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  • 100-Year Warranty, details here.
  • Free Shipping, details here.
  • We use only the best: full-grain leather (as much of the cow as you can get, short of the moo), strong pigskin lining, and premium, marine-grade thread (the kind used on shipping sails).
  • Set of 4 Cable Bags for storing and organizing different stuff in your bag
  • One in each color so you can remember what’s in each bag
  • Designed to take minimal room inside your bag or luggage while keeping it organized
  • Keep your cords and small chargers coiled
  • Works well for change, tackle, batteries and camera filters
  • Free removable leather closure strip for random emergencies
  • Dimensions (approximate size)
    • External: 7” W x 6 ¼” H x 2” D
    • Internal: 6 ¾” W x 5 ¾” H x 1 ¾” D
    • 0.4 pounds each
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    Thank god these aren't candy because i'd have to have a shipment ordered every day! these are superbly beautiful, so chic, when i travel they are like the Avengers team, each has a power and use! dump that ugly airline bag that contains the useful earplug, headphones, and eyes black out in one of these and see the reaction of people around you! amazing for all the Go-Pro small pieces and mounts....

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    On a two month trip around the world, we were loaded down with cables and chargers and batteries and all of the gadgets you’d expect a well-prepared father and husband to take along. We never had to wonder where things were, which over a two-month period saved hours of our time. Because of the colors, I knew exactly what was in each bag. They’re simple enough to wrap up and keep handy inside your bag and luggage, and compact enough to press flat when not in use. Grab a few different colors and start playing with them. You’ll be surprised how useful these things are.