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Approaching Perfection

by - verified purchaser |
This is by far one of the best, most useful possessions I own. I fit my Bible, four notebooks, lots of pens, a cell phone, a lighter, a deck of cards, two knives, my keys, and whatever else I may need in this piece of near-perfection.

Not only is it useful, but it is an outstanding accent to any outfit and gives the impression that the wearer just *might* be Indiana Jones. Which is always a plus.

I have had innumerable questions and openly envious comments about it. It's easy to see why so little marketing is needed for this extraordinary company: we the buyers literally cannot go out in public and not advertise! Even I found out about Saddleback from a friend's father.

I am the type who prefers to own fewer things, but have those things be very good quality and each have meaning and a story. This fits right in with my great-grandfather's pocketknife and my scarf from civil-war-era Kosovo.

I love this and will continue to patronize this company as long as the existence of the internet allows.

~Markus Shiverwood

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by - verified purchaser |
Dear Friends......

I received my Small Satchel today. Read the review below this one and I can tell you I was CORRECT.....It is Everything I said it was BEFORE I got it!!

Eddie in INDY

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Great purchase, great service

by - verified purchaser |
I recently bought the large round satchel in coffee brown from Dave's Deals (10 percent discount). As far as I can tell, the bag was discounted due to a mediocre welding job on the big ring (very minor, well worth saving the money!).

I was hesitant to buy the large as I am not a big guy. Yes, I'm over six feet tall, but I only weight about 160 pounds and have fairly small shoulders. The good news is that while the bag still feels hefty, it is not at all too much for an everyday carry. No problems at all.

The bag was essentially what I expected, which is good. I must say that I was somewhat surprised by the pigskin lining--this stuff means business! It is difficult to scratch and feels almost like a flexible metal it is so tough. Thumbs up!

The only complaint I have is that one of the clasps on the strap is a little wobbly. I have contacted Saddleback and they have been quick about addressing my concerns and are talking about sending me a replacement. Good service!

My first day of having the bag I was caught in a rainstorm on my bike, something that I usually avoid as I haven't gotten around to buying fenders. By the time I got home, I (and the bag) was covered in water and mud from the streets. Luckily, the bag handled it fine and after a quick wipe down was good to go a few hours later.

I would definitely recommend this bag. The ONLY reason I can see why one wouldn't want this bag is that it looks relatively rugged compared to a cheaper bag... although I have received many compliments, I have had a friend say that it looks a bit severe with all the buckles and such. To each their own, I guess.

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by - verified purchaser |
I've tried the messenger bag and the thin briefcase. The large round satchel might be the best yet. It's the lightest weight, but it holds more than the briefcase. The inside bottom is lined, unlike the messenger bag. It's perfect!

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Like it a lot

by - verified purchaser |
I have a chestnut medium round satchel I bought for work. The bag passed my 4 criteria - 1) Didn't want it to look too masculine, 2) Bag had to look size proportionate to my 5' petite frame, 3) Needed to fit my 13" laptop, 4) Needed to be high quality and last forever (I hate shopping).

The medium satchel is PERFECT....and folks, a 13" laptop does fit in the medium. It needs to be stretched and it will bulge the sides a bit but it's hardly noticeable. I'm glad I didn't get the large. Laptops, tablets - all these devices are all getting smaller. In the future, I think a medium will continue to be the best for carrying to and from work. I also bought a black, small round satchel to use as a purse. It doesn't work as well for me as it feels too bulky compared to what I carried around before. Might just take more time to get accustomed to. Again, I hate to shop so really need this to last forever......

I agree with the other reviewers in that I wish the inside back pocket were wider. A front pocket or 2 small front pockets would also be a welcome.....just for a bit more organization.

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MY REVIEW Before it arrives

by - verified purchaser |
Dear friends,

I ordered a DCB small Satchel this morning from Dave's Deals. As of this writing, it is not here. But I already know what to expect. AWESOME.

1. I got lucky today because shipping is free

2. No taxes paid on this shipment

3. I own 14 (now 15) SBL products and they are all the same in superior quality and prompt delivery

4. the customer service is second to none

5. I will love my bag as soon as I get it.

6. It will smell awesome

And yes, you read that correctly, I have not received it yet and already know I will love it

Eddie Guanajuato


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Black satchle

by - verified purchaser |
Had the small satchel in black for a few days and realized that my wife was right ,I needed the medium so I called the help line and was able to get them change .now that I have the medium in black for a month I'm very happy. The satchel is the right size for all my everyday stuff and my lunch too .yep my wife was right .thank for the help and thanks you products are the best.

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Please Bring Carbon Black Back!

by - verified purchaser |
I own this in the Medium Carbon Black. I LOVE this bag.

It fits my SBL wallet perfectly, and also fits an iPad in the back pocket, a cosmetics case, and my sunglasses with some room to spare. I love the wide, padded shoulder pads and shoulder strap, as this mitigates the weight of the bag on the shoulder. On the outside, I fit my car keys into one pocket, my SBL Wallet Sleeve in the other (which has my train and work pass), and in the back pocket, my iPhone fits snugly in its gadget sleeve. Everything about it is perfect, and I think it may be the last handbag I own. I don't think I will be able to see leather in the same way ever again.

SBL was wrong though. While it may be the last bag you ever own, you will find yourself buying other SBL items to GO in your new 'last' bag, as I just did, and then you will find yourself wanting said same 'last' bag in other sizes.

Yeah. So, I now want one in the Small size, but alas, the Carbon Black color is no longer available, and I just do not like that dusty color of the new Carbon color. To the SBL family, please please pretty please consider bringing the Carbon black color back (even in a limited run) - I would be forever grateful, then I can own my last bag ever, in 2 awesome sizes!!

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Growing on me...

by - verified purchaser |

When I first received my medium satchel I have to admit, I was a little dissappointed because I didn't pay enough attention to the size. At the time I was carrying a laptop that just wouldn't fit. It sat hanging on the back of a door for a year until my wife said, "That was a waste huh?" I pulled it off the door gave it a second look. I have since adopted an ipad & it fits! I purchased a boat to be closer to the office & I spend a couple of nights a week aboard. I have since discovered I can get two changes of clothes, my shaving kit, ipad, and the rest of my cords & chargers into my satchel quite comfortably & arrive to the office or boardroom in style.

I will be adding a backpack very soon for international travel so, I will be seeing you soon...

Alfred Martinson

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Small Satchel

by - verified purchaser |
I hope to write a follow up review in 50 years :) Purchased the small satchel in black and it looks slick. Definitely over-engineered and goes great with my style. I could easily strap this on my motorcycle and it would fit right in. The finish on this leather is hardy and will likely take a heck of a lot longer to get a worn in and aged look about it. My only regret is going with the small. I carry my keys, two phones, a small sketchbook, pens/pencil, two inhalers, wallet, and glasses in a hard case. It all fits, but anything more would just be a jumble in there. I'd like to get a case for my mini and have it in there, too, but I'm sure with all of that it would be a tight fit.

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The best is now better...

by - verified purchaser |
I already owned the Large Round Satchel in black and loved it. Then I read about the new leather in Carbon Black and had to have it... trouble is, I couldn't wait the 100 years for my bag to wear out. I was lucky enough to be able to hand the bag down to one of my sons and rationalize getting the new one.

Size is perfect... big enough for everything without being too big. The color and markings make this bag a collectors item for my family to enjoy for generations...

Because SBL products never wear out and they have TRUE World Class Customer Service... I probably should just admit to myself that I have started to build a collection! Bob Cleveland

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It is my Smile Bag !!!

by - verified purchaser |
I have finally got my Satchel, i got it in a tobacco brown,that was my first choice and later I got hugely confused as the color in the pictures don't do justice . I read each review on the satchel and watched umpteen number of you tube videos ! this was done to define the size that would work for me. I am 5 feet 1.

This is a great bag, the quality is impeccable, it gives you a good feeling there is so much Love in this product it comes right through . The smell of the leather is awesome. the feel of the bag is beautiful , I cannot make any suggestions accept Dave and Suzette please make shoes !!! too.

I have also bought a couple of other things from saddleback to go with the satchel !

Ladies this is not a heavy bag ! for an everyday use it is brilliant ! but you can't use it as a pouch / cross body sling just to run basic errands it is a little big for that.

Keep up the great work ! A big God bless to Dave, Suzette, your team and your families !

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Every day, all day

by - verified purchaser |
I have used a great number of Saddleback Leather's products over these past few years. Every piece has its purpose, and I cherish them like good friends.

As a wheelchair user, my daily go-to SBL companion is the small chestnut, first-generation satchel. It has traveled hundreds of thousands of miles with me, and it has never failed me.

Despite the miles, it looks even better than when it was new. It actually still gets compliments. Intelligent people recognize and favor quality over pretentious labels.

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Awesome Bag

by - verified purchaser |
Received my bag yesterday and I have to say this is definitely the daily bag I've been looking for and finally found. I'm glad I choose the large instead of the medium, It fits all of my daily junk and doubles as my camera bag being able to fits my Ape Case QB39 DSLR storage cube and tripod. Already have started to received many compliments on the bag and can't wait until it's fully broken in and builds a beautiful patina.

The only reason I don't give this bag 5 stars is due to the color. I was use to how light tobacco brown was and the new tobacco color is much darker, its pretty close to DKB. Still love the color but going to miss TB.

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Best bag in the world. And I travel a lot so I know what I'm talking about.

by - verified purchaser |
I have a medium satchel and it's probably the greatest thing that's ever happened to me as far as bags are concerned. I can't leave the house without my iPad and not only does the device fit perfectly, but it is protected well by the heavy leather.

I am a photographer and it's hauled various heavy pieces of camera equipment in a pinch. I also have carried jars of tomato sauce, books (including textbooks), various food items, a small dog, groceries, clothing and numerous other items.

This thing has major wow-factor too. I can't even begin to list how many compliments I've gotten on it. It is a fabulous travel bag and, in addition to my camera bag, it's all I need when we go on a trip.

Between this and my Vintage Shoe Company wingtips, I am sporting fantastic assortment of American made goods that I'll most likely never have to replace.

I do everything I can to support American businesses and I'm glad you guys are around. Thanks for turning out such an excellent product.

A huge fan,

Melody McFarland

Lancaster PA

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Awesome Daily Companion

by - verified purchaser |
I never leave the house without my campanion. Like all good friends and companions , it gets better with time. If you take of it ...it will take care of you. Even a trip to the mall without it can leave you feeling lonely. The more you care for it, the better it looks.............it's gowing older with me. I like that!

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Love my bag!

by - verified purchaser |
I had over the years bought countless leather bags and cases to carry my stuff to work. None lasted too long with the weight of all my 'stuff.' Zips broke, straps broke, you know the thing...

Needed a new one but wondered which size to go for. After several patient replies to my emails I bought a medium satchel for my ipad and other work stuff.. The ipad 2 in its case fits great along with my camera a small dslr, kindle touch, stuff bag for the leads etc and even occasionally a steel water bottle. It is always comfortable, always secure and always cool looking. The outer pouches hold my trail mix and a small tin of emergency dark chocolate....

Love my bag.

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by - verified purchaser |
Got this bag about a year ago..or less. I got the small at the time. At times I wish I would've gotten the medium though. But let me tell you, the older it got, the more comments and questions I got. At first, it does honestly feel very stiff. And nobody really takes notice of your new bag.

But like I said, after wearing it everyday and at times dragging it through dirt, grass and on the cement, I have to say it really does look better day after day after day. It develops that nice patina you get from the sweat on your hands, the rain, the wind. Now it feels soft on other parts and I look forward to how it will look in another 10 years.

It's a tough bag: it's held my SBL wallet, my phone/s, my ipod, my pens, yes all 50 something of them, my pencil case, hand sanitizer, car spray, a subway sandwich with chips, a water bottle, my travelling case and several keys. Yes people, it fits a 6" subway sandwich. And no matter how you pull it, it won't break. Trust me, I've tried.

I do wish the side pockets were a little bigger and the inside pocket also but it holds what I need well. One other thing, make sure you close it, if you don't EVERYTHING will spill out so make sure the buckle is on. The D rings come in handy especially if you have some carabiners to hold other things i.e ropes, a tripod, water bottle, another carabiner.

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Medium Satchel (old model)

by - verified purchaser |
I would, and do highly recommend it. I have had several people stop me to ask about it, and where I got the satchel. I show it to them, and explain how it works great to hold all my stuff, looks professional, and it is wearing like iron. I tell them about your company, products, and how to find your web site. I wish you guys continued good business success, as you have a great products and ways of doing business.

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Best bag ever

by - verified purchaser |
I got my satchel about 18 months ago, and at the time, sort of wished that I'd gotten the suede lining, as the pigskin was pretty stiff. After 18 months of use however (almost every day) it's starting to break in very nicely. It's still pretty firm, and I doubt it will ever be a 'floppy' bag, but the fact that it's taken 18 months to get to this stage should say everything it has to about how tough these bags are built.

This bag takes my daily stuff, 11" macbook air, power cord for it, canon G11 digital camera, with space left over for other stuff. I occasionally throw a book in there, or a drink, with no hassle.

I do sometimes wish that the smaller pocket part of the bag was a little wider, but that is literally my only criticism.

My only real regret is that I don't really need any of the other bags, so I can't buy them. Well, I say can't...shouldn't...

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by - verified purchaser |
I bought a medium chocolate satchel last week.

As most people here, I was terribly impressed.

I do have a few things I think are worth noting:

It is heavy duty without a doubt... But it is not nearly as heavy as I expected from others suggestions. I was pleasantly surprised.

It is stiff, but again, not nearly to the extent I expected based upon comments. Another unexpected positive.

The medium satchel is a bit smaller than expected. I contacted saddleback in advance to make sure my 11" MacBook Air would fit. It does, but it is a SQUEEZE. I have no intent to return, but may have opted for the large had I known. I'm a big dude.

I've already ordered 3 more items!

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The Sound of Leather

by - verified purchaser |
I am a brand new owner of the medium Round Satchel. I got this to house my Surface Pro. The Pro is longer and thicker than an iPad (it's basically the equivalent of a MacBook Air in tablet form) so it's a bit of a squeeze to fit it into the inside back pocket of the medium satchel. A couple days spent stretching it out however and it now fits quite nicely. It's kind of nice that you need to work with the bag to suit your needs and your life- I like that the product is designed to do that.

I've long been a fan of Tom Bihn bags for my gear and while I still believe those are great bags, this bag from Saddleback is in another class and imparts a different feeling altogether. I think I will find it hard to go back to nylon.

People talk a lot about the look, feel and smell of leather. But I have to say one of the joys of this bag is the SOUND of the leather. The thickness and quality of the leather produce a sound I haven't heard since working with (duh) horse saddles on my grandfather's farm.

Anyway- highly recommended if you are ok with getting hands on with your bag.

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Large satchel is close to perfect

by - verified purchaser |
Round satchel (large, dark coffee brown). My satchel arrived yesterday and it's as close to perfect as I can imagine - my wife has already started hinting about needing a new bag ... I need a bag that comfortably holds an A4 folder, which is why I'd held off on ordering the older design. But the new design is about an inch wider and the bag fits everything perfectly. My test pack was: iPad in the indside back pocket, A4 binder, 400ml water bottle, pencil case, Rhodia webnotebook, Clairefontaine 1/2 Zap Book, lunchbox (180x180x60mm). In the inside pockets: pocket knife, chap stick, pencil sharpener, pen, Doane utility notebook, keys; collapsible headphones (Sennheiser PX 100). In the outside pockets: collapsing umbrella; A7 Rhodia notebook, pen, phone (Lumia 800). (Yes I carry a lot of notebooks!) The bag is also quite light - I haven't weighed it but it doesn't feel like it weighs much more than the nylon laptop bag it's replacing; certainly not a concern. Overall I couldn't be happier - can't wait to head off to work with it slung over my shoulder. Thanks Dave! PS Oh yes, needless to say it's absolutely gorgeous - strong sturdy leather, even stitching, no loose threads, all rivets aligned etc ... I'm quite sure it'll outlast me. PPS I'm going with five stars because I can only evaluate it on quality, appearance and capacity right now and for me it scores top marks in all those categories. But from reading lots of other reviews on Saddleback bags I'm confident it'll weather beautifully and last forever (or at least for 100 years).

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Great Satchel

by - verified purchaser |
Among a number of items I recently purchased from SBL, the large satchel is exceptionally useful. It's extremely well made, and an appropriate size for a man like me - 6'2", over 200 lbs. I dress conservatively, but I like quality leather accessories that age well. Unquestionably a great purchase for travel, work, and shopping. As expected, the new leather is stiff and slightly heavy, but a little oil and conditioner begins the break in. I may also load the bag up with heavy books and carry it around with me for a few weeks. During the work day, I'll empty it, cover it with a towel and sit on it in my office chair. The warmth and pressure improve the breaking in. These bags are special. You can't lose if you can get your hands on one, or two, or three, or...

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Great bag for daily use!

by - verified purchaser |
Let me start by saying WOW!

I ordered my bag on Tuesday and I had it in my hand by Friday! It was well packed and fast delivery!

Upon opening the bag I was greeted with the wonderful smell of the leather. I ordered a Daves Deal and I cannot find a single flaw on my bag. The quality of this bag is far superior too any bag I have ever been associated with. I was carrying a small cloth backpack so this weighs a little more, but the style and looks are far superior. I loaded it down with the things I carry daily and already am in love with how all my stuff fits in the bag. Now I will just have to listen to all the jokes about my man purse because I dont think I will be leaving home without it! I will be back for more of Daves Deals!

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