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  • 100-Year Warranty, details here.
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not happy with your leather, send it back to us for a full refund. As long as you return it in like-new condition there’s no hassles, we promise. Details here.
  • Free Shipping, details here.
  • Logo may vary from what is shown
  • Fits an iPad Air, iPad, Samsung Galaxy Note & Tab 10.1, Kindle Fires HD & HDX 8.9, Receipts/Paperwork, Power Supply and cables
  • Protect future generations of iPads or other tablets
  • Made of one solid piece of leather
  • Designed to stay useful as gadgets come and go
  • 1/8” stitched seam on sides adds protective cushioning
  • Insulates from extreme heat/cold damage
  • Because of natural oils shades may vary
  • Dimensions (approximate size):
    • External: 8 ¾" W x 10 ¼” H flat
    • Internal: 8 ¼" W x 9 ¾” H flat
    • 0.65 pounds
7 Reviews

Great Deal

by - verified purchaser |
I purchased mine in carbon from Dave's Deals and my older generation iPad fits very nicely. The construction is amazing and I think the color looks great. Thanks for the deal Dave.

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19 months later... still excellent

by - verified purchaser |
I have been using this sleeve in dark coffee brown for the last 19 months with my iPad 4, and it has been excellent.

The leather is thick and durable, and it provides very good protection. I was a little worried at first that the iPad will fall out of the top opening, but in practice this has never been a problem. I now prefer this over the flip-up covers I have used in the past. The quality of the leather and stitching is excellent. It still smells like cow, wonderful!

I expect this sleeve to last many more decades, and plan to transfer it to any new tablet I might get in future. Thanks for a great product.

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Perfect for iPad Air

by - verified purchaser |
Again SBL delivers excellent service and product. Shipping is superfast to the UK. The sleeve fits the iPad Air snugly. New leather is smooth and soft almost suede in feel on this tobacco colour. I can't wait for it to age and patina which will not be a problem from everyday use.

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by - verified purchaser |
I ordered this gadget sleeve to protect my new ipad air and have to say it is absolutely gorgeous. I have been amazed at your customer service (I have had many questions about which product to order) and was amazed at how quickly I received this. I am so happy! I will continue to look for the new ipad air case that is planned!

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Works great with my iPad Air with a case.

by - verified purchaser |
This is a simple but beautiful piece. It is actually my first Saddleback piece, but I was given the notepad cover for Christmas which is awesome as well. I purchased this with some hesitation as to if it would fit my new iPad. The dimensions of the Air are quite different than the previous generations, so I added a hard case on my iPad and it fit perfectly into this sleeve. Great piece, I won't be my last.!

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Perfect sleeve for iPad Air

by - verified purchaser |
My iPad Air with a Smart Cover fit perfectly inside!

Very good protection with the beauty of very good leather!

My first Saddlebackleather product, and not the last!

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Using with a naked iPad Air

by - verified purchaser |
I bought this with a bit of hesitancy for my iPad Air, because I wasn't sure how well a product designed for the 2/3/4th generation iPad would work with the smaller form factor of the iPad Air.

To anyone wondering, it works fine. The iPad is still snug in the sleeve. I can hold the sleeve by the bottom upside-down and the iPad won't fall out of it. It'd probably be better if it had been designed with the iPad Air in mind, but I can't imagine that it would be all that much better a fit.

So, if you're in my position, don't hesitate, the sleeve works perfectly well for the iPad Air, and it's really the only protection you need.

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When I was in college, my best friend talked me into trying snowboarding for the first time instead of skiing. I did, and I hated it. I swore up and down I’d never do it again. My wrist was sore, my butt hurt, I wanted to go back to the skis. But after a year, I forgot how much I hated it and got talked into doing it again.

This time, after a full day of snowboarding on Mt. Hood, I went and bought my own snowboard because I had had so much fun. It was actually a very old used snowboard that a friend of mine sold me for next to nothing. In fact, whenever I was sitting on a lift people would laugh and say, “Dude, that’s awesome! You’re totally riding an old school board!” I mean, every time. It started getting a little old. One guy even tried to buy it off me and said, “I’d like to put that on the mantle of my cabin one day.” The board was kind of obsolete, but I didn’t want to stop using it just because it was old.

So this Gadget Sleeve would have been like a snowboard bag. I wanted something for my gadgets that wouldn’t become obsolete in just a few years and be hanging over the mantle one day unused. Gadgets come and go in style and use, but this Gadget Sleeve will keep fitting the next gadget and then the next gadget over and over again. It won’t ever become obsolete.