• Make your home extra merry this year with a Saddleback Christmas Stocking; you’ll still be celebrating Christmas in July.
  • Scalloped sheepskin edge along the top for a festive touch
  • Sewn with fancy whipstitching worthy of Mrs. Claus herself
  • Leather tab for hanging on mantle
  • Big and deep for epic Christmas swag hauls (nice list only)
  • Same rugged full-grain leather that is used in all Saddleback products
  • No breakable parts, e.g. zippers, snaps, buttons, etc.
  • Because of natural oils shade may vary
  • Dimensions (approximate size):
    • Exterior: 16 ¼"H x 9 ½"W x ¼"D
    • Interior: 16"H x 7 ½"W
    • 0.90 pounds
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    Beautiful stockings! Of course they are quality leather and well crafted. I was delighted to find a way to bring more sophistication to the well-loved christmas stocking tradition.

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    What does Santa say?

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    Ho Ho Ho.

    Santa will be filling up these stockings at Christmas. I wanted something that my two boys, wife and I could use for the rest of our lives so I bought one of each of these stockings.

    I may bring them to get our names laser engraved on them but I'm undecided. They look perfect just the way they are.

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    Exactly like you would imagine it

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    This is the kind of thing I would have never thought of Saddleback doing but as soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it. I wish I had an excuse to leave it hanging up year round but I don't think my wife would let me get away with that. Built of the same solid leather Saddleback always uses and trimmed at the top with great looking sheepskin, I'm a little worried Santa might steal this thing when he stops by on Christmas. I feel like I need to go buy a log cabin deep in the woods on top of a mountain somewhere and then hang it up on the mantle of a stone fireplace in that cabin to even do this thing justice.

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    In 1999, I spent Christmas with a few American friends down in Mexico. I didn’t know how much I would miss the traditions I grew up with, but I did. When I was a kid, every year Mom and Dad would pile us in the car and drive us around town to look at the Christmas lights (Peacock Lane was especially special to me). And then we would go and wrap the presents and put them under the tree. And every year that I can remember, I would slyly wander through the neighborhood with my pocket knife to bring back some holly branches and fir boughs to lay on the mantle and window sills.

    Then came my favorite tradition. We’d decorate the tree. And in the box of ornaments and garlands, were 5 individual handmade ornaments made by my Great Aunt Juanita. Each of us kids got to hang one of them up. I always chose the heavy thick green one. But, for some reason, the house wouldn’t have looked complete without the stockings being hung by Dad above the fireplace. I later learned that it was tradition for Mom to fill the stockings after we went to bed. They were your typical red stockings with a sort of white faux fur around the top.

    As you can imagine, everything smelled great. The whole house smelled like Christmas tree brewing coffee. The only thing that could have made my childhood memories of Christmas any better is if there would have been the fresh scent of leather coming from the mantle.