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Beautiful Leather, Horrible Design

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I couldn't wait for Saddleback to have an iPad Pro case and I ordered one as soon as they become available. This was despite that a holder for the Apple pencil was left off the design. That item is the most needed accessory for this new iPad and it is a curious omission. A holder for the Apple Keyboard was put in the design, a decision that really isn't needed. The pencil holder is a must. But having quite a few Saddleback items I decided to order one and I would improvise something for the pencil. Well it arrived today 12/23/15, a Christmas gift to myself.

Love the smell of the leather and I went to put my iPad in it when I realized the design is backwards. The case is designed for the iPad to be on the left not the right. Which is again curious because the other iPad cases from Saddleback all are designed for the right side, as well as every folio case I have ever seen for the iPad. Now I can use with it on the right but with where the camera hole is the home button will now be on top. Luckily I don't need the camera so I will turn it so that the home button is on the bottom.

I am very disappointed with this case. The design looks rushed with no thought given to how the iPad is used or even how all previous Saddleback iPad cases were designed. And again no holder for the Apple pencil which again is an item that is most needed for the new abilities of this iPad. I should send it back but I love the leather look and feel. Hopefully someone at Saddleback will redesign this properly. Maybe I will buy it. Maybe not.

Two star rating. Great leather as usual. Designed is totally backwards and if I had known I might not have purchased it.

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Well worth the wait!

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This is not my first Saddleback Leather purchase and it definitely won't be the last. The new Ipad Pro case does not disappoint! Love it! Love it! Love it!

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