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  • 100-Year Warranty, details here.
  • Free Shipping, details here.
  • Slim profile fits up to 13” MacBook Air, a charger and mouse
  • A 13” MacBook Pro will fit snugly at first, but leather will expand with use
  • Full-grain, leather laptop bag with interior pigskin lining provides durability and protection for valuable devices
  • Removable and adjustable shoulder strap with one shoulder pad and pigskin-lined top handle provide carrying options for this shoulder bag; handle will stretch and form to your hand the more you use it.
  • One interior pigskin pocket and one exterior pigskin lined pocket for accessories
  • Simple and versatile leather laptop carrying case for both men or women
  • A serious upgrade from that nylon computer bag you’ve been packing around
  • Dimensions (approximate size)
    • Adjustable strap length: 35” - 50 ¾”
    • External: 13 ¼” W 10 ¼” H x 2 ⅞” D
    • Internal: 12 ¾” W x 9 ½” H x 2 ½” D
    • 2.7 pounds

    Awesome Laptop Bag

    by |
    Over the course of the last sixteen years of my career I've worn out at least five laptop bags. I'm not talking about them not looking great any longer, I mean no longer functional, as in the straps, zippers, and handles broke. I even had one computer that had to be repaired after I broke a strap and the bag fell to the pavement. I'm on the run a lot and that tends to be hard on stuff.

    I was getting tired having to keep getting new bags and decided to get a permanent, grown-up bag, hence the order here. I couldn't be happier. It's great. It's just the right size for my iPad Pro 12.9" model, a paper notepad, and a couple other things. The quality is amazing, the components are solid, and I love the tobacco color.

    I have this bad habit of bringing way too many files home from the office, and so I intentionally got this one instead of the larger briefcase in an effort to be more minimalistic. With cloud access to everything I don't really need to bring files home anyway.

    The only problem I see is that my daughter has been eyeballing it. I may have to get her one too.

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    Great Bag

    by |
    Saddleback did not disappoint with the laptop bag. I did not need a bag as big as the briefcase. I was able to fit my 13 inch MacBook Pro, iPad Pro 12.9 inch with SBL case and my son's iPad 4 with SBL case in the main compartment. It was tight but fit and that is straight from the box so as I use it I am sure it will loosen up. I have the chestnut color it is gorgeous. Love love love.

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    great classic design

    by - verified purchaser |
    This was a Father's Day present and I've been using it for 2 weeks now. I love it.

    It is a classic design with quality feel and look. The handle takes minimal breaking in and the straps are comfortable- but I only walk 100 yards from my truck to my desk.

    So far I've only packed it full once which included 2 files, a 13" Macbook and an Ipad Air in the Saddleback Ipad Air case. It held everything!

    No real complaints although I've found the clasp does jingle in the car if it is in the right position. I prefer the clasp to the buckle so I guess nothing can be done for that. I just flip it over so clasp is facing down and viola!

    This is a much better case than alternatives. My wife works for a large/ national luxury good company and I prefer this case to their $1,000 leather messenger bag anyday!

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    Perfect bag

    by - verified purchaser |
    I have been in the market for a bag for a long time. I knew I wanted something that was good quality leather and kept ending up back here. At first I was torn between the Thin Briefcase and this Laptop Bag, but after a few conversations with the super helpful Customer Service Chat, I was convinced that this bag would suit my needs. I have a Surface Pro 3 and an OG Kindle and rarely carry anything besides those. This bag fits those beautifully with some room to spare in case I want to carry a notebook or something else about that size. The leather feels absolutely sturdy and I have no doubt it'll last a lifetime. I was initially worried that with the whole EIEIO thing, I would get a scratched up bag, but that is not the case. That may be because I got the Chestnut colored one so YMMV. Overall I absolutely recommend this bag. I look forward to seeing how it holds up. It's heavy for sure, but that's the price you pay for lifelong quality.

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    Just What I've Been Waiting For

    by - verified purchaser |
    I started my Saddleback addiction 5 years ago when I got an iPad sleeve for Christmas. 3 or 4 years later I noticed that I still loved that iPad sleeve and that the quality only seemed to get better over time.
    When it came time for me to replace my worn out / cheap laptop bag from Wilson's leather, there was only one place for me to look.
    I had to wait nearly a month for this bag to get back in stock and than another 5 grueling days for it to arrive from UPS, but now that it's hear I could not be more happy!
    The size is perfect for my height (a little short) and the bag holds exactly what I need. I keep my iPad (in the same Saddleback sleeve), one small notebook w/it's case (also from Saddleback), a small Moleskine (in it's Saddleback case) and the Saddleback sunglasses case that I use to hold a few pens, headphones, etc.
    All of those items fit perfectly well in the bag, although there isn't room for much else.
    As soon as I got the bag I put it on and told my three boys that I will have it for the rest of my life and that they would have to fight over when I'm dead :-). Fortunately, they're only 10, 8 & 6 now so that shouldn't be for a very long time.

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    by - verified purchaser |
    Just received this. It was packed well and is everything I expected from Saddleback (I have a small notepad holder in the same color that I love too!). The bag is beautifully constructed and the leather is thick and of high grade. It's the perfect size bag - it holds just enough, but not too much! I like the shoulder strap too, and it is easily adjustable. My only issue with the bag is the front buckle - it's very difficult to open with one hand. Otherwise, I'm very happy with the bag! Thanks for another great - and reasonably priced - product!

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    The perfect laptop bag for a rugged minimalist

    by - verified purchaser |
    In recent years I have favored the lightest and smallest laptops (first a MacBook Air 11", then a MacBook 12" with retina display), but I have searched a long time for a suitable carrying case. I wanted something that was rugged and handsome, yet as small and light as possible - a difficult combination of features to find, especially in leather (my favorite material). But finally my patience was rewarded - Saddleback produced the perfect laptop bag for me. It's beautifully designed, simple yet functional, and just wide enough for my 12" in an SBL sleeve. The tobacco leather is gorgeous; everyone who sees it starts to drool. And it's very well constructed; lasting a hundred years should be no problem, even with daily use.

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    Still looking for a moderately attractive husband

    by |
    I purchased my laptop bag just before the price increase. I love Saddleback's quality but a $151 price increase on this bag would have put me off. It's one of the smaller bags so I'm having trouble seeing where the $151 increase comes from. I have no problem paying for a quality product, but at nearly $400 I wouldn't be able to see the value in making that purchase when I could save a little more money up and purchase a different bag and get more value for my money. With that being said, the bag is absolutely gorgeous and very well made. The one physical complaint that I have is that the pictures do not match the color you actually receive. I bought mine in Tobacco, and while lovely it isn't the gorgeous color I thought it would be. It's more of a soft brown than the golden brown in the pictures. If the finish is in fact different than the photos I would suggest updating the photos to give a better representation of the color...because the one on display doesn't match. The quality is great, but I've come to realize that if I ever want to own a beloved front pocket backpack...I'm going to have to sell my first born in order to do so. In order to even begin to accomplish that I'm going to need to find a moderately attractive husband...also problematic because I work all the time and have no time in which to go out and meet this moderately attractive mystery man. Don't get me wrong, I'm not above calling in sick so I can try to find him...but I only have three sick days so I'm going to have to use them wisely. In all seriousness, as a blue collar worker I work extremely hard for my money and decide how to spend it very carefully. When Dave started out he wanted to give average Joes like me a quality product at a reasonable price that rivaled luxury brands. I'm all for capitalism...(at the risk of being brisk)....not greed. Would I pay $300 for this bag? Yes. I see the value reflected in the price. $70 beyond that makes me start thinking about being able to afford lunch and the gas to get back and forth to work for a week...and losing the ability to find my future moderately attractive husband (sorry, couldn't resist). $70 May not be much to y'all....but to some of us it's the difference between being able to eat and not eat lunch at work. I saved my money for months before I was able to buy this bag at it's original price. I will continue to support and love Saddleback Leather, but my purchases will have to be well planned out and my money will have to be saved for a while longer. If you can afford the price I would encourage you to buy it with all my heart. It's exceptionally made and even the difference in color wouldn't make you want to return it. If you're an average joe like me who wants to have something well made that lasts a lifetime...something they'll fight over when you're your dollars up and purchase a Saddleback bag with a little more storage so you've got room for more of what life throws your way...hopefully a better future for yourself and your family. If you're going to give them something to fight over...make sure you give them the legacy that goes with it...and a well worn leather bag that accompanied you in making that legacy come to fruition.

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    Perfect for a Minimalist

    by |
    I was originally drawn to this bag because of its quick release latch as apposed to a buckle, which has proved to be most convenient for me. I actually bought two - one for myself and one as a gift for my dad. However upon seeing mine my wife asked if she could have it, so I may be getting another one...

    The quality is great, the price is right, the design is sleek, and the size makes it light and practical.

    As its name states it is definitely a laptop bag and doesn't have much room for much else. I can fit my 13'' MacBook pro, iPad, iPhone, chargers, and a couple small books. When I don't need it as laptop bag I can remove my Macbook and put in a water bottle and my lunch along with my other gadgets. For me this bag is perfect, but if you need to carry much more than that I would probably recommend a satchel or a briefcase. But if you are looking for a sleek minimalist bag then this is the bag for you.

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    Perfect for Everyday Use!

    by - verified purchaser |
    I have about a dozen SBL bags/wallets/cases and I can absolutely say that this is my favorite SBL piece. First, the Tobacco color is gorgeous and I love the soft suede lining. Second, I have the Mini Hobo and the clasp on it can be difficult to open/close. I thought I would have the same issue with the Laptop Bag since the clasp look the same --- but it's not! I can finally open/close the clasp easily with one hand! Magical. :) Third, I'm 5'5" and the bag "fits" me perfectly. I've been dying for SBL to make a laptop bag me-sized, and here it is. Would love to get this in another color once it comes back in stock. You guys did an excellent job creating this bag!

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    Less Really Is More.

    by - verified purchaser |
    I needed a simple, agile bag to use in my door-to-door ministry, and the Laptop Bag checks all the boxes. There is plenty of room for my Bible, some magazines and a small book or two, as well as a full sized iPad in a case. And with no interior partitions other than the floppy pocket, I can easily get my hand in to grab things. It's beautiful, but not flashy. Tough, but not "gnarly." High quality, but not over-priced. It's a great bag, and I love it. Nice work, Suzette!

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    by - verified purchaser |
    I have ALOT of Saddleback leather bags. I love them all but when I got my surface pro4 I knew I needed something more that was something less. I wanted a simple laptop bag. I tried a tablet bag but it just was not a comfortable fit. My backpacks are too roomy and encourage me to carry more than I need. I found this bag one day when I was looking at the new additions. I LOVE THIS! It fits my surface pro4 with a few cords and pens. It carries just what I need. It is the perfect weight and it has a softer feel than some of my other bags. It was just what I was looking for. Perfect!

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    I really love my husband and I think he’s an amazing designer, but when he asked me if I would be willing to create a laptop bag I jumped at the chance. The reason I was so excited wasn’t because I think I’m a better designer than he is (OK, maybe I do), but it’s because I wanted to fashion a thin and simple yet versatile laptop case that I would enjoy using myself. I couldn’t be happier with the way this bag turned out because it’s small enough to not slow me down, yet it’s big enough to fit all the essentials I need. If you’re looking for a thin, high-quality leather laptop bag, I think you’ll love this one as much as I do (and Dave loves it too!).