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    • 100-Year Warranty, details here.
    • Free Shipping, details here.
    • From the Mountainback Collection
    • Built with extremely rugged and water resistant 24 oz Scottish waxed canvas
    • Thick leather shoulder straps are adjustable and removable
    • Grab handle is wrapped with thick and comfortable old bull leather for a strong grip

    • This canvas tote has one interior waxed canvas pocket and a wide open interior for maximum storage capacity
    • Easily fits a 15” Macbook, iPad, or Notepad Holder - with room for much more
    • Dark Coffee Brown Old Bull leather pad is stamped with month and year of construction; Allows for a comfortable carry against your side and doubles as an exterior pocket.
    • A dependable workhorse bag built for constant abuse: heavy waxed canvas, full grain leather, solid copper rivets, and double stitching with 00 continuous filament polyester thread (the kind they use for parachutes and boat sails)
    • Right at home in the city or as a carry-on, even better on a mountain trail
    • To be noted: Waxed canvas is the original water resistant fabric, and comes with the attendant charms and quirks of being a centuries-old technology. In the young days of your bag, you may experience slight wax transfer from the canvas to any particularly absorbent contents in the bag (such as paper, etc). It is recommended that these contents are kept in a case while in the bag. Something to keep in mind as the bag breaks in.
    • Dimensions (approximate size):
      • Exterior: 13” H x 14 ½” W x 3 ¼” D
      • Interior: 13” H x 13 ½” W x 3 ¼” D
      • 2.6 pounds
    3 Reviews

    Superb tote for everyday urban and rugged use

    by |
    The tote was indeed unisex, as a guy, I am able to pull it off in the urban setting and in the company. The design and choice of colour will make this tote a timeless classic in time to come. The design is unlike no other, and it is able to set itself apart from other totes in the market. The materials (leather and canvas) are tough as nails. Though heavy when compared to other totes, I do not mind as this makes one feel that one is carrying a quality product (of course, ever more important after the price increase). The price to pay is indeed steep, I expect the product to last me many years (with reasonable conditioning and care from my side of course).

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    Great man's tote bag

    by |
    This is a tote bag that a man can carry without looking like a ladies bag. The canvas material looks rugged and not feminine at all although it will look good on ladies as well. Men have been carrying bags of all kinds including totes. I live in Chicago and it seems that men with tote bags are everywhere. Tote bags looks great on men. It says "I'm doing my own business, I'm hot, relevant and gorgeous so enjoy yourselves looking at me bitc...!!!" lol. It is more interesting than the boring messenger bag. Great job Saddleback leather co. !

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    Love love love it

    by |
    I've been carrying this bag for 2 months now. I'd carried the small Leather Tote in tobacco for 2 years before I made the switch. The canvas tote is much softer so although it doesn't have a closure, it hides my stuff much better that the Leather Tote (my only complaint with it is that it was so rigid, it stayed "open" all the time). Even with my 15" MacBook Pro, stuck in vertically, I'm able to carry all my necessities. It's big enough to handle it all without feeling like it's a huge bag. It goes with almost any day to day outfits as the dark green is a very neutral color. It's very sturdy and the outside pocket is so perfect for my phone. Can't say enough good things about it. I LOVE THIS PURSE.

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