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$498.00 to $598.00

  • Dark Coffee Brown now shipping with lighter colored pigskin lining
  • Designed for comfort through the long haul
  • Perfect for organizing cameras, lenses and gear
  • Neoprene lower back padding
  • 4 exterior D-rings for lashing tripods and other gear
  • Three big, roomy exterior pockets for quick access to stuff
  • Space behind exterior pockets for quick stowing
  • Wide shoulder straps with removable pads to distribute weight
  • Removable shoulder straps won’t dig into your ribcage or love handles
  • Utility strap closure to close opening nice and tight
  • Body of bag made with only two pieces of leather
  • No breakable parts e.g. zippers, snaps, buttons, etc.
  • Because of natural oils shade may vary
  • Dimensions (approximate size):
  • 14” backpack
    • Interior: 11” W x 13 ½ (adjustable)” H x 8 ¼” D
    • Exterior: 12” W x 14” H x 9 ¼” D
    • 5.9 pounds
  • 17” backpack
    • Interior: 11 ¾” W x 16 (adjustable)” H x 8” D
    • Exterior: 12” W x 17” H x 9 ¼” D
    • 6.4 pounds

    We use natural Markings Equal Inclusion of Exceptional Imperfection Ornamentation

    "... Saddleback Leather no longer discriminates against any cow on the basis of age, appearance, lactose intolerance... if the beast has a natural marking or brand, or whether or not they worship the Divine Bovine."

    Truth is, sometimes beauty is only skin deep... like with cows. Their poetry is notoriously terrible, but man, their hides are nature's art. We don't believe that flawlessness equals beauty. Beauty is when we're able to see something as it really is.

    This is true with humans too. There are lots of quality people who are really beautiful not in spite of, but because of the marks life has given them.

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    On my first hitchhiking trip in Mexico, Jake, Jimmy and I put on our big huge sombreros, laid our colorful serape blankets over our shoulders and stuck our thumbs out. It wasn’t hard to notice three tall gringos dressed like that and I guess that’s why we rarely ever waited longer than 5 minutes for a ride. We thumbed it from Morelia to Las Grutas de Tolantongo, just outside of Ixmiquilpan in Hidalgo, and back in about one and a half weeks. I think we only stayed in a motel two nights. The rest of the time, we stayed in the homes of the people who last picked us up hitchhiking that day. As they were getting ready to drop us off, they’d ask, “So where are you staying tonight” and we’d say, “We’re not sure”. And that’s when they would offer for us to stay in their homes to spend time with their families. That was a great trip.

    I used an old top loading army duffel to carry my stuff because it was the only bag I owned and it was about 2 months before I had my original briefcase made. The duffel was just one big compartment without a single pocket to separate my clothes from the knickknacks that I needed most. It was on that trip that I came to appreciate pockets to separate out smaller things. If only I had had this backpack on that trip. It would be one of my most cherished possessions today.


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    Do it

    by - verified purchaser |
    I waited 1 year to get myself to buy one, I spent a lot of time doing research looking around for a beatiful bakcpack. And finally decided to get a large dark coffe brown front pocket backback, and it is amazing.
    The leather is top quality, the color is deep and elegant, the space is great, the desing is superb. This is a product that will last for a lifetime for sure, there are not many products out there that will last long. There is lot of concern about the weight, but I dont really find it heavy.

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    This thing is gorgeous.

    by |
    I bought myself this backpack for myself as a three year gift for becoming a non-smoker. It is awesome. A functional piece of art. I just want to sit here and take a look at it.

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    by - verified purchaser |
    Hiked Chisos mountains in Big Bend national park a few weeks ago. Wore the large tobacco backpack for 30 miles of day hiking. Pack weighed about 30#. Balanced well and the straps never chafed or hurt. Only downside was backpack does get wet from sweating, need to figure out a way to get air circulation between back and pack. Of course got numerous compliments on the "old school pack". Even got compliments from the milligram minimalist backpackers.

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    by - verified purchaser |
    Another great quality Saddleback piece. I just received the medium front pocket backpack in Tobacco to go with my collection of Saddleback products. I would have ordered this in a small size if it were available. However I am happy with the medium size. I am 5'10" and believe that anything larger than the medium would be to large. Great quality piece that gets a lot of compliments!

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    The Best purchase I have ever made!

    by |
    I have been online looking for a hand crafted leather backpack for several years. I had a few made with local leather shops but the quality I was looking for they could not meet. they lasted a few months then would get destroyed. I do a lot of traveling around the world for work. Most places I go are not friendly areas. so my bags straps would break or they would rip apart at stress points. Then I found Saddleback leather. when I read how well they were made and watching like everyone else a 100 reviews on YouTube. I ordered my first backpack. I went with the Medium Front pock tobacco leather. I could not be happier then I am now when it arrived. It has meet all my expectation and then some. If you are looking for the best quality and well crafted, and great looking, look no further. if you are concerned on the price. I am here to tell you .... IT IS WORTH EVERY CENT.... Since then I have also purchased mac pro cover, moleskin cover, Bible cover, Small pad cover, pass port holder, and the small wallet. so take my word on this it will be the best and last thing you every buy....

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    by |
    Started my first semester of college this year and I knew I needed a good durable and reliable bag... Definitely did my research and kept coming back to this bag (I purchased the Large Carbon bag) so I thought I'd give it a try. Lets just say I am 100%, hands down completely satisfied with this bag! Not only do I use it for school, but my family travels a lot, so I use the bag also as a carry on bag / overnight bag. I get so many nice comments on how classy and nice the backpack looks. It can carry so much and is very comfortable. I would definitely recommend this backpack or anything made by Saddleback Leather to anybody!

    The one and only thing that I thought was weird, which was not that big of a problem, but the bag looked a little lighter in person. I was expecting a really, almost black color. To me, in person, the Carbon color seemed a little more brown... But I still love it!

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    Small Front Pocket Backpack

    by |
    I travel extensively for work and frequently manage to insert some pleasure in many of my trips. Saddleback products have accompanied me to the Taj Mahal, Tibet, Mt. Everest and hundreds of places in between. Most of my trips result in at least one piece of broken luggage. Not one time has a product from this company failed in its task.

    I use the backpack as a carry on for international trips to complement my thin front pocket briefcase and for weekend trips as a solo piece.

    Giveaway business class travel kits from the airlines fit perfectly in the front and side pockets to retain the shape of the bag and keep things organized. This leaves the center section to fit everything else I need while in flight and a change of clothing (or two) in case my checked bags get lost.

    For a little security if I have to gate check OR to discourage "pilfering" in the front pocket and center section, I puchased a TSA lock with a very short cable and loop it through a strap eyelet and the buckle. This works with most Saddleback designs.

    Bottom line..... quality, durability and customer service from Saddleback Leather is the best I have experienced. Any doubts... pick up the phone and call the number on the website. Within seconds you will be talking to a friendly person committed to answering your questions..... They go the extra mile every time!

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    The best travel companion I have ever had!

    by |
    I had my medium front pocket for a little over two years before I decided to sell it for some new leather but I loved every day I had it. My FPB took me all over New England and the tri-state area. On every trip I was able to pack more than enough clothes if needed and used the pockets for chargers and toiletry storage. The long strap on the main compartment meant that I could overload the heck out of the pack.

    A great buy.

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    Second bag from Saddleback

    by - verified purchaser |
    Yet another amazing product from Saddleback.

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    Amazing bag

    by - verified purchaser |
    I purchased the Large Front Pocket in Chestnut a few months ago, and have been using it every day since then. It was little larger that I anticipated, but it is just fine for my daily stuff. My range of EDC stuff is pretty wide and encompasses a lot of stuff, so this bag became my EDC bag. I love the innovative use of shoulder straps and pads, and as is typical for SBL, the construction and quality are unmatched.

    The backpack actually made me do something which would have been unthinkable several years ago - I sold my SBL briefcase. However, it ended up sitting in a corner all alone, and that just wasn't right. After all, it was the proper thing to do after I got a friend hooked on it.

    Anyways, depending on your height and weight, if you are about 5"9' or taller and carry around a lot of crap like I do, consider the large, you may thank yourself for it later. I also use three medium utility straps for this backpack, one for the stenum (the two d-rings on the shoulder straps) and two for the waist. That helps plenty when biking or other physical activities.

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    by - verified purchaser |
    This bag is just incredible! I received this backpack as a Christmas present this past year and then took it to Japan with me on a orchestra tour! It stores everything I needed and still had room for more. I have the large size and even when its fully loaded it never hurt mu back our shoulders because of the weight. If you are not used to carrying a backpack you will have to get used to it but if you are used to carry a backpack on a daily basis it shouldn't be a problem! Once again this bag is amazing and Dave and the entire Saddleback team rocks and are always raising the bar!!!!!

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    Last backpack you will buy!!

    by - verified purchaser |
    I had a previous "tank" style backpack which didn't get a lot of use so I decided I would get a 14" front pocket style backpack. Pulled the trigger ordered this from Dave's Deals and upon arrival and initial inspection I could not find any imperfections with it!! Took this along on our annual vacation to Antigua so I loaded it up with my 13" MacBook pro in a Saddleback sleeve and my iPad in a Saddleback cover along with the assorted chargers and a change of clothes and other misc. stuff. This backpack can hold an amazing amount of stuff, it fits real nice and very comfortable on your back. I'm not a backpack person until now, it was used everyday to go to the beach, going out on daytrips and horseback riding. After a week of regular use it is already starting to get broken in just nicely.

    It's a great size for everyday use and can hold quite a bit, the pull strap around the opening is nice for the added bit of security. The front and side pockets are the perfect size for holding chargers, glasses and smaller items. I use the opening behind the side pocket is perfect for holding a bottle of water or my Kleen Kanteen.

    Now that the nicer weather has finally come to Ontario I will be using it for carrying my DSLR camera and gear, out on mountain bike rides and going back and forth to our cottage.

    Like the previous reviewers I rate this a 5 out of 5, it will be the last backpack you will own.


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    my one true bag

    by - verified purchaser |
    well, i have been looking for my one true bag for many years.
    i could have learned a second language or picked up a black belt in jujitsu in the hours i have spent looking at bags online and in person.
    a seemingly indestructible timbuk2 backpack has accompanied me around and around and around the world for six or seven years now, and irritatingly looks just exactly like the day i bought it off ebay.
    a great little travel pack, but just too ugly and banal to be seen with in public at homei wanted a bag that would pretty much DO IT ALL. and make me look WAY more bad ass than i am.
    i found saddleback leathers a couple/three years ago and whilst i drooled over the general vibe, none of the backpacks on offer at the time seemed like a good fit for me.
    i bookmarked the site and promised myself that i would return one day.
    i just got home from a solo trip around malaysia.
    as i once again unpacked my petrochemical-derived, over-organised backpack, still looking like new, still utterly devoid of any character, still saying zero about the adventures we had had together, saddleback leathers suddenly sprang to mind.
    worth a look! i thought to myself. time has passed! i thought to myself. designs evolve and change! i pondered quietly.
    and boy, was it ever the perfect time to look.
    the medium front pocket backpack was the one for me (after some grilling of the lovely CS people, and some working out of litre volume....which is the only number i can actually comprehend in a bag).
    i smacked the buy button and it looks like i got the last one (for a little while).
    the pack arrived today. 11 days from texas to remote,, rural australia. no duty if it is under $1000, fellow aussies! so, already loving the thing, even before opening the box.
    yes, this backpack is ALL THAT.
    the leather scent is wonderful and it rolls out in a wave that is almost tactile.
    the bag is heavy and solid, but you can see how and where it will yield in time. and it does seem to ride comfortably and high on one's back. the neoprene strip is very soft and comfy
    i am almost as wide as i am tall and the love-handle-avoiding design of the straps is like a magic trick.
    i got carbon because i wear black. all. the. time.
    this carbon is a divine colour. it isn't at all a flat shiny is a matte and dark dark nuanced gray. the leather has a soft, almost nubuck-ish finish....omg i can hardly wait for it to wear in. my pack has loads of tick bites on the part i wear against my back.
    having had my share of tick bites, i can sympathise with the poor cow who was wearing this before me.
    let's talk about the size of this thing.
    i figured it had 25 litres of volume, including all three pockets. yes, you can stuff a few more bits and pieces down behind the pockets, but i didn't include those in my calculation.
    i gave it a test-pack.
    i travel very light and very minimal and i believe in frequent laundry stops!
    i packed a set of clothes, socks, underwear, a sarong, a swimsuit, a sweater, a pair of sandals, some earrings, a scarf; ipad, iphone, cables and adaptors; very minimal LAG bag for toiletries and makeup; purse and passport.
    i used about 4/5 of the main bag and one of the side pockets and the back of the large pocket. without any hint of manic crushing and stomping.
    the filled bag feels solid and heavy on my back and i am sure i'll get used to it pretty quickly. again, it sits high on my back, and it is comfortable. the extra weight is worth it for the extra glamour alone.
    this bag will also do me for day to day running around, because it doesn't look huge at all.
    it is a bit casual for business, but i am also a bit of a casual businessperson, so that is fine.
    in fact, i only have one major problem left on my hands: which colour backpack should i buy for my husband?
    personally, i am now sorted for bags until the end of time.
    and now i can get on with learning italian or something.
    5 stars with absolutely no hesitation. and my thanks to betsy, carlie and tim for their delightful and helpful service.

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    One thing to add!

    by - verified purchaser |
    There's nothing to add to the positive comments on the appearance and value of the medium front-pocket backpack but I can add that the design of the straps is extraordinarily functional too. It's my everyday carry bag and I usuallyuse only one strap unless it's a long walk with a heavy load. Dave's placement of the attachment point under the load shifts the weight toward the centre of your back so the bag rides secure and easy without the constant slippage that annoyed me in the endless waste of canvas and nylon that I carried until I came to my senses. Thanks Dave, and too bad to the grandchildren - I'm taking this one with me!

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    My Precious

    by - verified purchaser |
    Hello out there,

    This is my fifth SB piece and I am just as blown away with this bag as I was with my first one. Just a little heads up to all the fun sized brothers and sisters out there... the LG size is huge...I needed a big bag so I was very pleased ....I am 5ft 3in so just thought I would share that "little" chestnut;) And I am very proud of the fact that every time I open my new SB bag I am reminded of the greatest truth ever .....Our Lord and Savings Jesus Christ. I love the little books of Hope thanks Dave.

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    Breaking it in Caribbean style

    by - verified purchaser |
    The large front pocket backpack in dark coffee brown is my latest addition to the SBL collection of both my wife and I. I received it just before a recent family trip to Puerto Rico. On the flights to and from, there wasn't a flight crew that didn't comment and ask upon seeing it. Inquisitive looks in each airport were obvious. I packed it full. Took it to the beaches and it performed beautifully with the sandy elements and even the surprise tropical downpour.

    My wife says its beautiful and solid. Yet she thinks it to be too big and too heavy. It is both big and heavy, but I am 6' 4" 210 lbs and not her 4' 11" petite frame. It did take a little getting used to when compared to my former tactical backpack's accessibility and intelligent compartments, but nothing more than a small sacrifice for something much more valuable in the long run.

    After seeing it in my photo posts to the SBL Facebook page, my sister-in-law commented she wanted one. So now I am looking for one Dave's Deal for her in chestnut to match her special addition small classics briefcase. So the SBL family continues to grow...!

    (As I am writing this, my wife walked in and asked what I was doing. After hearing, she said I "was in love with" my SBL items. I replied she can love her collection of heels and boots and I will do just fine with my humble collection of SBL. Little does she know I have a Hobo bag in tobacco brown being delivered this week for her.)

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    I like my bags big, bold & beautiful!

    by - verified purchaser |
    I got the large front pocket pack in dark coffee brown and WOW... what a beautiful bag! It's a gorgeous piece of functional art. First of all, I'm a big guy (6'4" & 300lbs)... so I was shocked that I was able fit three days worth of winter work clothes (including a hoodie and a second jacket!) into this monster. It's just a beautiful, comfortable bag. I do wish the straps were a couple inches longer, but they do fine as-is... just a bit on the snug side for a big guy like me.

    I think the best compliment I've received with this bag had to be at the ticket counter in the Syracuse airport a couple weeks ago. I needed to check the bag since some of the smaller regional jets' overhead compartments are a bit too small for this bag to be a carry-on when stuffed full. I set the bag on the scale and asked the lady at the counter to check it. It seemed odd when she picked it up without looking at the scale (or me for that matter). She held it up in front of her and whispered "that's a really nice bag" to herself. I just smiled and softly said "thank you." I was more surprised at what happened next. I was fully expecting a dialogue and an opportunity to give Saddleback a little free advertising, but instead she turned away from me, hugged my backpack and buried her nose into the main flap and breathed in deeply. She gave me a funny look when I chuckled at this (as if I was disturbing her private moment!) and I had to explain that I do the same thing with some of my Saddleback goodies. I felt compelled to stand by the counter and make sure she actually sent it down the conveyor after her little bonding session with my bag!

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    Never disappointed

    by - verified purchaser |
    Just received my 6th work of art, the front pocket backpack, from Saddleback Leather. I have received numerous compliments on the different pieces. On the rare event that I needed customer service, they have been superb. The only think missing was my little bible tract.....need that so I can pass on the good news!

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    Best Birthday Gift Ever

    by - verified purchaser |
    In April of 2013, my daughter asked for an "Adventure Backpack" for her birthday. After hours of searching the internet, I happened upon the Saddleback website. I knew (almost instantly) that I was about to spend way too much money on a birthday gift for a 14 year old. It's been 10 months and I have NO REGRETS. The bag is PERFECT - it has already become a part of her and carries with it treasured memories. It gets better with time. The compliments flow. In fact, the bag is SO great that my son asked for the Squared Backpack for Christmas (he's 18 and a senior in HS). We got it for him (we are weak - not well-off) and, again, NO REGRETS. Thank you, Dave, for creating a product worth having for a lifetime.

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    One year in.....

    by - verified purchaser |
    One year ago I opened a Christmas gift and was totally shocked to find the front pocket backpack in DCB. My wife did not understand my....well, obsession. Now she does. I have used this backpack for trips to Florida, Las Vegas and for 25 weekend trips, plus once a week I needed it for work. It is just now getting some scuff marks and starting to soften up. Don't let that fool you though; it's fit, comfort, capacity, construction and feel mean that every other backpack I owned went out the door. I now have 4 SBL pieces (Waterbag is still the best thing I have ever owned) and as I type this I'm shopping for more.

    Need a backpack? BUY this one!!!

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    I'm Not Worthy!

    by - verified purchaser |
    This is a whole lotta leather. Whole lotta leather backpack, to be specific. It's over-engineered for sure, and I fell in love with it the day I received it. I love that it has SIX total pockets in the front, substantial enough that you can really organize before you even get in the backpack, and I love the big space inside. I am 5 foot nothing, and I didn't think the weight of the backpack was an issue at all. The backpack straps are super comfortable and mitigate the weight nicely. The carbon color of the leather was...I think 'cool' is the only word that can describe it. The only reason I sent it back was because it's way too much backpack for me. I feel silly carrying it around because it's so gorgeous and made so well, and my tastes run simpler, and less.....oomph. I honestly felt like the backpack was carrying me, and not the other way around! But it is definitely an attention getter, and most importantly, built to last. For my daily commute, I will seek out a less fabulous pack, and maybe keep this on my wishlist for future adventures. This backpack was made to go on adventures.

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    From a filson fan

    by - verified purchaser |
    As the headline says I'm a huge filson fan...I own 5 bags plus other hunting gear and sweaters...

    Other reviewers said that the Front pocket is heavy...well I think it's need to be reasonable, it's made from genuine leather, so it's normal to have some weight on it...but then again, I honestly feel it's light...and I bought the large dark coffee brown one...

    I just received it I watched all of Dave's movies on youtube and I felt like I already know the bag...well if you feel like that you're should touch it! you should rub your hand over the leather, open it put your head inside of it, take a deep breath and say ahhhhhh...

    it's is honestly a work of art...i'm not sure if I should put it on display or wear it...

    Now, it's stiff...when trying to open the buckles or play with the straps you'll see how hard it is...however, it's is understandable since it'll need a couple of years to soften up.

    I opened my closet and started putting some clothes in it...I put two jeans, three sweaters, four underwears, four socks then i stopped cause no need to empty my closet just to put everything back you got my point.

    I would like to thank "the bearded wonder" for his help, and everyone who helped sculpting this peace of art...a special thank you to the "Presidente" :)

    My other filson bags were happy to meet the FP they treated it as their equal :)

    P.S: I loved the little booklet you put in the right pocket...

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    by - verified purchaser |
    My wife bought me this bag for my 50th birthday. I absolutely love it! Goes great with my Saddleback briefcase which I've had for many years. This is now the 3rd bag in the family and we just love every one of them! So does our Golden Retriever!

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    awesome bag!

    by - verified purchaser |
    This bag is ENORMOUS! The tobacco is gorgeous, the functionality is well thought out, and the bag is clearly well made. This is item number two for me...plenty more to come.

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    Oh wow!

    by - verified purchaser |
    After much deliberation, I took the proverbial plunge and got the medium carbon front pocket backpack. I LOVE IT!!! It's larger than I imagined, so the large must be huge. Several people have commented on the empty weight of this bag. It's a little weighty, but nothing significant in my opinion. The outside pockets are GREAT. The knickknacks have a place to go, freeing up the main compartment for the big stuff. A LOT of stuff can fit into this beautiful bag! Clothes, computer, and certainly anything you would need to travel. Within 24 hours I got my first complement on this bag. I'm pretty sure it won't be the last!

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