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Front Pocket Briefcase reviews

First Impressions

by - verified purchaser |
After 2 years of patiently waiting to pull the trigger, my Dark Coffee Brown Large FP Briefcase came yesterday and immediately after unpacking it, my only words were "oh wow". This thing is absolutely gorgeous. I debated between the Lg Classic Brief but ultimately decided it was too big for my needs. I had initially placed an order for a Dave's Deal on a Large Thin Briefcase in Chestnut (no front pockets), but I got an email 2 days later that it wasn't actually in stock and that it would be 3-6 weeks before it was available (they offered to upgrade to a full price bag at the same cost), but by the time I had placed my order, the bag fever had set in, so I saw the loss as an opportunity to upgrade and get what I really really wanted. So debating between just sticking with the Large Thin or going up to the full size front pocket bag, well, here the large front pocket sits at my feet as I type this. I chose wisely on getting the full size-large. This bag hits the sweet spot between the almost luggage dimensions (to me) of the classic and the thin briefcase (~4 inches slimmer). Ample room for anything I could possibly need during a normal business day or school day. Currently it has 3 textbooks, 2 full size notepad holders (only one of them is a Saddleback, review to come) and various little things in the outer pockets.

Pros: (A lot to list, so here are the main ones)

1. Heavy?- Yes, but not unwieldy or overly so. Of course the weight increases as you stuff it. How much depends on you. The weight simply states you have a quality bag on your shoulder/in your hand, but it is manageable and quickly unnoticeable...or you ignore it because the bag is beyond awesome and its a trade-off you willingly make.

2. Stiff and sturdy- The Dark Coffee Brown is dark and stiff and honestly I wouldn't have it any other way. I look forward to breaking it in over the years and gaining suppleness. Again, the stiff leather just says "I'm here for you for the long run"

3.The smell- If you have any Saddleback products, you know the smell. For the uninitiated, it is heaven.

4. Design- I count 12 pockets on the bag plus the inner key strap (they included a chestnut keyfob and it compliments nicely), so organization is available for all of your stuff at any given time. I have nicknamed my bag 'Indy" because it seriously looks like something Indiana would have slung on his shoulder between class and then leaving onto his next adventure. It isn't flashy, it isn't overly rugged, it is simply the fine balance between both. Boardroom or hike, it'll fit in nicely.

5. Pigskin lining- Mine has the suede side of the pigskin and it is my first time seeing it in person. It's pretty cool I think and compliments the smoother finish of the leather. Again, screams class and durability.

Cons: (Not many, if any, but if I had to...)

1. Backpack mode- I'm 6'4" and weigh more than I care to admit, and it looks goofy as a backpack. I see the use of it, but depending on your frame, it may look a little odd. On the strap or in hand, it looks proportional and comfortable.

2. No cool marks- I searched for any cool markings, and only have the back panel with stretch marks (wish they were on the front, they look neat and create a break in just the solid color) and a small scar(?) just under the Blue logo under the main flap. Bummer, but typical of the darker colors that they offer from what I have seen.

3. The side pockets- Each side (outer) has a pocket running the depth of the bag, which is nice for pens or other loose items, but I don't see anything other than a slim Dasani water bottle fitting in there as far as drinks go. I may be wrong and I'm sure it will stretch to accommodate a larger bottle/thermos, but I'm betting it will take quite a long time. A slightly looser pocket would have been nice.

Is this bag for everyone? Nope. But for who it is geared towards, it will be loved. I am super impressed not only by the bag itself, but with Saddleback in general. Outstanding products made by a superb company that employs stellar people. Don't hesitate (we all know you stalk the site for some time before finally taking the plunge), just click order, you won't regret it.

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Awesome Bag, As Advertised.

by - verified purchaser |
I bought the Medium Front Pocket Briefcase in the Tobacco color after a few months of debating. I'd seen the bags in person so I knew the quality was there but, of course, the price was what hung me up. Admittedly, it is a lot of money for a briefcase but I can honestly say that I think I got every penny's worth on this purchase. Only had it for about a week but it's getting better everyday. Very first day I got it I ended up having to take a little trek using public transportation and walking and I converted the shoulder strap to a was awesome! Very convenient. Mine came nicely packaged with a complimentary Saddleback keychain included as a bonus on my key strap. I've already gotten a handful of compliments on it in the short time I have had it. Super friendly customer service staff too! I will definitely be looking to Saddleback the next time I'm in the market for a bag.

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I'm "Leatherbound" From City to Ranch!

by - verified purchaser |
I went for the large "Front Pocket Briefcase" in tobacco after weeks of researching Saddleback Leather's website, and watching every YouTube video review I could find. Like many of you, I was torn between several models. My research included: "Thin Front Pocket Briefcase," "Thin Briefcase," and the "Classic Briefcase" models. I already have a thin ballistic nylon briefcase that I have used for years, and I wanted something a smidge larger, but not so large that I would be tempted to pack clothing into it. More on that in a minute.

In the end, I chose this one because it had:

- Two good-size interior chambers to hold any laptop I may use, along with chargers, notebooks etc.

- Pockets on both sides for a water bottle or other accessory that's easy to access quickly.

- Two front pockets for packing things without eating up the interior space.

- Rear thin pocket that is open and easy to access quickly.

I already have a "Waterbag" duffel in tobacco that is a medium carry-on size for packing clothing. With a folding compact luggage cart, I travel with both of these with ease. It's a great pair of products to get me through a business week in the city, traveling through airports and other cities, and then out to the ranch for enjoying the weekends. I absolutely love both of these beautiful and tough leather products that serve me well no matter my location.

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Best Christmas Present this Year

by |
I first discovered Saddleback Leather about three years ago when I was in the market for a leather wallet. I'd previously gotten a new wallet every year and just kind of accepted that as the norm. While I was shopping online for a new wallet at that time, Saddleback Leather caught my eye. I decided to get a Saddleback bi-fold wallet and have loved it for three years now. I bought my dad and brother-in-law the same wallet the next Christmas, and they're both still using it as well. Since I've gotten the wallet I've been pretty obsessed with the idea of getting a Saddleback briefcase one day. The price, as I'm sure it is for many, was the factor barring me from purchasing it. I instead settled on a $100 Samsonite briefcase that got pretty beat up over the course of three years working at my current job. The difference between a Samsonite bag and a Saddleback bag is the Samsonite bag looked worse as it wore down with thread hanging out and black paint rubbing off to expose gray fabric, while Saddleback leather just gets better looking and feeling over time.

My dad loves his Saddleback wallet and belt and knew that I wanted one of the briefcases, so he decided to get me a Saddleback bag for Christmas. I felt bad that he was spending so much on it, but I got the vibe that it was something he really wanted to get me so I went ahead with it. The next step was choosing which bag was right for me. I watched an embarrassing number of YouTube reviews, all of which were very positive, for the different Saddleback briefcase models. I landed on the Large Front Pocket Briefcase in Dark Coffee Brown mainly because I like have a couple of extra pockets in the front. I also thought it looks a bit nicer and less bulky than the classic briefcase. I went with Dark Coffee Brown because it looks like with my other favorite color (Tobacco Brown) it's kind of a crap shoot right now whether you'll end up with the very light brown (I don't like) or the darker light brown (which I love). The Dark Coffee Brown is a great color for the office as well as play, so I like that about it as well.

I got my briefcase for Christmas this year and LOVE it. You know how you build something up in your head sometimes and then finally get it and it's disappointing? That's not how I felt about my bag at all. It smells amazing, looks great, and I can already tell it will only get cooler looking over time. If this bag is anywhere near your price range I wholeheartedly recommend getting it. It was a bit much for my price range, but luckily my dad is awesome and decided to get it for me.

I've gotten compliments on the bag almost every day since I started bringing it to work, which is pretty incredible when you think about it. Everybody has briefcases or bags and this one stands out enough for people to go out of their way to make remarks about it. The only negative I can think of are that the bag is pretty heavy, but I've gotten used to it already. It's a product of the thick high quality leather it's made out of. I can't wait to see how it ages take it with me on whatever future journeys I might end up embarking on. If it's at all a possibility for you, get this bag or at least some kind of Saddleback bag!

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The Last Bag I'll Ever Need!

by - verified purchaser |
A couple of years ago a friend of mine received a Saddleback bag as a gift for Christmas. From the first moment I saw it I knew I had to have one myself, but for a long time the cost was something I could never justify spending on myself. Since then I've bought a number of bags for others in my family, and even a couple smaller Saddleback items for friends. But in all that time I never had a bag of my own.

Cut to Christmas 2015. My parents, after having heard me speak of a Saddleback briefcase longingly for years, must have finally decided I'd waited long enough. Wrapped underneath the tree was a Medium Tobacco Front Pocket Briefcase, and from the first smell of that beautiful leather to slinging it around my shoulders this morning, it's been like heaven.

This is hands down the best bag I've ever owned. I've received compliment after compliment from folks at work and on the street. I can pack everything I need for work or play in this briefcase with ease, and I can already tell it is going to wear beautifully (somehow becoming an even more attractive bag than it is today!).

Rarely do I attach any sort of emotional significance to any objects I own, but this is one thing I look forward to hauling around each and every day building memories and learning to respect quality and construction that is built to last a lifetime. Thanks Saddleback for making dreams come true!

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Front Pocket Briefcase

by - verified purchaser |
I just received my Front Pocket Briefcase and I love it! I've stuffed all my crap in it and it fits fine. It also looks great even though it didn't have any interesting imperfections. I can't wait to take it on it's first trip and show it off.

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by |
I started looking at briefcases about 6 months ago. I did a TON of research, and looked at a lot of products from many different reputable companies (Orvis, Filson, Ghurka, etc...). After reading about Saddleback products, and the company itself...I was sold.

I waited 6 months, and asked for this bag as a Christmas gift. I obsessed over it day after reached the point where I said to myself, "Self, you're building this up way too much...and your're going to be disappointed when it arrives".

Well, I got it Christmas morning....and it was EVERYTHING I wanted it to be. Beautiful, rich, THICK leather....and the smell is incredible. I can't wait to see how this bag looks after a few years of daily use.

Saddleback customer for life!

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The shiznitz!

by - verified purchaser |
I've been through 7 computer bags or so and got tired of fighting through the search for another bag that would do what I wanted. I figured I could buy this one and at least be able to cash in on the warranty if anything happened and not have to get familiar with a different bag. Well, lemme tell ya, this bag gets better with age man! Compliments everywhere I go and takes a beating with no complaints. I will never have or need another computer bag! Its worth every penny.

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Incredible bag

by - verified purchaser |
I got this bag in large chestnut about a week ago and it's starting to break in a little bit now. It's the perfect size I pack it full with multiple textbooks, files, cords, other novels/books, a couple laptops, workout clothes and room for an umbrella in the side. I highly recommend getting this bag, the quality is unbeatable. Chestnut is beautiful and rich and will age well while maintaining a rugged professional look. Only recommendation is to make the side pockets a bit bigger. Thanks Dave!!

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Good value for the investment

by - verified purchaser |
After much deliberation between the Front-pocket and the Classic, I pulled the trigger and ordered the Large Front-pocket in Tobacco. One of the reasons for my choice was the larger pockets on the side which I could slide things into…items which I need to access more quickly but don’t necessarily like to have in my pants pockets, like my phone, calculator, wallet, keys, etc. Even with less interior depth than the Classic, I can still get my Macbook, a PC laptop, folders, books, iPad and even two cable bags (to keep smaller things organized and handy inside.) Yes, it’s heavy but even when I packed out my last backpack with the items above, that became heavy too, and this bag looks so much better. It is expensive, but honestly, anytime you need to make a decision between price and quality…it’s not what you don’t pay, it’s what you don’t receive. For almost a year I complied in my wish list on Amazon a variety of leather briefcases in order to get a sense as to what features were important to me in a briefcase. One comment that appeared in a number of reviews was the phrase, “It’s not a Saddleback, but...” Which of course led me to find out just what a Saddleback is…and I never looked back! Even after just a month of carrying this bag, I feel as I have gotten exceptional value for what I have invested and I predict that in the years to come, not only will I no longer be replacing my bag about every three years (because it wore out or broke down due to poor workmanship or because I got tired of it) but I am confident that I will break down and wear out before it will!

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2 Cable Bags will provide additional storage pockets!

by - verified purchaser |
I ordered the Large in Tobacco brown. I have read elsewhere that Tobacco is "running a little darker" than the main images for this product, and I think I would agree with that. However, not in a negative way. The color is a rich natural-looking brown, with no tinges of yellow or tan. Perfect.

As for the size, I agree that this bag is the perfect compromise between a thin briefcase and the suitcase-like depth of the classic briefcase. It is neither too deep, nor too thin. I am 5'7", and while the bag is large, I do not find it too large for daily use.

For those of us that have previously been in the habit of using fake-leather or fabric bags with lots of zippers and pockets, like myself, I was a little worried about not having enough places to store my goodies. I would recommend ordering two of the cable bags, which fit perfectly side-by-side at the bottom of either of the main storage compartments. They are a nice size, and very functional for storing items that you don't want to throw into your bag loose (e.g. memory sticks).

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Tough, sturdy and beautiful design for the pro.

by - verified purchaser |
This is my 2nd briefcase from SBL. The large FPB doesn't fit my EDC just like my Classic briefcase, but my 15" laptop fit easily and still have around 1 1/2inch spare, 17" could fit like a glove.

The interior pigskin suede lining surprised me, it doesn't get dirty, stain and scratch easily, hopefuly all the SBL bag will consider this as their interior lining.

The side pocket too tight for the water bottle, but it's tight enough too secure small goods for fast response.

The front pocket quite big for misc things.

The chesnut large FPB looks good & pro, it mean business and you mean it when you carried around the meeting room. Love the large FPB design & new chesnut leather texture.

If Dave could improve. Please change the handle with the Classic. It feels sturdy, tough and more comfortable than FPB handle.

Eventually this is the sturdier and beautiful fullgrain bag you ever find + the 100years warranty.

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Darker color is on the medium one, not as shown

by - verified purchaser |
I am very pleased with the bag. However, I ordered the Medium and it came in the darker color displayed for the large size, not the lighter color as shown. Be prepared for the wrong color. They must have them mixed up. Anyway, once I saw the darker color in person, I became attached to it and didn't want to return it. I also own this same bag in chestnut. They are wonderful bags with plenty of room. I love the front pockets, they are real helpful. The darker color does come scuffed up, so be prepared for that "worn in" look already on it. I actually prefer the "worn it" look in this darker tobacco color. I have already had many comments on my bag and enjoy looking at it as well as using it. It is built with the high quality you expect from SBL. Just be careful on the color. (I didn't know they had two shades of tobacco.)

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Incredible bag; now I need a lo-jack.

by - verified purchaser |
I was finally able to purchase a Saddleback briefcase, after two years of waiting and saving. Now I can say that it is the best bag I have ever owned.

I ordered the Front Pocket in Chestnut, and it's beautiful right out of the box. The surface was immaculate, thanks especially to the careful packaging. The color is exactly as pictured, and the leather aroma is amazing.

It may stretch out a bit over time, but I'm very happy with the fit. My bag fits a 15" Macbook Pro--snugly, but that's okay. The interior surface is gentle to my laptop, and it doesn't slide around when I carry. There's plenty of room for cables and such in the back compartment; I use the front compartment for books, notebooks, etc. The front pockets are roomy, too. At the moment, one holds my full set of pencils and highlighters (I'm a serious book-marker), and the other has a few workday essentials.

I've been surprised by how quickly the straps have limbered up. I was worried that I would have to really muscle them for a while, but they already take less effort after a week of carrying.

My only worry now? My friends absconding with the bag. I've gotten more compliments on this bag than any I've ever owned. And fight over it when I'm dead? After one friend suggested I needed a lo-jack app, another laughed and said, "First time it's missing, the app will say it's at my house!"

Seriously, I'm beyond happy with my FPB--my first Saddleback purchase, but not my last.

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Worth it!

by |
I have had this bag for about 2 weeks so keep that in mind while you read this review.

I was deciding between this bag and the Classic Briefcase and in the end I decided that the front pockets, bigger side pockets for water bottles, and one strap keeping it closed rather than two was all more appropriate for my needs. So far it has exceeded my expectations and has served as a wonderful office bag. Just as some background information, I am 24 years old and I work in tech; this is the first large purchase I have made since college, in fact I made the purchase to reward myself for paying off my student loans quickly.


I am able to easily fit my 15" laptop, a few notebooks, a book and various electronic chargers in the main compartments with room to spare. I think this space will actually increase a little over time as the bag gets worn in, it is still in the very stiff stage and the leather does not stretch much. The two side pockets have enough room to fit water bottles as long as they are not to large or oddly shaped like the Fiji bottles. The front pockets are so far my favorite part; they can carry a small book/notebook or any other relatively small item. I have been keeping a moleskin notebook with a pen in one and snacks for work in the other. There is also space between the two front pockets that can hold a pen or flashlight, and there is space between the front pockets and the main compartments that can hold paper or maps (not sure if people still carry maps but there is space for it). I think that will be a good space to hold boarding passes and other travel documents.


I use this bag every day for work in an office and I also plan on traveling with it pretty frequently. This was really one of the only bags I could find that fits in the office as well as the outdoors which is important to me because my first trip with it will be to Switzerland and southern Europe and I am going to beat the hell out of it. I think it will be a great carry-on bag that can hold all my immediate necessities. Being able to convert to a backpack is going to be nice when I'm running through airports. As far as backpacks go, this converts very quickly and easily. It is not the most comfortable backpack but then again, if I had wanted a backpack I would have just bought one instead. The only lack of function one might find is that you have to open the main compartment strap to get to the front pockets, so far that hasn't mattered to me at all but some might find it bothersome.


One of my biggest concerns when deciding between this bag and the Classic Briefcase was the size. The Classic comes in a few different sizes and there are many videos and reviews that lend to the size specifications, but this bag didn't have nearly as many resources so I was nervous that it would not be the right size for me. I am 6' about 175 lbs and it is a great fit for me. I think it is most comparable to the Large Classic Briefcase if you want to do further research. If I was much smaller I would probably think the bag is too big but as it is now I am fine. The size of the interior is most important to me, as it has to hold all of my junk, but the exterior is important as well. I don't want it to seem like I am dragging around an enormous bag or a small man purse but this bag meets perfectly in the middle. A few reviews have talked about the weight of the bag as a negative; to me this is just a sign of quality. Leather has weight. Sturdy D-rings have weight. Support around the seams has weight. If your top concern is weight then you are better off buying something that is not leather and you are shopping at the wrong place.


I won't say much here because it has been talked about on every review for every product. The quality and craftsmanship is amazing and I suspect why most people love their items so much. I have not had the bag for long but it has the feel of something that will last a very very long time and be able to endure a great deal of strain.


All in all I am immensely happy with this bag. If you are thinking about taking the plunge, do it! You will not regret spending the extra money to get such a versatile and quality bag. I will update my review after I break it in and beat it up a little more. Dave, thank you for creating something so special. Please be proud of your work and don't let your company outgrow your morals.

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What a beauty!

by |
I will only reiterate what other satisified reviews have already said - "What a gorgeous bag!" I have spent many a months pouring over reviews and comments before taking the "proverbial" plunge. How can i justify a $600 bag? Let me just say that the pictures DO NOT give it justice. This is a gorgeous bag. Roomy, Thick, and just plain rugged. It smells incredible. I am about 5'9 and this bag is just perfect. I call it the goldilocks bag; being just right between the classic briefcase and the thin briefcase. I have the tobacco it is just the right color. It is not too light. I cant' wait for the patina that will just make this thing even more beautiful. So just do yourself a favor and get it! You will not regret it.

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Very Nice Addition

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I purchased a large classic brief case last January. It always felt just a bit too big, and I wished it had two front pockets. When I first saw this bag, it looked like what I had been looking for. My Carbon bag just came in and I must say it is perfect. It's just big enough, the leather seems to be softer, and the two front pockets work really well. It feels so much lighter than the classic brief case. The Carbon color is rely nice as well. This is a great bag...Peter

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Tougher than John Wayne (and a lot better looking)

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I ordered my briefcase in the Tobacco colour and am very pleased with the overall look and construction. I found the colour of my bag to be just a little darker than the photos on the Sadleback website, but I actually like the slightly darker shade better. Construction seems to be very sturdy and the leather is beautiful. I've receive lots of positive comments from friends.

A suggested minor improvement would be to use the same colour of antique brass for all the rivets - the two rivets for the carry handle are bright copper (not directly visible in any of the supplied photos, although you can see the bottom part of the rivets in the 4th photo from the right).

There was a minor mix-up with my order, but the super friendly customer service gals (Colette and Melanie) were awesome and went above and beyond normal customer service to make sure I was happy happy happy.

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Thank you, it is stunning!

by |
I've carried a lot of briefcases and/or computer bags over the last 20+ years and this Front Pocket Briefcase just blows me away. I wanted to climb in the box with it when I opened it, the smell of new leather just blasts you in the face (reminded me of the smell of new horse tackle back when I was a kid and used to ride a lot).

Not sure if this makes sense but it is quite simply "perfectly flawed". What I mean is that it is not perfectly square everywhere but instead exudes quality and craftsmanship that says "yeah, I'll be with you for a while, I won't let you down and we'll look good doing it."

I ordered mine in Chestnut and was a little worried it would be too red but my worries couldn't be further from the truth. It is exactly that reddish brown I love - a rich color that will be just as spectacular in the office as it will when I shuck the "monkey suit" in favor of riding boots and a leather jacket. With all the tie-down points it will be a breeze to bungee cord to the trunk of my bike (I ride Iron Horses now...).

Another concern was whether or not it would hold all my corporate road warrior gear, it does with room to spare. I did get one of those bungee strap organizer cards for all my gadgets, cables, mice, chargers, etc but that was really because I prefer organized chaos in my bag and I did have to give up the internal zipper/Velcro secured compartments when I ditched the Eddie Bauer Messenger bag.

End of the day, no regrets! It's everything I expected and more.

Thank you Saddleback, a little piece of you and I will be covering some miles together and sharing some experiences for a long time to come.

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Simply Awesome

by |
This briefcase is perfect. I'm 6'/ 190. I've bought more than my share of saddleback products in general, but a practical work briefcase was tough for me to find. The classic briefcase was too big for me; the thin briefcase was too small. This one is just right. Holds the perfect amount of stuff. Much lighter than the classic briefcase. Much easier to stuff with files than the thin briefcase. A daily companion for sure.

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Finally I thought having found the ideal briefcase for my purposes.

I have researched shops and the web when Saddleback announced the newly released front pocket briefcase.

Alas upon making my decision to order, it was sold out.

The Saddleback briefcases were objects of my longing for quite a while but the sizing didn’t really seem to fit my needs. The medium briefcase was to small for a 15” MacBookPro, the Large was, according to the reviews, a bit to large for my frame (I’m 5.8).

The Front Pocket Briefcase could have been the one I’ve been waiting for.

When it hit the shelves again I hurried to place the order. After a few days it arrived, having crossed the States, the Atlantic and halv of Europe in mere 5 days.

Unboxing was a pleasure for the look and the smell. The leather is incredibly strong and oozes excellent craftsmanship.

As a surgeon I have a strong sense for precision stitching and the seams are placed impeccably.

The front pockets take chargers and cables in one and my doppkit in the other.

The cigar pocket holds my Surefire flashlight in the meantime while waiting for a Cohiba...

The main compartment takes my 15”MacBookPro, a bunch of journals, notebooks and a lunsj. When I’ve to cover the on calls I can stash additionally more food, a change of underwear , socks and a jumper with room to spare. The internal side pockets are a bit small however and don’t hold more than a couple of business cards and pens.

Since it is close to Christmas I wish one side at least could take my smartphone which is 70mm wide….

I remember when I was a boy, my late grandfather came to visit, travelling light with his briefcase containing surprises for us kids. The smell of mine awakes reminiscences.

I have not travelled with it yet apart from my daily commute, but definitely looking forward.

Winfried Rüger

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Pretty much perfect :)

by |
OK, I bought this bag almost a year ago as a gift to myself for finishing grad school and thought I should break it in, and learn about it before I wrote a review; so that I could actually comment on how the bag functions on a daily basis. I should also confess, as others have, that I have always been in love with the classic bag. However, the classic would have been too big, and the thin would have been too small, and this happened to come into production at just the right time and it has really been perfect for me.

I will attempt to give you my opinion on the great features of the bag, and also some of the places i feel it could use improvement. However, that being said, please not that i have given the bag 4 stars which means it nearly perfect, if there was a 4.5 option i would have done that. I just couldn't give it a 5 because it's not "perfect" for me.


- perfect size (for me). I'm ~5'10" and not a big guy so i think this bad is really the perfect middle ground between the classic and the thin, as i mentioned earlier

- outer pockets! These are great, honestly, i couldn't imagine a bag without them. Where would i put all my little nick nacks (e.g. notebook power cord, headphones, thumb drives, wallet, highlighters, pens, etc). Putting all these things in the front pocket allows me to keep the main pockets free of little things that could get lost. I will say that the clasps on the front pockets are practically useless, I never use them because it's impractical to latch and unlatch them so frequently. Furthermore, it's not necessary to latch them since the main bag flap keeps them closed and prevents things from falling out (if that makes sense).

- leather quality is excellent (of course). Prior to buying this i bought an Allen Edmond's messenger, which was almost the same price. As soon as it arrived, I opened it and immediately closed it and sent it back. Pathetic how big of a difference there is in the leather. I can't even describe how bad the "leather" was on the AE bag.

Minor changes that could be made:

- the water bottle holders are really difficult to use for even a plastic water bottle and are completely impracticable for anything like a nalagene bottle. My work around is that I bought a carabiner and if I take a Nalagene bottle, I just clip it onto one of the D rings.

- I much preferred the old style of handle that was/is on the classic bag. It's more round and I think it would feel much better than this flat one. I'm really not a big fan. I understand that this flat one can be compressed down so it sits flatter but I'd rather have the old style.

- the shoulder strap hits the main bag flap when it's on your shoulder and has caused some curling on the lateral edges of the main flap. This is really hard to explain, but i'll try to capture a picture. This, I believe can be solved by making the attachment point of the shoulder strap a little wider than the width of the main flap, or vice verse (make the main flap a little narrower than the attachment points of the shoulder strap).

- Lastly (and this is just a stupid little suggestion), is that I would have loved a second shoulder strap belt loop at the very distal (furthest) end of the strap. The reason is that my strap has a decent amount of excess length and it flaps around everywhere. Not a big deal though.

That's about it. Bottom line, the bag is great, you know it's great, I don't need to tell you how great it is.

Enjoy :)

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Perfect size

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I'm a big fan of Saddleback Leather, I've got a large classic briefcase, large thin briefcase and a large round satchel. I wanted something that wasn't quite as big as the large classic briefcase but a little bigger than the large round satchel. Bingo, found it, the front pocket briefcase is the perfect compromise. Love the outside pockets, they are great for smaller items I don't want loose in the briefcase, and there's still plenty of room. The outside side pockets are a little odd, the big seam in the middle makes them less functional but they are still useful. I bought the DCB, the leather feels a little different from my previous bags, it's a lot softer and almost "greasy" feeling, that's going away with use though. Very glad I purchased this bag, still love my other ones but this one's a little less cumbersome than the classic but quite a bit bigger than the satchel.

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Most people here know they'll get one at some point. The first choice is which style, then size, then color. I was worried that one of those choices would be the wrong one, and I'd be faced with either settling or returning it. Not so...

The bag is honestly one of the nicest things I've ever purchased. It's perfect and exactly as advertised. Yup, it's pretty heavy, and if you have never carried a bag, or carried only a small laptop bag, it may take a little getting used to. It's not overbearing, and I used to carry heavier, more burdensome bags laden with heavy laptops, tools etc, and this is nothing compared to any of those. Now, I have a 13" MBP and an iPad Air (in the matching SBL cover), some other small items in the pockets and it's actually lighter than most of my previous carry bags.

I chose Carbon because it matches pretty much everything, and I like the contrast that the hardware brings out. Though Dave is a good marketer, and I can see how it would be easy to get sucked into it, the quality and craftsmanship is every bit of what he claims. I actually think there are some features/points he misses.

I know they don't want URLs here but I did a review that goes a little more in depth than I can here:

They can delete that if they want.

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My Last Briefcase - Really

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I found Saddleback after my last briefcase purchase did not work out. Have you seen the video about knocking off a Saddleback bag? Unfortunately for me, I unknowingly purchased a knockoff several years ago; it wasn't real leather, and after a few years the nice looking surface wore off and I was left with this ugly light gray......mess. It was embarrassing.

The subsequent search for a real briefcase ended at the Saddleback website. I just received the front pocket briefcase in dark coffee from Saddleback and I am very impressed. 15% off on the Dave's Deals page, which should have identifiable flaws at 3 feet but I can't see any from 1 foot. And it's built like a brick poophouse.

Size is right for an everyday bag - for me anyway - I carry a fair amount of stuff around. Also a decent size for business trips. Tough, well built, a tad on the heavy side as you would expect, smells great, looks great, super functional.

In terms of constructive suggestions: The strap seems a bit overbuilt for everyday use. Great for backpacking, but most business people don't carry a briefcase on their back. I could see Arnold S. lugging a Gatling gun with this strap quite comfortably, hunting aliens in the jungle. It's quite long and bulky, so right now I keep it tucked inside the briefcase most of the time. I'm looking for a shorter, lighter alternative.

A few little nits - the little side pockets both inside and out are a bit tight, hopefully they loosen with wear. I can't fit my smartphone in the inside pocket, only pens, and the outside one won't fit a water bottle. I'll walk on the case some tonight and see if I can loosen things up.

But in summary, awesome design and construction, Saddleback, I love it!

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