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"Quality is not an act, it is a habit.”
Passport Wallet - Protection While Traveling
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80.9524% of reviewers would recommend this to friends

Product Details
  • Dark Coffee Brown now shipping with lighter pigskin
  • RFID shield stops passport’s chip from being scanned from a distance
  • Holds up to 4 passports
  • 2 credit card slots hold 5 cards each
  • Inside pocket to fold up other currency while out of country
  • Outer folder pocket for boarding passes
  • Holds any sized currency worldwide
  • Because of natural oils shade may vary
  • Dimensions (approximate size):
    • Closed: 4 ¼” W x 5 ½” H
    • Open: 8 ¾” W x 5 ½” H
    • 0.3 pounds
“Quality is not an act, it is a habit”
- Aristotle

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We use natural markings.
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Customer Pics & Reviews
Customer Reviews 21 reviews
80.9524% of reviewers recommended this

Good, Solid Wallet

The size is a bit larger than I thought, but it
fits a passport in perfectly. (If curious about
the size fold a sheet of paper twice). Fits in
average men's pants pocket well.
Tanning is good.
Leather is good.
Thread is good.
Simple design.
It is good quality but I doubt it will last a
This should be standard of what wallets are
made like.


Got mine yesterday and LOVE it as with all my SB products. I had a smaller credit card/i.d. wallet but needed just a smiggin' more room so I decided on the passport. Great decision! Just perfect for my needs. Thanks SB! Another wonderful purchase. Sweetness!

Simply the best travel wallet

Recently returned from Russian far east. I used his wallet as my daily-use wallet so I was never without my passport. This trip involved travel through 4 countries, multiple customs clearances, boarding passes, local currencies, receipts, etc. wallet handles all these flawlessly. Keep the current boarding pass in the outer flap, ready to present. Wallet will require that you wear a jacket as it will not fit in your pants pocket, however, IMHO, jackets should be worn, even in casual settings, when you are a guest in another country.

Best Passport Wallet I've Ever Owned!

I just got this passport wallet yesterday and I've already declared it to be my favorite wallet! What I love about this wallet is that one, It's RFID protected, it is very spacious, it's light weight, plenty of compartments, I can fit my iPhone, I can easily fit a small pocket notebook where the main passport goes, and it easily fits my back or front pockets. So to sum up, I have a regular RFID wallet, a passport wallet, an iPhone wallet, and a notebook cover all in one!!! This is definitely now my favorite wallet from the collection and planning to use it as a daily carry.

If only...

I love taking this wallet with me to the airport and slapping it down on the check-in counter, immigration, car hire counter, coffee counter and especially the lost baggage claim counter. It makes such a reassuring thud, especially when the cash section is full because it holds like £20,000 it's so big. My only complaint is that I cannot fit my Field Notes in there. If I could fit my Filed Notes in there then I would be able to slap it down at every given opportunity! Imagine that!

Best SBL wallet?

I own and use the Big Wallet and ID Wallet, I've also handled the medium and large bifolds... today a Passport Wallet in tobacco arrived, and I think it's just about the best of the bunch. Perfect size for a passport and some airline loyalty cards, plus some local currency and receipts. The leather is a little thinner and softer than on the Big Wallet. It fits perfectly in the breast pocket of my leather jacket, so it's really just right, there's not a thing about it I'd change.

Yep! This one!

As a professor I do my homework as one would expect. I have large briefcase, large satchel, iPad case, and, of course the passport wallet. I bought this specifically for international travel, but at this moment I'm using it as an everyday wallet. Again, at the moment, I have $400 in cash, my passport, 5 receipts, and 10 credit cards in the wallet. For me, this was a smart purchase.

I was planning on buying a large bifold, but at the moment I'm quit happy with this one.

The Last Wallet You'll Need

For passports, you will not find anything better than this. Who am I kidding, for whatever you're looking for, you won't find anything better than Saddleback. The great thing about it is that you can use it for everyday purposes, it's not too big for jeans back pockets and perfectly for interior coat pockets. You take this out at the airport to get your book stamped up, and you'll find you're more proud of what your passport is in than what's in your passport.

Fits 5 if you need it!

I purchased this wallet in Tobacco Brown before we moved my family to China this summer. It worked well for even 5 passports, though it was well stuffed! I use it as my everyday carry around here because of the varying sizes of bills. Keep a copy of my passport and a few $20s in the little fold up slot and my bus passes in the credit card area.
I love the RFID blocker for my passports, but it means I have to take my bus pass out of my wallet when I need to use it. Not a complaint, just a reality!

As I said about my gadget sleeves, the best thing that happened after I got this was bending, slapping, folding and rolling this beautiful collection of leather. It suddenly became even more amazing!
Thank you for a great product that got me through a lot of crazy traveling!

Excellent wallet

I recently went on a trip to Mexico and brought my DCB passport wallet with me. It's great! I was able to store my passport, debit card, ID, boarding passes and receipts safely. Great looking and feeling wallet. I carried it in the side pocket of my shorts and it fit well.


Great passport wallet. Ordered in the new tobacco color. Love it.
A little to big for EDC for me... but for traveling and what not, will be of great use. Great job again SBL.

Best Passport Wallet

I've had my passport wallet (in Chestnut) for almost two years now. It's traveled with me to China 4 times and Europe once. When I go overseas it's my only wallet I bring. It has my passport, a few credit cards, drivers license, and any cash I may be carrying. It holds the bigger foreign bills, and I put my receipts and boarding passes in the pockets. It can get a little thick (it starts out "Saddleback thick"), but no worries. I carry it in my front pants pocket, and the edges are really starting to conform, while it is also developing a patina that just keeps looking better. There ain't no way you can wear this out. If you're looking for some thin Italian-style leather wallet that doesn't make much of a bulge in your pocket, this isn't it, but if you want a wallet that looks great and you'll never need to replace it, look no further. Expect to hear compliments from hotel desk clerks.

Simple but effective

Has room for large bills and all documentation needed for travel. I had my drivers license, two credit cards, fat stack of bills, photocopies of ID, flight information, rental car information, hotel information, boarding passes and my passport with plenty of room left over. It's big, but not bulky and its worth the small hassle of carting it around to have everything right were you need it. Very handy and well made.

Multi-Purpose Wallet

What an excellent wallet! Originally bought this for travel purposes and it eventually replaced my everyday one. The leather is thick and strong enough to withstand daily use. I have used this wallet in chestnut for over 3 years and each time I open it, I feel I have bought something worth while; the quality is superb. The best part is it has several key areas which I can use. When traveling the passport is in it's sleeve with the boarding pass on the outside one. In everyday use it holds a small notepad and receipts. The other sleeves hold the credit cards and currency respectively. It even has enough space to clip on a small pen and still feel comfortable in the back pocket.

Great Travel Wallet

Needed a wallet that could hold me and my girlfriends passports and travel documents for our one month Euro trip. I couldn't find anything that fit the bill until I stumbled upon your passport wallet, from the pictures the wallet looked to big to be comfortable for the entire trip but I decided to get it anyway. I ordered it in tobacco brown and I'm glad I went with my gut decision and ordered this excellent wallet, yeah its big but not bulky. It held all of our travel documents, Euro's, Passports, etc. It took a hell of a beating on our trip and still looked like new. This will be the only wallet we will need or be using on our future travels around the world. If your looking for a Travel wallet or want a big wallet for everyday use look no further.

Another WIN

Holds two passports effortlessly (mine & my son's) plus other wallet-type stuff like $ bills, foreign bills, 10+ cards & I.D.s, boarding passes, etc.
I got the RFID shielded version to keep my minimal conspiracy theorist at bay.
The quality is honestly second-to-none (as-is everything else from Saddleback).
Here'????s to years of travel and my growing collection of good ole Texas ingenuity & leather.

Great product

I have three passports in my wallet and it holds them all with no problem. I've had it for a few months and the leather continues to smell great. In my opinion, this is the perfect size. It fits perfectly in the inside pocket of my jacket while I'm traveling. Also, it looks great in dark coffee brown!!

Great for Travel - Even Better for Home!

Man, I'm a Saddleback junkie. Every time I visit the site I think about what's next. Must resist... not! Just gotta decide what's next. I've two Saddleback wallets - the small bifold wallet and the passport wallet. First things first - most guys carry way too much junk in their wallets. The bifold wallet forced me to really go light weight. I used that one for about a year and only got the passport wallet out when traveling. I came home from a trip not to long ago and said to myself, "Self, you know, there's no reason to not use this passport wallet as your everyday wallet."

I carry two credit cards, a transit pass, a driver's license, a few business cards and some cash. And it is absolutely the most comfortable wallet I have EVER carried. I had gotten to the point (even with the bifold) where my wallet in my back pocked was just too thick. I routinely got in the car and then took the wallet out. The passport wallet is slim enough to be completely unnoticeable in my rear pocket when wearing jeans. I put it in my computer bag or jacket pocket if I'm dressing up. I've had this passport wallet for a few years ago and it was still rather stiff and had that new leather/new wallet thing going. No longer. Wear it around for a few weeks with a pair of blue jeans and it'll feel like an old friend. It's counterintuitive, yet it really is a much better fit than a typical bifold wallet. Ironically the Saddleback bifold that I carried for a couple of years still had that big piece of leather feel. The passport wallet is 'da bomb.

Anyhow, I like it. You guys have great products and I get questions about them all over the world.

Wicked good!

Just received my new passport wallet. Yea, it's as good as advertised. As we say in New England - "It's wicked good"! Just bought this for my family trip to Kenya to carry passports. No doubt it will survive. I'm already carrying it with me. Great cargo pocket wallet. Nothing better than getting the quality you are expecting. After using this thing just 2 days, I realized that your pricing is wicked low for what you get.

Don't ever stop making these things!

Not just for Passport!

Bought it in slightly older version, one without the place for banknotes. It doesn't actually matter though. I use it for daily use, having added band of elastic inside to keep notepad and wide rubber band outside to keep all of the stuff (notepad, loose papers, pen) together.

I was thinking of getting Midori's Traveller's Notebook, but this is so much better! If only Dave decided to make it a little taller...

Not just for Passport!

Bought it in slightly older version, one without the place for banknotes. It doesn't actually matter though. I use it for daily use, having added band of elastic inside to keep notepad and wide rubber band outside to keep all of the stuff (notepad, loose papers, pen) together.

I was thinking of getting Midori's Traveller's Notebook, but this is so much better! If only Dave decided to make it a little taller...

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