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    Straight Cleaner No. #2:
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    • A deep cleaner formulated for thorough leather rejuvenation
    • Specially formulated for compatibility with Saddleback’s leathers, and works just as well on other leather, too
    • A mild blend of water, natural alcohols and other non-alkaline cleaning ingredients that softly removes substances that damage leather
    • Due to the unique properties of its ingredients, it will pull more debris out than traditional cleaners will, and its pH balanced composition will ensure the gentlest touch possible
    • Apply gently to avoid damaging your leather
    • Not necessary to use every time you condition, just when you want to give your leather a thorough wash
    • Start with an application of Chamberlain’s Straight Cleaner No. 2 for those dirtier leather moments. This formula is not designed to be used on its own and should always be followed up by a leather conditioner, such as Chamberlain’s Leather Care Liniment no. 1 to condition and replenish oils.
    • Test before you apply. If you are unsure about whether Straight Cleaner can be used on your leather, test on an inconspicuous area. Avoid using on exotic, suede, or very soft leathers. May darken highly absorbent leather
    • Contains no saddle soaps, solvents or synthetic chemicals
    • Click below to download the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for this product
    For further inquires, head on over to Chamberlain’s Leather Milk website where you will find direct customer service. On the website they offer a wealth of interesting leather care tips through their fact section, blog and videos. They also have a customized leather repair shop.


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To condition my first bag, I got out some sandpaper, baby oil and some lime juice and got busy on the first Saddleback Leather briefcase. The design was what I had asked for, but the leather looked kind of stiff and painted. I wasn’t happy with it right away and so I took it upon myself to make it perfect.

So, I asked the Leonel, the guy who made the bag, how I could get it to be more relaxed and look more aged. He told me that I could rub a light oil into it like baby oil or olive oil and then rub in some lime juice too and that would condition it real nicely.

Well, I couldn’t wait for the perfect leather to age and so I went out and bought some fine sandpaper and rubbed it everywhere except for the stitching. And then my friend, Jake, and I pulled and twisted it and wrung it out like a wet towel. And then I sanded it some more and lubed it up with the oils and squeezed a complete lime tree worth of juice on it. Upon gazing on the finished bag, I ran naked through the streets yelling “Eureka” at the top of my lungs.

Later, I found leathers that already looked good without sanding and I’m still using them today. I don’t recommend sandpaper or juice or oils on the bag. I recommend Chamberlain’s Leather Milk.