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$308.00 to $408.00

  • Dark Coffee Brown now shipping with lighter colored pigskin lining
  • Covered by our 100 year warranty
  • Perfect in-between size for all of your needs
  • Makes a day bag for exploring a city or as a small briefcase when you don't need to carry it all
  • Converts to a backpack
  • Made of just two main pieces of leather to minimize seams and weak points
  • Rounded edges and seams allow for maximum interior space
  • Exterior pockets - 2 on sides for water bottles or sunglasses, 1 on back for papers
  • Interior pockets - 1 on back for iPads, 1 on side for pens, 1 on other side for phones
  • Great for iPads and small laptops, or for carrying your gear to the range
  • Handle riveted to metal bar for durability
  • Interior key clip strap
  • No breakable parts, e.g. zippers, snaps, buttons, etc.
  • Made of tough, full-grain leather, which takes hits well and looks even better with age
  • Lined with strong, supportive pigskin
  • Stitched with marine-grade thread, and reinforced with copper rivets
  • Because of natural oils shade may vary
  • Dimensions (approximate size):
  • Adjustable strap length: 34 ½” - 59 ¼”
  • Small - Fits iPads
    • Exterior: 10” W x 9” H x 4” D
    • Interior: 9 ¾” W x 8 ¾” H x 3 ¾” D
    • 3.2 pounds
  • Medium - Fits iPads
    • Exterior: 12” W x 10” H x 4” D
    • Interior: 11 ½” W x 9 ¾” H x 3 ¾” D
    • 4.1 pounds
  • Large - Fits 13” Macbook Pro and Air
    • Exterior: 14” W x 11” H x 5” D
    • Interior: 13 ¾” W x 10 ¾” H x 4 ¾” D
    • 5 pounds

    We use natural Markings Equal Inclusion of Exceptional Imperfection Ornamentation

    "... Saddleback Leather no longer discriminates against any cow on the basis of age, appearance, lactose intolerance... if the beast has a natural marking or brand, or whether or not they worship the Divine Bovine."

    Truth is, sometimes beauty is only skin deep... like with cows. Their poetry is notoriously terrible, but man, their hides are nature's art. We don't believe that flawlessness equals beauty. Beauty is when we're able to see something as it really is.

    This is true with humans too. There are lots of quality people who are really beautiful not in spite of, but because of the marks life has given them.

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    So, I was overlooking Loch Ness real early one crisp March morning with nary a cloud nearby, just having a little quiet time by myself, when I looked down from the bench and couldn’t believe me two eyes. Right before me were 5 long dark shadows, slowly cruising in the same direction, just below the surface. They looked like they were about 20 - 30 ft. long and kind of fat with long thin necks and tails. I watched them for a bit and then ran upstairs to grab the camera and tell Suzette. Of course, when she finally got out of bed and downstairs, they were gone.

    Okay, I know you’re probably shaking your head a little, rolling your eyes and probably just breathed out some air in the form of a slight laugh and said, “This guy’s a total idiot”. And the reason I know that’s what you probably did is because that’s what Suzette did. Just the facts, ma’am. Really. I’m not kidding. It’s what I saw. Why would I lie? Steve “The Nessy Hunter” Feltham, who had been living there for 20 years watching for Nessy, was very disappointed that I didn’t get any pictures, but at least he believed me.

    Whether or not you believe that, believe this; the satchel is the bag I pack in my suitcase when we travel to cool places like Scotland and I know I’ll be wandering on foot quite a bit. So, we went around Scotland and I used my satchel as my main daily bag. The large satchel just so happens to fit my big camera and a couple of extra lenses. The satchel is the ideal bag for carrying the bare minimum around for a day while staying prepared.

    Fun fact: the earliest report of a monster at Loch Ness was as early as the 6th Century by Saint Columba. Check out Wikipedia and you’ll see that I’m not the only one. I’m not making this up.


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    The perfect size for travel or daily use!

    by - verified purchaser |
    I bought this Satchel along with the SBL Long Tri-fold wallet as I needed a new carry on bag and wallet for when I travel for work. Its absolutely perfect for carrying my necessities, The inside pocket easily Fits my IPad Mini 4 which an Otterbox Defender case on it. I love the key strap on the inside great for holding my keys. I'm so digging the depth of the bag is awesome, and I love the extra D rings on the side. I wish SBL sold straps separately for lashing cause I know this wont be my last SBL purchase, as I'm going in for the Travel case, Pouch, Utility duffel, Squared Backpack, and Beast duffel bag. I'd love to see how I can lash them together. All in all I'm happy for this purchase and I'm coming back for more.

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    Now I want another one................

    by - verified purchaser |
    Classic QUALITY rarely seen. After receiving it understand the 100 year warranty. Custom look and design is not often seen in today's market and while the price may seem high, you get what you pay for....this is a Rolex in a Timex world. Mine is the small but will soon order a medium for a little more room and different color maybe. Cannot wait until it is broken in and develops its own character. Would like more outside pockets but will get my packing organized better.

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    Medium Satchel (old model)

    by - verified purchaser |
    I would, and do highly recommend it. I have had several people stop me to ask about it, and where I got the satchel. I show it to them, and explain how it works great to hold all my stuff, looks professional, and it is wearing like iron. I tell them about your company, products, and how to find your web site. I wish you guys continued good business success, as you have a great products and ways of doing business.

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    Please Bring Carbon Black Back!

    by - verified purchaser |
    I own this in the Medium Carbon Black. I LOVE this bag.

    It fits my SBL wallet perfectly, and also fits an iPad in the back pocket, a cosmetics case, and my sunglasses with some room to spare. I love the wide, padded shoulder pads and shoulder strap, as this mitigates the weight of the bag on the shoulder. On the outside, I fit my car keys into one pocket, my SBL Wallet Sleeve in the other (which has my train and work pass), and in the back pocket, my iPhone fits snugly in its gadget sleeve. Everything about it is perfect, and I think it may be the last handbag I own. I don't think I will be able to see leather in the same way ever again.

    SBL was wrong though. While it may be the last bag you ever own, you will find yourself buying other SBL items to GO in your new 'last' bag, as I just did, and then you will find yourself wanting said same 'last' bag in other sizes.

    Yeah. So, I now want one in the Small size, but alas, the Carbon Black color is no longer available, and I just do not like that dusty color of the new Carbon color. To the SBL family, please please pretty please consider bringing the Carbon black color back (even in a limited run) - I would be forever grateful, then I can own my last bag ever, in 2 awesome sizes!!

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    It is my Smile Bag !!!

    by - verified purchaser |
    I have finally got my Satchel, i got it in a tobacco brown,that was my first choice and later I got hugely confused as the color in the pictures don't do justice . I read each review on the satchel and watched umpteen number of you tube videos ! this was done to define the size that would work for me. I am 5 feet 1.

    This is a great bag, the quality is impeccable, it gives you a good feeling there is so much Love in this product it comes right through . The smell of the leather is awesome. the feel of the bag is beautiful , I cannot make any suggestions accept Dave and Suzette please make shoes !!! too.

    I have also bought a couple of other things from saddleback to go with the satchel !

    Ladies this is not a heavy bag ! for an everyday use it is brilliant ! but you can't use it as a pouch / cross body sling just to run basic errands it is a little big for that.

    Keep up the great work ! A big God bless to Dave, Suzette, your team and your families !

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    Medium Satchel (old model)

    by - verified purchaser |
    I would, and do highly recommend it. I have had several people stop me to ask about it, and where I got the satchel. I show it to them, and explain how it works great to hold all my stuff, looks professional, and it is wearing like iron. I tell them about your company, products, and how to find your web site. I wish you guys continued good business success, as you have a great products and ways of doing business.

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    Great product, great company

    by - verified purchaser |
    I have purchased many Saddleback products over the last year, I have a desk pad, notepad holder, small wallet, large wallet, old bull belt, two medium pouches, straps and a small satchel. I had to return an item due to my error, and the Saddleback staff was extremely friendly and prompt. I love the quality of the leather and my only regret was ordering a small satchel, as I do find it just a bit small for my every day items, but I still use it everyday and highly recommend the products and the companies professional and friendly service. I will defintely be purchasing a larger bag in the near future. Thanks Saddleback!!

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    Just get it already.

    by - verified purchaser |
    Let this be the last review you read.

    You won't regret this bag.

    Go Utes.

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    Better with age

    by - verified purchaser |
    What can I say? I am addicted to Saddleback. I bought the medium briefcase first and carried this daily for over a year. I wanted a smaller option for daily carry and so I bought the large satchel. I may have bought the last old style satchel made since the round satchel was released shortly there after. I still am satisfied. The original large satchel carries my files on end, my ipad, 2 moleskine notebooks with SBL covers, a maxpedition pen case, and a textbook. Furthermore, I can also lay a water bottle across the top of everything under the flap. Weight has never been an issue for me. Finally, I have found that the satchel is breaking in more quickly that my briefcase.

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    Excellent bag; not that heavy

    by - verified purchaser |
    I absolutely adore this bag. The craftsmanship is amazing and it's definitely built to last, which is exactly what drew me to Saddleback Leather in the first place. I am having the best time breaking this bag in. It's already got tons of scratches and some of the straps are starting to get soft. I'm rough on my bags and it's just a joy to beat this bag up without feeling guilty about it.

    I bought the large satchel in chestnut. The color is beautiful and it's a really good size for people who carry a lot of stuff or a laptop. I carry a lot of stuff but I've avoided overloading it so far. I am also planning to take this bag with me when I travel, which is why I opted for the large despite the fact that I'm not very tall or big or strong.

    For any women who are interested in getting this bag in large, don't let the size and weight put you off. I'm 5'3 and 138 pounds; short and curvy. When I carry this bag on my shoulder for too long, it will start to feel too heavy and I'll have to put the bag down periodically. But when I convert it into a backpack, I barely feel the weight at all.

    Overall, I am very satisfied with this bag and I really can't wait to buy another Saddleback bag.

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    Can't think of how it could be improved.

    by - verified purchaser |
    I ordered the round satchel in Dark Coffee Brown two months ago. I wanted to wait to write a review just so I could see how the bag aged. I can honestly say that the workmanship is first rate. The bag just looks better and better as it starts to wear, not that there is much wear at this point. Bottom line: I love it!

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    My favorite bag

    by - verified purchaser |
    I've got this bag in tobacco and it's the medium.It goes with me everywhere and is the perfect size for my everyday carries.It's softer than the other colors and looks great when it gets scuffed and scratched.I get compliments from my coworkers almost everyday (along with a few jokes about going on an adventure).But that's the beauty of the bag and it wreaks of greatness!This bag is here to stay!

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    Best Bag Ever!

    by - verified purchaser |
    This bag is the best for everyday use. I bought the large Classic Briefcase and I love it as well, but it was a little too much bag for an everyday bag. This round Satchel is perfect! It looks great the more you use it and people tell me all the time how awesome the bag looks. I can't stress enough how awesome this bag is. Will never need another bag ever again. Thanks Saddleback Team for an amazing work of art!

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    Love my Large Round Satchel!

    by - verified purchaser |
    I bought a DCB large Round Satchel to use as my camera bag. I thought about the Messenger Bag and the Duffel. The large Round Satchel is in-between in size, and seemed like the best choice. (Messenger is too narrow and the Duffel is too large.) At first, I was a little disappointed, as I was used to massive amounts of room in my other SBL bag (XL Briefcase). I learned how to pack it efficiently, though, and now love it.

    Here's what I pack in my bag when it's a camera bag:
    Canon 580 flash, 24-105 lens on Canon camera body, 70-200 lens, sleeve of AA batteries, flashlight, set of filters, extra SBL straps, memory card holder, flashlight batteries, Leatherman. I have my iPad in the back pocket. I have room for another large lens or a couple of smaller lenses on the inside if I want or a bottle of water. I have a SBL medium belt pouch on the shoulder strap to hold camera batteries. I also use SBL leather straps on the bottom to hold my tripod (tripod is behind the tree in the pic.)

    The bag will fit a Medium SBL Notepad, a couple of small books and a 17" Laptop, if you don't mind the laptop stressing the sides of the bag and not being completely covered on the sides.

    I'm very happy with the bag. The leather feels different than the XL Briefcase in DCB that I bought in March 2012, but the Satchel is beginning to break in after my 3 months of use. I have found that the leather is more supple as I treat it more with Leather Milk.

    I have found the pockets on the outside fo the bag less useful than the ones on my Briefcase. They are smaller, plus they compete with the inside pockets for space. The outside pockets on my XL Briefcase can hold a 12oz Coke. The pockets on my Satchel are shorter and the pocket won't come close to fitting a 12oz Coke. When I have the bag full, my iPhone 5 in it's Otterbox will fit in the outer pocket snugly.

    The large Round Satchel is easy to carry all day long without a problem (I'm 5-10, 195). It looks great! I have gotten compliments, but not as many as with my Briefcase. But, that's not why I carry the bag. :) It looks awesome and secures my gear well.

    This has been really great as a camera bag and as a small briefcase when I don't need the size of my XL DCB Classic Briefcase. I highly recommend giving this bag a try. It is standard SBL quality (built like a tank while being stylish and useful) that I expect to use for years to come.

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    My magical satchel.

    by - verified purchaser |
    *There will be a picture SOON!*
    Like the man who commented before me, I've held off reviewing my bag, but I must now go public with my love.

    I discovered Saddleback by accident; I was clicking around on the internet while at work one night, and found the company in a "buy it for life" blog. When I spotted this bag, it was like somebody had read my mind and brought to life the bag I'd been picturing (in my own imagination) for no less than 10 years. I couldn't believe it. I knew I'd have to have one (after saving up some money for one, of course!)

    I've had this bag since mid-June... and I absolutely love it. When it came to deciding on color, deciding on size, I was torn! After hemming and hawing for a while, I realized that the large would probably be a little big for me (i'm 5'4" and have shoulder/neck pain) ... so I knew I wanted medium. I also knew I wanted a bag from Dave's Deals; something that would have its own unique mark, whatever that may wind up being. I was torn between the DCB and the TB. I was leaning towards the DCB because of the gorgeous rich tones in the demonstration video, but I decided to leave it to FATE: Whichever of the two colors appeared on the Deals page FIRST (in a medium, of course) would be the one I bought! And ... DCB WON!

    I'll admit that the first couple days took some getting used to. I had to futz with the strap ... I also repeatedly scratched the back of my hand (no visible marks, just some pain) on the pigskin lining, because when the bag was still new, the top flap wouldn't stay open when I was trying to arrange things inside the bag. I made it a priority to break the top flap in first and foremost, and it worked. After softening that fold, my bag and I are enjoying life together without a hitch!!! And, this bag has NOT AFFECTED MY BACK! The shoulder pads are THAT comfortable!

    If anybody is wondering about size... WELL.. let me just say that I can fit two moleskine journals (the larger size... the ones that are just a tad smaller than an iPad mini) in the back flap and still have my 13" MacBook Pro AND my iPad in the main compartment.
    My inside side pockets are used for some 'emergency' supplies: roll-on essential oil for migraines, contact solution, three or four pens (I write a lot... hence the two journals), roll-on sunblock, a vicks stick, and matches (hey, ya never know). This bag has tons of room. I spent the few two weeks using it as my beach bag; managed to fit two sarongs (one full size, one half size), a towel, two large bottles of sunblock, a reading book, and both my journals... all within the bag's pockets. I then put a second towel rolled over the opening, sticking out on each end, and closed the bag over the towel.
    As a nursing school student, I wanted to test out options for this coming semester (in case I don't want to lug a backpack some days) ... it turns out, that bag can fit my laptop, my iPad (mini), AND my 2.5" school binder within the main compartment. (And, if I play tetris just right when arranging the items, the writer in me can still bring a journal.)

    Compliments? People love it. I've had police officers stop to tell me what a great bag that is; co-workers; random acquaintances.

    Another thing I love about it is how well it keeps everything PLACED. I can toss it in the back of my car without a second thought; I'm never wondering if my loose papers will have flown out of the back flap, or if the book I have inside it (when I have a book inside it) will wind up damaged from the impact.

    The one 'problem' I've not yet solved is wearing it in backpack mode. I can get it there, but I'm so short that the shoulder pad winds up getting cut off by a piece on the strap itself because I have to make the strap so short. (I know I'm not describing this properly, but I can't think of how to say it the right way). So I have to actually keep my hand there to prevent the piece from digging into my shoulder. I'm positive there's a solution - whether I have to get creative, or perhaps am just doing something wrong - and I will find it. NOT a big issue since, so far, I've only used this in backpack mode twice.

    All in all, if this was not evident, I FREAKING LOVE THIS BAG! I know it's a saddleback owner's duty to take their bag on adventures. Well, I'm a little bit broke and a lotta bit busy right now... so we're on the adventure called life (and soon, it'll be joining me on the adventure called school). But I promise, Saddlebackers, as SOON as I can ... this bag will be seeing NEW sights!

    I can't wait to enjoy my satchel for years to come. :) THANK YOU, SADDLEBACK!

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    Gorgeous bag

    by - verified purchaser |
    What can I say about this beautiful bag? I use it everyday and I love it to pieces. I have the large old style satchel (not round) in Tobacco.

    I bought it to use as an everyday bag and debated long and hard about the size I should get. I'm 5'7" and chose the large as I wanted the option of space if I needed it. In all honesty, I don't fill the bag up, I have the large wallet and a kindle in a gadget case, keys, agenda, lip balm etc and I've lately included a bridge camera so there is room for all and more. The medium would more than suit me if I didn't add the camera.

    The leather is beautiful, I have the bag almost a year now and I've broken it in with a little rough handling, so it is soft, smooshy, pliable and gorgeous. It looks so good and the tobacco is so fantastic when it's used and abused, I'm delighted with it.

    As for the weight, the bag is 3lb empty minus the strap and if you are careful of the contents it is quite easy to carry. If it does get too heavy, converting to backpack mode is simple, easy and very comfortable. It makes a very neat backpack. I'm glad to see that in the newer round version, that the pigskin pocket on the inside is only 1 layer thick, so will lessen the weight and be more pliable quicker.

    Love using this bag :)

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    by - verified purchaser |
    Got this bag about a year ago..or less. I got the small at the time. At times I wish I would've gotten the medium though. But let me tell you, the older it got, the more comments and questions I got. At first, it does honestly feel very stiff. And nobody really takes notice of your new bag.

    But like I said, after wearing it everyday and at times dragging it through dirt, grass and on the cement, I have to say it really does look better day after day after day. It develops that nice patina you get from the sweat on your hands, the rain, the wind. Now it feels soft on other parts and I look forward to how it will look in another 10 years.

    It's a tough bag: it's held my SBL wallet, my phone/s, my ipod, my pens, yes all 50 something of them, my pencil case, hand sanitizer, car spray, a subway sandwich with chips, a water bottle, my travelling case and several keys. Yes people, it fits a 6" subway sandwich. And no matter how you pull it, it won't break. Trust me, I've tried.

    I do wish the side pockets were a little bigger and the inside pocket also but it holds what I need well. One other thing, make sure you close it, if you don't EVERYTHING will spill out so make sure the buckle is on. The D rings come in handy especially if you have some carabiners to hold other things i.e ropes, a tripod, water bottle, another carabiner.

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    The best bag I've ever owned!

    by - verified purchaser |
    After using the Large Round Satchel as my primary bag for the last two and a half months, I must say it's easily the best bag I've ever owned. I deliberately held off on reviewing it when I got my hands on it because I was hoping that the extra time of actually using it would provide a more balanced perspective. I'm afraid that's not the case. It's honestly really hard to find anything that I'd want to change about it, and I find myself using it more and more! Of course, it wouldn't hurt if it was a little more lightweight, but given that this is 100% full grain leather, it really is impressively light already.

    Originally choosing between Large and Medium, I'm glad I went with the large size. Even though it weighs a bit more than the medium size, the additional space makes it more versatile. The pigskin compartment fits my 13" MacBook Pro Retina absolutely perfectly, meaning there's no need for an extra laptop sleeve to protect it from scratches. When the laptop is in this compartment, there is still room to squeeze in a moleskine or two in front of the laptop as well since the laptop is a very slim model. However, my slim 13" Sony Vaio laptop from 2011 won't fit because it's 33 cm wide, making it about a centimeter too wide due to the stitching of the pigskin flap. A 13" MacBook Air probably fits snugly (that model is actually a bit wider than the 13" MacBook Pro Retina, believe it or not), but that's probably the absolute width limit. Of course, all of these laptops and probably most 14" laptops will fit just fine in the main compartment of the bag, but then you'd probably want to put it in a laptop sleeve to protect it against scratches. Think of the pigskin compartment as a built-in laptop sleeve that you get for free with the round satchel, provided your laptop isn't wider than 32 cm. As an added bonus, the pigskin flap can be pressed flat against the side if you want to maximize the space in the main compartment.

    Having briefly owned the Medium Thin Briefcase, which is similar in size and weight as the Large Round Satchel, I find the satchel to be a much more versatile design that fits more stuff in it while even being a tad more lightweight. The Thin Briefcase has two separated sections of equal depth, and this limits the thickness of the items it can carry. While that design is gorgeous and makes it perfect for books, binders, computers and other flat items, it just can't fit a relatively thick object like a tennis ball without starting to visibly bulge out. The satchel happily accepts much thicker objects, which makes it usable in more situations. While I found that the Thin Briefcase wasn't particularly useful for me as anything else than for carrying my items to/from the office, the Satchel invites me to use it in almost any situation. So far, I've used it as my computer/briefcase bag, my weekend bag (the pigskin compartment is thick enough to comfortably fit a Bose Soundlink speaker, btw), my going-to-the-beach bag, my gym bag, and so on. I've even used it for occasional grocery shopping -- mostly because I just love carrying it with me whenever I can. :)

    On the slightly negative side, about the only thing I can think of that I'm not particularly crazy about is the fact that the round hardware ring for the backpack-enabling configuration isn't seamlessly welded together, leaving a tiny little visible gap/crack that is usually hidden behind the leather loop that holds this ring in place. This would never be visible if it wasn't for the fact that the ring tends to rotate a little after a full day of use, meaning you will have to spin the ring back again to hide this ugly part again. Note that this is purely a cosmetic issue -- the ring is made out of solid brass and will no doubt support more than the weight of the bag fully loaded with heavy stuff. I just don't like the fact that they decided to skip on this perceived quality detail on their satchels. In contrast, they do weld it together perfectly on their classic and thin briefcases. Aside from this tiny little glitch, all other hardware is immaculate, and the leather is of course of absolute top quality.

    The leather quality is worth a mention of its own, but I've written so much about it in my other product reviews that I won't do it again this time. Suffice it to say that you won't be disappointed with it! My satchel had a clearly visible scar that ran across half the width of the outside flap. This was obvious the minute I examined the bag for the first time, but as the leather is starting to soften up, I'm starting to see more and more tiny scars in the texture of the leather. I love it! I can't wait to see how this beauty will look like a year from now.

    One thing I should mention is that Saddleback Leather seem to still experiment a little with their leather, as this Dark Coffee Brown leather is markedly different to the touch compared to my Gadget Bag in the same color. The actual color is the same, but the texture of the satchel feels different and looks more matte than the gadget bag, which is more shiny/glossy in comparison. I don't know if it's because of the way they treated the gadget bag (it was a Dave's Deal, so maybe it had been refurbished with some additional leather milk and oils), but I hope the satchel will begin to develop a similar, more shiny patina as it gets more used. I've treated it with Chamberlain's Milk #1 already, but so far it's not even close to the shiny look of the gadget bag. It still looks absolutely incredible, though.

    Overall, I highly recommend this bag. It's beautiful, versatile, and insanely cool. I've received more compliments about it than I could count after just two months of use. The only thing about Saddleback Leather that I completely disagree with is the notion that it will be the last bag you'll ever buy -- the reality is that once you buy one, you'll soon be back for more! I'm still deciding which bag I'll buy next, choosing between the Simple Backpack as my dedicated gym bag, a Small Round Satchel as my camera bag when the gadget bag isn't roomy enough, and a Medium Waterbag as my I-don't-know-what-I'll-use-this-for-but-it's-just-so-awesome bag. I'll probably end up buying all of them at some point. However, if I could only pick one single bag from Saddleback's entire range of products, the large round satchel would still be my choice because of its extreme versatility and simplicity. Buy it and you will not regret it!

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    Awesome Daily Companion

    by - verified purchaser |
    I never leave the house without my campanion. Like all good friends and companions , it gets better with time. If you take of it will take care of you. Even a trip to the mall without it can leave you feeling lonely. The more you care for it, the better it's gowing older with me. I like that!

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    Love my bag!

    by - verified purchaser |
    I had over the years bought countless leather bags and cases to carry my stuff to work. None lasted too long with the weight of all my 'stuff.' Zips broke, straps broke, you know the thing...

    Needed a new one but wondered which size to go for. After several patient replies to my emails I bought a medium satchel for my ipad and other work stuff.. The ipad 2 in its case fits great along with my camera a small dslr, kindle touch, stuff bag for the leads etc and even occasionally a steel water bottle. It is always comfortable, always secure and always cool looking. The outer pouches hold my trail mix and a small tin of emergency dark chocolate....

    Love my bag.

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    Don't be off by the weight ladies!

    by - verified purchaser |
    I wanted to leave a review that dealt with the 'weight issues' this bag has. There are none.

    I was worried about the weight so I put extra weights in my old satchel and carried it around to see how I would cope. The old satchel strap dug into my shoulders and if I had not fallen in love with the saddleback satchel I might have been put off buying it based on my poorly conceived experiment.

    I am so glad I bought the satchel.

    When it arrived I was pleased to find it was actually more comfortable than my old lighter leather bag. The shoulder pads the satchel comes with (it comes with two) more than make up for the extra bag weight.

    If you're a woman, and you're worried about the satchel weight, relax, it's very comfortable. You won't regret it.

    (Also as an aside the iPhone 5 fits neatly in the outside pockets so you can listen to your music as you walk or ride to work)

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    Great Bag and Service

    by - verified purchaser |
    Back ordered the medium chestnut satchel and was glad to see that I didn't have to wait very long for it to be delivered. They kept me up to date about the status. This is a solid piece of craft built to last years. I have not found a single part that I would consider a future fail point. The leather is thick and beautifully stitched together. The hardware is heavy duty, will last for years, riveted into the bag. I expect this satchel to survive everything I can throw at it. Bigger than my previous fabric bag, which I loved, it's still taking a little getting used to. It's heavy. Empty it's rated at 4.1 pounds empty. Go grab a bag of sugar and heft it. When I accidentally bumped my wife with my previous bag, she'd complain. If I bump her with this guy, well, let's just say I do everything I can to avoid that. The leather is hard. I think with time it may soften a little but time will tell. The outside pockets are great but a little tight for a water bottle. If you use the interior pockets which are on the other side of the exterior pockets, you'll have even less room. Vice versa too. The shallow pocket on the exterior back is good for holding onto docs you need to produce immediately and a packet of wipes. The interior has the one pocket that will fit an iPad easily. I am hoping that it will fit the iPad Pro. Saddleback assured me that it would. It looks like it. I think a MacBook Air would easily fit that pocket as well. The main interior pocket is spacious and the lighter color is welcome. The keyring leash is useful since it is easy to use. Easy put keys on and off. Except for the two interior side pockets, and the big sleeve, there are no other organizational features. I put in an extra organizing pouch (yes, from my previous bag) which I like. Helps to keep my stuff from just being the big pile of junk at the bottom. Took the bag out on an Amtrak trip almost immediately. Stuffed it with change of clothes, snacks, water, chargers, iPad, and all kinds of crap I didn't need. Slammed it around, kicked it under seats, banged it against stuff. Still looks new. The top handle is great for just grabbing it. The fact that it can convert to a backpack is a killer feature for me. I've not actually tried it yet though. Need to watch the video since it's not completely obvious how to do it. Watch the video btw. I would have liked it to be lighter and a little more soft but not at the expense of ruggedness. The strap to buckle it closed can be used to loop through the center metal ring on the back to keep the flap open. Populating it was a real joy. However, I would recommend to the company that they skip the little insert. I understand the desire to do this and I am way past getting bent out of shape over things. But it detracted a little from that initial "wow this is so awesome" experience. The email from Dave Munson, El Presidente, noted that part of the cost of the bag goes toward aid organizations. That is very welcome. All in all, this is a great bag that is worth the price. Highly recommended.

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    Small Satchel in Dark Coffee Brown is Perfection!

    by - verified purchaser |
    I was so happy and excited to finally receive my first Saddleback product! I've been browsing the site and dreaming for about 2 years now, and was happy to receive this satchel as a 2nd anniversary gift. As I've just opened it today, all I can say so far is that it's gorgeous and fits all my things (I'm using it as a purse replacement) without being too heavy. I put some WonderBalm on it and the color didn't change, nor did any of the dye rub off, which I expected from such a high-quality item. I also received a keychain on my tether, which I thought was a nice touch. I can't wait to start breaking my satchel in!

    A note about Saddleback customer service: my satchel shipped without a shoulder pad for some reason. I called customer service and the helpful woman I spoke to said she'd ship me one immediately; I've already gotten an email confirmation that the order is ready to go LOL. I've had plenty of experience with brands who have great products OR great customer service, and I'm happy to report that Saddleback is a rare company that has both. Looking forward to being a loyal customer for a long time!

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    A Gorgeous Bag!

    by - verified purchaser |
    I just purchased the small satchel in DCB. This is the first bag I have bought from Saddleback in quite a while. I was afraid the quality would not be up to par anymore. I have to say that I was wrong. The stitching is perfect, the lining is soft and beautiful, the contrast of the DCB and the light lining is gorgeous, the size is perfect for an EDC and the bag smells great! I am very pleased with my purchase.

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    Another great product from SBL

    by - verified purchaser |
    Received my large satchel 2 days ago in DCB and it is flawless. It fits both my large and small notepad, SBL ID wallet, cellphone, Mac air, keys, work papers, school book(s) and morning beverage. Being 6'2" I went with the large option and recommend it for anyone over 5'7" really, you won't be weighed down and I don't feel like it is as heavy as some people claim it to be, in fact I don't find it to be heavy at all especially for how thick the leather is and how great craftsmanship is, not that craftsmanship adds weight lol. In addition, I spent 6-8 months of bhudda like off and on contemplation before purchasing the satchel over the thin briefcase because it is a little more casual, rugged looking, and Indiana Jonesesque. If you have the scratch and need or want a ride or die bag fo life you can do no better than saddleback leather. Hey that rhymes(non intentional)

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