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$129.00 to $200.00

  • 100-Year Warranty, details here.
  • Free Shipping, details here.
  • Dark Coffee Brown now shipping with lighter colored pigskin lining
  • Medium size ships with new logo
  • Our most favorite compact travel design to date
  • Lightweight and ideal size for travel necessities
  • Medium size can hold an iPad Mini
  • Wear cross body for added security
  • Built-in coin holder on inside of flap
  • Almost unnoticeable back and inside pockets
  • Long, adjustable strap quickly detaches
  • Body made from one piece of full grain leather for durability

  • Use for day trips or exploring, drop inside the Tote for the plane ride home
  • D-rings and copper rivets on both sides
  • Solid, sturdy, design
  • Dimensions (approximate size):
  • Adjustable strap length: 42 ¼” - 48 ¼”
    • Small
      • Exterior: 7” W x 5” H x 2 ¼” D
      • Interior: 6 ½” W x 4” H x 1 ¾” D
      • 0.9 pounds
    • Medium
      • Exterior: 9” W x 6 ¼” H x 2 ⅝” D
      • Interior: 8 ½” W x 5” H x 2” D
      • 1.6 pounds

Built like a tank

by - verified purchaser |
This clutch purse is perfect for women who like classic, clean styles but prefer function over frills. The leather is beefier than I expected, and I like that it can actually stand up on its own. The flap-over top and stiff body design means the inside is clearly visible unlike my other bags that become cavernous voids. The leather strap definitely qualifies as "slash proof" because it's such thick leather. Appropriate for both work and play, though the tobacco color probably wouldn't fit an office environment as much as black or chestnut, and this can definitely be worn either crossbody or as a normal shoulder purse.

The ONLY niggle I have is that, while the clasp is very solid and secure, it's not really possible to use one-handed if you're carrying something. Keep that in mind if you foresee yourself in a lot of situations where you need to use stuff one-handed and don't want to leave your purse unclasped.

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Tough little bag

by |
I have several Saddleback creations plus a Mountainback bag. All of the items I have invested in for myself and my husband have been outstanding and unique! My only concern is the location of the buckle on the strap for the leather clutch purse. I wear all of my bags crossbody and this is the only strap where the buckle seems to hit the wrong spot; uncomfortably on my shoulder. It is also a bit annoying since the excess strap is not long enough to be captured in the leather strap holder, so the excess strap is sticking out. My wish is that the strap would fit more like the strap on the book bag which is spot on! My temporary fix for the strap issue is to wrap a ponytail holder around the excess strap to keep it intact with the rest of the strap. Yep, it's tacky and it doesn't resolve the uncomfy buckle! So I hope someone at Saddleback will read this and help me find a better solution other than swapping out my strap with my book bag since I tend to use both bags in the same day.

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Beautiful but too small for me

by - verified purchaser |
I'm giving this five stars even though it didn't work for me. I'm a tobacco convert and it is beautiful and well made. I bought it to downsize from my Tablet Bag (which I love but gets heavy); however, I didn't realize how much I want to carry with me all the time. I could fit my Saddleback wrap wallet, keys, my small phone, a pen, but anything more was crowded and hard to quickly find what I needed - I had to dig and I didn't want to with a smaller bag. The change pocket is great (one of the reasons I wanted it) but does take up internal space. A checkbook without a cover barely squeezed into the back pocket on the inside, but it would have been hard to get in and out all the time too. I had no problems with the clasp. Turning it to the side helps. Thank you, Saddleback, for a great and seamless return policy. Time to find the next bag!

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I Love This New Bigger Size

by - verified purchaser |
I already own about 20 different SB items and 2 of the smaller clutch bags. This new size is perfect for me because I don't carry a lot of stuff in my purse. Finally, a smaller SB purse that actually holds a regular full sized SB wallet. I ordered the tobacco which is the newer dark tobacco (I prefer the old lighter tobacco color). It is gorgeous and flawless! None of the 'natural' markings on their newer items. It holds my SB long trifold wallet, iphone 6 plus, gum, post-its/pen and keys perfectly. I am 5'8 and like my bags to hit around my hip. SB has listened to their customers and made some needed improvements to a few things. The strap is now a little wider and the buckle has been moved so it is very comfortable wearing crossbody. The little piece of leather that holds the end of the adjustable strap actually holds the strap now for us taller gals. Another improvement is the new closure. I can easily open and close it (now I want the mini hobo bag). One of my favorite features of this bag is the 'framed' structure. It keeps its shape no matter what. Some of the other SB/Love 41 bags gap open on the top sides where the top of the bag meets the purse. Would love to see a SB bowling bag style purse in the future.

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by |
I'd shown my wife the medium clutch as soon as it was released online. She said, "No way -- not feminine enough at all. Looks like a man-thing." As a guy, though, I had been looking for a functional "man bag" that wasn't overly large and capable of carrying my Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone (same size as an iPhone 6S Plus), reading glasses (in a case), sunglasses, wallet, car key, earbuds, a small notebook and pen or flashlight or Leatherman tool at the same time. Like a lot of guys I normally keep this stuff in my car most of the time, gathering it unto myself when going to restaurants, church, appointments, etc., and trying to keep track of all of these things at one time. Lord knows I have left bits and pieces of my personal belongings all over the place as a result, and frankly my wife was tired of keeping track of my stuff.

I already own expensive leather and canvas-leather briefcases and travel bags for work and travel. But no confident or sane man I know wants to carry a work-size bag around with him everywhere he goes just to have something to hold "functional" items like phone/keys/glasses/wallet.

The Saddleback medium clutch is big enough to pass for a small "field bag" in the hands of men, or worn cross-body or off the shoulder without looking like a purse. It's large enough to hold functional, daily use items in a discrete and entirely gender-neutral manner. I'm 6'3", 275 lbs, and no one I know would mistake me for being remotely close to feminine. I wouldn't carry the women's Saddleback Hobo or even the small version of this bag, but this medium-size bag by Saddleback is just about as gender-neutral as any macho man could hope for. The 3-rivet leather strap and stainless locking front mechanism is -- in itself -- plenty masculine, but for you guys who insist on ultimate machismo there's the all-black leather option to accompany your Hell's Angels motorcycle vest.

If the all-black model still is insufficient for those guys terrified of what another man might possibly think of him for being so savvy and organized, this medium clutch makes an awesome ADD-ON bag to an existing briefcase or travel bag. I have a 17-inch, 100% bridal leather, dark brown briefcase from a manufacturer based out of Seattle and – using the leather carrying strap that comes with this medium clutch – I attached this Saddleback medium clutch bag (in coffee brown) to the outside of this $900 bridal leather briefcase and you can't tell the two bags weren't made by the same company. A custom leather manufacturer can make an accessory bag just like this one from Saddleback for this express purpose, but will charge hundreds of dollars for the same materials, color, and quality. Point is, if you don't want to carry this highly utilitarian medium bag with you by itself, attach it to an existing briefcase or bag you have and be prepared for compliments galore amigo (which tends to be what men rely on for justification of certain things in life).

Ladies – if you're looking for something both unique and highly useful to give to your favorite guy who has those common knickknack accessories to carry around everywhere – you simply cannot go wrong with the medium version of this bag. Just don't tell the guy that it's a "clutch" or "purse" and he'll be fine. He'll never know.

Saddleback – please, please, please: boost your sales by renaming the medium clutch to something that sounds a little more masculine and add it to your standard product line as a "man bag", small field bag, accessory bag, or something along those lines. Men WILL buy this, and women WILL buy this for men. Gone are the ages where men only carried clubs and rocks, and there is a desperate need within the ranks of manly men for a bag just like this, but most men won't buy something – regardless of how useful it is or what color it is – if it's called a clutch or a purse. Just rename it to something else and put it on the regular Saddleback side of your website. Most manly men aren't going to be clicking on the women's link anyway. Take it from a man – this is a no-brainer.

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love this mini purse!!!

by - verified purchaser |
I bought this clutch after buying a small tote in tobacco, I thought on fancier occasions (weddings, parties, etc.) that I'd want a small purse rather than the large open tote. I bought this in May and didn't use it until September just because i loved my tote so much. I had a wedding to go to so I decided to use it.....I fell in love with it!! It is now February and I'm still using it and haven't used my tote since (big size dif, i know). It truly holds all I need on a regular basis. Here's what is in right this second -- saddleback pocket wallet that is overflowing, 8 receipts, 2 lipsticks, 1 lipgloss, 1 chapstick, case of 10 hearing aid batteries, 2 non applicator tampins, 1 cough drop, 1 handkerchief, several coupons and biz cards in the inside large pocket, and about $.50 in change in the coin pouch---pretty impressive, right?!??!!). My iPhone 6 fits in the back pocket perfectly in the slim yet protective case that it's in. It looks great still (i have it in chestnut) and i can't see switching back ever. One con I will say is the was difficult and still can be but I put a drop of avocado oil right in the hinge and it is much easier to deal with. At first it was terribly hard--don't hate it because of can break it in!!!

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A while back, we were hiking in Australia’s Blue Mountains and my hot wife, Suzette, was looking real good, like usual. Somehow she always looks good, yet appropriately dressed, no matter where we are. One of the ways she did that on this trip was with her clutch purse. It’s proven to be a pretty invaluable piece of travel gear. No matter where we are, she always feels safe and comfortable wearing it because it’s almost impossible to pick-pocket or steal when worn cross body and it’s small enough to be out of the way on the trail.