Small Leather Goods

Small Leather Goods

Cord Wrap Set


Unplug Once You’re Wound Up Tight

United States Constitution


Pocket-Sized United States Constitution

Books of the Bible Set


Books Of The Bible In Pocket Sized Portions

Square Cord Wrap Set


You’ll Begin To Feel Like A Wrap God

Leather Rings Set


Diamonds May be Forever, But 100 Years Ain’t Too Shabby...

Book of Revelation


Broken Down...In Size

Book of Proverbs


The Wisdom From The Book Of Proverbs, Right In Your Pocket

Book of John


Take It With You Wherever You Go

Copper Pen

$25.00 to $30.00

Leave Your Pretty Pens At Home

Cross Bookmark


Your Place Once Was Lost, But Now Is Found

Infinity Wrap Bracelet


When You Can’t Wear Enough Saddleback

Coaster Set


Get A Handle On Avoiding Rings

Soft Sunglass/Pen Case


For The Pupils In Your Life

Full Grain Leather Scrap Kit


Use Your Imagination

Bag Tag


ID Your Bag

Convertible Bracelet


The Dynamic Accessory

Moleskine Cover

$55.00 to $75.00

Many Journals, Just One Cover

Cable Bag


Organize your life with Leather

Luggage Tag


Join the Paper Tag Resistance

Braided Unisex Bracelet


When You Can’t Wear Enough Saddleback

Classic Bible Cover


Holds An iPad Mini