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  • Dark Coffee Brown now shipping with lighter colored pigskin
  • Makes a great range or field bag or for exploring a city
  • Converts to a backpack
  • Made of just two main pieces of leather
  • Rounded edges and seams allow for maximum interior space
  • Exterior pockets - 2 on side for water bottles or sunglasses, 1 on back for papers
  • Interior pockets - 1 on back for iPads, 1 on side for pens, 1 on other side for phones
  • Great for iPads and small laptops
  • Handle riveted to metal bar for durability
  • Interior key clip strap
  • No breakable parts, e.g. zippers, snaps, buttons, etc.
  • Because of natural oils shade may vary
  • Dimensions (approximate size):
  • Adjustable strap length: 34 ½” - 59 ¼”
  • Small - Fits iPads
    • Exterior: 10” W x 9” H x 4” D
    • Interior: 9 ¾” W x 8 ¾” H x 3 ¾” D
    • 3.2 pounds
  • Medium - Fits iPads
    • Exterior: 12” W x 10” H x 4” D
    • Interior: 11 ½” W x 9 ¾” H x 3 ¾” D
    • 4.1 pounds
  • Large - Fits 13” Macbook Pro and Air
    • Exterior: 14” W x 11” H x 5” D
    • Interior: 13 ¾” W x 10 ¾” H x 4 ¾” D
    • 5 pounds

    We use natural Markings Equal Inclusion of Exceptional Imperfection Ornamentation

    "... Saddleback Leather no longer discriminates aganist any cow on the basis of age, appearance, lactose intolerance... if the beast has a natural marking or brand, or whether or not they worship the Divine Bovine."

    Truth is, sometimes beauty is only skin deep... like with cows. Their poetry is notoriously terrible, but man, their hides are nature's art. We don't believe that flawlessness equals beauty. Beauty is when we're able to see someting as it really is.

    This is true with humans too. There are lots of quality people who are really beautiful not in spite of, but because of the masks life has given them.

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    So, I was overlooking Loch Ness real early one crisp March morning with nary a cloud nearby, just having a little quiet time by myself, when I looked down from the bench and couldn’t believe me two eyes. Right before me were 5 long dark shadows, slowly cruising in the same direction, just below the surface. They looked like they were about 20 - 30 ft. long and kind of fat with long thin necks and tails. I watched them for a bit and then ran upstairs to grab the camera and tell Suzette. Of course, when she finally got out of bed and downstairs, they were gone.

    Okay, I know you’re probably shaking your head a little, rolling your eyes and probably just breathed out some air in the form of a slight laugh and said, “This guy’s a total idiot”. And the reason I know that’s what you probably did is because that’s what Suzette did. Just the facts, ma’am. Really. I’m not kidding. It’s what I saw. Why would I lie? Steve “The Nessy Hunter” Feltham, who had been living there for 20 years watching for Nessy, was very disappointed that I didn’t get any pictures, but at least he believed me.

    Whether or not you believe that, believe this; the satchel is the bag I pack in my suitcase when we travel to cool places like Scotland and I know I’ll be wandering on foot quite a bit. So, we went around Scotland and I used my satchel as my main daily bag. The large satchel just so happens to fit my big camera and a couple of extra lenses. The satchel is the ideal bag for carrying the bare minimum around for a day while staying prepared.

    Fun fact: the earliest report of a monster at Loch Ness was as early as the 6th Century by Saint Columba. Check out Wikipedia and you’ll see that I’m not the only one. I’m not making this up.


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    Great product, great company

    by - verified purchaser |
    I have purchased many Saddleback products over the last year, I have a desk pad, notepad holder, small wallet, large wallet, old bull belt, two medium pouches, straps and a small satchel. I had to return an item due to my error, and the Saddleback staff was extremely friendly and prompt. I love the quality of the leather and my only regret was ordering a small satchel, as I do find it just a bit small for my every day items, but I still use it everyday and highly recommend the products and the companies professional and friendly service. I will defintely be purchasing a larger bag in the near future. Thanks Saddleback!!

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    Yes... it's a man satchel!

    by - verified purchaser |
    Had the large satchel in dark coffee now for 8 months, and it's just as nice as the day I got it. I use it everyday, but it still needs to be broken in more. I always get complements on it and it fits everything I need to get me through the day. My only complaint is I wish there more pockets on the inside, perhaps on the front. Other then that, great satchel and I can wait to pass it down to my kids... a long time from now.

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    Almost Sent Her Back

    by - verified purchaser |
    It was 6 months ago to the day when she arrived in the mail. I was so exited that day I almost skipped all of my college classes! I opened the box, smelled the Large Tobacco Leather Satchel and proceeded to to fill her with my EDC. Oh precious MacBook Air doesn't fit. Did I mess up? I checked the dimensions everyday for 10 weeks prior... how is this possible?! Needless to say I put her in the box and went to sleep angry. The next day I was about to send her back when Dave's words came to me, "The leather stretches." Ah baguette!

    Indeed the leather does stretch and form to whatever you consistently have in your bag. The small Macbook Air with a SB case fits but it does take time to stretch the leather. If you have read other reviews people talk about the compliments they receive about the bag and I am here to tell you it is true.

    This is a perfect EDC bag and has the capacity to carry extra if need be. Save up and buy it. You will be glad you did!

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    Handle too Small

    by - verified purchaser |
    It's a well made bag but, the handle was so tight that my fingers barely fit under it making it uncomfortable to use so I will be sending it back.

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    Very impressed

    by - verified purchaser |
    Great service and delivery to Australia - this turned up less than 2 weeks after ordering. I couldn't be more impressed, my other SBL products incl the Front Pocket Backpack are in Tobacco but I really needed something more "formal" for the office and the chestnut really fits the bill. Same quality and smell, but just that bit more business like. Glad I ordered the Large though, it fits the medium notepad plus 13" Macbook Pro with just enough room to spare for folders and other odds and ends. You guys must have small water bottles in Old Mexico!

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    One look and I fell in love...

    by - verified purchaser |
    I waited for ages for this small leather satchel in the tobacco colour. I finally got the email that it was back in stock while I was on holiday in San Diego. My husband brilliantly suggested that I call and order it and see if it could be sent to the hotel in San Diego. I was so excited that I immediately picked up the phone and called and Meredith (thank you so much for being so helpful) took my order and figured out a way to courier it to me at the hotel. After a two day agonizing wait, I held my breath as I opened up the box . I pulled out and lovingly lay the satchel on the bed. One glance and I was smitten. I immediately tossed the purse that I had brought with me aside and slung that satchel over my shoulder for the rest of the trip. This is a perfect purse. It is at the same time feminine and rugged. I threw in my iPad mini (with its matching tobacco cover that my husband bought me as a valentine gift several years ago) and my iPhone with its chestnut cover that (you guessed it) was also bought for me previously by my very loving husband, along with a bunch of other stuff. Even though it's a small, this satchel packs a lot and is perfect for my 5'4" frame. I took it everywhere, eventually transforming it into a little backpack while visiting the museums in Balboa Park. I know this satchel will last a long time and with age will gain that patina that gives it so much character. I'm getting ready to chuck all my other purses when I get home. Thanks for making another FANTASTIC product!

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    Breaking in my large satchel

    by - verified purchaser |
    Just got back from Costa Rica with the large satchel. Did some breaking in carrying it around exploring the country, observing birds, monkeys, iguanas etc. I carried a camera, lenses, binoculars, water bottle all day. Also works as a great carry on, fits perfectly under the airplane seat upright. The bag actually softens and molds to your body the more you carry it. Already looking great barely broken in.


    T Chen, Canada

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    Medium Round Chestnut I can fit everything!!

    by - verified purchaser |
    The Medium Round Chestnut Satchel is everything you need! I can fit my MacBook Air 13in laptop a external DVD/CD drive, Pens/Pencils, laptop charger, iPhone/iPod charger, leather journal, a book, extra field notes, checkbox, USB cables, sunglasses, water bottle, iPad, and etc. it fits so much and I love it! I wear it in backpack mode all the time. Chestnut is the best it's just got that gentlemen look too it! It really is a amazing bag. It will be left to my first born child when I die. I loved that bag also came with quite a bit of scaring on it, it really gives it it's own character. I'm one satisfied customer! :) I will always now by my bags, wallets, and etc. from here.

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    They really are that good.

    by - verified purchaser |
    I own two of these: a large satchel in the old carbon black, and a medium satchel in the new tobacco.

    The "old carbon black" is stiffer and dressier looking (please bring that color back, Dave!) and I carry my large black satchel to work every day to hold a 13" Macbook and a Laptop Lunches Bento Box, and I also carry it to church on Sundays to hold my Bible (Cambridge Publishers, goatskin-bound), SBL small notepad, sheet music for the piano/guitar, etc. It is looking great after a year of 6-days-a-week use, and a Chamberlain's leather milk treatment has softened the bag a bit.

    The "new tobacco" medium satchel is a something straight out of Indiana Jones or The Mummy - already looking well worn and rugged right out of the box. It is my day bag for whatever the mission (read: family outing) calls for. It holds a Nikon D3200 (in a LensCoat neoprene sleeve) and whatever else you need to fit. Last month in Florida on vacation we got caught in a rain storm so I put this satchel in backpack mode and my two-year-old son on my shoulders, and the bag kept everything inside dry while we hiked back to the van about a mile away. My newborn daughter also spit up on this satchel but you'd never know it because it wiped clean - try that with any other bag.

    One great feature of the satchel is the belt-buckle closure which you can open/close with one hand - this single feature makes it more practical than most other bags or backpacks because you can get to your stuff while pushing a stroller or carrying a toddler or holding the door for your beautiful wife. Like most other reviewers, I plan to carry these bags as long as I walk this earth. And to those reading this and wondering if buying one of these is really worth the price, the answer is yes.

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    You NEED This

    by - verified purchaser |
    I wanted this bag for three years after I discovered this website during my freshman year of college. This past summer I saved up to buy it and boy was it worth it. I waited to write this review because I wanted to carry it for a while so I could explain it better. I bought a medium in Dark Coffee Brown and let me tell you its PERFECT. I am 5 ''2 so I was a little worried if it would be too big for me. Nope. It's just right. I can't fit a textbook in it, but I can fit: three standard paperback books, a two inch thick leather journal, countless pens, lipsticks, and hair accesories, one medium sized wallet, my iPhone in the otterbox fits in the outside pockets, keys, gum, and lots of other little things. It's great for day trips and for when I have to go home over the weekend all I need is this bag and one other for clothes. It gets heavy if you carry it around all day, but I bought the crossbody hobo bag for lighter days. I have taken this bag through the rain, snow, all over campus and it still looks brand new. I also convert it to a backpack if I have to do a lot of walking. This bag is beautiful, functional, and when I have kids they will fight over it when I'm dead. It's a bag to create memories with. If you're saving up for it, you won't regret it. I will never have to replace this bag and it will be a great back when I enter the professional world.

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    A wonderful bag

    by - verified purchaser |

    I bought the large satchel in tobacco and I'm extremely impressed with the quality, durability and finish. It is, quite simply, a wonderful bag.

    I have to carry a bunch of things - laptop, iPad, notebooks - around for work every day. And I was going through a new bag every couple of years. Straps were breaking, lining was ripping, handles were falling off. Basically I was spending €150 every two/three years on a new bag from a high street retailer. The finish always faded on these bags and they didn't age well. And that was before bits started falling off.

    So I was in the market for a heavy duty and serious bag that looked good but was low maintenance and I wouldn't have to worry too much about. I was happy to pay that little bit extra for something I knew would last.

    That's when I discovered Saddleback.

    After a bit of research on the site, and a good bit of communication with the guys online, I decided on the large satchel. And it hasn't disappointed. In fact, it has exceeded my expectations. It is a beautiful bag.

    Sure, it'll take a while to break in the leather but that's half the fun.

    The bag is spacious and can handle an average sized laptop quite easily as well as all of the associated wires and chargers. There is also plenty of room at the back for an iPad or tablet. Every day, I throw in a couple of very chunky notebooks, a Moleskin diary and a fat novel and I still got plenty of room for my lunch and a waterbottle.

    The design and layout of the bag is simple but wonderfully effective.

    Refined quality.

    A word about the staff - they are superb. I asked a lot of questions - some of them rather foolish, I'd wager - but Saddleback's folks were quick to respond, incredibly helpful and extremely knowledgeable about their products.

    There was no hard sell, and no nonsense. I got the feeling that they genuinely care about the product they are selling. This is a huge bonus and very refreshing. But it just backs up the quality of the goods.

    Drawbacks? None of any note. Yeah, of course, you'll have to work on the leather's stiffness for a couple of days (opening and closing can be a tiny bit difficult in the first few days but it's not even a quibble.) As I say, this is something that comes with the territory.

    Also, I had to pay €80 duty on the sucker (which was a bit of a pain) but that is hardly Saddleback's fault.

    I don't expect to ever need another day bag again.

    But I'll be back to get more bits and pieces over the years.


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    by - verified purchaser |
    I bought this bag in a tobacco medium about 9 months ago as a graduation present for myself. I absolutely love it. It's extremely sturdy and has a good amount of space in it. The medium is perfect for me because I can fit a ton in there and still not have it look too bulky. People compliment me on it all the time about how good it looks. Definitely the best bag I have ever owned.

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    GORGEOUS bag! Functional, excellent craftsmanship

    by - verified purchaser |
    Absolutely love this bag! I got the dark coffee brown in medium. It being my first purchase from Saddleback, I was initially anxious/curious about the quality and aesthetics, given the price. However, I was stunned and impressed by how beautiful - and exceptionally well-made - this bag is!


    This bag is built to last - you will not need to use their warranty. Leather & lining are thick & strong (if a bit stiff). Rivets & stitching are excellent; very strong. I took it out during a downpour and everything inside stayed dry; the leather remained beautiful and appears to be unaffected by water (at least, fresh water).


    Perfect for work! I am 5'1 with a petite frame - the medium is not too big, not too small. Organizational design is perfect: not overly-compartmentalized, but enough to stay organized & keep contents in easy reach. Removable strap, key clasp, extra D-rings on the bottom are great added features. I particularly love the front buckle being adjustable to accommodate different degrees of fullness of the bag. I also really like that you can adjust the thinness of the silhouette of the bag by attaching the hook of the strap to one or more of the D-rings on the top.


    It honestly speaks for itself. The elegance of this bag is really breathtaking! I continue to receive numerous compliments on it. Design is clean, classic & simple; really makes it wonderful to look at. Simply a timeless bag.

    There are only (very) minor drawbacks that I can speak. The bag is relatively heavy due to the thickness of the leather & lining. As mentioned above, the thickness of the leather & lining allows the bag to keep its shape, but it will take years of use before it softens up. Honestly, these are such minor cons that you'll forget about them right away. You'll be using it for years anyway and will get used to the weight, so these drawbacks will eventually - if not immediately - disappear!

    Best investment into something I use everyday. Best bag I have ever owned!

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    Wow I'm impressed!,

    by - verified purchaser |
    I had searched and searched for awhile, for a worthy leather bag of the cost and quality that companies claim to produce. The process ended with Saddleback Leather. Look no farther, this is the KING.

    My large Carbon Satchel, was delivered yesterday, bought on Dave's Deal, I cannot find the so-called flaw. I'm so looking forward to the break-in time frame and the companionship of this fine bag, it will be a treasured timepiece.

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    Now I have a complete set

    by - verified purchaser |
    I just received the medium satchel and very happy with the new lining. It will serve as my EDC. For those who are wondering wether MBA 13 will fit or not, I can confirm it will fit (without the sleeve). Check out my review in youtube for MBA 13 in medium satchel.

    Very happy with the product and very happy with the service.

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    Owned the S, the M, But L is the BEST!

    by - verified purchaser |
    My first SBL purchase ever was the small, older style satchel. A few years later, I bought the medium, also the older style. I decided that I needed a bag that could function as a handbag, but be large enough to also accommodate my laptop. So, a couple of weeks ago, I purchased an older style TB large that popped up on the DD page. However, this older style did not fit my laptop, so I returned that, and bought the newest style. I do believe I've finally found the perfect backpack. It's slightly wider than the older style large, and seems roomier. While a tight fit, my laptop fits in there just fine, and it still has room for my Big Wallet, cosmetic case, phone, and keys (on the leash). I am now able to carry just one bag on my commute, instead of a backpack AND handbag. It's just right. The large is the Goldilocks of the satchels (at least for me)! Purchased in chestnut. So, so gorgeous. I absolutely, 100% recommend this satchel. The kind of bag which makes you want to get more than one color.

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    Problem Solved

    by - verified purchaser |
    Good shopping is a form of problem solving. First, you determine what you want – what the product must do to satisfy your requirements. You determine your own situation, your own constraints – how much you are willing to spend. And then, once this is said and done, you search for a product that best meets those criteria.

    I had three requirements for my bag. The first was cost; while I was willing to go into the $400 range, I didn’t want to commit any more than that for a product I was unsure about. The second was durability, that it not fall apart and – just as important – not contribute to the falling apart of anything inside. The third, though, was the tricky one: that it fit my entire work kit, which is considerable.

    The large Leather Satchel fits all three. It’s a beautiful bag; the carbon just fits my style. It fits all of the equipment I need for my work. And I know that this bag, unlike previous bags, isn’t likely to start falling apart or eat my pens within its lining.

    Problem solved. Thanks!

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    Perfect satchel

    by - verified purchaser |
    This is my 7th Saddleback product, and I am more impressed with every purchase. There is nothing like Saddleback on the market - the quality of the leather, craftsmanship and design are absolutely top notch. I bought a large satchel (tobacco) as a "Dave's Deal" (15% off), but I cannot find any flaws at all - it looks perfect. I will use this satchel daily, and I have no doubt my children will inherit it someday (hopefully many years from now). The shipping was extremely fast, and as always the customer service was first-rate. I am a loyal Saddleback customer. Dave has created am amazing company - authentic, artisan-quality products for a perfectly reasonable price.

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    Amazing bag, amazing company! Buy a SBL today!

    by - verified purchaser |
    This bag is beyond quality! I waited a while for the review so that I could break it in. The only thing better than the bag is the customer service. Full disclosure, my first bag was a dud. Had a couple issues go wrong (unimportant details) and customer service was PROMPT at fixing this! I was amazed by the customer service! Truly.

    So I've had my replacement/new bag since September. She's gorgeous.


    - Just my size. I'm 5'4" and it's a great size for me. I am looking to get the purse for a more feminine alternative for about the town travels.

    - Easy to use every day. Fits my journal, ipad mini, water bottle, wallet, reading glasses, and miscellaneous treasures without protesting. I never feel like it's heavy. The strap and strap pad are very comfortable on my body.

    - Compliments. As it ages, it gets more notice. This one is starting to take on the look I want for it ... worn and loved.

    - Unique bag. Aside from being unique in quality (SaddleBack, you are amazing). This bag has little scars on it. As it gets more loved and used the scars are more noticeable. I love it. Not distracting by any means, but definitely there and fun to look at and wonder what adventures it had before becoming a bag and hamburger (ha!).

    - Interior pockets. The back pocket is great for my journal or a sketchbook and iPad. Keeps it safe and the pages flat. the side pockets are slightly different sizes which I really like. I can put pens and pencils I use regularly in one and the other with those I don't use as often... or whatever.

    - Key clip. Love it, I clip my keys on and put it in the side pocket, easy to grab and go and I don't worry about losing my keys.


    - Strap length. It is ridiculously long. My husband is 5'11" and it was a foot too long on him. I took it to the local shoe repair place and he did an OK job with it. I wasn't overly impressed. Shop around or contact SBL. I have a message out to their leather gurus about correcting strap length.

    - Not overly feminine. Don't get me wrong, I use this EVERY day! But not the most feminine for a date night or whatever. I will be fixing this issue with a Saddle Back hobo purse... ASAP. :)

    - You'll get addicted to their leather. Seriously. This could be a problem. However, this is not really a "con" in my book.

    I highly recommend this product to everyone. I've had people look it up and tell me "Man, it's expensive!!!". No, it isn't "expensive" ... but it most DEFINITELY isn't CHEAP! The product is perfectly priced for the quality. In all actuality it is under priced.

    The product is superb. The customer service is amazing.

    Find the Saddle Back Leather product that suits your needs ... and buy it ASAP. You won't regret it for a minute.

    You'll love it every time you grab your bag.

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    I've had this bag for 5 years...

    by - verified purchaser |
    ...and I still love it. It really is as tough as everyone says. I had one problem develop with the clasp on the strap 4 years in, but they sent a new strap out to me immediately. The customer service is wonderful.

    My only tiny regret is that my small bag doesn't fit my iPad, but iPads hadn't been invented yet when I bought it, so how was I to know :) You can put an iPad in length wise and fold the top flap over it, and still get the from strap though the buckle. It's not brilliant, makes the bag look a funny shape, but it is possible to stow your iPad in it if you really need to (for example if you need to check your bag somewhere or just need your hands free for something). I wouldn't carry it around town that way though.

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    Deeply Smitten

    by - verified purchaser |
    I adore my bag. I have the large carbon. It's ability to be a backpack is extremely useful for me now, since I am in school. It can handle all my papers, plus large enough to hold, and keep safe, renderings for my design classes. I look forward to taking this into my professional life as it just keeps getting better and better the more I use it. Also, Thank you for making this color!

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    You Can't Go Wrong w/ a Satchel

    by - verified purchaser |
    I have owned an SBL large chestnut classic briefcase for over five years. Best briefcase ever! When I have to carry all my stuff (17" MacPro and up to six books), it does the job; and looks good doing it. But when I do not need to carry everything with me, the large briefcase is a bit too big just to take a couple of books and an iPad to the coffee shop. That is why I purchased a large chestnut satchel. It can carry an iPad in a Targus case, up to six books (two wide by three deep, depending on size), pens, glass case, and phone. If you are debating between a medium and large satchel, my recommendation is the large. Dimension wise it is not that much bigger, but it can carry so much more. I learned this because I first ordered the medium. Both are great bags, however. The satchel has proven to be the best everyday carry bag. Now that I have two SBL's, the kids won't have to fight over it when I die. But once I start having grandkids, I may need to purchase more!

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    Deeply Impressed

    by - verified purchaser |
    I travel fairly frequently - 5 or 6 times a year - and like a bag I can carry all my bits and bobs in, sturdy and well made but not huge and the large satchel fits the bill perfectly.

    If I had one criticism it would be that the the mac book air sleeve is a tight fit, an extra 1/4" in the width would make this a 5 star bag.

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    Pros & Cons

    by - verified purchaser |
    These are of course, just my opinion. This is the medium from Dave's Deals. The only possible 10% off flaw I can see is one of the seams on the bag is not evenly sewed and the pigskin is bulging out ever so slightly.


    - inside pocket is not evenly shaped and a hair oversized - if not in use, it can't lay flat because it's just a piece of flabby pigskin that doesn't quite fit the area it is sewn onto

    - side pockets are slightly similar but are closer to the size I think the frame of the bag requires. They are pretty tight, but I expect that they will stretch out over time as good leather should

    - front strap is longer than necessary and hangs off - not a huge deal but looks out off place (I just tuck the end under for neatness sake)

    Pros (Yes!!!)

    - Not too heavy (I am 5'3 and petite and it is not heavier than my previous workcase and much better balanced thanks to the wide shoulder strap)

    - Surprisingly roomy. I can fit my ipad in it's twelvesouth case, shoes, clutch, glasses in hard case, knife in case, leatherman, small bag with random necessities, emergency flare, and small flashlight as just my daily "purse" junk with plenty of space for other items as needed. If I really wanted to, I could also fit my laptop but I don't want to carry that brick around.

    - Blessedly wide shoulder pads on the strap. I have narrow shoulders and most bags even worn cross body tend to fall off and/or dig in

    I love this bag and beyond wincing at the $$$ it is pretty close to perfect for me. If I really wanted to nitpick, the shape would be better if it was slightly more rectangular than square but that's the product I chose to buy.

    The complements that every one talks about on here DO happen. It's eye-catching without being flashing and Alaskan-approved tough.

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    by - verified purchaser |
    I received the small satchel in chestnut as a gift from my amazing husband recently and I'm IN LOVE!! It's the most adorable bag! It looks like a mini briefcase and is so completely functional I want to carry it everywhere! I'm 5'3 and the small is just perfect for me. I love all the pockets and the strap on this little bag is so comfortable I can use it all day! I can't imagine how any other SBL product could top this little satchel, it's by far the highest quality bag in my collection.

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