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  • 100-Year Warranty, details here.
  • Free Shipping, details here.
  • All colors now shipping with the suede side of pigskin lining
  • The four saddleback leather colors all contrast with the natural colored suela leather handle and bottom plate. The purse is lined with pigskin.
  • This natural colored thick suela leather on this bag will pick up oils and patina beautifully over time. It is the ugliest it will ever be the day you get it.
  • Improved main closure clasp opens wide for convenient accessibility
  • A big yawning interior so you can carry what you want and get to your stuff easily. Can hold an iPad, iPad mini or other similarly sized tablets.
  • The versatile design makes it ideal for professionals, for use as a daily carry purse or for students hiking across campus
  • Can easily carry a full sized DSLR camera so you are always ready to shoot anyone or anything when the moment strikes
  • The front flap and the bottom are reinforced to maintain its shape over time and ensure the bag will always stand on its own four metal feet
  • Interior pocket to carry cards, other small flat items, or a passport when you travel. Exterior wide pocket on the back of the purse for easy access. Ideal for boarding passes and movie tickets.
  • A key leash is incorporated into the inside of the bag so your keys are always at hand
  • Two ways to carry: built in suela handles or the detachable and adjustable leather strap that is the color of the body. Use it as a handbag, shoulder bag or crossbody bag.
  • Dimensions (approximate size):
    • External: 8 ¼” H x 13 ¼” W x 6 ¼” D
    • Internal: 7 ½” H x 12 ½” W x 5 ½” D
    • Adjustable strap length: 35” - 50 ¾”
    • 3.8 pounds

Almost perfect

by - verified purchaser |
I absolutely LOVE the purse. I can fit everything I need with easy access. The option of using the strap or not is great because sometimes I like both choices. The only downside is the clasp. It's easy to open but it's difficult to close and inconvenient when I'm in a hurry and really hard when I have the purse on my arm. I have to put the purse down to get it closed. You need to be able to close your purse fast and if you can make that improvement, I'll buy a few more. Keeping my fingers crossed that you can make the change.

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Couldn't Love This Thing More If I Tried

by |
LOOK: Received this bag in black as a gift and I absolutely LOVE it. I typically prefer my Saddleback stuff in brown, but something about the black against the cream handles is super clean. I live in Las Vegas, and I constantly get fancy-schmancy women with designer handbags asking me who designed my bag. I love saying "Saddleback leather!" It just really looks like a high-end bag, especially in the black.

STRUCTURE: It's super sturdy and structured, so it's great if you're someone who doesn't like having to dig to the bottom of a bag for your things--the structure and wide bottom make it way easier to see where things are in here. It also can hold a TON of items. I even fit my 13-inch macbook in here for a meeting one day. The structure could not be better as far as I'm concerned.

CLASP: I'm knocking a star off (even though it pains be to do so because I'm such a Saddleback fan) because the clasp is a pain--especially when you're in a hurry. It is really tough to get this thing closed, which, if you're carrying it by the handles (not using the strap), is a must (you can't hold it by the handles without closing it, as all of your stuff will fall out). I'm really hoping, as the leather breaks in, the clasp gets easier to close. Either way, though--clasp issue or no clasp issue--I still love this thing. Also, not gunna lie, my second issue is that I REALLY miss the old logo (the clean cursive as opposed to these new block letters) and I wish this piece had that instead of the new one, but that's just personal preference.

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Gorgeous but way too clunky - had to return :(

by - verified purchaser |
I'm a huge Saddleback fan and wanted so badly to be able to keep this purse. It's just gorgeous, and the quality is an absolute steal for the price! However, as my friend put it, it looks like a ladies' handbag designed by a man - and it's about the right size for a large man, too! It looks bulky and ridiculous on my 5'3 frame.

The shape in the front looks classy and streamlined online, but I realized when my order arrived just how BIG it is in person! Not only is it a very large purse from the front view, it is also very wide when you turn it sideways - it's super boxy on the bottom, and only gets slightly thinner on the top - so when I put the short straps on my shoulder, it sticks out from my side like a big ugly box. If this purse were much flatter/shallower in its side profile, it could potentially work while still being as big as it is from the front view. Or, conversely, if it was smaller looking from the front, it could potentially get away with being a little thick on the side. But to have both, it just overwhelms a small frame and looks super awkward.

Also, the long strap is super chunky and ugly - not feminine at all. I understand you have a 100 year warranty, and thin straps might not meet that standard, but it is seriously mismatched with the bag's aesthetic. Could you offer the bag with a 100 year warranty, and a classier looking strap that has a shorter warranty? Or make it an optional additional purchase?

I would also reiterate what other reviewers are saying about the clasp - it is really is difficult to use with one hand - t's secure but very inconvenient.

In short, I really, really wanted this gorgeous bag to work out for me, but it sadly didn't. Saddleback, can you please make a smaller, more streamlined and feminine version? I would buy it in a heartbeat!!

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Amazingly Perfect Purse

by - verified purchaser |
4 years ago I got a messenger-satchel bag from Saddleback. I loved Saddleback bags from the moment I got it. It held up SO well, took a beating from me and my then-toddlers and came out looking amazingly well-worn in. The only thing was that it was a little on the heavy side and more men's-styled and I got brown (and then immediately wished I gone with my first instinct and got black.) But it worked out alright because my husband got my old bag (lucky him), and I saved up to get THIS bag.

Because of course, after finding out about Saddleback there was no way I was going to get another kind of bag. Their stuff is so great, you really can't ever stand to use a poor-quality leather anything again.

Anyhow, I was thrilled to see this design, because it's GORGEOUS. I wanted something in basic black, and the black+suela is amazing. It's such a classic look, I love it. The styling is GREAT, the inner compartment is quite large. I can fit my DSLR in with the case and still have room for wallet, keys, makeup. It's impressive.

Some notes:

* It's lighter than my older bag. Not sure what was done to make it so, as it's just as sturdy and it's even bigger than the old, but it's way lighter. It's still heavy-duty, but just not as bulky, even though it's really a good size.

* Very comfy to carry by the strap or the handles. I love the carry options on this. The strap is durable, but doesn't cut into my shoulder the way the satchel sometimes did with the pad on (I think it was made for mens' shoulders). Anyhow, very convenient to carry.

* That Clasp. - I like it. I read a lot of reviews saying it wasn't the greatest design. I find I like it - it's really pretty and adds to the overall look. The unexpected thing about it - maybe this is the problem - is that the clasp rotates around 360 degrees. It's very sturdy stainless steel with a sort of pin in the middle. The result is that sometimes you can flip the thing open one handed - and close it one handed too. Other times it rotates to an angle you weren't expecting and then you have to look and see where it went and use both hands to close. I don't mind it too much. It's not easy like a magnet, but magnet clasps are junk and fall apart and anyone can reach into your purse. For me, the looks and security and toughness is worth the 1.5 extra seconds it takes to open or close.

Overall, this thing is lovely. Judging by my previous purchase, this will hold up to heavy use and just look better and better -and it arrived gorgeous. Thank you Saddleback leather!

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by - verified purchaser |
My husband started my Saddleback Leather addiction many years ago with a small tote, and ever since I have been adding to my collection every chance I get. This purse in black is the newest addition, an anniversary gift. The color is fantastic - deep and rich, the perfect contrast to the suela leather. It is larger than I thought, but still remarkably light for its size. It is also much dressier than I expected. My other Saddleback purses have a classy, rugged look, but this one could easily be used for more fancy occasions. The new clasp is a huge improvement over the old ones I have on my hobos. I can easily open it with one hand, which is good since it has to be latched to carry it by the handles. I am amazed how much I can fit in it. I took all the contents of my big hobo, which is stuffed to the gills, and put them in my new satchel. There was a remarkable amount of space left, and it was much easier to get to all my stuff. Sometimes I feel like items get buried in the bottom of my hobo, and I hate having to dig for stuff when I'm in a hurry. When wearing this cross body, it does stick out farther than my hobo, so I think I will be carrying this by the handles most of the time. I do like the thicker strap, it will be nice when I completely fill this bag and it gets good and heavy so it won't cut into my shoulder. The new soft lining is brilliant too - easier on the knuckles when digging around. All in all, this won't completely replace my hobo, but I really love it and will be alternating between the two a lot.

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by - verified purchaser |
I absolutely love this bag! I've been using it over a month now and get compliments all the time. Tons of space, but unlike other big purses, it has enough structure to stand on it's own. I put in my iPad and 2-3 books most days, along with all my other stuff and it fits everything so nicely! LOVE this purse!

PS... it also smells really nice, like good leather should.

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Great except for one thing...

by - verified purchaser |
My wife LOVES her new purse that I got her for Christmas. The only thing that she can say negatively about the purse is that the clasp is very hard to open and close. A leather buckle, like the ones on the briefcases, would be a better option.

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Awesome quality and craftsmanship!!

by - verified purchaser |
Got my bag a few days ago, it is beautiful, strong, roomy, and very practical. I can go to my grandson's and carry everything I need for the day. It has a very comfortable long strap for cross bag wearing or across one shoulder which is handy when needing both hands for shopping.
I am so very pleased with my purchase and can't wait for my next! I have showed this Satchel off and all love as I do!

Your customer service people are very polite, knowledgeable and professional.
Angela in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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by - verified purchaser |
I purchased two, one for myself and another for my twin sister who has a problem with her purses giving out so I thought I would give her a purse that will NEVER give out. It's bigger than I thought it would be and fits so much stuff it's crazy. I love how classy it looks, my sister got the black one and I got the chestnut. It's so beautiful and sturdy. I can't wait to travel with my new purse. I love the products in general and am blown away by this one in particular.

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Love this bag!

by - verified purchaser |
I have several bags from Saddleback and they are all very beautiful. This bag (black) is my most recent purchase and I have used it now everyday for the past 4 months. The space inside is generous. I can fit my 11 inch MacBook Air, phone, big wallet, and still have room to add a note book, pens, and other incidentals. I can even fit a water bottle and a small umbrella. The bag is beautiful and I get compliments frequently from faculty and students on the college campus where I work. The clasp is somewhat difficult to navigate with one hand, but I am fine with it. I actually consider that a minor inconvenience given the overwhelming positive experiences I have using this bag daily. I am a little over 5 ft. with a smaller frame and it is perfect. I am a very satisfied customer.

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Love with improvement

by - verified purchaser |
First of all I love my bag. I get lots of compliments on it. I love the size, the rigidity and I love how sturdy it is.
But, there's a few things I would change..

1. It's very heavy. Not quite suitable for people that have shoulder problems. Does the leather get lighter as it wears?
2. The clasp. Eventhough I love the look, I do not love how hard it is to get your fingers around the clasp to squeeze to open the clasp and hook the d ring. i have small hands and fingers. sometimes because it's so hard I choose not to latch it, then when i go to pick up the purse it slants on one side.. when im in a hurry and have to latch it, that makes me want to scream.

i really love the look and size of the purse, and thought that I've found my last purse... but i guess my search will continue.
if theres a trick to latching it easier, i really would like to know.

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Wanted to love it :(

by - verified purchaser |
Let me just off by saying that I have a ton of Saddleback products. I have the medium dry bags, small briefcase, and some other pieces that I use as a purse. The main reason I continue to buy Saddleback items is because they're thick and durable. I stuff my bags and they tend to be heavy. Saddleback bags can handle the heaviness of my haul. I wanted to love this bag, but a little disappointed in the quality.

To start off, this bag LOOKS amazing! Beautiful design overall. I'm a little OCD so I always just check everything since I can't see it before I buy it. There are three main pieces of leather. The back/flap, front, and bottom/side. Then there's the thick leather on the bottom. The one bottom/side piece looks like the leather has been thinned out. This leaves the side and the bottom thinner which I think will leave the bag with less reinforcement. That's disappointing because as large as the bag is, most of us will probably stuff this bag. Plus you have this heavy leather attached to the bottom. A super thick leather attached to a thinned leather? Hmm- doesn't make sense to me. So if some parts of the bag have been thinned out to half the thickness of the regular full grain leather, does this mean it's no longer full grain? It's about the same thickness as the leather of the "other dept. store bags" that I thought I was getting away from. In addition, the bottom piece of leather is only tacked on with the four feet so you can put your hand through it. Personally, I think it could have been glued down. Needless to say, this bag is going back. Disappointing for a Saddleback product and I have 8 different pieces. Please be consistent with the leather! I don't buy your products for the thinned out leather - I buy it for the tough thickness of the full grain. Hopefully you'll make updates and I can re-purchase because I do like the design!

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Absolutely Beautiful

by - verified purchaser |
This is my first "real" purse purchase - my old synthetic material purse was falling apart. I hate replacing purses. It's just a hassle for me. I wanted something I could hold onto for a long time AND I FOUND IT. WOW. I couldn't wait to receive it and was amazed when I opened the box. Talk about sturdy! I hope it doesn't take long to break in...but then again... :)

I am hoping to use this as all-purpose. I'm a college student working part time and am sick and tired of lugging around three+ different bags (purse, laptop, and lunch...and a backpack for classes). I can just fit my HP Ultrabook from work (15"?) catty-corner in the purse with the top un-clasped. I'll make do until it's fully broken in. There's tons of space in this beautiful bag! Even with the laptop awkwardly fitting across, I can pack everything I usually carry (large wallet, phone, pens, keys).

I'm used to carrying smaller crossbody purses, but this bag actually fits my medium/large 5'4 frame better! It's the same size as the medium SBL satchel, for those who know or want to compare.

My mom thought I was crazy for buying an expensive purse that'll last forever - thinking "won't you get sick of it?" NO. This bag is classic and gorgeous. The contrasting colored materials (I ordered black) are everything I wanted. Lovelovelove.

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