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High Quality but flaw

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I love Saddleback products because of their quality and unique designs. This Iphone 6 case is high quality but falls far short in design. The fundamental design flaw is in the silence button in the upper left. The very thick and highly protective leather at the upper left can slide the silence button up and down without knowing it. This can be embarrassing during a meeting! The bulk of the case adds to the already larger size of the Iphone 6. Its now almost impossible to easily slide it in a shirt pocket or in my suit coat. Make no mistake however, this is a high quality case! I added a thick protective shield and with all this leather wrapped around it, I doubt I will ever dent or crack the phone. 5 stars for quality and protective ability but 2 stars for design makes it an avaerage 3 star item. Sorry, Dave.

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Almost perfect

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I too hesitated on this case because of the reviews. In the end I decided to trust my experience with Saddleback and go ahead and buy it. In short, it's not perfect but it's pretty awesome.

As with all SBL products it's beautiful and very well made. I love that the sides of the phone are open because it makes full screen swiping and moving apps, etc, very easy. That was hard with my other cases.

I've dropped my phone quite a few times already, as has my six year old, and it's well protected. That's job one of any case.

I do notice that with the daylight sensor covered I have to mess with the screen brightness more often but that's a minor detail.

The mute button is slightly obscured, that's true, but I don't care all that much. It is definitely accessible.

The headphone jack is covered and as a professional musician I have a lot of different headphones. For your standard earbuds it's not so big a deal but with more substantial cans it can be a drag.

The one issue I've had that I wish weren't there is the home button. Pushing it is no problem. But the rise of the lower bout of the case can make Touch ID difficult and I use that all the time. If that were less of an issue I'd give this 5 stars. But Touch ID is a major feature of the iPhone and a case should impede that.

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Black case for iPhone 6

by - verified purchaser |
It's a strong case for being made of leather, I have had it for 4 weeks and no problems. It's worth the $30.

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Iphone 6 Plus in Tobacco

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I was hesitant when purchasing this Iphone case after reading some of the reviews.

I have a few Saddleback products so I know that the quality is always excellent. I finally decided to get the case for my 6 Plus, replacing my Otterbox case. In all my years of owning a cell phone I always went with a hard thick case to protect my phone. I never considered a leather case as I always cared more about protecting my phone than a cool looking case. So going from a large bulky case to the Saddleback case took some time to get used to. When I put the case on I thought there is no way that this will be able to protect my phone. Two weeks later I dropped the phone in my garage and it shot across the floor. This was more than just a minor drop on a carpeted floor. I am happy to say it the phone was fine.

I have not had any of the issues brought up in some of the other reviews. I do not have a problem with the partially covered mute switch or any of the front sensors and the main button is easily accessible.

I do agree that trying to plug a headphone jack into Iphone is very difficult as the leather is such a tight fit. I was also worried that it would be possible for the Iphone to slip out of the case, but it is such a tight fit that is not a problem.

All I can say is look at the pictures above, that is exactly what you are going to get. It will take some time getting used to the sides of the phone being so exposed. But so far after a couple of months it has protected my phone perfectly.

On another note, I get more comments on this case than any other Saddleback product I have. To protect the screen I always place the phone face down and it looks beautiful.

To sum up:

-I did not have a problem with the leather covering anything it shouldn't.

- The partially covered mute switch was not a problem once you get used to it.

-It did a great job protecting the phone from basic drops even a little more intense drop.

-It is a tight fit getting the headphone jack plugged in.

-Takes some time getting used to having the sides of the phone so exposed, but the leather sticks out a bit on each side to provide some protection.

-Very light.

-Looks great!


Tom O

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Very nice! But...

by - verified purchaser |
I tried using the case for the iPhone 6 Plus, and I really liked it. The feel of the leather, the protection of the corners, even access to the buttons was great for me. But, the one change I would make is to provide more space around the headphone jack. I use an audio cable in the car to listen to music from my phone, and unfortunately, I had to remove the phone from the case to do so with this one. If the cut-out had just a fraction of an inch more space to the left of the headphone jack, it wouldn't have been an issue. So, for now, I have passed my Saddleback case on to someone else and returned to my old boring plastic case.

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NO issues with this product. Solid piece of work that takes care of business!!!

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iPhone 6 Case

by - verified purchaser |
After reading the reviews on this case, (and ordering the iPhone 6 Case in tobacco), I thought I would give my impressions after receiving it. While some have commented on the access to the "mute" switch, --"you are able to turn it on and off without trouble." The switch is partially obscured by the case, however, you can get your finger in there to move it. Other than that, you have complete access to the camera lens, charging and headphones ports.

I had no problems getting the Home-Fingerprint button to unlock the phone. Sometimes turning your finger a bit to the right or left helps, but after maybe the first time.....it worked every time thereafter. The case has a nice feel to it and is easy to grip.....(unlike the phone case alone). The corners are beefy enough so if you drop it, it is cushioned very well, and is raised enough to protect the screen. I think everyone would be satisfied with this product, unless you are constantly muting it every minute of the day....but then again, you do get use to small changes.

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It fits the iPhone 6s Plus!

by - verified purchaser |
I just got my iPhone case (in tobacco) from Saddleback Leather yesterday. The case is very well made. I think the design actually helps a person hold onto the iPhone Plus model easier. It looks as though it will give a medium level of protection; after all, its not intended to be a Lifeproof or Otterbox case; it has style...

One issue that someone mentioned in one of the earlier reviews is that the ringer/silent button is covered up. This is true. The button is about halfway covered up. I really don't have a problem, because I am still able to turn it on and off. Plus, to be honest, I do not use that button very often. I usually turn off all notifications if I want my phone to be silent.

So far, I like it. And I am looking forward to it aging a bit... It feels good in my hand. If I have any issues with it, I will update the review.

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Great Leather, Great Design

by - verified purchaser |
The iPhone 6 was released almost a year ago and finally we have a SBL case that works well and looks great.

The corners are beefy, the stitching is great like usual, access to headphone jack is simple, the mute button is accessible simply by pushing up or down on the leather to turn the mute on or off, it slides in and out of pockets smoothly and the home button is a little obstructed by the leather but my finger print is still recognized. The case itself actually gives you something to hold onto while still maintaining a thin profile. This isn't an Otter Box. Its not suppose to be indestructible or water proof. Its suppose to be a good classy looking, beefy, better than a sleeve case. Buy it. Use it. I think you will enjoy it. It sure looks good along side all my other SBL items. It is high-quality and well made.

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Great leather, poor design

by - verified purchaser |
I love my briefcase and the uniqueness of this case really grabbed my eye. It looks unlike most other cases and the leather quality is exceptional as you'd expect. The trouble with the case is it feels like they cut corners to lower the production cost. The headphone port is nearly inaccessible as is the mute switch. This could have easily been avoided by slightly modifying the corner fillers in a couple of areas. Also, the gap you see at the bottom of the case for the speaker, mic, lightning port, etc has also been let open on the top. This causes the case to move around in an odd way at the top. The case really should be filled all the way across at the top.

Overall, if you desire this form over practical function then get the case. I'm trying to decide if I want to send this one back or modify it myself.

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Nice as usual, but the fit is slightly problematic.

by - verified purchaser |
I got the Large case for my iphone 6 plus, and this marks my 12th purchase from Saddleback. The fit is good in every respect except for a slight overlap of the mute button on the upper left side. I can still operate the button, but the leather overlaps it, so it's not an easy motion. I have no problem accessing any other buttons or features. I like the product, and it's got that great leather smell, but perhaps the measurements could be done with just a bit more precision.

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Great on Looks - Okay on Function

by - verified purchaser |
Long time Saddleback fan - I have 1 of most everything Dave puts out. And when I saw this on the site, I immediately ordered it. And this is the first Saddleback product that I've been even slightly disappointed in. And it's not because of the quality or the construction - I think the biggest errors with this product are related to the overall design.

I'm not even concerned about the bulkiness of the case - it's no bigger then your basic Otter case. But here are the flaws that I'm having problems with:

1) The mute/volume button is almost impossible to get to

2) The top of the case covers the day light sensor. I'm constantly adjusting the case to make sure I can use the auto-dim feature on the iPhone

3) The bottom of the case makes it hard to reach the main iPhone button - I'm considering cutting my case jut to make this work

4) The bottom of the case makes it impossible to use the headphone jack.

I hate to say it - but I think the design and the production on this product was rushed and true utility was not reviewed. I would rather Saddleback not put out phone cases if they are going to put out sub-par products like this.

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