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"Quality is not an act, it is a habit.”
Business / Credit Card Wallet - For the Simple Life
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70.0% of reviewers would recommend this to friends

Product Details
  • Dark Coffee Brown now shipping with lighter pigskin
  • Simple, minimalist design for business or credit cards
  • RFID shield keeps cards from being scanned by a thief’s RFID reader
  • Two card pockets can hold up to 16 cards (8 on each side)
  • Unnoticeable in front or back pocket
  • Great design for travel (sticky fingers won’t notice it)
  • Lined with pigskin for durability
  • Because of natural oils shade may vary
  • Dimensions (approximate size):
    • Open: 5 ¼” W x 4” H
    • Closed: 2 ½" W x 4” H x ¼" D
    • 0.1 pound
“Quality is not an act, it is a habit”
- Aristotle

Somewhere in the world exist blackmail pictures of me and my friends in Chiapas, Mexico down by Guatemala at Las Cascadas de Agua Azul with big long leaves covering anyways. We went from there to El Canon de Sumidero, and ended up hitchhiking up the coast. We went all the way up the coast with nary a gringo to be seen, but with snorkeling like you’d only find in Bora Bora.

In Huatulco, we bought some handmade hammocks and learned to sleep in them like the locals there did. And in Puerto Angel, we rented hammock poles for $3.00/night. With the extreme sunburns we had from the snorkeling, they were no fun to sleep in for the first couple nights, but the burning subsided and we got used to it. The point is, we had a lot of fun, and it cost next to nothing. Remember that business should not be the main focus in life. The more you think you need, the more you need to work. You don’t need much of anything to live life to the fullest. This wallet is made in that spirit.

We use natural markings.
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Customer Reviews 20 reviews
70.0% of reviewers recommended this

great every day wallet

My wallet was never a George Costanza wallet, but there was always too much in it. When I weeded out the stuff I never actually used, there wasn't much left.

I bought this as a business card holder only. I became tired of carrying a wallet AND this as a business card wallet when I realized that it had stretched out enough that I could carry my regular wallet contents and several of my business cards, AND still have room for cash in it.

I prefer this over the ID wallet because there's no risk of the card slots stretching out too much and having things fall out. Since it folds up, everything is secure inside. It's probably comparable to my buddy's ID wallet (which he really likes). It makes me feel better knowing nothing can come out.

It takes a little getting used to when downsizing from a traditional bifold, but I would recommend this as a replacement. I'm really glad I made the switch. I find myself very frequently patting down my pockets, though, because it's so small and I can't tell it's there.

Outstanding Quality and Value

I had to laugh when I read the review by Christopher Hersey below when he called this wallet a "gateway drug". That description is so accurate. I bought this wallet last September in DCB...and just bought the Front Pocket Briefcase in DCB...and already planning to purchase the small Leather Tote as a gift for my wife's birthday in a few months. Hopefully she doesn't read this review. As for this wallet, the quality is amazing. Think of it as a highly portable tank or vault for your credit cards. It is just starting to get "broken in" after nearly 6 months of use. It is the only wallet I carry since I don't like to carry cash (in a wallet). It would be an outstanding value at twice the price.

A little piece of heaven

This is exactly what I was looking for in a small, front pocket wallet. Beautifully constructed, I'm sure it will be with me for many years. It smells wonderful and the finish of the leather is perfect. I bought the Dark Coffee Brown color and as noted in the description, it has the lighter pigskin lining. It's the same lining as shown in the photo of the Carbon color in case anyone is wondering how light it is.

A quick warning for those interested in this affordable, small wallet; it is merely a gateway drug. I know see a passport wallet and an iPad cover in my future. And a cable bag. And a briefcase...

Pleasantly Surprised!

Just got mine in tobacco. I like it more than I expected. Ulike the ID in Chestnut, this one has that nice velvety feeling/finish. I was able to put three credit cards in each pocket right away - most people said it was too tight, but it's not. I can hold even cash in it... in my own special way, lol. It's smaller than the ID one and smells better, lOl. My only problem is that now I can't decide which one to carry - the ID or the Card holder, lol.

Superior quality

Meets all expectations. It is a true pleasure to own.

Excellent, would buy again.

I have the old charcoal black one and it's great. I generally use it to carry just four cards. It's aging very well and looks wonderful. I really like that it encourages me not to hoard things in my wallet.

PERFECT for CC Permit Cards!

I already carry a front pocket type wallet w/money clip BUT I needed a smaller w/o clip to carry my concealed carry credentials, extra state ID etc. that need to be on my person when I am carrying. I looked at a lot of 'cheaper' [cheapo] ID wallets online. Sure this one was the most expensive but after looking at it today and putting all of my items in it I am happy w/my purchase so far. I will let you all know how it holds up. :)

Guaranteed to get compliments

I have used my tobacco colored card holder for about 6 months now mostly for carrying business cards. I used it as my primary wallet for about 6 weeks while deciding on a new wallet and I must say, I thought about just keeping it as my primary. Beautiful color, quality construction, highly functional. What more could you ask for?

Great Gift

Great wallet, small and not in the way. I went from a large wallet to this and had to really pare it down to only carry the essentials but that's helped me out in the long run.

I have it in tobacco and I wish I could figure out how to get a picture up with this review. The color change is remarkable, it's gotten so much darker. Great product, easy affordable gift. I get compliments on it all the time and I always hear "I wish I could use a wallet that size" and I always tell them that it's an easy lifestyle change. Next up is the slim wallet while I save up to get that Thin Briefcase in large.

Thanks Dave and company!

Durable and classic

This is a wallet made to carry your ID, a few cards and some cash. It feels both extremely durable and refined in the hand and is virtually invisible carried in the front pocket. I ordered mine in carbon black. Love the "Made in Old Mexico" stamp on the inside!

Great choose

Hi All,

I am lucky to use this product. It is really very well done and looks qualitative.
I keep 4 credic cards in the wallet and they are well held up in it.
If you prefer to pay with credit cards only - it is what you need.


Great for iPod Nano (7th ten)

The Business/Credit Card Wallet is a perfect size for the new iPod Nano (7th generation). It fits perfectly on one side, with room on the other cards, etc. I carry the Nano often since it has a pedometer included.

As Dave said, good to see Apple catching up with Saddleback designs.

Good choice

I just got a tobbacco brown wallet for my business cards. The first night it was too stiff to put more than a few cards into. I stuck as many credit cards that would fit (3 each side) overnight to let it stretch and was happy to see that each side now carries ten of my business cards (20 total). I bet it will even stretch a bit more too. Not too big, not too small. I carry a pocket knife and combined with this wallet it does not overburden my front pocket.

Thank you Saddleback.

Excellent Minimalist Wallet

I have had this wallet in the dark coffee brown now for about 6 months. The wallet has aged beautifully and is now form-fitted and shiny smooth. I don't even take notice of the compliments anymore on this little wallet. As the wallet is smaller and designed specifically for business cards and credit cards there is not much room for wads of cash, but the wallet is sufficient for having a couple just-in-case twenties. For those guys not into the bulky carry-everything wallet, this will meet your needs. Amazing quality leather at such a reasonable price!

Very nice!

I've had this wallet for a year now and really enjoy it. It fits unnoticeably in any pocket and is a great size. When I first got it I used as my go-to wallet. Always be sure to carry some SBL business cards as people will ask 'Where did you get that?'

Paris in the Summer

I spent 10 days in Paris this July...and this was the only wallet I used.

I wasn't too keen on leaving my usual wallet - Dave's Leather Bifold Wallet - behind, but when I hit the streets of Paris I was trying to travel light - ID and one credit card - and this did the job so well.

But. It gets better.

This tiny wallet not only fits a drivers license and credit card....but it also fits a wad of Euros, folded up and tucked inside. I carried about 500 euros a day, mostly 50s, in this wallet.

And - a perfect size for the Museum Pass, the Batobus Pass, the tickets for the Zoo at Jardin des Plantes, the Versailles tickets, and the RER (train to Versailles) tickets.

And everything else. The entire tourism industry in Paris must have consulted Dave - to see if it would all fit in this micro-wallet. It does.

This made the trip better. $21. And It made my Paris trip better.

Thanks, Dave. Well done.

Great wallet

I have had the card case for a few months now. I have the dark coffee brown and it is wearing in beautifully. Very well made. I highly recommend Saddleback Leather products!


only had this wallet for a few days now, so far its been awesome, its very clean and too the point with the design and feel of the wallet. i don't keep but about 4 cards at a time so this was the perfect wallet for me. its light weight, barely noticeable. just love it. like all SBL products it was stiff when i received it, and still only about a week in, it is still quite stiff, but i know as time goes, it will before better. over all love this wallet.

Durable and classic

This is a wallet made to carry your ID, a few cards and some cash. It feels both extremely durable and refined in the hand and is virtually invisible carried in the front pocket. I ordered mine in carbon black. Love the "Made in Old Mexico" stamp on the inside!

Great choose

Hi All,

I am lucky to use this product. It is really very well done and looks qualitative.
I keep 4 credic cards in the wallet and they are well held up in it.
If you prefer to pay with credit cards only - it is what you need.


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