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$50.00 to $185.00

  • 100-Year Warranty, details here.
  • Free Shipping, details here.
  • We use only the best: full-grain leather (as much of the cow as you can get, short of the moo), strong pigskin lining, and premium, marine-grade thread (the kind used on shipping sails).
  • Three sizes: for mouse, monitor and desk
  • Thick enough to smooth out any desk surface
  • High density neoprene inner padding for pen to “bounce” back
  • Suede bottom to grip and protect desk
  • Makes any office smell really nice
  • Riveted on corners for extra durability
  • Set of 3 breaks up the visual space of your desk or office
  • Gets good looking and beat up with heavy use
  • Dimensions (approximate size):
  • Small
    • Mouse Pad
    • 11 ¼” W x 9” H
    • Weight: 0.5 pounds
  • Medium
    • Monitor Pad
    • 16” W x 12” H
    • Weight: 0.55 pounds
  • Large
    • Desk Pad
    • 25 ¾” W x 17 ¾” H
    • Weight: 2.45 pounds

What color to choose?

by |
I have an 1890's oak roll top desk with an oak swivel chair from the early 1900's. I was sitting there one day and looking at my plastic blotter on my desk. It was coming apart at the seams. That gave me a reason to purchase the large Leather Pad. It is made so well that I will have this the rest of my life. The only problem was what color? I decided on the tobacco because that is the only color I choose when it comes to S/B products. But the black color was calling my name! Don't be afraid to buy this.

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Awesome piece

by - verified purchaser |
Just received the large leather pad. This is totally an item that you will never really need but is awesome to have. Got mine on dave's deals for 25% off and can't really tell why it was on there. Love it. Buy one.

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Classy Office Accessory

by |
Received this desk pad in chestnut with the new logo. Looks great. Makes my office smell good as well!

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Medium Leather Pad.

by - verified purchaser |
Bought this to put on the bedroom dresser, and it sits under the valet tray I purchased here a few months ago. Combined, they look like a matching set, and I can't imagine why it took so long to figure that out. Like all Saddleback products, it's extremely well engineered, looks fantastic, and smells nice. Go ahead, take the plunge. People will notice.

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I love the mousepad. Now I want the medium pad for my MacBook.

by - verified purchaser |
I bought the carbon mousepad to experiment with the colour. It is soft and supple to touch yet very durable. I have left some patina form daily the daily use.

Now I want a chestnut medium pad for my MBA and probably large for my coffee and donut.

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Small and medium size leather pads.

by - verified purchaser |
Ordered the medium pad for a MacBook, and the smaller one was placed right next to it, and serves as a mousepad. The chestnut color is a nice contrast to a dark wooden desk, and with the glass top the combined total seems to really pop. The leather has a deep, rich look, lays very flat and adds a nice texture, and beefiness to the mix. The sizing is spot on, and if you spend quite a bit of time at your desk, these pads should definitely be in your future. I wasn't disappointed, and I don't think you will be either. Oh, and let's not forget that legendary Saddleback smell.

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Mouse/Track Pad

by - verified purchaser |
I just received my small desk pad, and man am I happy! I got the new tobacco color which is fantastic by the way. It is soft and smells great of course. Right now I am using my my Apple TrackPad, works great, doesnt slide around or anything. Over all love the pad.

If your thinking about it.... Just do it.

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Love the mouse pad!

by |
Unlike "Nah," I don't need pillow-like support for every part of my body that touches a surface.
I do enjoy quality, leather goods that wear in and get better with age as I do.
The mouse pad has been a favorite piece of desk gear for years, and serves me well...
along with my briefcase, suitcase, duffel, macbook air sleeve, large and small notebooks, iPhone sleeve, and coasters. If Saddleback made clothing I'd probably wear that as well.

Thanks Dave!

P.S. Calloused hands come from weightlifting not mouse pads, weenie.

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Great desk pad

by - verified purchaser |
This deask pad is great. I was trying to avoid scratching my desk, and this solved the issue. It has a bit of padding to it, which helps a lot too. Also there is a break in the stitching right where your wrist sits, which is great.

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Excellent Quality

by - verified purchaser |
I am very fond of all the products I have purchased from this company. The large desk blotter is no exception. This is a company that embodies the "quality is remembered long after price is forgotten" mantra. I like that.

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Best desk pad ever invented

by |
I have a hundred year old desk with a deep red finish and this desk pad is beyond beautiful. The longer I own it the greater it looks. The size is perfect--plenty of room for my large note pad holder, post it notes, fountain pens.....

I live at my desk and could not think of a better office addition.

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Desk Pad

by - verified purchaser |
This is a great pad. HEAVY DUTY.

It is comfortable for writing, the neoprene sandwiched in the center, provides a smooth writing surface that doesn't give too much.

Great buy. Great gift for the writer or for anyone who spends an inordinate amount of time at a desk.

Plus, the leather aromatic doesn't go away!

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Sublime mouse pad!

by - verified purchaser |
I bought the small size in DCB to use as a mouse pad and after an evening of use it's great. The smooth surface allows my gaming mouse (Logitech G700) to glide effortlessly- Like it's on ice. The slightest push with my finger sends it sliding on its own. I usually use a normal neoprene mouse pad and this is lightyears ahead of that. I don't know how long this slickness will last but for now it's very good.

The rough leather surface on the bottom keeps the pad stuck securely to my slightly rough plastic/melamine desk surface. I briefly tested it on glass and also glossy polyurethane coated wood surfaces and it held nearly as well. It would slide a bit if I made a concerted effort to make it move.

This thing is a great addition to any desk and way better than any boring, old, generic mouse pad. Well worth the money if you're looking to class up your desk and to make your mouse feel like it's floating on a cushion of air.

If I remember I'll come back after extended use and update how the surface changes with time.

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Mouse Pad - Tobacco

by |
Ordered one to match my notepad, but the kids wouldn't let it leave home so I bought another. In the 3 week gap the dings and scratches you'd expect from an 11 and 10 year old have just given it character, it feels great and it was easily tarted up with a swipe of Chamberlains.

The second one has just turned up and looking forward to banishing from my office the plastic corporate-swag mouse mats that curl up and look terrible. Don't buy it if you are going to get conniptions over wear, do buy it if you like something distinctive.

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Traditional and unique - like they used to make

by - verified purchaser |
We use these onboard our traditional Sailing Yacht Dove which has a hand-carved varnished teak interior.

Our countertops are made of purple heart and the dark coffee brown compliments the color scheme very well. The large coffee brown pad is on our Navigation station desk and we lay out nautical charts to plot positions/course lines and track lines.

We use two medium size dark coffee brown pads as placemats on our teak and gold leaf dinette table - where they look Great!

We also use two large mats in Chestnut in our home on wood desks a 'la Munson in his videos.

**We can't recommend these highly enough - they class up any traditional yacht or home interior**

ps. a tip: after testing for discoloration (no issue) we used mink oil on our dark coffee brown and chestnut leathers - it is the best means of making them stain resistant and water resistant. This won't work on Tobacco Brown - it gets discolored.

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Tobacco isn't Tobacco

by - verified purchaser |
I ordered the pad hoping it would match the picture. While I have ordered well over a $1000 bucks from this site and company this is my first experience in the tobacco almost being the shade of chestnut. I was advised by Liz that I did in fact receive Tobacco. I really wish this review program allowed you to upload a picture. See the link below to show the two variations.

Frustrating as I have ordered time and time again and this is the first instance where the leather is totally different than what is pictured. Yes, they offered me a return but I would pay shipping like I have done in the past to return. Bummer.

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Mouse Pad, what it does not do, and what it does

by - verified purchaser |
I've now had my Saddleback Leather for close to five years. There is no vocabulary to describe how flawlessly perfect this thing is. So I'll start with what it does not do. It does not: curl up, get thin, collect and redeposit dirt on my mouse, cause the mouse to skip, scoot around on my work surface, conform inconveniently to irregular surfaces (the arm of the big comfy leather chair at the coffee house), fray/unravel/disintegrate around the edges, have too big/small a footprint, entrap or produce annoying balls of lint, have one of those idiotic ergonomic wrist supports that doesn't work and is never properly located in the first place, get sticky, absorb liquids (coffee, tea, soup, water), or in any other way become a distraction. It's like a good butler, there, but not. It does continue to look awesome, lay there and do its job. How cool is that? If your looking for a "toe in the water piece", or just a good fix for your addiction you simply cannot miss with this.

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by - verified purchaser |
Hurts your wrist after a while. Got me a Belkin Wave Rest Gel-Filled Cushion Wrist Pad insted. Sorry SBL.

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Very expensive, high quality, but with room for improvement

by - verified purchaser |
After weeks of debate and constantly vacillating between the decision to purchase this or a less expensive item, I finally bit the bullet and ordered a large desk pad in Chestnut. After receiving the first, I ordered a small desk pad in Chestnut. This review will address both of these products in separate paragraphs and then my thoughts on the color in the last.

I first ordered (and received) the large desk pad. After much debate between sizes (did I want a medium and a small, or just a large?) and color (would Chestnut be versatile enough to be used on whatever desk I own? Would dark coffee be too bland?), I decided to go with the large Chestnut. The product arrived packaged in a very thin cardboard box, which surprisingly protected the product quite well. Upon opening the package, I was hit with the distinctly rich smell of leather, even through the inner plastic packaging. After completely opening the package, I inspected every inch of the leather, hoping that there would be no flaws or imperfections that Saddleback has decided to include. Luckily, this piece was pristine. The leather appeared to have arrived well nourished, however I applied a thin layer of Saphir Renovateur to help protect my new desk pad. The leather did not discolor after application of the Saphir Renovateur. The craftsmanship on this product is unmistakeable- the stitching is well done and in a tonal color and the rivets are well positioned and recessed on the reverse to help prevent scratching the desk surface. One of the best thought out pieces of design of this product is the gap between the rivets and second layer of stitching where one's hands normally rest while typing / writing. Very well thought out in that regard. The branding is a bit more obvious than I would have liked (although it's by no means ostentatious) and I would have very much appreciated the choice of having my initials embossed on the left side where the image of Blue is. The pad is quite thick and seems to have a layer of cushioning in the middle. This cushioning is enough to provide comfort, but not enough so that paper is punctured. The size of the large pad is also fair, although I do believe that it would be much better if there were another couple of inches added to each dimension. Unfortunately, I do believe that this item is a bit overpriced, especially with the shipping factored in. Had this product either been about 10% cheaper or offered free shipping (or both!) I would have ordered this much, much sooner.

After being thoroughly impressed with the large desk pad, I went ahead and ordered the small, leather mousepad in Chestnut. The design of this is very similar to that of the large desk pad so I won't comment further on that. The one issue I do have with this mouse pad is the leather- this piece has much more imperfections, including some stretch marks, wrinkles, and a 1-2 inch scratch running down the middle. For the price of this mousepad, I am disappointed with the end appearance.

Finally, the Chestnut color is perfect for my needs. The color is a very rich burgundy almost reminiscent of a cross between a merlot and Horween #8 color. It truly is a beautiful color and combined with the rich leather smell it really adds a few degrees of class to my desk.

In summation- the products are beautiful, smell great, and are highly functional. My two pieces did have a great degree of variance in their appearance (I have one other piece that doesn't have the imperfections noted). Additionally, these products would benefit greatly from having wax burnished edges (it would add an even higher degree of class) and an option to add an embossed monogram in the position where Blue (sorry Blue, I really do love dogs but I think the option of a monogram instead would be more fitting of a product designed to add a degree of luxury to an office) is. Finally, the pricing does seem a bit high for what you ultimately receive. Yes, the leather is absolutely beautiful, but at 10% less of the current price (or free shipping) I really think it would be an incredible value.

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Great large leather desk pad one small defect

by - verified purchaser |
I'm the type of guy that takes pride in spending big for high end items, I don't need Saddleback to tell me "buy nice or buy twice"- so when I spend $200+ on a desk pad I expect it to be nearly flawless, but in this case it isn't. Now don't get me wrong the deskpad itself looks amazing: heavy and sturdy so it doesn't move around, beautiful industrial rivets and perfectly straight thread, leather that ages beautifully (one month of abuse so far) and despite previous reviews I actually like the Saddleback logos on it. So whats wrong with it you say? Well, one rivet is pink... Ya I know it's rust but Its not even the cool type of orange decaying rust more like nail polish pink, it sticks out like a sore thumb. I decided to fix it myself so I polished it with a mini buffer and sealed it with wax but the pink rust came back after 3 days, which led me to conclude that I was dealing with a defected rivet, it happens I get that. I contacted Saddleback and they told me that I was past the 30 day return policy when in fact I wasn't but I wasn't going to argue this since it's only one small rivet, one PINK! small rivet and it wasn't worth the trouble of a return. I decided to give this 3 stars instead of 2 because my girlfriend keeps insisting it's not a big deal. However the other day a friend came over and he asked why one rivet was pink and I just cringed. Despite this I'd much rather have rust pink rivets than nickle plated rivets I just wish saddle back would seal the rivets I honestly wouldn't mind spending $300+ for the desk pad so long as its flawless.

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Since we had already driven down to the Southern Sierra Madres of Mexico, I figured why not stop into the little town of Santa Clara del Cobre, “The Copper Town”, to find out what everybody was talking about. So, I turned our truck off the main road with our babies asleep in the back and followed the signs. Almost every single store in that picturesque pueblo was filled with hammered copper everything. From bathtubs to lamps to pens to even hammered copper toilets. It was like we had stumbled upon a hidden treasure in a cave.

Now back home in Texas, I had my new office to create from scratch and I wasn’t about to let it look average. As I asked around for someone to make me some custom desk pieces. People pointed us over to a backstreet coppersmith workshop where they were pounding out the glowing lumps of copper straight out of the fire. It wasn’t long before I was the proud owner of a hammered copper in and out paper tray, an envelope holder, a business card holder, a letter opener and a pen holder. They couldn’t have been more perfect.

They fit PERFECTLY on my old worn wooden desk, but still something was missing. It needed leather. Well, that’s how these came about. I’ve always appreciated sets of 3’s, the divine number of perfection, and know that things just feel right to me if they’re arranged in triangles. And so when I laid down my newly designed leather desk pad, monitor pad and mouse pad and saw the wood, leather and old copper together, I knew the office was then complete.