At some point in time between the Wise Men following the Star of Bethlehem and the Royals winning the World Series, the holidays just started getting beyond busy. There will probably come a point this year when you’re out there shopping and it feels like a human traffic jam. People will be pushing one another, treating the hard-working retail workers poorly, getting in fender-benders in the parking lot. That’s not the Merry Christmas we believe in here at Saddleback. And that mad shuffle isn’t what the Wise Men had in mind when they brought their gifts to Jesus. Suzette and I encourage you to slow down, take a deep breath, and make Christmas more about the experience of family and joy and less about the experience of fighting for the last Turbo Man action figure.

During this Christmas holiday I hope you and your family have a lot of great experiences. Sometimes, that means taking part in family traditions. Suzette, Sela, Cross and I still like to get together with our big family every Christmas and celebrate the birth of Christ and the love we have for each other. It’s loud all day with the kids running around and at night it’s quiet and reverent. It’s important that we have that tradition. Family matters.

Or, maybe you’ll go out there and make new traditions. Grab your Saddleback Leather and hit the road. You might end up with just your immediate family in some cabin tucked away on the side of a mountain. You might end up with your entire family--granny, cousins, Uncle Moe--on some sunny Caribbean beach. Go anywhere and do anything. What matters is that wherever you go, you’re home if the right people are with you. We’re figuring that out with our tent life. We weren’t sure it was going to feel like home. It does. And it is a really defining life experience. It’s something new we’re trying and something we’re taking on together as a family. That really means something to me.

There are a lot of ways to have a memorable Christmas. So, go home or go on vacation, but be with the people you love, because that’s the only thing that really matters. I just can’t tell you how honored and happy I am that Saddleback Leather gets to be a part of your lives and part of your holidays. We’ll keep making our high quality leather as long as you high quality people keep having new experiences and keep spreading the love.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night,

Dave Munson & Family


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