed by the bag that I now own.

    Next, a strategic development retreat for the management of our company. Seated next to our president for the 2 day event, during a break, our president began a conversation about the bag. Much like the valets in NYC, questions about where, how much, etc ensue. When I get to price, he just nods his head, knowingly and points to his leather bag from another manufacturer that he bought 18 years ago and says to me - it's a wise investment that you'll carry well into the future. I agree with him completely - I've always compromised on notebook bags and they only lasted me a year or so (thanks to the macbook pro 17" that I lug around daily).

    So, in short, if you're on the fence about buying this bag and find that it's in your budget but questioning whether you need a bag of this quality - just do it, you won't be sorry.

    My Little Peice Of Treasure

    I absolutely, hands down, LOVE my SBL Limited Edition Small Briefcase!! I got so lucky to get my hands on one of them! Frist off, the customer service, WOW I spoke with one of the ladies on the saddleback leather team and she answered all my questions about the color, the size, & the suede lining, the works! We even talked about bag charms! I couldn't thank SBL enough for their help; she literally went above and beyond! They really are a GREAT example of what customer service really means. Next I *HOPE* Dave will come back with the small briefcase! I??????m about 5??????3 and weigh about 110lbs, so I??????m on the small side, with that being said, the small briefcase is perfect for petite women. Although this is known to be a ??????man bag?????? women can pull it off just as well, that was one concern of mine. I get tons of compliments non-stop and often get sad to tell them it was limited edition (the size). I love the durability and the sturdiness of the bag. The bag is so beautiful and the quality craftsmanship is to be treasured! I feel like Indiana Jones, literally every time I walk out the door! All the men in my family are planning to invest in SBL products! Thank you so much SBL! You??????ve made one happy lass!


    I've had this briefcase for a couple years now and it is just getting better. Took it to a doctor's appointment and the doctor was so impressed he got one for himself.

    As others have stated, this bag is very strong and carries a lot more than you think it can. I've used it both over-the-shoulder and as a backpack, and in either mode it is comfortable and easy to access. The appearance just gets better with use, and it is pretty much indestructible.

    This was the first bag I purchased from Saddleback. Since then I've bought a couple more plus several accessories for me and have given a bag as a gift. Every other bag I've looked at either on-line or in person has been a poor second choice to this one.

    THE bag for traveling

    I work on an Oil drilling rig off the coast of Africa. I have the extra large briefcase and it is the only bag I take with me when I "go to work." See, I work 28 days on, 12 hours a day 7 days a week for that period. Our shirts have blue collars, I bathe AFTER work and I rely on tools to make my living. My boots are an integral part of my "kit." This bag takes the abuse of being handled by baggage handlers at airports that are best described as "rugged" and never seems to care.

    The bumps and scrapes only seem to make it more beautiful. I happen to hold an advanced degree and I lecture at a local university periodically. This bag fits right in. Some of the students in my friend's classes ask about my "Indiana Jones Bag" and I just tell them "Dr. Jones would have loved this bag, It has a secret compartment."

    I can easily carry 4 days worth of clothing along with a laptop, ereader, and all the assorted cables and accoutrements associated with a modern professional. I recommend the Cable Bag as a must have accessory. It fits nicely under one of the interior front pockets for more efficient use of space.

    This bag is more useful than any other bag I have ever owned simply because it is simple. There are not 40 thousand pockets involved so you know exactly where everything is all the time.

    You will never regret buying this bag.

    Part of Who I Am

    I have wanted a bag like this before I even heard of Saddleback Leather. When I found Saddleback on Art of Manliness, I was amazed at the look and quality, but I couldn't imagine paying that much for a bag. However, I have been seeking to apply the principle of buying quality and using it for life. Knowing that I had wanted the bag for years, I knew I wouldn't get tired of it. So, I saved for several months and finally purchased my back in January of this year.

    Since then, it has been across the continent with me. I have taken it to business meetings, ministry appointments, and even converted it into a backpack as I hiked to work without my car one day.

    The bag is everything I hoped it would be. It fits my personality, communicating manliness, professionalism, and adventure. I get several compliments on it every day, and I can't imagine not owning it now. It already has a lot of stories. Can't wait to make more and hand this bag down to my son one day as a badge of honor.

    Totally awesome badassness

    Truly and sincerely and truthfully: Fantastic stuff, better than pix and vids can depict I picked chestnut and boy it looks wonderful The texture feels very sturdy and thick, virile, but not aggressive. The construction looks like it is indeed waranty-able for 100 years. I dont like the swivel clips (to open, one needs to unscrew them and it can be a hassle as the screw needs to be properly aligned) and will see how to change them, but thats a matter of personal taste/mania. I would use ones used in sail boats, so I know they are rust-proof and sturdy. The briefcase is so big, one could use it as a travel bag. It doesnt fit in my motorcycle trunk so I've had to use the shoulder strap and turn this beast into a back pack to drive back home, which is real cool, actually. I didnt feel the heavy weight when it was turned into a backpack. Big can be good, though: I like the fact I can slide my nylon computer pouch inside one of the two compartments. I dont have toworry about my mac being shaken around inside the briefcase. One thing I'd have loved is a few slots for pencils and pens in one of the two inside pockets. And maybe a slot to put business cards in. Again minor stuff, that I almost feel ashamed to mention in light of the overall fabulousness of this bag. Conclusion: Im getting ready for more stuff from these fine people.

    Upgrade that bag, young man!

    As a frequent business traveler, I've always used a backpack. They're pretty comfortable, and easy to throw around. After seeing far too many people with the "swiss" bags, I decided it was time to class it up. A friend referred me to Saddleback, and I'm glad he did! I debated on the size, but ended up with the Large Dark Coffee Brown. I carry 2 laptops most weeks (a Lenovo 12.5" and a MacBook Air 13"). They both fit in the bag perfectly along with all of my other supplies. I constantly get compliments - from jealous dudes and, more importantly, women who notice my fashion forward style. One thing I'll say is that the bag can get a little heavy when fully loaded. That's to be expected due to the nature of the materials and construction. Since I'm used to wearing a backpack, I bought a caribiner that attaches to the center ring. I quickly attach and detach the strap for easy conversion to a backpack and standard shoulder strap. It's also great to quickly clip the bag to your carry-on for easy maneuvering through the airport. Overall, I would highly recommend this briefcase, and I look forward to seeing how it wears in over the years!

    Still going strong

    I bought mine back in 09. When I first bought it, I was overly cautious with the handling of this bag. Not so much anymore. I use it at least 5 days a week. More if I'm out of town, which is a lot. I've taken this bag all over the United States. I've crammed it full with items and have truly tested out the stitching. I've jammed it under countless airline seats (I have a medium size). I've had airline stewardess offer to take it off my hands. It has been thrown into the back of countless rental cars. It has been jammed behind the seat of our work truck. It has ridden in many elevators. To every location I've gone and every hotel I've stayed at, this bag has been by my side.

    Classic Briefcase

    I just opened the box of my new Classic Breifcase in size large and I am speachless! This bag is what I have been looking for for years and now its mine! I love, Love, LOVE it! What else can I buy now! If you ever had any reservations about the quality of this product, there is no reason for it. Just buy it and you will see why everyone LOVES this stuff!

    It's A Tank

    Medium classic briefcase. Carbon black. A friend of mine turned me onto SBL last year. I blame him for my obsession with my bag (and everything that followed: large belt pouch, card sleeve, and big leather wallet. All carbon black). This bag is a tank for sure. It could be bullet proof, but I'm not going to test it. I jam it full of my daily essentials: notebooks, files, electronics, waterbladder, first aid kit, etc... As I train for my ultra-distance runs, I drop 40lb weights in it and hit the stairclimber. The bag laughs. I throw up. I take it everywhere: Flight attendant-sir may we check that bag for you? Me- this bag doesn't leave my side (or my back, mostly). Besides, first class has more room, thanks... Flight attendant: oh, enjoy your flight sir! I beat the hell out of this bag, and it still looks brand new...I've got work to do... Thanks Dave.


    Notice, as you read these reviews, that anything below a 5 out of 5 star rating is rare sight. Why? Because these bags are absolutely amazing! The bag is a work of art. You will turn heads when you walk into a room with it. Everywhere I go, people ask about the bag and want to see it. I've had it for 4 days and I already have 5 co-workers thinking about buying one. This is the type of purchase you will be proud you decided to make. You will look for excuses to carry around stuff with it. If you are on the fence like I was about buying one because of the price, think of it as an investment that you'll use for the rest of your life. I look forward to reading your review of the leather once you buy it :-). Warning: Be aware of which size you need. I ordered a large and my 15 1/2 inch laptop just barely fits. It has enough room for books, a binder, pens, laptop charger and a few other things with the laptop in it. If you need more space, I would definitely suggest getting the extra large - or getting one of his backpacks.

    Great stuff!

    Great briefcase! I look at it everyday because I'm so amazed by the craftsmanship, texture, and the details of the bag. I love the smell of it too. I'm going to hike Mt. Fuji with my med tb briefcase this summer.

    Just get it already!

    Ok I'll admit I have not had this bag long. I was very skeptical once I took it out of the box. It was super heavy and much larger than expected. In addition, the leather was so stiff that I could barely put my daily essentials in the bag. Don't be discouraged! Just roll up your sleeves and give it a good beating--it will soften up. I sat on mine for a while and then bent every corner I could. Once it's softer, the bag will readily go from very thin when empty to massive when full. I like that because it means this bag can be used for many situations. Overnight trip? You bet. Day on the town? Easily. Board meeting? Prepare for compliments.

    The firt time I took this bag out it was for a career fair. I think I got 5 compliments in about 3 hours. In addition, this thing is a great conversation piece. Although the bag was heavy, I was able to lug it all over Manhattan comfortably for a day. And finally, although I didn't think it would be classy enough to use with a suit, it is far beyond what most men carry for business.

    I'll also say that getting a breifcase will be a huge adjustment for someone (like me) who still uses their backpack from college. You will not get the same versatility here, nor will you get quite the same amount of room. In order to be happy with this bag, you have to give up a lot of the conveniences of your old backpack (super light weight, zippers, additional comfort, extra pockets). In the end, it is probably going to be worth it because this bag is way more classy and will last forever.

    And I'll just say that I also tried the slim breifcase and found it to be too small. It was a lot lighter, but could not hold as much stuff. It also did not have exterior pockets for things like water bottles, meaning you would have to basically sacrifice a whole compartment for food and drink. So I would recommend the classic because it is far more versatile than the slim, and equally as attractive. But it depends on your needs.

    Bottom line: get one of these right now and don't look back.

    A Proud Owner (and Saddleback leather addict!)

    I just received my XL Classic Briefcase (Dark Coffee Brown), and I couldn't be more excited. I got all of my major Saddleback purchases through the Dave's Deal's (discounted from 10-25% off) feature on the Saddleback web page and I highly recommend you check out those for great discounts. I won't repeat what you already know about the awesome quality, incredible customer service and unbeatable warranty with Saddleback leather products, but suffice to say...its all true. If you're reading reviews, you may still be on the fence about whether to buy, or which size. I will say first: ignore the complaints you may sometimes read about the bags being too heavy. They aren't. Now, as to the question of XL or Large? Of course it is up to what you want to use it for. If for carrying a laptop, some books and a file or two, the large would be good. If you want to carry more than that, the XL is the way to go. I am 6'3", and....big, shall we say, and the XL fits my XL lifestyle (hehee). Now I will warn you that once you buy one Saddleback leather product, you will become addicted to their quality, and the great feeling you have owning such a high quality product. So far I have the Large Satchel, the XL classic briefcase, the messenger bag, medium travel case, the pouch, and a small bi-fold wallet (all in DCB). About the prices: they are actually relatively inexpensive compared to other "luxury leather" makers' stuff that retails in the thousands for what I would consider inferior craftsmanship and materials. As Dave says, "buy nice or buy twice." (I think he said that in one of his videos). Dave and Suzette: keep doing what you do. Thank you for making such awesome products and I wish you (and the whole saddleback leather 'family') love, happiness, and peace.

    Yup, I'm addicted too

    Yes -- I've also become addicted to awesome Saddleback Leather. I started with a simple credit card wallet...followed by an Ipad 1 case, Large Classic Briefcase and keychain, and set of Medium Utility Straps. All in Dark Coffee Brown. Just got the straps in the mail today....already thinking of ways to use them and what I could hang from / strap to my Briefcase.... About the briefcase: tough as nails. I used to worry about my old 'padded' computer bag. I used to fuss over it, worried about a raindrop or two, and overly careful with it. But that's just not my style. I wanted something tough and rugged and of lasting quality. This bag checks every box. I regularly carry my Macbook Pro, Ipad, notepad and papers, power cords, sunglasses case -- and I always carry a baseball, as I've got Spring Training fever right now.... Plenty of room for all those things and more. I would not consider the bag heavy. Rather, I would suggest that all lesser bags are lightweight. Next on my radar will be a Saddleback Notepad Holder or Belt -- haven't decided on which yet.... Thanks to Dave and everyone at Saddleback.

    I'm all leathered up!!

    Just getcha some!! Pull the trigger. Quit thinking, "man it's so expensive though." I started with the iPad case and then a little card holder, gadget sleeve and now I've got the classic BC in medium chestnut. OMG! Got it off Dave's Deals but I honestly don't see why it was discounted. Not complaining though. Anyway, my next purchase will be the pouch and then the large pad holder and.... Like I said, just getcha some!!

    Honourary Saddleback Leather Pusher-- Just do it.

    For how much I have been talking about this bag at work and with my friends, you would think that I owned shares in whatever Dave was selling.

    I say this because I have been talking about SBL for MONTHS, 9 to be exact, before I even laid my hands on one. And like every anal retentive doctor can be, I have trolled the youtube videos, Dave's personable videos, styleforum, googled images of the different colours and styles. If you look hard enough, there is an amazing amount to find.

    I debated long and arduously about what I wanted and needed it for, whether the classic was too big and manly for my willowy thin [130 pound], 5'9.5" on a good day [in flats] frame... and whether my puny muscles could lug around a 3 kg bag-- empty. But I will get to that...

    I ended up with the medium tobacco rather than the chestnut (which is probably more professional and which I regret a little, but the grass is always greener). It doesn't look monstrous on me, but it is -- solid...

    The bag is amazing in backpack form... it hangs just below the shoulder blades/scapula, hugging the body close to distribute the weight well. And honestly, 3 kilos feels pretty darn light when the bag looks and smells so yummy.

    Ironically no one has time to give me compliments because before they get a word out edgewise, I start jabbering on about the bag, the warranty, the design and general perks about the bag-- which is everything maybe minus the price. Most of my friends aren't quite sold, but just give me a little time... they will come around.

    For the beautiful ladies out there who are doubting, this bag is not for the faint of heart... If you can't cope the load, the medium satchel looks like an awesome alternative. The capacity of this mother of a bag is amazing... a few overly heavy 1200 page books... and you think your arm will fall off-- backpack mode here we come. A 4.5 inchi width is more than enough for practical day to day use for most people I suspect-- even me.

    Anyhow, I have been rambling long enough... even with the $75 shipping to Australia, this bag is worth every last penny of money hard earned. I feel like a school girl that just landed her crush that she has been languishing over-- inordinately happy and over the moon!

    Love it

    Just got my back, was one of Dave's deals. Dave must be aweful picky since I cannot find any flaw at 10 feet let alone 2 feet but thanks for the discount. Have traveled last 14 years and went through God knows how many suitcases and laptop backs/backpacks. Not any more love this case and will be my last one. Built to last, worth every penny and don't be scared about Dave's deals.

    Great Travel Bag

    I bought my bag in Chesnut back in 2008. It has travelled with me to Moscow, Russia and back to Texas, has gone with me to Washington DC several times, Florida and all over the big State of Texas.

    It barely has a scratch and is the most durable piece of luggage that I have ever owned. I use it typically as a carry-on bag for flying, and as a front seat travel bag when I am driving.

    I have loaded it completely with everything from laptops, camera equipment, work documents/folders, chargers, keys, passports, baby items (yes....it even has been used to carry toys, formula, diapers etc of our two little girls over the years).

    I can load it and always feel confident that it will hold. The heavy duty strap is always useful for carrying heavier loads, or for when my hands are full carrying other things.

    Although the size I bought was a bit too big for day to day briefcase use back and forth to the office, it has been a reliable part of my life, and like the advertisements say, will be there for my family long after I'm gone from this world.

    If you are wanting a great multi-purpose bag that will handle everything, lasts forever, and causes people to stop you and compliment you on it, then this is what you need.

    I wholly recommend it. Thanks!


    Better than the reviews!!!

    How often does a product exceed your expectations? This SB briefcase is awesome and will do just that even if you are tough to please! I have had this briefcase about a month (my 2nd SB product) and it rocks.

    I ordered the medium because I was concerned about the weight once I got it loaded down. I can carry my 15 inch laptop, an iPad, several files, and only have one of the two internal sides full. Yet, it is not the weight that sticks out in your mind when carrying it but the solidness of the product. It is built to last and a by-product is that it will get noticed by your peers and fellow travelers.

    It is a significant upgrade from the standard black nylon computer bag that the IT guys seem to love to issue everyone. I carry it for work and travel and it delivers!!!

    I had one person I was working with insist that I place it in his car trunk when on a call because he did not want to deal with the hassle of a police report when someone broke into the car to steal my SB briefcase!!

    The toughest part of the choice to buy this bag for me was I wanted the suede lining but I did not want to wait the extra time to get my bag. Buy this briefcase today!!! Youwill not be disappointed.

    Cycling with the Classic Briefcase

    Having tried many bags as backpack for my bicycle commute I attest that the SB Classic Briefcase is the best bag I have ever used. I own the large classic as I am a big man. I carry laptop, books and the necessities of life such that the combined weight is considerable. Herein is the magic. Thanks to the design features of the bag the weight is distributed evenly across my back so the bag is comfortable. The straps have large pads so they do not dig into my shoulders. The conversion from satchel strap to backpack strap is simple. The effect of tightening the two side straps around the bag is to round out the base so that the leather base of the bag is not sticking into my back. It is waterproof. The weight moves with my body as opposed to what happens with any pannier system.

    Thanks to this bag I no longer have to pack a cycle bag as a separate entity to my work bag. The two are one and the same.

    XL Briefcase

    I've had my XL Classic Briefcase in Tobacco Brown for about a month now. This is a big piece of luggage as advertised! I'm 6'3" and 250# and this is about all I would want to carry on a regular basis. The weight of the bag itself is not an issue. The Cordura rolling bag that this Briefcase replaces actually weighs more than this XL Briefcase. The only issue is that you can pack a LOT of items in the Briefcase and might be tempted to overload it. With a full load of 17" laptop, power supply, cords, security cable, extra phone/charger, Franklin Classic day planner, 50 pages of files, and a small sundry bag, the weight is 24.5# which begins to wear on you in the long haul. Without the thick and heavy day planner, it could be snugged down to about 2/3 the thickness if needed with much reduced weight. I still have room for a change of clothes and toiletries and use this as an overnight bag. For everyday in-office use the Large Classic Briefcase might have been a better pick, but the XL gives me the flexibility of an overnight carry on bag.
    Fits in overhead bins of large airplanes just fine, as noted in other reviews. If you are worried about being asked to gate check this bag, point out that other passengers are bringing far bulkier bags onboard and jamming them into the overhead bins, and that it can go under the seat in front of you if necessary.
    This is a great bag that does everything Dave says that it should. Be prepared for admiring comments!

    Dave's Deals

    I bought a classic medium briefcase off of Dave's Deals at 15% off. I cannot find anything wrong except a three inch bubble on the inside cover pigskin just above the handle. It is so small an issue, and you would have to have the case open to see it. I have it loaded up with a 13 inch MacBook Pro, an iPad in the back pocket, a pocket size Daytimer, all kind of cables in a cable bag, also Dave's Deals. Pens, papers, the works, and there is still room to add things. It is not heavy at all for me. I know leather. The workmanship is excellent. You cannot buy a better case for the money. For this to be a Dave's Deal, they must have very high standards. This case is so worth it. Thank you Saddleback, I will be a returning customer.

    Called Classic for a Reason

    Being 6'0, 180 lbs I was unsure of what size to get; ultimately based on the limited videos on youtube (at the time) I went ahead and ordered a large in chestnut. great choice! I love the snug fit for the medium notepad holder and the medium MacBook sleeve in the back compartment, lots of room for a kindle, passport, pens, and thumb drives in the remaining internal pockets and a generous front compartment for cables, cameras, etc.

    It's a heavy bag, it's not a flaw - it's a characteristic. My advice, just because there's room, don't feel compelled to fill it with unnecessary items just for the sake of filling it. The space is there when you need it and things aren't just flopping around when it isn't packed to the brim.

    Love my bag, and it's only getting better! Thanks SBL!

    Some kinda wonderful

    I just got back from a trip and my Large Classic Briefcase in Chestnut had arrived.

    From the first moment I picked it up I was seriously impressed and convinced that the expensive purchase will be well worth it.

    Here's another thing; this was one of Dave's Deals with a 15% discount, but I haven't found the flaw yet, the bag looks to be in tip-top condition.

    My better-half tells me it sounds like I'm saddling-up to ride out whenever I'm using it!

    Great product, really.


    Ian Fox

    Medium Classic is PERFECT

    I originally purchased the large thin briefcase, and loved the look of it, but it isn't deep enough for my needs. I ordered the Medium Classic in Chestnut, and before it even arrived I thought I had made a mistake again. I watched many reviews saying the medium is too small, and "purse" like. Well, I can tell all of you that is not the case. I am 6'0, 250lbs, and if it doesn't look tiny on me, it wont look tiny on you. I can fit the medium notepad holder, a 13in MBP Retina in the 13in MB Air sleeve, and my 14in dell laptop in the back , and all the cables, chargers, pens, office needs in the front with room to spare for a medium bible with the closure.

    If you have a 15in laptop or bigger, then you need the bigger bag, but if not, the medium will more than meet your needs. Unless you just like the look of carrying a large bag with you, the medium classic briefcase is perfect.

    Size Matters

    I originally ordered the Large Classic Briefcase, thinking it would be perfect for my law practice. When it was delivered, I tried putting an expandable folder inside (Redweld brand), and was dismayed to learn it would not fit. Dave's video doesn't even show the Extra Large size, but the screen just says something like it's good for litigators with huge case files. This led me to believe that the Large would be fine for normal use. Well, it is not. I would have appreciated a disclaimer on the size chart that says "expandable legal size folders do not fit in the Large case". So, now I am waiting on the delivery of the Extra Large. Oh, and of course I have to pay for return shipping. Had I known a normal legal folder would not fit, I would have ordered the Extra Large in the first place. That is disappointing as well. Once I take possession of a briefcase that actually can accept legal file folders, I will update this post as to how I like that case.


    Hi....Did I say in my recent review that I'd rate this item at 5 stars?
    If I didn't, I meant to.

    It was time to grow up...

    I've been drooling over this briefcase every since seeing someone carry one into a meeting. Yesterday an employee gave it to me as a gift.

    I knew that I wanted one, but didn't know how much until I got my hands on it. Often, we fantasize about something and it's rarely as good in reality as it was in our minds - this was not one of those cases.

    It's an incredible bag that gives me that timeless feel which merges into my MacBook Pro and iPad.

    So, I shed my backpack of many years and migrate into manhood with the last briefcase I'll ever need.

    I got the large size briefcase and it holds my 15inch MackBook Pro and all the other tech gadgets and items that I carry. I highly recommend it.


    I bought this, because there are days when I needed a large briefcase. This bag is awesome, and has turned into my main bag for work and travel. It can hold a weekends worth of summer clothes, or a 14" laptop and a bunch of work files. My only slight regret is that I bought the medium and not the large, only because my laptop won't fit in it. It's OK though my old leather briefcase holds that one. The medium will work quite well though. Awesome bag Dave.

    Size Matters part 2

    As promised, this is an update to my first review. I have received the extra large briefcase and it is quite nice. It accepts legal sized pocket folders and expandable folders nicely. Quality is extraordinary. The bag is heavy and large, so if you are looking for a lightweight bag, this is not the bag for you. But if you want a quality case that can handle literally anything you can put in it, this is your bag. Just remember, as I stated in the first review, be sure you are getting a size that can accept what you want to put in it. I recommend this extra large bag (but when it is full, it is very heavy).

    Another well-deserved 5 star review

    Purchased the XL briefcase in chestnut through Dave's Deals, however like another review, I can't find a single thing wrong with it - it's just an outstanding piece of craftsmanship. Heavy, thick leather, tight stitching. Every part feels substantial and well-made. If I need to armor up for a knife fight, I'll just cut some arm holes.

    In regards to size: Having read quite a few reviews, I was slightly concerned ordering the XL size, as I thought it might just be monstrously huge. It's not, it'????s perfect. Is it big? Yes, that's the point - however, for me, not too big. Having shifted over a laptop, file folders, sunglasses (in a big case) and charging cords, pens and notebooks, a thick book, a huge water container and some assorted junk from a backpack, I still have room for my gym clothes with space to spare on a daily basis. This is a good thing.

    Since having it for a few days, I'??ve already received numerous compliments from co-workers (not to mention jealous looks and lots of how much was it? That things just going to get better over time!????), and it makes my office (and car) smell like delicious leather. The smell alone is worth the price.
    The chestnut finish is beautiful. Exactly what I'????d hoped it would be. if you like the photos of the chestnut finish, you'll love the actual bag.

    As I say to my girlfriend,???? it'????s worth spending the extra to get what you really want. You're already invested, make sure you don'????t have to purchase twice. If you try and save money by getting something "????close"???? to what you want, you won'????t be satisfied. You'll end up purchasing something else eventually, and thereby negate any savings you might have had initially. Plus, you likely still won't have what you wanted in the first place.

    I enjoy purchasing quality, and I couldn??????t have made a better choice.

    Thanks Dave!

    Warm and kind service prompt me to order more next time

    I was looking for an iPad sleeve and was thinking of the classic look. That soon brought me here. While I was browsing through, I saw the nice looking briefcase which can be converted into a backpack. Reminds me a lot of the Hobbit traveller. I could not decide to choose between Tobacco Brown or Chestnut. Later decided to get three items with three different colours as shown in the photo.

    These would be a good companion as I embark on my PhD study adventure later this year. The smell of the leather is so nice. I'm very used to it from having chestnut leather shoes, wallet and carbon black leather belt.

    I will soon order a small suitcase and small satchel. Many thanks to Tim and Jodie for helping me with the orders.

    Awesome ! Awesome

    Just Quality and Pure Quality !! Unbelievable Leather !!

    The Perfect Adventure Bag

    I'm a history teacher with fantasies of being Indiana Jones. I waited about five years until I had enough money to get the large dark coffee briefcase, and it was worth the wait. The bag is great for going on hikes and for travelling, but it looks perfect and professorial in the classroom too.

    I've already got about five students who want to buy one, and I get compliments on the bag just about every time I go out.

    The weight of the bag isn't a problem for me; it adds to the classic charm. I converted it into a backpack last week and hiked with it up Sleeping Bear Dunes in Michigan. It was comfortable and not a bit too heavy.

    I can't wait for it to get scuffed and worn in.

    Beautiful Piece of Art

    I am super happy to join the Sadddleback Leather Family. I got the XL Classic Briefcase in Black. I can't describe how amazingly impressed I am with this bag. All the positive you see on this review site is absolutely true. The Leather is super thick and substantial. The workmanship and built quality is steel strong and overall looks and feels like a quality product. The leather bags you see in retail stores and even most online and even those with designer names on them are only shiny looking on the surface but lack the QUALITY ingredients that Saddleback gives. This lacking in other leather products is so manufacturers can save cost and maximize profits. If you want a true quality leather briefcase that will get even more beautiful with age, this is the briefcase. The initial price is hard to swallow but when you hold the bag in your hands, every penny feels well worth the cost. The Briefcase especially in XL is heavy but only because that's what real, thick, cowhide leather is ..if you want a light weight product, there is plenty of "leather" spray on and imitations out there. In the end, it's true that you get what you pay for.

    Thanks for the fantastic, delicious, well-built Leather, Dave .. I love the personal and family touch you have injected into your products, customer service and your company. Keep up the superb standards !!

    Best wishes from your neighbour up North :)

    Stop Humming & Hawing and just do it!

    This is message to all of the people humming and hawing, desperately trying to justify spending this amount of money on a bag. I say DO IT! You will not regret it. The customer service was amazing, Great people to deal with. I ordered the Medium bag and when I recieved it, it was just to small, so a simple email back to them and they emailed me the appropriate paperwork and within minutes it was all takin care of and the new one was on its way to me. When I did finally recieve the Large bag, it was exactly what I was looking for. I have never been happier with a bag (which is a good thing because they last forever). And I would recomend Saddleback Leather Co. to anyone. 2 thumbs way way up!


    I got the large classic briefcase in coffee brown and it just arrived. Cost me 25 per cent to clear customs so this is something to keep in mind. I will say it is very nice. But some people love it and others hate it in my office, but everyone has something to say about this. I like to keep my life simple, so I like that I can use it with a suit and look good and also use it around town on the weekend. I live in the city so it is nice there is plenty of room in it to lick up groceries on the bike on the way home from work.
    I will say that it seems to be wildly over engineered. I think 100 years is an understatement. The leather might even be too thick for this type of use-it is very stiff. Hopefully it will become more supple with time.
    Also all of the hardware seems a bit unnecessary and clutters up the esthetic of it, and I don't think I will use it.
    There are also two small loops on the back that keep the two closing straps in place that don't seem necessary and rub on the back while wearing it which makes it a bit uncomfortable. I think the size is good though for what I use it for.
    I think it will only become better looking and easier to use after it breaks in. It is a bit clumsy right now with everything so stiff, it is a bit like hose tackle-ish.
    In all, I am very satisfied and I am convinced it will be in my will to be inhereted by my decendants and most likely the last briefcase/day bag/ carry on bag that I buy.


    We live in the most skilled and sophisicated marketing society ever developed. Our every waking moments are filled with testimonials and promotions promising perfection and happiness if we would only purchase from them. Unfortunately and often, the quality we are seducted with isn't present in the real time product.

    Dave and Saddleback is the real deal. Dave is honest, straighforward and he clearly is a man of integrity. The joy and pride he feels when he tells you about the extraordinary quality of his product is visceral.

    I have searched worldwide off and on for two years for the perfect briefcase/messenger bag and could not find all the essential components, regardless of the cost. But I did with the large, chestnut briefcase from Saddleback. It is more impressive and quality laden then the pictures express.

    It took two days for me to digest the price and make the purchase. When the bag arrived and I examined it, one of my first thoughts was " this briefcase is worth more than the asking price." It is a true deal at the current price.

    I appreciate that Dave expresses his faith and the extra gift he places in the bag.

    BUY NOW!!

    Found what I was looking for

    Just got my Classic in chestnut about a week ago.
    I previously had bought three briefcases in the last 18 months and was not happy with either of them. My wife said I was as bad about my briefcase as she was a pocketbook. Now I'm happy and she is to.

    Thanks Dave for making such a beautiful briefcase.

    Worth every penny

    I read "how to convince my spouse" and reviewed the available bags many times before ordering a medium briefcase in chestnut. In my case it was not me convincing her but her convincing me. I travel weekly for work about 50 weeks per year and travel quite a bit in between those trips on my own. I was going through a standard ballistic bag or even two a year at roughly $50 each. The lining would tear, a zipper break, some portion of the carrying system would give out... you name it I broke it.
    I started looking at leather bags but the up front price always had me balk. I am a believer in quality but somehow when coming to bags the cost to perceived value just would not level out in my mind.
    Once my wife convinced me that the cost would be at least the same if I had a single bag for even a few years compared to how often I was purchasing them; I started my hunt. The cost and weight of the Saddleback bags really had me unsure but I LOVED the designs and the reviews and videos and warranty and return policy and... you get the idea.
    I won't lie, even though it is not that expensive in hind sight after having the bag almost a year, but the up front cost really worried me for some reason. From the day I got my Saddleback, the beauty and craftsmanship began easing that concern.
    Then the weight, fairly substantial even empty, was a worry. After realizing how easy I could strap to my suitcase with the medium accessory straps combined with the adjustability and comfort of the carrying strap design I realized this too was not really much of a concern.
    The stares and comments of admiration for the bag are unbelievable. I have not once traveled without at least one comment on the bag or being questioned by someone who had been contemplating a Saddleback purchase.
    In all cases I have to say I was a fool not to purchase sooner and any need for a product which Saddleback has an option for; Saddleback is the only vendor I shop. That's right, when it comes to the products they make I am so certain theirs will be the best I no longer comparatively shop. They are that good. Thank you Saddleback.

    Not just a bag, a new member of the family!

    I will try to be brief but I am too excited. I have been looking at purchasing the classic briefcase for over a year now. I read all the reviews and watched numerous video reviews to narrow down my decision of size and color.

    To also assit I bought a tobacco ID wallet and med. notepad holder, a chestnut laptop case and a dark coffee pouch. Seeing the colors confirmed what I had known. For me I went with the tobacco brown large briefcase and the coffee colored pouch looks great hanging off of the front.

    Size was another concern. I felt I probably needed the large but did more research on the size of the things I need to carry. The extra 2 inches made the difference from a medium to the large. The extra large seemed too big to carry everyday.

    I just received my bag about a week ago and now have it filled. Here is what I have in it so far: DSLR camera with 2 lenses, A light for video shoots, 8 rechargeable batteries and 2 chargers for the light, extra battery and charger for the camera, macbook pro and sleeve, Apple charging equipment, med. note holder, legal pad (no cover), 2 small towels, the strap to the pouch(pouch hangs off the front of bag-with business cards, USB drive and documents like passports and travel documents), pens and of course a few snacks and breath mints.

    The bag is heavy to start but not as bad loaded as I would think. The shoulder strap really balances the load and the pads are comfortable. I had also read from some people that the leather was very stiff. This was true of my pouch but not the briefcase. The other thing about leather is it will get softer over time so be patient and the bag will become more pliable.

    This is a beautiful bag and my brother-n-law, who is in the Army, and I believe it would stop a 50 cal. bullet from 100 yards, that is how durable it feels. Quality does not come cheap but if you want the best and want something to last then this bag might be the least expensive of the options on the market.

    I hope this helps those of you who are taking time to read this. Take your time and do your own homework. Just be prepared, when you finally pull the trigger you will never look back and you will wonder why you hadn't made this decision sooner.

    Thanks Dave! Keep up the quality work as I have my eye on a duffle bag and my Brother-n-law has the front pocket backpack on his wish list.


    Best bag ever!


    I just wanted to drop you a note to commend you on your incredible products. I first discovered your company in 2005, and instantly drs on love with your extra large chestnut briefcase. I drooled over that bag for two years!! Then, for my birthday in 2007, my beautiful wife got me the large chestnut wallet. I was floored. I carried that wallet all over the globe. In 2007, my word shocked me again when I returned from Africa with my dream briefcase. I loved the looks that it drew and loved passing out your business cards when asked about my bag. I carrieeverything in that bag, which is why it was devastating when two men in Houston ambushed me, stuck a gun in my face and got away with my beautiful bag and wallet. All of the other stuff was recovered, but not my bag or wallet. I'm saving up to replace them, and will soon. Just wanted to share my story...keep up the great work!


    Hey Guys, Here is what I wrote to Customer Service.

    Dear Mr. Munson,
    I recieved my XL Chestnut Brief Case yesterday in the mail and my son took to it right away. I had to remind him twice that it was MINE.
    I believe you sent me the wrong bag. I bought mine from your Dave's Deals for a 25% discount for flaws one can see 10 feet away. Sir, there is none.
    Please let me know if you did indeed mix up my order so I can send this bag back to the rightful owner....I can not WAIT TO get my bag. Because this one is everything you say it is and so beautiful.........
    BTW, May I keep the Personal Bible?. I know this will add to my answers as I continue to search deeper for God.
    Let me know how you would like me to proceed regarding this bag..

    Here is what they Wrote Back

    Hey there Eddie,

    Tiffany here this lovely Texas morning, happy to help out!

    Thanks so much for your note and your concern! I took a quick peek a(n)d it look(s) like the correct bag was sent to you! That bag is yours! =D

    We don't know exactly what flaw is on which bag, so unfortunately I can't point you to where to look on your bag to find it. We're also really tough on our quality standards, so we try to keep the cosmetic flaws in Dave's Deals extremely minor - even in the 25% off range. So it looks like you just snagged an awesome deal there!

    Holler if you have any questions, and enjoy your new briefcase!

    It should be noted that I still can NOT find any reason why this bag is on Dave's Deals nor can I see anything that would justify a 25% discount. There simply is no flaw on it.

    In addition, At this writing, I have not own my work of art for 24 hours and the Customer Service is as great as the product itself.....I bought an XL Brief Case and it is NOT that heavy (so, man up!) I am overjoyed that I do not have to return this bag....

    I will be purchasing another item again.

    Very pleased with this briefcase

    I ordered the Large Classic Briefcase in DCB, and I'm very happy with it. With regard to the quality, it is as durable - almost overbuilt - as it's advertised to be, and the design is well thought out. A lot of reviewers say that it's heavy, but I haven't found the weight to be an issue, given that I'm loading it up with 20lbs of gear and books anyway. My 17" MacBook Pro fits snugly, so I'm glad I didn't go for the XL. I've found the backpack option to be particularly useful, once I sorted out how to arrange the strap. Overall I'd recommend this briefcase to anyone who goes in for high quality stuff - the materials, construction, and usability make it worth the price. Thanks Dave!

    It's not a purchase, it's an investment

    Overview: let me start by saying this is an investment, and not a purchase. I've been through undergraduate, law, and MBA school, and I must admit that I wish I had the opprotunity to invest in one upon my high school graduation. After going through 3 bookbags in undergrad, 4 in law school (lots of heavy books), and 2 in MBA school (again, the books thing), I was finally able to afford to invest in this briefcase. I've been using it for a few months now, and I have no qualms about using the term 'investment' with this bag. The quality, timelessness, and durability of this bag is undoubtedly going to serve me well for a long time. The increase in self-confidence from all of the compliments is simply icing on the cake (seriously, four comments within 5 minutes of taking it to its first class).

    Product info: the large bag is the perfect size for anyone in law school, graduate school, or has to transport quite a bit of materials/electronics. I was able to fit three textbooks, three 1" three ring binders, my ultrabook/neoprene sleeve, two calculators, several pens/pencils, emergency kit, bottled water/soda, and my keys/cell phone in this thing. For someone who needs everything with them all day for a variety of classes/activities I have no doubt that the large will serve you well.

    Best Bag So Far!

    First off I wanna say that this is my first review of any product. That should say how impressed I am right off the bat. I bought the large classic briefcase in tobacco brown 9 months ago and using it everyday I thought that I could give my 2 cents worth on the product.

    OK, like most people agree, the bag is heavy! I am 6'1 and 100kg so I don't have a problem with the size or weight but a smaller person might struggle carrying the bag for a while.

    I am addicted to leather bags and have had a few, even one custom made messenger bag and I have to say this is by far the best quality and best looking bag of all. Lets not forget the smell..... I absolutely love the smell of leather and this bag oozes quality leather smell!

    After 9 months of everyday use I still don't think that I have broken the bag in. I think the 100 year warranty is not far off the mark. The pigskin interior makes this bag bullet proof. Nothing damages this bag.

    If you are looking for a bag that will take anything you throw at it, look amazing, get you compliments and have a product that will last you a lifetime, take the plunge and spent your hard earned cash and you wont be disappointed.

    I have 4 SBL products and now im looking forward to getting the Large Front Pocket Backpack too.


    Nice construction and sturdy bag but compare to my older sbl products, the leather feels like plastic. I'm very dissapointed with the newer bags. With sun exposure, my bag turned lighter as opposed to have the darker tan lines. It looks like they are using a cheaper leather on this expensive bags.

    Best Anniversary Gift Ever...

    I am the proud owner of a medium-sized briefcase in "dark coffee brown." My wife purchased this briefcase for our tenth wedding anniversary while I was away in Afghanistan. Talk about being surprised when I got home. Holy cow this thing is awesome!

    I love the feel and smell of the leather. It just exudes an aura of quality, classic style and simplicity. As I carry it around on a day-to-day basis, it gathers it's fair share of scrapes, scuffs and creases which only adds to the character of the bag. It only looks better with use each day. At 6' tall and 190 lbs., the medium sized bag is sufficient for my stature and needs. Anything larger, in my opinion, would cease to be a briefcase and would become an actual file cabinet.

    Lastly, I have to say that I am impressed with the folks at Saddleback Leather. Not only do they put out a fantastic product but they are not afraid to share their convictions with their customers. I too am a Christian and think it is fantastic that a ministry can be performed via the production of quality goods from the work of human hands.

    I look forward to future purchases for my wife and I as we share our lifetime adventure together.

    God Bless!

    They're already fighting over it...I'm not dead yet!

    I've been waiting to be able to get the large SBL classic briefcase in dark coffee brown [literally] for years and was finally rewarded with one for an early father's day gift this year. There's only one problem: my kids are already fighting over it and I'm still a few months away from my 40th birthday. [Should I be looking over my shoulder?]

    The bag is everything I imagined it to be and then some. It holds and protects the insane amount of IT and business gear that I carry around for my business and is designed so efficiently that it never seems to get heavy as I travel around the country. It's built like a tank looks awesome, and smells great.

    I love this bag...can't rate it high enough with 5 stars.

    Exceptional Quality

    After doing some research on briefcases, it was clear Saddleback offered exceptional products. I recently ordered the extra large classic briefcase and the medium waterbag. The classic briefcase is without a doubt the best I have ever seen. The attention to detail, quality of design, materials and workmanship - all simply extraordinay. I have seen briefcases at three times the cost that cannot hold a candle to the Saddleback.

    The waterbag is a fascinating travel bag, unique in its design and versatility. I needed a combination bag for days when I need to carry a bit more than usual including two laptops, several books and all my other daily things. The waterbag design is an incredibly interesting design, a beautifully crafted bag that can be size adjusted. It is well balanced and extremely comfortable to carry. I love the fact I can take a few less things and simply adjust to the six inch insert. The additional handle is an added benefit making it even more comfortable to carry.

    Despite a few comments that the briefcase and waterbag are heavy, I disagree. These are both exceptionally designed leather products, unique, beautiful that I will enjoy for years.

    All the best,

    Exactly what I was looking for....a head turner

    When my father asked me what I wanted for graduating law school? I told him I wanted a classic briefcase from saddleback leather. I received the Ipad cover for my birthday and as soon as I got it, I knew I needed more. When I opened the box and saw the chestnut classic sitting there it was better than I had imagined. It doesn't matter where I am or what I'm doing, if that bag is on my arm, someone is complementing me. It is a great bag, great quality, and I am more than happy with the outcome. Thanks saddleback!

    Not just a bag, a new member of the family!

    I will try to be brief but I am too excited. I have been looking at purchasing the classic briefcase for over a year now. I read all the reviews and watched numerous video reviews to narrow down my decision of size and color.

    To also assit I bought a tobacco ID wallet and med. notepad holder, a chestnut laptop case and a dark coffee pouch. Seeing the colors confirmed what I had known. For me I went with the tobacco brown large briefcase and the coffee colored pouch looks great hanging off of the front.

    Size was another concern. I felt I probably needed the large but did more research on the size of the things I need to carry. The extra 2 inches made the difference from a medium to the large. The extra large seemed too big to carry everyday.

    I just received my bag about a week ago and now have it filled. Here is what I have in it so far: DSLR camera with 2 lenses, A light for video shoots, 8 rechargeable batteries and 2 chargers for the light, extra battery and charger for the camera, macbook pro and sleeve, Apple charging equipment, med. note holder, legal pad (no cover), 2 small towels, the strap to the pouch(pouch hangs off the front of bag-with business cards, USB drive and documents like passports and travel documents), pens and of course a few snacks and breath mints.

    The bag is heavy to start but not as bad loaded as I would think. The shoulder strap really balances the load and the pads are comfortable. I had also read from some people that the leather was very stiff. This was true of my pouch but not the briefcase. The other thing about leather is it will get softer over time so be patient and the bag will become more pliable.

    This is a beautiful bag and my brother-n-law, who is in the Army, and I believe it would stop a 50 cal. bullet from 100 yards, that is how durable it feels. Quality does not come cheap but if you want the best and want something to last then this bag might be the least expensive of the options on the market.

    I hope this helps those of you who are taking time to read this. Take your time and do your own homework. Just be prepared, when you finally pull the trigger you will never look back and you will wonder why you hadn't made this decision sooner.

    Thanks Dave! Keep up the quality work as I have my eye on a duffle bag and my Brother-n-law has the front pocket backpack on his wish list.


    Solid...Top Quality

    This is my second SB purchase (I also own a Messenger Bag). I chose this bag, the XL Briefcase, to act as an all around gear bag for adventure traveling and for short overnight business trips (holds my dob kit, clothes, computer, iPad, etc). And, whether I'm on business, or on an adventure, I take this bag with me everywhere. It is amazingly tough. Top quality. It'????s only draw-back is that It's heavy. However, thanks to Dave's ingenious design, you can convert it into a backpack (60 seconds). The XL briefcase is a tank yet still fits in overhead bin on planes. Love SB products. They will last forever. And, if they don't, Dave backs ??em with a lifetime warranty. Very, very, very, impressed.
    P.S. You know you have an awesome bag with the TSA people give you compliments. One lady agent even jokingly frisked my bag! The bags is THAT good!!

    Not too big, not too small

    This was my first Saddleback item, and I've had it for almost a year. It's been to a few cool places, but most of it's purpose is my every day bag for work, errands and such.

    I got the tobacco brown in Medium (smallest available) and am glad I did. My declaimer is that I don't carry a laptop, though my daughter's 13" MacBook air fits fine. I have a standard sized iPad which is much smaller than the bag can handle. In addition to that, I typically carry a couple magazines, bills, papers, phone cables, glasses, book, journal, headphone case, pens, wallet, watch, food, water bottle, wallet, watch and some misc junk. With that amount of stuff it feels mostly full, but no where near max capacity. However, on a couple occasions, I've done 2-3 day trips with careful packing.

    I take this to the gym twice a week and ended up making a small cylindrical bag that straps to the D-Rings on the bottom. Check the photo I posted to see it. This canvas bag is the same width and depth as the bag and holds my sweaty shoes and gym clothes, which I don't want in the bag after working out in them.

    The most extreme situation I've used this in was during a two-day summer "camping trip" in Florida. I was playing the role of a contact in Morocco as part of a multi-day training/simulation event for overseas missionaries. During these two days I converted it to a backpack and was able to fit a two-person tent and inflatable sleeping mat in the back half, with two changes of clothes, toiletries, snacks, headlamp, camelback bladder, pocket knife, phone, wallet, small length of rope, and a few other smaller items in the front. I used the afore mentioned canvas bag to hold a sleeping bag and clipped a rain coat to the side and put a couple water bottles in the outside pockets. It worked great for that, and looked the part. But, I've done my share of back-country hiking (Yosemite, Grand Canyon) and would never consider this for long distance hiking like that where weight and capacity are critical. The photo attached to this review is from the training event. I drug it around in the dirt and brush for a couple days, threw it about, used it as a pillow and a dry place to sit... it just looked at me with an attitude of "is that all you've got"?

    The issues I have with the bag are the weight and the shoulder pad. I have bony shoulders and if it's not sitting right it hurts when half full or more. Also, I took this literally everywhere with me for the first couple months to break it in. After an hour or so on my shoulder, using it cross-body, my shoulder muscles would get really sore, and that was with it half full. I'm in decent shape, but have never used a shoulder bag before... so I don't know if this weight/shoulder issue is real or just something I'm not physically used to. After several months of brief daily use, these two issues are still there when I carry it too long. Oddly, in backpack mode it didn't bother me during the training event I mentioned where we did several miles of walking over two days.

    Bottom line is this is a great bag, very functional and definitely bullet-proof. The medium is small enough for daily use, and just big enough for occasional overnight trips if packed tightly. And, yes... I still get complements every week or two from young and old alike.

    Airport officials seem to love it too!

    I've had my classic briefcase in coffee brown for a few months now and as others have mentioned its ageing beautifully.

    I recently returned from a trip to Tanzania and received three compliments on the bag from customs officials:

    The most colorful was from the Tanzanian customs official:
    "That bag should last you a century, make sure you put it in a museum when you'????re done with it!"
    -- Dave do you think he's been browsing your site??

    I highly recommend this bag to anyone who travels; it??????s a rugged piece of art that will bring back fond memories of your trips whenever you look at it!


    Good Day, Friends.

    I own an XL Briefcase. I am about 300# and 6 feet tall. This bag fits everything about me: My Build, My style and My profession. I am a High School Band Director and I need ALL my stuff. I have a tremendous amount of paper, computers, accessories etc.

    This Bag will last me the rest of my career. I wish I owned one earlier in my life but at my age (now), it adds a touch of class I did not have earlier.....I do not feel old, I feel distinguished.

    Musically yours,

    Eddie in INDY

    Even the Boss Complimented It

    I bought the large bag for a business day trip from D.C. to San Fran...a very long day trip. I was able to pack my large laptop, charger and mouse, a change of clothes for after the meeting, an iPad and charger, an ebook reader, and random assortment of other things I may need.

    Everything fit perfectly and fit (albeit tightly), under the seat in front of me, and even protected the contents well.

    Upon arriving in San Fran, I met up with my boss who immediately noticed the bag and took a couple of minutes to check it out and ask where I'd purchased it (he has extremely expensive and refined taste).

    Since then I've received numerous compliments and questions on the bag, something I'd read about here, but doubted the veracity of the comments.

    With all that said, that's not the strength of the bag; this bag can go anywhere from the middle of the Montana to the boardroom without missing a beat. It's durable and ages well; this is not your typical department store bag, that looks good, but lacks substance.

    The only reason I'm back here writing this review is because I'm looking to add additional items from Saddleback leather...that alone represents my view on the quality and durability of their products.

    My bag hasn't endured the rigors that others have, but would I recommend this product? Only if you're looking for something that you can rely on and are focused on quality above superficial name brand recognition.

    First Year Review

    I have had the large bag for about a year and it has performed very well, actually it's the best briefcase I have ever had. Typically I have had to purchase a new briefcase every year but not this year. I travel a lot about 5000km per month so this thing gets thrown in the back of the truck lots and never lost a pen or a sheet of paper even when it has rolled which I was very surprised. After a year it still has the nice leather smell. At first I did not think it would hold as much as my old back but looks are deceiving it actually holds more and protects my laptop and ipad without any issues. I am able to carry an extra mouse, charger, pens, cheque book and just over 5 inches thick of paper including two bottles of water on the sides. The bag looks great and gets better with age. The only thing that would make it look better would be a pair of matching dress shoes to go with it. Thank you and God Bless.

    Man's Man briefcase

    Awesome man bag briefcase. I use mine for daily use carrying my computer and ipad. The two separate compartments inside of the bag is nice for expansion if i want to carry more or less items. The bag really only gets heavy when I fill it full of stuff. But if it gets heavy, who cares, this is a man's bag.

    My only complaint with the bag is how fresh and stiff the leather is when it arrived. I have worked really hard at distressing the leather because i like that old "been through Hell and back and has the scares to prove it" look.

    Man up and get one and it will be the last bag you own, at least that is the plan for mine.


    My girlfriend bought me this for my birthday, even though I told her to never buy one since they are so expensive. She's a keeper. It is ridiculously beautiful. Definitely a work of art with immense durability and utilitarian value. Looking forward to 100+ years of use. Guess it's my turn to pay the big bucks and get her a ring.


    After months of wanting a Saddleback bag, my wife surprised me with one for my 30th birthday! It was even BETTER in person that the pictures on the site. Really... the pictures and video doesn't do it justice. It's simply an amazing bag. In fact, I'd call it a piece of art. It fits my 17" MacBook Pro, iPad, charger, Bible, and several other things very nicely. Can't wait to carry it to work on Monday morning!

    Classic Briefcase, Tobacco, XL

    I am 6' 6" and 330 pounds. So, when Dave said that the extra large was big enough for trial lawyers and YETI, I knew he was talkin' to me! I own several Saddleback products so I'm no stranger to the over-engineering and overall quality and heft.

    I knew this bag was going to be big (which is what I wanted), and it is. I wanted something that I could use daily to carry my huge laptop, tablet, Bible, power cables, etc. This bag is absolutely perfect. It is generally large to look at, but it seems to hold even more than you would think. I previously was using a pretty large laptop backpack. My old bag held a ton, but when it was over my shoulder it stuck out a couple feet to the rear. It did the job, but not gracefully. My new Saddleback bag holds everything that my old pack did and still has a good bit of room to spare. The placement of the pockets on the bag are outstanding. The two "main" interior pockets easily hold my wireless mouse, tape measure, small "jewelry" box thing with earphones and jump drives, cigar cutter, torch lighter and a few other odds and ends. Even with the laptop, tablet, Bible in Saddleback cover, a novel, XL envelopes full of paperwork, Saddleback cable bag with laptop power supply and phone chargers and ethernet cable, extra handcuffs, shackles and impact weapons, portable radio (I'm a cop) and a bunch of other junk, I could still easily get a day or two worth of clothing in to make this bag the ultimate weekend bag.

    For those considering this purchase, I would say that if you ONLY want a briefcase to carry your gadgets and documents, the large size would likely be all you would ever need. If you want something that could double as a weekend duffel bag for clothing and such, go for the extra large. Unless, as Dave says, you are a trial lawyer or yeti, then just go XL and be happy.

    As usual, this bag is gorgeous, built like a tank and looks 100x better in person (not that it looks bad on the website). I believe everyone who has a use for a briefcase of sorts should own this bag. It is truly a classic. As expected, Saddleback customer service and packing/shipping were top notch.

    Stands out in a croud

    I have been working in Chicago for decades, and have carried numerous bags, whether a laptop bag, briefcase, etc. I have NEVER received comments on any bag I carried until I got this bag. I have the XL Coffee Brown, and have had so many compliments on this bag already, and I have only had it about 6 months. I love walking into meeting carrying this thing, heads turn!! I have a 17" laptop, and it fits perfectly inside, with plenty of room for files, tablet, charger, small hand tools, phone, etc. I can't wait till this thing gets beat up because it keeps looking better and better. Best bag I ever purchased, what an amazing product!!

    Btw: Customer service is amazing too, what a pleasure to deal with them! Thanks for everything!!

    We are already repeat buyers, my wife got the leather tote and the classic travel case. No fair, she got two and I only have one! Just a matter of time... Same quality, and she gets all kinds of compliments too.

    Can't wait to cash in on the 100 year warranty, my grandkids will thank me.

    Just awesome

    After purchasing a ID wallet for myself, 6 more ID wallets for wedding gifts, a Dave's Deals Large bifold wallet, I pulled the trigger on a Large Chestnut classic briefcase. It was a Dave's deal and I can't find anything that wouldn't be noticed as a mark of character. I cannot wait to get this piece broken in and enjoy it for many years.
    The build quality is superb and it seems like it is as touch as nails. Thanks for providing a great product.

    Words can't describe...

    I just got the large briefcase for my birthday. This is the most amazing bag I've ever seen. I thought I understood leather and had seen it all but this makes Coach, Wilson's and any other manufacturer look like knock offs. I would purchase this briefcase 100 times over. I will never go back to another bag... Not that I ever have to with the warranty! I told my wife when she gave it to me... "Now if someone is trying to rob me for my bag I might have to take a bullet for it!!"

    Know what you're buying...

    I own one of Dave's wallets, a portfolio, and this large classic briefcase. I'm currently Jonesing for the square backpack. All in Coffee Brown. Clearly, I'm a fan.

    What I like about the classic briefcase: it's stout, attractive (in a rugged Indian Jones sort of way), and makes the sort of statement I like (it says "I bought this because I liked it -- not to demonstrate how much money I have"). It'a also very functional as a briefcase and an overnight bag. It gets a LOT of compliments and gets noticed far more than I would have expected.

    Bear in mind, however, that Dave's commitment to durability means that the bag isn't as easy to live with as, say, a nylon bag from LL. Bean. Zippers may not last forever, but they are easier to use than straps and metal hardware. So be sure you know what you're buying before you commit.

    But if you're like me, you'll cherish this bag -- and most of Saddleback's products -- simply because they work well, feel honest, and are aesthetically gorgeous.

    Head Turner..Awesome Appeal...

    I am a Business Development Manager in a place they call Silicon Valley. I often travel and would consider myself as well versed with the current fashion. I am the type of person that subscribes to GQ and Details... I would prefer to wear monk strap shoes rather than the traditional shoes.

    In one of my business trips, while I was waiting at LAX airport, I saw another passenger carry Saddleback Chestnut Briefcase and Chestnut Duffel Bag. I was so attracted to the bags that I stared at it for a long time. The kind of attraction that I had with my wife when I saw her for the first time. (Just in case my wife reads this review..)

    I felt attached to the bag even if it was not mine, so I looked for it. Searched for it in different websites: Nordstrom, Saks, Gucci, Ferragamo,etc. but to no avail. Finally, I was able to find Saddleback through Amazon. Then, I went to the website to order my own Chestnut Briefcase, Chestnut Duffel, Chestnut name tags, Chestnut slim wallet. I also bought my wife her Dark Coffee Brown Pouch and Dark Coffee Brown Slim Wallet.

    I did not think twice.. Got my credit card and ordered it right away.

    Not just another bag

    3 years ago I received my SBL large briefcase for Christmas from my wife. Ah, I can vividly remember the smell of that rich leather wafting up as I opened the box. I can even now recall how that coffee brown leather had a certain luster to it. Since that day I have carried my briefcase all over the world with me. Mostly as a briefcase but also as a day pack and and even as a tool bag. It's been on airplanes and helicopters with me. It's been on boats with me and even on ATVs. It's a home for my computer and work stuff. It keeps safe my SBL Moleskine journal. Just about everywhere I've taken my bag it gets complimented. People love the thing and I love to talk about it to them. Currently, I have the briefcase, Moleskine journal cover, bible cover, tow belt, passport cover, satchel, iPad cover, and wallet from SBL and all of these items travel with me whenever I go off to work. They are companion pieces.
    My brother once had his car stolen from him. In full panic mode he called the cops to go look for the car. Was he panicked because of a stolen car? No. He was in panic because his SBL wallet was in the car. The cops finally found the car tore up and abandoned. The wallet was laying in the drivers seat with all the money and cards gone. You wouldn't believe how happy he was.
    So, these bags and other SBL items aren't just stuff or things. They become part of us. Like a friend or family member they take on special value and meaning to us that cannot be replaced.
    Should you buy gear from SBL? Only if you want a lifelong love affaire with a piece of leather! ;-)

    Beauty and Function

    After spending considerable time searching for a really good leather bag (and purchasing more than one that barely lasted a year or two), a friend turned me on to Saddleback. After a brief look at the website I saved my pennies and took the plunge. I carry a lot of stuff with me and like a large bag, so I had initially ordered the XL in Carbon Black. When it arrived it became apparent that Dave was not joking, it really is suitable for Yeti. The incredibly friendly and helpful staff at Saddleback very kindly allowed me to ship it back (no mean feat all the way from Australia) and exchange it for the large. I had in the meantime ordered a pouch to clip to the front of my briefcase (which looks fantastic and is the perfect place for my wallet and phone), and when I had the large briefcase sent to me I added a cable bag, large bifold wallet, belt pouch and gadget sleeve.
    This is still a large, heavy bag but it's quality leaves me with no regrets. I work in fine arts and have had clients who own leather products they have paid thousands for compliment me on my Saddleback briefcase. It handily holds everything I like to carry around with me (which is a lot of junk, I'm a bit of a snail!) with ample room for more, and doubles nicely as a bag for day trips or even overnight stays and weekends away. The Carbon Black colour looks great with my formal work attire as well as more casual weekend clothes.
    After almost daily use for three months the bag is only just starting to soften and patinate. My briefcase makes me happy every time I look at it and gives me a great feeling every time I sling it over my shoulder. I've just ordered a round satchel for those times when I can't carry my large briefcase around with me (grocery shopping, for example!). I can't recommend Saddleback products highly enough.

    Perfect bag - constant compliments

    I didn't buy the bag for the compliments. I just love great bags and leather. I get stopped and asked about the bag a lot.

    The site refers to the XL Briefcase as being for those with overactive pituitaries. I am not one, as I am 5-10/200, but I carry the bag everywhere I go without pain or discomfort. I've had it for almost a year, and it keeps looking better and breaking in more. I use it for my daily work briefcase, and as my travel carry-on. (Yes, the XL, stuffed to the brim with a pouch attached can fit on even regional jet overhead compartments.) For instance, I put 2 laptops, my dSLR, 3 lenses, iPad, Moleskine (w/ Saddleback cover) and a book all fit into my bag, and fit into the overhead compartments.

    The bag is so incrediby well-made. I tend not to baby my bags, and I have torn the handles off of several by overloading them. I am confident this bag will not have this issue.

    I bought the dark coffee brown bag, as I love the color. After getting a chesnut Saddleback wallet, I began second-guessing my color choice. I think future purchases will be chesnut. Both colors are great, but the chesnut is nicer, IMHO.

    The bag is very utilitarian, as it has pockets everywhere I could want them. I thought the pockets on the inside were going to be in the way, but they work perfectly, as I can stack wider objects under the interior pockets, fill the pockets and then put other items in front of the pockets.

    The strap is very comfortable. I left both "pads" on my strap despite never converting my briefcase to a backpack. They help whenever I through the bag over my head and wear the strap across my chest.

    I promised my wife this would be the last bag I bought, and while we both understood this to be a little bit of hyperbole (I have a bag problem...) this is the last bag I will *need.* (I might still buy the large duffel from Saddleback, though. :))

    It's not a purchase, it's an investment

    Overview: let me start by saying this is an investment, and not a purchase. I've been through undergraduate, law, and MBA school, and I must admit that I wish I had the opprotunity to invest in one upon my high school graduation. After going through 3 bookbags in undergrad, 4 in law school (lots of heavy books), and 2 in MBA school (again, the books thing), I was finally able to afford to invest in this briefcase. I've been using it for a few months now, and I have no qualms about using the term 'investment' with this bag. The quality, timelessness, and durability of this bag is undoubtedly going to serve me well for a long time. The increase in self-confidence from all of the compliments is simply icing on the cake (seriously, four comments within 5 minutes of taking it to its first class).

    Product info: the large bag is the perfect size for anyone in law school, graduate school, or has to transport quite a bit of materials/electronics. I was able to fit three textbooks, three 1" three ring binders, my ultrabook/neoprene sleeve, two calculators, several pens/pencils, emergency kit, bottled water/soda, and my keys/cell phone in this thing. For someone who needs everything with them all day for a variety of classes/activities I have no doubt that the large will serve you well.


    After months of wanting a Saddleback bag, my wife surprised me with one for my 30th birthday! It was even BETTER in person that the pictures on the site. Really... the pictures and video doesn't do it justice. It's simply an amazing bag. In fact, I'd call it a piece of art. It fits my 17" MacBook Pro, iPad, charger, Bible, and several other things very nicely. Can't wait to carry it to work on Monday morning!

    Constant compliments

    I have had my Dark Coffee Brown large briefcase for a little over 3 years now. It is obviously a very durable bag. Also, it gets constant compliments. For example, on a recent airplane trip I got quite a few compliments and lots of stares (with jaws dropped). Most notably were two examples:

    1. Boarding the plane one of the flight attendants exclaimed: "Wow - that is an amazing bag. I like it!" That says a lot from a woman who probably sees tens of thousands of bags per year.

    2. In the Dallas Ft. Worth airport I was headed down an escalator to try to catch a connecting flight. I could see in the window a man in a suit was pretty well running down the escalator to ask me about this bag.

    I love this bag. Also, if you pack right it