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    • No. 1 is a conditioner for light scratches
      • Natural formula perfect for regular leather upkeep
      • Absorbs quickly and easily into your leather’s pores
      • Smells faintly of almonds, not chemicals
      • Won’t leave a messy residue
    • All natural ingredients, safe to use. Avoid using on exotic leathers.
    • Specially formulated for compatibility with Saddleback’s leathers, and works just as well on other leather
    • Safe to use with other Chamberlain products
    • Highly absorbent leathers may darken with this treatment
    • Do not use on suede or extremely soft-leather type products
    • Test on an inconspicuous, unseen area to see if you like the result. Use a white cloth and look for color rub off or color change one hour after application. If either happens, use product sparingly or know your leather will change.
    • Click here to download the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for this product

    We use natural Markings Equal Inclusion of Exceptional Imperfection Ornamentation

    "... Saddleback Leather no longer discriminates against any cow on the basis of age, appearance, lactose intolerance... if the beast has a natural marking or brand, or whether or not they worship the Divine Bovine."

    Truth is, sometimes beauty is only skin deep... like with cows. Their poetry is notoriously terrible, but man, their hides are nature's art. We don't believe that flawlessness equals beauty. Beauty is when we're able to see something as it really is.

    This is true with humans too. There are lots of quality people who are really beautiful not in spite of, but because of the marks life has given them.

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    To condition my first bag, I got out some sandpaper, baby oil and some lime juice and got busy on the first Saddleback Leather briefcase. The design was what I had asked for, but the leather looked kind of stiff and painted. I wasn’t happy with it right away and so I took it upon myself to make it perfect.

    So, I asked the Leonel, the guy who made the bag, how I could get it to be more relaxed and look more aged. He told me that I could rub a light oil into it like baby oil or olive oil and then rub in some lime juice too and that would condition it real nicely.

    Well, I couldn’t wait for the perfect leather to age and so I went out and bought some fine sandpaper and rubbed it everywhere except for the stitching. And then my friend, Jake, and I pulled and twisted it and wrung it out like a wet towel. And then I sanded it some more and lubed it up with the oils and squeezed a complete lime tree worth of juice on it. Upon gazing on the finished bag, I ran naked through the streets yelling “Eureka” at the top of my lungs.

    Later, I found leathers that already looked good without sanding and I’m still using them today. I don’t recommend sandpaper or juice or oils on the bag. I recommend Chamberlain’s Leather Milk.


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    Bag looks new again.

    by - verified purchaser |
    I bought a Front Pocket Briefcase for my wife a few months ago. Living in tropical Asia, albeit in a city, results in the bag getting through quite a bit and frankly, the tobacco color started to look yellow. The bag was supposed to last 100years, and seeing the Wife with a soon-to-be-banana-yellow bag was not my cup of tea.

    As luck would have it, the Liniment bottle seemed to have leaked during the delivery process and being the cheapskate that I was, I quickly used the applicator and soaked up all the mess and proceeded to clean the bag. I probably used a lot more than I should and the bag looked really wet after I was done. I got really worried that I had damaged the bag irreversibly, and started to look up the product warranty on this site.

    Fast track to an hour later, and I saw the most amazing thing. The briefcase was NO LONGER YELLOW! Quite a bit of the scratches are gone too! And all those horrible ink stains that my students left on it as a joke were gone too! (The thought it was mine) in fact, the old bag has taken on a very mellow brown color, the original tobbaco color that it was when we first received it.

    Would be returning to buy another bottle once the remaining half bottle runs out.

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    Stuff is pretty amazing.

    by - verified purchaser |
    I purchased some leather milk last week to treat some old my older saddleback bags and wallet etc.

    I first treated the wallet and it did freshen it up some and overall looks great.

    I also have a 5 years old pair of Clarks leather shoes. They are a brown pair with a dark brown stripe in the middle...the stripe has been faded and washed out for years, from kicking stuff and scruffing the toe of the shoe on things. I treated the shoes with the Chamberlain #1 about 4 hours ago...I just now "remembered" to check on them...

    HOLY COW!!! They look amazing. The faded leather is gone and the dark stripes are somehow dark again. The shoes are dry so its not a wet issue...I am pretty amazed. I do expect they may fade out in a couple weeks...but I can just reapply this stuff.

    I am pretty happy about this. Made my old shoes look good again.

    ohh and the leather milk smells good...really, too I want to drink it good (fast orange hand cleaner does the same thing to me).

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    It's literally AMAZING!

    by - verified purchaser |
    I bought a bottle of this with a recent Saddleback leather purchase because I needed a good lightweight product to use on a few different leather items I have around the house. The first thing I noticed was the smell-- WOW! It really DOES have an amazing smell! I commented to my friend that I actually wanted to EAT it! (I didn't... but it was close!) First, I wiped down a pair of brown Doc Martins that I love with a damp cloth, then applied a thin coat of the Chamberlain Leather Milk to the boots with the nice applicator that came with it. I could almost hear my booths breathing a sigh of relief as they soaked up the super lightweight goodness. I made sure to cover every little bit of the boots, and the tongue (the boot's tongue, not mine! I already told ya-- I didn't try it!) with the leather milk and set them aside to dry a bit while I started in on a greyish brown pair of Docs. I took a nice soft dry rag to both pair after a short drying period and gave them a little "buff" and BOTH pair turned out BEAUTIFULLY!! I never would have imagined that either pair could ever look as great again as they do now. They both look BETTER THAN NEW and now that they have dried, there is ZERO lingering delicious sweeet almond like smell. I was, and continue to be literally AMAZED at how well this worked on my old leather. I love Love LOVE this stuff! I have used it on an old jacket, gloves, shoes, pocket books and more-- if it was in my home and made of leather, it's been brought back to life with this out-of-this-world product! I VERY highly recommend this to anyone who is on the fence about purchasing it. You will NOT be disappointed!

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    SO worth it!

    by - verified purchaser |
    My Tobacco Brown Large Classic Briefcase was getting a bit dry after 8 months of daily use, and the extreme heat of summer in a dry climate wasn't doing the bag any favors. I noticed some light cracking and a slight fuzziness to the bag, so I decided to give Leather Milk #1 a whirl. Here is a video documenting the experience: . I am so happy I did this. My bag is now darker, but looks so good. Also, the dryness is gone. I will be re-applying every 8 months to a year. PS I may or may not have tasted the Leather Milk in my video. :)

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    Leather Milk

    by - verified purchaser |
    I've used Chamberlain Leather Milk Liniment on three Tobacco brown Saddleback Leather products. I've had an XL Classic Briefcase for about six months, and it was beginning to get pretty scratched up, so I decided to give the Leather Milk a try. It's pretty scary to watch the leather darken when the liquid is applied, but within a few hours the original color begins to come back. After initially drying, the briefcase had a slightly darker color (a little cinnamon cast to it) than before, but after three or four days was back to what I remembered as the original color, or very close to it.

    A Tobacco Brown Tow Belt reacted in the same way; initially a little darker, but later, about the same color.

    I tried it next on a ten year old light brown leather coat that I'd purchased at an upscale leather store in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The leather in this jacket had dried out quite a bit, so this was a good test of the conditioning ability of Leather Milk. It took quite a while to treat the whole coat, but I worked on it a section at a time until it was done. The color on this coat is now a little darker than when I started, and it leaves what looks like a protective finish on the leather when completely dry. Different leathers will probably react differently to this leather conditioner. One thing to consider is that this seems to primarily a conditioner, rather than a cleaner. If you have oil or sweat stains, talk to Dave's customer service about the best method to clean the leather prior to conditioning.

    To completely treat all three articles took a whole bottle, but that was primarily because the coat was so dry and "thirsty" for the conditioner. I've now ordered a large water bag in Tobacco Brown and a Carbon Black Old Bull Belt, along with a new bottle of Leather Milk to keep it all looking good.

    I think Leather Milk is worth the money to protect your investment in Dave's fine leather products. Highly recommended!


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    by - verified purchaser |
    I bought the Chaimberlain's Leather Milk to condition my small wallet and classic card wallet both in Tobacco brown. The almond sent of the conditioner is awesome, I almost wanted to consume the stuff. I was a little surprised of the watery consistency of it.

    The conditioner took the scratches out of the wallets but also left them looking dry with a dusty look to them. I was somewhat disappointed. I then tried this product on an old leather jacket that needed conditioning as well as the leather portions of my girlfriend's coach purse. The results on the purse and coat turned out great! I don't know why the tobacco brown wallets turned out looking dryer than before the conditioner was applied. Dave recommends Chaimberlain's on all of his products and even sells it on the website so I had high expectations for it's results on the saddleback products. Although I was disappointed with the results on the saddleback wallets, I was impressed with the results on my other leather products.

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