Front Pocket Briefcase

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Front Pocket Briefcase reviews

Mostly awesome!

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I have owned a DCB large satchel (not the current round satchel) for some time. It is honestly the most perfect accessory I've ever had with one exception - it doesn't fit my 15" MacBook Pro. But the briefcase's three straps and extraordinary weight didn't suit me either. When this Front Pocket briefcase came out, I knew it was the solution I was waiting for. And in terms of functionality, it absolutely is. It still fits all my daily stuff in it, including lunch bag, thermos, iPad, 3-4 Moleskine books of varying sizes, pens, knife, flashlight.... and now my 15" MBP retina. Absolutely everything I wanted in a bag - and it's not too heavy and not too big.

I do have to say that somehow the leather seems different. It does not feel like the same leather as before. I coudn't care less about it not being "perfect" but it feels softer and more buttery than on my satchel - I prefer the older, stiffer leather. Also I was a bit surprised at the soft, smooth, buttery pigskin lining. The pigskin lining in my satchel is dark brown, nearly matching the outside colour, and is significantly slipperier and smoother and tougher-feeling - it's almost exactly like a football pigskin and I couldn't even scratch it with my keys if I tried. The new bag's lining is smooth and luxurious - I can easily scrape it with my fingernail. Don't get me wrong, the lining is beautiful but it feels like it won't last nearly as long, but I guess time will tell.

It's taking me some time to adjust to the different feel of this new leather and lining, but I'm thrilled with the performance of my new bag.

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Just right

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Gorgeous craftsmanship. Nice heft, smell, and look. This will definitely turn heads. Only ding I give it is you'll want some protection for your laptop in this briefcase as cords, etc will bang into it when everything is thrown in there together. I ended up purchasing a laptop sleeve (which is also quite nice). I have at least one person ask about it (or ask to see it) when I'm out and about.

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Just Received My First Saddleback Product

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Let's begin with this, I don't usually write reviews. But my contact with SB was fantastic and requires comment. William, who apparently just started there, was great. Helped me through a tight logistical spot with amazing patience and ease. Good guy. Now, more than ever, customer service is how to build loyalty. Job accomplished and well done, William. Then I received my Chestnut Front Pocket Briefcase today. I had surprised myself getting sucked into the angsty nonsense over what color. Chestnut was my second choice. I was fearful I missed my gut instinct and went with too red a color. Not the case (get it?). It is more deep brown. Will work perfectly for clients and court, etc. I have to say that I was blown away. Just fantastic. Even got the luggage tag to affix to it. Thought it was overkill for the price. But it's great too. This is no "murse." It's a briefcase for a day's work. Tough, thick, lots of rings, heavy metal buckles, tough dark pigskin interior, rivets, good stitching, etc. I get it now. To all those who whine online that it is heavy, stiff, too basic, too big or this or that, then this isn't for you. For all those who like a tough dependable piece of equipment that will travel well and look good too, this is for you. Nice work and thanks William!

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Just missing the mark...

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I own the large classic briefcase and if it has one shortcoming (if forced to find one) it would be the lack of buckled external pockets. You appear to have attempted to remedy that here yet you still need to open the main flap to access the pockets. It makes these pockets only worth using if you want to secure something that you need access to less frequently than the main compartment of the bag. It'd be great to have buckled external pockets that you can quickly get into to fetch your wallet or phone without having to unbuckle the main compartment. It's still a great looking bag!

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Inspired design, highest quality materials, Old world craftmanship

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If you can carry the burden of man, gladly

And keep it safe and dry

If you are bold of spirit, but humble in style

Yet allow your bearer to shine

If neither age, nor abuse trouble you

And you absorb their travails with a smile

Yours shall be the companionship of wise men

Glory and Adventure, your crown!

This bag has been nothing but a pleasure to own, and to carry. I'm proud to own this wonderful work of thoughtful design, and workmanship. I researched this purchase extensively, and decided that there just isn't a more completely thought through design and execution of leatherwork available. The team at SBL have developed an amazing product. It was worth the short wait!

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Incredible bag

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The Front Pocket Briefcase is as near a perfect briefcase as I could have imagined. I bought it in the Tobacco Brown color and it is such a beautiful smelling and feeling leather. I have many other products with Saddleback so I know the quality and what to expect and this bag delivered in every way.

When I first got it a few months ago, the leather was tough and not plyable and I was a little nervous about how it would turn out for every day use - sure enough like other reviews, after using it a couple weeks the leather started to break in and now has a perfect feeling of toughness but also softness. The strap is extremely comfortable.

The size of the bag is perfect for me right now. On any given day I have my 15" laptop I use for work, my ipad mini, a power cord, a book for reading, a couple folders with work files, a wireless mouse, a phone charger, a can of altoids, and my saddleback notepad holder. All of this fits nicely in without having a jammed feeling.

I have received many compliments on my bag already - people love this bag and for good reason. I would recommend to everyone.

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I'm Very Pleased

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I debated between this and the Thin Front Pocket Brief. and I'm extremely glad I made the choice to get this one. No doubt this will never be considered a small bag, but I don't find it unwieldy. The construction is beautiful and solid. I chose the tobacco color and think it's exceptionally beautiful. The leather is soft and pliable where not reinforced with pigskin but leaves the impression it will live up to the 100yr warranty.

I'm 6'2" and it looks proportional and the utility is great. I carry my work and personal laptops (and charger), notebooks, headphones, camera, knife, flashlight, extra glasses, umbrella, Bible, wallet, pens, iPod....blah blah blah. This bag simply swallows it. I've got room to spare and, with 2 laptops, it is heavy but surprisingly comfortable. I removed one of the shoulder pads and placed it under my laptops for additional padding.

I have yet to do any travel but plan to use this bag and a duffel bag for a 3 day business trip. I tried the backpack mode but found it uncomfortable and difficult to use. I'll give it another shot once the bag has worn in.

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I took the plunge

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My first purchase with sbl was a few years ago and I purchased a wallet and an iPad case. I was excited to get them, but not ecstatic as I had actually never seen any of their products in person. Once they arrived, I fell in love for life. It's all to rare today for a company to be solely focused on quality and equality, and for me, it was quickly apparent what sbl's goals were. From that point, I knew I had to have one of their bags.

Fast forward to last week, when my tobacco front pocket briefcase arrived. After having wanted a bag for so long, once I opened the box, I have to say I had the slightest bit of disappointment. That disappointment was in the effort that the buckle took to open and close the bag. I am a person of function, and while I was still in complete awe over the bag, I was worried about it's operation day to day, it's ease of use. After about 10 minutes though of opening and closing it, and rolling up the leather strap in both directions, all of my worries were gone. The leather was already breaking in during that short period of time, and was becoming easier to use with every use. I now actually love the operation and technique required of the buckle, and it somehow makes doing something so simple as opening a bag, feel full of purpose. It's a hard feeling to explain haha.

I do wish though that the bag was a half inch wider as my 15" MacBook sleeve from sbl is a very snug fit, almost to snug. Again though, both products are new, so I definitely expect this to get better once broken in some more. When picking the bags, I went with this one over the others because of it's smaller size compared to the traditional briefcase, and because of the look. I liked the look of the pockets a lot more then the other bags straps, and though I didn't think the pockets would be all that useful, they still looked good. I'm happy to say though that the pockets are extremely functional and can hold quite a bit of stuff and they are something that will be used every day. I couldn't be any happier with the bag. While waiting for it to come in, I showed it online to several people. Most just shrugged and couldn't understand or justify the price. After seeing the bag in person though, everyone of them has changed their minds and is really impressed.

Now a warning to some. Do not buy this bag if your just looking for a fashion statement. If that's your goal, at least go with something smaller, if not another brand all together. These bags are utilitarian, heavy duty, and functional. They just so happen to look great as well. I can really imagine certain people purchasing these, only to find them overkill for a typical office / cubicle work style. If these bags were just used to go from your house to the car and then to work, it would be like having a Ferrari and putting a speed limiter on it and giving it 2 flat tires. These bags are made to go out and explore, and that's where they truly excel. Thanks again Saddleback for another great product, I'm already saving for my next one!

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I am currently in LOVE with this bag!

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I had the original briefcase for a little over a year and found I was always adjusting the strap buckles... I didn't like them hanging down in front. When I saw this bag, I thought it looked beautiful and having only one strap to hold the front flap down appealed to me. I recently sold my Original briefcase and bought the Tobacco Front Pocket briefcase and I absolutely love it. I Love the texture of the new leather, and the scars make it look so cool and unique. This fits my personality a little better and I think it will break in faster and be in my family for years to come. Awesome bag, recommend it to everyone who is thinking of pulling the trigger. Yes, you NEED this bag!

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Great briefcase

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I remember seeing this briefcase when i first began to travel for work . I was like I need one!!!!!So I finally got the opportunity to get one .And man am i glad I got it . It serves my needs great . Over the shoulder for the office and backpack style when im at the airport . It was a tight fit for my laptop but as long as i leave it in there the leather is stretching nicely and conforming to the size of it as i use it for work . Everybody is like thats a lot of money and im like buy good once and never buy again . I am a firm believer in buying good quality products and not buying for a long time. Thanks dave for this wonderful product that creates envy and makes people sin because they are coveting my goods. And may your charities continue to do good around the world.

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Great bag that meets all of my expectations - Thanks Saddleback Leather

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I purchased the Front Pocket Briefcase in Dark Coffee Brown as a 25% off Dave's Deal.I received the bag yesterday, and am very impressed with the quality of workmanship and the condition of this specific bag. Being a highly discounted product, I was concerned about the level of cosmetic "uniqueness" the bag would present, but it turns out all the worry was for nothing - the bag looks great!

After working through a pile of lesser bags, and a few other Saddleback briefcases, I have found the FPB to be the best briefcase for my specific needs. It holds everything I need it to carry, and is absolutely beautiful.

The front pockets are very handy for holding smaller items that would otherwise get lost in the bag. I hold my chargers, cables, and other nick-nacks for quick and easy access. The front pockets are also large enough to hold my Kobo Aura HD (which is quite large for an e-reader), just to give you a sense of the size of these awesome little pockets. My only issue with the front pockets is that they are concealed by the front flap, which means you have to unbuckle the main flap to access them; This adds a little bit more time and effort to the process of getting to your stuff.

The interior of the bag offers two large spaces to hold your gear.The interior space is just a hair shy of being able to hold legal sized folders, so if that is important to you, it is something to keep in mind.

The lack of interior pockets means that there is nothing to get in the way of whatever you need to carry in your bag. I often have to carry large texts and stacks of paper, so I appreciate that the pockets have been left off of this style of bag.

Anyway, after owning a Medium Thin Briefcase and a Front Pocket briefcase in Tobacco, I have finally found my new last bag. I think the only thing that could drag me away at this point would be a 17 inch FPB - wink, wink...

I recently put up a youtube review of the bag I received, so you can search that out if you are interested.

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Front Pocket Briefcase

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I heavily debated for some time which of the SBL briefcases would serve my purpose as an everyday bag. I felt the Classic Briefcases would be too deep for my needs, the Thin models too thin, and both of those models lacked the organization I wanted. The Front Pocket Briefcase appeared to provide the best compromise on size, plus it has the external pockets.

My 15" laptop (a Dell) doesn't fit in it without really (really) cramming it in there, but that's my problem for having a too-bulky (and heavy) laptop.

I can tell it will stretch out some after a long time of use. For now it does the perfect job of carrying all I need to carry on a regular basis, and the external pockets are a great help with organization. There are "slip pockets" behind the front pouches that allow for extra stashing of a business card holder, small notebook, iPhone charger and earbuds, checkbook, and more. The front pockets are great for things like emergency kits (first aid, spare knife, lighter), and other things that gearheads and preparedness nuts like to carry but wouldn't want loose or taking up space inside the bag.

I felt the side pockets (on the ends) might not be of great use because they seem small and tight, and the seam that holds the divider between the compartment takes up a good bit of real estate within the pockets. My opinion is changing on the side pockets as they have stretched a little with light use. I think they might hold a narrow water bottle with some more use, but will likely never hold your travel coffee tumbler (unless very narrow). A flask would be a great fit, though, if you are so inclined.

As another reviewer indicated, it might be nice to see this come in a couple sizes, but all in all and for my purposes, this is just about perfect.

The chestnut color is beautiful. I thought it would be too pretty for me (I'm a waxed canvas and harness leather and rugged wool kind of guy), but the very slight imperfections in the leather, like very mild stretch marks and other subtle character, make it perfect and interesting.

When you do scratch or nick it, Chamberlain's Leather Milk does a good job of blending those owner-inflicted character marks into the color of the leather.

As for weight of the bag, it doesn't seem like an issue to me at all. If you really do load it down, converting to backpack mode seems to reduce the perceived weight. Because this is a couple inches shallower than the Classic models, it would be difficult to load it to the point where weight was really a concern, unless you are of very small frame or slight strength.

As seems to be the norm, I've received numerous unsolicited compliments.

Warning: you will make a lot of people really jealous, and will likely spend far too much time packing and unpacking it just to spend time with it.

I am a "quality nerd" with a "buy it once" mentality. If you share a similar mentality, I highly doubt that SBL will let you down.

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Front pocket briefcase

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Photos do NOT do this justice -- this is a gorgeous, very sturdy briefcase. I ordered it in dark coffee brown to match the rest of my Saddleback purchases. I was originally hesitant about the prior reviews of the pigskin lining maybe being "too thin". If the pigskin lining were thicker, it would make for a much stiffer bag. Inside and out, this bag is perfection and I cannot say enough about it. DEFINITELY worth the price. The pockets are generously sized, the carry-strap is thick (although I have not tried converting the bag to backpack-style yet). I love the fact that the inside of the bag is "divided" -- it keeps all of my stuff neatly separated.

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Front pocket briefcase

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This is the perfect daily bag. You hit a home run on this bag.

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Front pocket briefcase

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I just ordered this briefcase. I can't wait to see it. It looks great.

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FPB in Tobacco Brown

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I've had this briefcase for a little over two weeks now, and I couldn't be happier. I was stuck between this briefcase and the large classic thin briefcase. Eventually I decided that I would rather have the depth of this bag over the length of the CTB (16 1/2"). After I started using this for work, I realized just how much I carry, which made me appreciate this bag even more. Even though I dont fill it to capacity, it's better to have the space and not need it than to need it and not have it. The only real concern I had was whether it would look too small on me. The only video reviews I could find had guys that are around 5' 6" and I'm 6' 1". Once I recieved the bag, however, that thought was quickly put to rest. It looks amazing. The only tiny problem is that this bag tends to scuff and mark a lot easier than all my other saddleback products (all tobacco brown). Not a con, just an observation.

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First Experience

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Hello, my name is Kikan

I got the "Front Pocket Briefcase" in the new Tobacco brown.

I'd like to share my personal opinion and give hopefully a useful review of the bag to help anyone else who is also considering getting this bag.

First Impressions:

Well to kick things off lets start the with the big elephant in the room. This bag weighs like a ton of bricks, but a bag that is made from full grain leather all around... lined with pigskin and equipped with 316 marine grade steel hardware is hardly going to be anything but heavy. With that being said, if you came down here you would probably already know this. Saying that the bag is over engineered would be an understatement.

But before you close this tab, or right off this bag allow me to share my thoughts about it for a little longer.

My Review / Experience:

I have used this bag everyday since the day I got it in all manner of ways that I didn't think would be possible or rather effective.

It is capacious enough to hold all of items including but not limited to...

Notebooks, i-Pad, books, fountain pens, ink bottles, Knives, flash lights, Sanitizing wipes, External battery brick, Cables, First aid kit, extra packs of cigarettes, lighter fluid, pencils, coins, portable ashtray, Paper folder, Lip balm and plenty more paper enough to start a bonfire big enough to BBQ a cow.

with all of the previously mentioned items and plenty more that would take a great long while to write about. All carried on my back in " Back Pack Mode" or "Messenger Bag Mode" and sometimes held by the handle as a briefcase hence the name.

Riding a scooter to work with this bag on my back was surprisingly comfortable. You can with some experience get to the point of opening the bag one handed if need be. As well as stashing items behind the front pockets so you can conveniently slide your hand behind the main front flap and retrieve whatever you wish to use.

I did one day end up in a crash while wearing safety gear of course. Upon landing on the pavement I did slide around a fair bit and experienced plenty of road rash. However the bag did take plenty of it and ended up laying on my back at which point I quickly positioned my self on the side of the road with droplets of blood trailing behind me. The bag survived the ordeal with minor scuffs not much damage is noticeable to be honest. and despite a full blown crash it still remained firmly attached to my back.

What you're asking whether I'm Okay or not ? if I wasn't I wouldn't be writing this review obviously ^_^. I'm not saying this bag is a good back protector, but it did eat the impact and the road rash for me. Of which I'm thankful for. With all the items I mentioned earlier being inside the bag in question. None of them had a single scratch or crack or tare whatsoever. It is at this point that I was more shocked than relieved to be quite honest.

To me this bag is as durable as a "Tank".

Big enough to hold all I would ever need with me.

Looks downright classic.

It only gets softer and more supple as times goes by.

If I'm carrying a little less on a particular day. I would clasp the 4x D Rings at the bottom with 2x Carabiners.

And Clasp the 4x D Rings on the top with 2x Carabiners.

This is a modification to slim the bag if the extra space is not needed and once the Carabiners are removed you can go back to original capacity.

Final Verdict:





Timeless classic look


Heavier than the earth

on the expensive side

Plenty of bags out there can do what this bag can do and maybe even better, but I'm pretty sure very few if any at all can survive to tell the tale to your youngsters ^_^.

Oh and the Tobacco Brown Color is Super Stressed / marked / scratched / Dark / Light basically it looks like the bag has been used by someone for 5 years then handed to you. Which I <---- Focus on what I'm saying here -->I<-- like that. If you however wish the bag is spanking shiny new stick with Chestnut brown / Coffee Brown / BLACK all of which will look more uniform and clean cool crisp. Tobacco brown is a color that looks like you have been in Africa for 20 years and the color was forged by the journey of you adventuring there that's why I like it ^_^. Tobacco brown is darker than the pictures of which I don't think it does the bag justice of how good it looks.

Thank you for reading thus far and I hope I have helped you.

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Fantastic Bag

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I own the Thin Briefcase Medium, Messenger, Front Pocket Backpack and now this bag.

I am 5'6" and carry a 15" Macbook Pro with over the ear headphones and several notebooks. I really wanted the classic large but it is too big for my frame. When the post came out with the new designs and one of them included this briefcase I was hopeful the width would go up slighter over the medium thin as this would allow my laptop to fit perfectly. Thankfully it did. This bag will now be my daily companion.

As always, the bag, customer support and shipping time (1 day) are fantastic and I will surely be buying more.

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Exceeds my wildest expectations

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I use my front pocket briefcase every day for my commute, every weekend to head to the coffee shop with my girlfriend to get some work done. I can fit three macbook pro 15" laptops in one of the two large pockets, an iPad mini and a kindle in one of the front pockets, and still have a massive amount of room available for my large headphones, power adapters, flashlight, business cards, knife, checkbook, batteries, etc... The amount that this bag can hold comfortably is truly amazing.

I also just got back from a long vacation in Asia, where I took this bag through heavy rain over multiple days, used it in "backpack configuration" and stuffed it fuller than ever before. I truly believe that there's nothing I can throw at this thing that it won't stand up to.

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Exactly what I was looking for

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It was time for me to upgrade to a more professional bag for office-based work and I spent hours pouring over the different options. Finally, I chose the front pocket briefcase in chestnut.

I decided against the classic bag, because, although beautiful, I personally preferred the small exterior pockets. I initially wanted the thin version, but quickly realized that it was too small for my personal needs (I was right - the regular sized is perfect). I decided on chestnut because I wanted something a little more formal and I like the appearance of chestnut when it becomes worn-down.

After using it for one month, this bag has drawn a large amount of positive attention from friends and colleagues. The leather has a bit of stretch to it, and has softened the more I stuff the front pockets and take on a more natural appearance. It has been slowly accumulating scuff marks which make it more attractive.

The only criticism I have is that the back open pouch (on the side of the bag that touches your body) was quite loose upon opening the bag. I figure this was purposely done based on past feedback that it was too tight until it was used a lot. Ive used that pocket a lot and it's become quite loose now, not to a detrimental level, but to the point where I wouldn't trust putting valuable objects in there for fear of falling out if the bag falls or is tilted too much.

Overall extremely satisfied!

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Everything I have come to expect from Saddleback

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I have lusted after your briefcases for years, (which is a sad commentary on a guy in his 50's). I spent years looking for the right briefcase to replace my 1981 model Samsonite. When I found Saddleback my search was over. However, the classic briefcase just wasn't quite right so I waited a couple more years. Then you introduced the Front Pocket Briefcase...Exactly what I have been looking for!! But I still waited... Until a guy in a hotel lobby commented on my Samsonite, "Its just like what my dad carries"....I almost beat him with it. Went on your website that night and it was out of stock....Checked back daily for three weeks and ordered the Chestnutt as soon as it was in stock. It is perfect!...the quality is impeccable...Holds my Macbook Air, iPad in Saddleback case, scanner, old school leather notebook and files along with assorted chargers perfectly. Worth every minute of the wait. My kids won't fight over it when it when I'm dead because I'm taking it to the grave!

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I will not go on and on about how great Saddleback Leather is. This is my 12th purchase, so I feel like I know my way around their products fairly well; and if you're on this site, then you're already a fan. I bought this as a replacement for my Large Satchel, which is just too small to hold a three ring binder and can only hold the smallest of laptops. In contrast, this briefcase will hold my 15-inch MacBook and IBM laptops along with most business documents, binders, and notebooks, including the Large Notepad Holder from Saddleback.

My main complaint with the Thin Briefcase was the interior pocket placement. While a pocket is essential for holding keys, wallets, etc., it made it difficult to put binders or computers in front of the middle divider. The front pocket briefcase solves this problem beautifully by putting the pockets on the exterior, thus opening up both partitions inside the briefcase for full storage. This seems to be the perfect compromise between the Thin Briefcase and the Large Satchel.

A number of comments have been made about the difference in the leather. I have the Dark Coffee Brown (DCB), and the finish of the leather has a far more natural feel then the DCB products have over the past two years. Whereas the finish used to feel very smooth and synthetic, this is a much more natural, soft, and grainy feel to it. Additionally, the "natura" pigskin is significantly different from other Saddleback products. It feels like it hasn't been finished at all, like you're petting a live pig. It's almost a little hairy. The traditional pigskin lining makes bags very stiff and requires A LOT of break-in time. This bag is very pliable and is already softer than any of my other five Saddleback briefcases. This greatly increases the visual and tactile appeal of the bag. However, I imagine that the briefcase will tend to lose its shape and not stand up by itself after a few months. Again, where the other bags felt a little overproduced and synthetic in places, this is pure roughneck awesome leather. I can't recommend it enough. I do have a few complaints. First, the buckles on the pockets are very small and close to the loop. This makes them very difficult to open and close, so I tend to simply feed the strap through the loop and forgo the buckle completely, which is not a big deal since the main flap holds the pocket flaps down. Additionally, four of the rivets on the bag are different. The rivets closest to the handle and on the main buckle are pretty ugly and out of place. I'm guessing that they are stronger since there placed in the load-bearing points of the briefcase, but I can't imagine why they wouldn't do more to match them with the bag and the other rivets. The side pockets overlap both interior compartments, so the seam on the outside takes up a lot of room within the pockets. I can see this being a problem for some, in that you can't fit a water bottle in them. However, I usually only use exterior pockets for drop-in items such as pens, cell phones, keys, etc. Finally, I've never been a fan of the dog-leash-style connector for the shoulder strap, but at least it is better than the short-lived D-ring with a screw sleeve. Am I the only one who misses the old trigger-release connectors?

Overall, I think this is a great design with great changes to the letter. As soon as I got it, I called all my other Saddleback Leather aficionados to stop by my office, and they haven't stopped touching it since. Now I've just got to find a way to sneak into my house without my wife seeing it.

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Day One Review

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Bag came today, as promised. First thing I noticed upon removing the bag from the UPS packaging was the smell: a deep, heady leather smell, almost seemed surreal. I instantly wanted to stick my head into the bag and breath, which I did: when my wife walked into the room as I quietly sat with a scotch in one hand and a leather bag over my head, she completely understood (she's a great gal!)

Second thing I noticed was the feel: the leather in my hand felt thick and durable to the touch. The thick leather handle of the bag itself feels like a sturdy weapon. The shoulder strap also is a thick, weighty strip of leather: if I'm ever dangling for dear life off a cliff by a bag, I would want it to be this bag.

Leather is stiff, thick and smooth, cool to the touch. Break-in period has begun! Bag doesn't seem too big at all, contrary to what some hipster-youtubers are saying: this is a briefcase, bottom line.

I'm 100%-biker (that means I don't own a car, fairly easy to to maintain in the southwest); in the summer I take annual cross-country road trips. I've gone through many laptop bags. Nowadays I can look at a brand new bag and tell where the weak spots are, I can predict where the inevitable wear and tear will appear first. Not so with this bag though, its construction seems to have been designed by an outdoorsman who knows what he's doing. Durability and practicality seem to be job one here: fine, thick stitching and carefully treated sheets of leather create an unparalleled level of protection around this briefcase. And as a biker, I appreciate the metal rings stitched onto the outside of each corner of the bag, and especially the large thick ring at the top next to the leather handle. This bag was made for utility.

One small complaint though: I wish the bottom of bag was reinforced. As it is now, the bottom of the bag curiously feels like the thinnest piece of leather on the whole. I occasionally carry large capacity hard drives with sharp corners and this is a concern; while I do believe this fine leather will stand the test of time, I'll be reinforcing that bottom with a nice thin slice of cedar. (Another reviewer said he removed the second shoulder pad off the strap and used it as reinforcement for the bottom of the bag-- good idea, too!) Reinforce that bottom with a piece of wood, a old cloth, anything-- and you've got the perfect briefcase for the refined material possessions of a grown-ass man.

Overall, this is an excellent bag with uncommon craftsmanship: it can effortlessly perform on the road or in the office. I look forward to putting this bag to the test with my daily accessories, to and from the office: laptop (no ipad for me, thank you), hard drives, cables, SLR camera, travel humidor, butane lighter, knife, flashlight, flask, Bible (yes, me too) and whatever book-of-the-day I'm reading. So far it looks promising: I'm giving it 4 and a 1/2 stars out of 5 (reinforce that bottom and I give all 5!)

I'll check back in a year after a few trips and let yall know how it's holding up post break-in!

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Best Product on the Market, but...

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With a job that requires weekly flight travel, a reliable bag is one thing that I thought I would never be able to attain. However, having gone through nearly 10 bags in 5 years because of the abuse that comes with the frequent flyer lifestyle, my girlfriend took notice and gave me this for my birthday! I was ecstatic to be the proud owner of a Saddleback product and I couldn't wait to try it out. And rightly so! This bag has taken more than 7 months of abuse and it looks like the same bag that I received on Day 1. Truly remarkable!

BUT! With this being a derivative of the Classic Briefcase, I just wish there were more size choices for this bag (i.e. Large and Extra Large). With the extra space, I could fit extra items like a change of clothes, more travel accessories, and a slip a protective case over my computer and still have it fit.

I hope you see this, Dave! If coupled with a selection of sizes, this bag would be perfection. Cheers!

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Becomes Part of You

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This back rocks - plain and simple. When I first got it it was stiff and uncomfortable like a new pair of shoes...but little by little it becomes part of you. I just went to my front pocket briefcase and caught the amazing then I had to write a review. I've had the case for about 3 months - I travel with it and love how it easily sits on my roller back and that I can be rough and tumble with it. If you're going to pay the $$ for a nice bag, I want it to stand up to abuse - especially when jamming it into overheads!

It is heavy, but amazing comfortable with the strap. I tried the thin, thin front pocket and finally this FBBC. The best - very versatile (the pockets, key leash, etc.) – and…looks AMAZING. I've been asked about it and even got a colleague to buy one who had been shopping on the SBL website. In any case - this bag is really a paradigm shift in bags. Bottom line...BEST BAG EVER. It has become part of me.....!

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