$710.00 to $820.00

  • Dark Coffee Brown now shipping with lighter pigskin
  • Removable 6” high pigskin insert for structure and protection
  • Body constructed from one solid piece of leather
  • Can be rolled to desired height for maximum versatility
  • Watertight when fully rolled
  • Two handle configurations
  • Carry it closed, or as an open tote for more room
  • No interior pockets for maximum packable space
  • Three exterior straps keep the bad guys out and help to cinch the bag down
  • Straps compress bag to save room
  • Medium can be worn as a backpack
  • No breakable parts, e.g. zippers, snaps, buttons, etc.
  • Because of natural oils shade may vary
  • Dimensions (approximate size):
  • Adjustable strap length: 34 ½” - 59 ¼”
  • Medium - Carry on size
    • Exterior: 20” W x 18” H (unfolded) x 9” D
    • Interior Without Liner: 19 ¾” W x 17 ¾” H x 8 ¾ ” D
    • Liner Dimensions: 19 ½” W x 6” H x 8 ½” D
    • 7.7 lbs
  • Large - Not carry on size
    • Exterior: 24” W x 20” H (unfolded) x 9” D
    • Interior Without Liner: 23 ¾” W x 19 ¾” H x 8 ¾” D
    • Liner Dimensions: 23 ½” W x 6” H x 8 ½” D
    • 8.2 lbs

    We use natural Markings Equal Inclusion of Exceptional Imperfection Ornamentation

    "... Saddleback Leather no longer discriminates aganist any cow on the basis of age, appearance, lactose intolerance... if the beast has a natural marking or brand, or whether or not they worship the Divine Bovine."

    Truth is, sometimes beauty is only skin deep... like with cows. Their poetry is notoriously terrible, but man, their hides are nature's art. We don't believe that flawlessness equals beauty. Beauty is when we're able to see someting as it really is.

    This is true with humans too. There are lots of quality people who are really beautiful not in spite of, but because of the masks life has given them.

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    I grew up in Oregon near the Deschutes River, and so we’d often go white water rafting over the river’s world class rapids. I was always really impressed with the dry bags I’d see along the way. If you’re not familiar with a dry bag, you put your camera and wallet and other water-sensitive stuff in there, roll and seal the opening, and the bag keeps everything dry while you’re floating down the river. Even if your raft flips over, everything inside stays dry. I always thought it was the coolest thing.

    So, once I started designing more bags, I had a huge desire to create something with a watertight rolling closure. That desire, combined with the inspiration from an old leather bag I saw in a Tunisian medina on the edge of the Sahara, brought about this bag. So, here’s my tribute to the dry bag and the dust bag; the Waterbag.


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