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Chestnut Square Backpack - I give it a "B -"

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I ordered this item after much consideration to back up my beloved medium front-pocket backpack which has a basic problem for air travel: when the front pocket is loaded, it is very difficult to fit into the overhead compartment on some of the regional aircraft. On that score, the thinner configuration of the squared back pack works perfectly. It also has all the capacity I need, the front computer pocket is super convenient, the side pockets are larger and the carry handle is more comfortable.

But it's nowhere near the quality bag the old front pocket is. The leather seems lighter and not as tough. The straps are puny and uncomfortable when the bag is loaded heavily, so I wouldn't consider it useful for camping or anything longer than dashes between ground and air transport. The straps also cut across the side pockets rather than under the bottom of the bag, so you need to be careful that you don't pack anything crushable in the bottom of the side pockets.

Plus a bit of a pet peeve. I got burned on a clutch awhile ago because the video didn't match the written description, so I'm pretty careful to read the fine print now. But the bag in the video is superior to the written description and the actual product in two material respects: one for the interior divider which is very handy based on my experience with my first piece - a messenger bag - but no longer included, and two for the whimpy one-piece straps which replaced the terrific padded straps in the video and on the front pocket backpack. I took a chance, but think the product has been substantially degraded from the video days and I really don't like that sort of thing!

I'll keep the bag and it still gets compliments in the airport, but it's not up to original A++ Saddleback standards, so just a B - on this one.

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Love this backpack

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I've been using the Squared Backpack for 10 months now and absolutely love it. It is my go to travel bag. I fit all my cloths in the main bag, iPad in the front pocket, bathroom bag and charging cables in the side pockets. I get compliments everywhere I go.

This is a very large and heavy bag. Perfect for carry on for a airplane, but not for walking around town for 8 hours. After 10 months and traveling around the country, it is just starting to break in. It will last a lifetime.

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High Quality and Classy Backpack!

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Loving my backpack. Even on the shelf this things looks amazing. This is quality that all will notice from a good 100 yards away. People see it from a distance and just know your carrying a sick bag. Its the "apple computer" of backpacks and the "toyota" of trucks.

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Coolest Backpack Ever

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My backpack is the discontinued, classic tank backpack, which is not identical to this squared backpack, but it's the closest one, and they look very similar, so that's where I'm leaving my review.

I've had my backpack for 3 years and I've taken it everywhere.

I use it as a range bag, where it gets quite heavy with 70# of guns and ammo, but it carries the weight as well and as comfortably as anything possibly could. And I don't worry for a minute about it breaking. If I can lift it, then it hasn't reached its weight capacity.

I use it as my hiking bag. I know there are lighter bags with more pockets. but I like this one more, so I take it anyway. Not up Mt. Everest or anything, but basic 5-10 mile hikes. Contrary to popular belief and advertising, the Saddleback Backpack is hydration bladder compatible.

It's also my carry-on every time I fly. Fits under the seat, and they didn't charge me for it as a carry on on Jet Blue. I get compliments on it from baggage handlers, friends, random strangers. I've had some good backpacks in my life, but none that make me feel as great as this one. Highly recommended if you're on the fence.

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Well Worth the wait

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I have coveted a nice leather briefcase since graduating undergraduate school 23 years ago. Circumstances and budget kept my desires subdued until now. God has finally blessed me with the ability to invest in a nice leather bag. On 3/21/16 my Squared leather backpack arrived. I was not disappointed. The craftsmanship and engineering is unparalleled. The bag is heaven but all of the reviews I have read say the same thing. However the bag is very comfortable. I am a train bus commuter with a max 7 min walk daily. No problem! The bag is comfortable. I would not recommend this bag to small people. I am 5 foot 9 200. A small person may not like this bag.

This bag is an heirloom I will pass down from generation to generation.

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Squared Backpack

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Just buy it! You won't regret it. Carries my iPad Pro/MacBook, cables, water bottle, other gadgets, change of clothes, and more. Perfect for a quick weekend trip. Have received a lot of compliments on it.

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Design Issue or Unfocused Tech Support?

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I purchased this bag in black and really enjoyed using it and was able to pack a lot in it.. I stumbled across a design issue where the buckles on the side pockets were mounted too low to accommodate taller items. I could not buckle items that are about an inch taller than the actual side pockets.. I tried to get SBL to fix or exchange, but they did not acknowledge the issue even after sending pictures of my bag vs. other similar backpacks. After a call and more than a dozen emails with tech support packed with their useless cute talks, I ended up getting a gift certificate for a refund. Happy to get my money back, but very frustrating that I could not get an exchange or have them fix the bag.

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Wonderful Squared Backpack

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I have been wanting the squared backpack for years! I finally have one! I am a woman, glad my last name is not shown because I am going to get personal...I would like other women out there to know that while this backpack is huge, you too as a woman can carry it off. I am 5'6 180 lbs (yes, I am working on losing weight) and I am 44 yrs old. This backpack can go anywhere, school, work, and up into the mountains on a hiking trail. I have been using mine daily and it has so much room inside that I have yet to fill it. When the bag is empty no way does it feel like 8.6 lbs, it feels more like 6 lbs. I could be wrong on weight but it does not feel like it's over 8 lbs. If you are a woman 5 ft or under then this bag might, might be a little much for you. Yes, as a man bag this would work great too, of course. I think that women might be intimidated buying this for fear of it being to much. If as a woman you are looking at the large classic briefcase then also consider this bag. This bag is not as mushy as the other backpacks, it is more structured. I like that, but you can't go wrong with any of saddleback's products because they truly are second to none! Oh, and yes the shoulders straps do not come with padding, however I love the way the straps are on this bag, PERFECT. I think I would be fighting with shoulder padding slipping and sliding up and down the straps-maybe not but, I love the design from start to finish with this backpack! I got the color black, but I love the color tobacco too so it was a hard decision to make. I chose black because I thought it would go with anything and not show accidental pen marks and scuffs as easily. I have used the bag about 3 days now and I can't find one thing to complain about. I love how it feels on my back, it is so comfortable. I can carry more and have it heavy and on my back it doesn't hurt or slow me down. However, if I had to carry the same bag across my arm or on one shoulder...No Way could I carry for very long. On my back I am hands free, feeling good, ready to take on the world. I hope I have given some new information to the laddies out there who never gave this bag a thought to maybe this would work. It works for me! Lastly I can not speak highly enough about the customer service at saddleback, those folks really care and take pride in what they do. Thank you, Thank you, saddleback!

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Rugged and battle tested!!

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I have used this bag for various uses including tough training courses in the mountains and cross country and this bag has been wonderful! Wouldn't trade it for anything else

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Great bag but marginal customer/warranty service

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I've owned my Saddleback backpack bag for at least 6 or 7 years now. Recall that the tag line is that "your kids will fight over it when you're dead". Well maybe not so much.

I love the bag and have had lots of compliments. However, customer/warranty support is lacking after the sale. Disappointingly so. I've had two issues - one was a toggle that broke. Replacement was quickly sent. No problem, thanks for that. The other was when the tongue on the main buckle bent after getting snagged on lip of overhead bin. I had to shame Saddleback into making the repair. (I guess the overhead bin of an RJ isn't as compelling as an alligator....) OK so far, but what was truly disppointing was the quality of the repair. The replacement buckle wasn't the heavy rounded buckle that originally came on the bag but a squared off cheap POC replacement.

The problem is now that every time I look at the bag I see that cheap POC replacement buckle on the front and can't help but regret 1) that I damaged the original in the first place and 2) that I believed Dave would actually back this otherswise fine product.

It's a shame to see a qualtiy product undermined by cheap replacement hardware and a lousy repair.

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Cutting corners on a pricey bag

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The shoulder straps are thin, they look and feel cheap, which one would never think on such a pricey bag. Also the embossing of the Saddleback name is poorly stamped it's hard to see, I guess they don't want there name out there.

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Absolutely Love This Backpack!!!

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I bought this bag about a year ago, a few month before my trip to Thailand and Cambodia. Traveling for the first time in a very long time on a two week vacation, I was initially apprehensive about carrying this bag. My apprehension was based on the fact that the bag is a bit on the heavier side. That was my only concern. However, I found the bag to be extremely useful through out my trip. Not only did it actually accommodate more than I thought it could possibly carry, it was also comfortable to carry. And the part that surprised me was the way it fit under the seat in the aircraft!! IT was perfect! In addition, I must also share my thoughts on the backpack itself. The backpack is beautifully constructed. It is a solid backpack and I am sure a lot of people will fight over it when I am dead. I love the smell of the leather and if you look at the studs and stitching, you can tell that this backpack will last a few lifetimes. After couple of trips, my backpack looks really very, very cool!!! It is a little scratched up, a little softer, and definitely draws the attention of others. I have had some great comments from the TSA folks, the security guys in Cambodia etc. !!! I am so glad I bought the Tobacco colored backpack; it is aging so beautifully!!. I have also purchased a wallet (must buy!!) and a laptop bag. I love every product I have purchased so far. The staff are so friendly and helpful and it is a pleasure to interact with them. I have referred Saddleback Leather to so many of my friends who admire my backpack!

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One Year Later Review

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It has been a year since I bought the squared backpack and I am still Very happy I purchased it. for the following reasons.

1. The quality is without equal, I have owned bags from other brands (some costing more ) and None that

can match or exceed the quality ,durability and fit and finish of Saddleback products.

2. Style, while quality is always high on my list of things when considering products I am going to purchase style is also high on the list. The squared backpack does NOT look like or can be confused or compared to a Murse (that's a Man purse) This is a Mans's backpack and there is nothing dainty about it! but that is not to say a women could not find this bag equally useful. this bag is the do everything bag.

3. Well thought out is what comes to mind after using the bag in real world situations, the bag has never failed me , once while I was running to catch a train I noticed that I had left the side pockets unbuckled running down the street to catch a train getting ready to leave the station. I was delightfully surprised to find that NOTHING had fallen out of the deep side pockets that come with the squared backpack . The TOP flap is very useful when I want to take off my sweater or jacket and fold the flap over the jack or sweater and then buckle down the main flap and now my hands are free and my jacket/sweater is securely stored away. The front main pocket holds my "15 laptop securely and the side pockets have plenty of room for chargers, cords, portable powerbanks etc. Inside the main compartment you will find a big space to fit all your things. I suggest a packing cube about 11"x 7" to get the most efficient packing. and if you are like me I fold up my jeans a shirt some socks ,my grooming kit and I am ready for a Vegas weekend or whatever.

4. Compliments . I routinely get compliments from people older and younger than myself. They ask me what kind of bag is that? I tell them this is a SADDLEBACK bag, those that know quality give me the Thumbs up and "man thats a beautiful bag", one older man called it "substantial" . While riding the BART (bay area rapid transit) train I noticed a man sitting just to the left of me and I noticed he had a very nicely built leather bag that looked every bit is good as mine. As i take a closer look I noticed it resembled my

bag is some ways, the man looked in my direction and as I moved in to get a better look the man and I say "SADDLEBACK" and start laughing. He stated he's seen me before on the train and noticed my bag but he did not have time to come over and ask about the bag. I told him I could tell that you had a well made bag and when I got a little closer I could see we have bags made by saddleback. He had the THIN BRIEFCASE I asked him how he liked it and he replied that it's the best bag he has ever had. I advised him that I feel the same about the SQUARED BACKPACK. He stated he knew it was a saddleback the second he had seen it. I guess great minds think alike.

5. Personal satisfaction, I said to myself when I first bought the bag is it really worth this kind of money?

my wife stated that you can get other bags for way less than what you will pay for saddleback leather. My wife also stated that the bag looks so heavy and bulky, I advised her that this bag is made to last, and that I only plan on buying it once, and if the company offers a 100 year guarantee what more can you ask for?

I am so glad I stuck to my guns and got the bag. If anyone out there is still on the fence about purchasing a

saddleback bag, my advised is jump in with both feet ! you won't be disappointed. You will feel great about knowing you have the best .

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I'M Back! one Year and many happy days later!! follow up Review

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First off I like to say that owning one of Dave's bag is like belonging to a special group of folks that for whatever reason have ignored the naysayers, skeptics, and the purely uniformed. What I mean to say is that I bought this most excellent bag/backpack one year and four days ago and have never looked back, my wife's first words when it arrived were" that things so big and heavy how are you going to carry it around" I smiled and knew from that moment forward I would never have to worry about her "borrowing"my bag. This bag is bullet proof! it can take anything you can dish out (short of abuse) and you will look marvelous while you are doing it.I have had nothing go wrong with my bag no issues whatsoever no defects no Cons, or regrets.

I have had countless compliments, I mean I get them from young and older folks that love the rugged style and quality of the bag. I was waiting for the BART train( commuter train in bay area CA.) where you will see many people caring many different kinds of bags and I still get asked "where did you find that bag!" I let them know it's a SADDLE BACK bag and those who know what the good stuff is give me the "Thumbs Up" and the ones that don't are a little puzzled why anyone would pay out that much money for a leather bag.I recently got on the train and as I took a seat across from me to my left something catches my eye, I turn and see a gentleman typing on his laptop with a bag at his side that made me take notice (once you own a saddle back bag you start comparing your bag to everything else you see out in the world) and I notice him looking at me. I turned and at the same time we both say " SADDLEBACK!" and start laughing, the gentlemen had a " THIN BRIEFCASE bag" same coffee brown color as my "SQUARED BACKPACK". The gentleman stated he loved the backpack and had seen me before but before he could speak to me he had reached his stop and got off the train. We talked for about 10 minutes about how we loved our bags, their quality and how we are BOTH will be purchasing another saddleback bag. The man asked me how long I had he bag I told him little over a year. He stated the bag looks very good to be a year old. I told him it has a few scuffs and scratches from everyday use. The man replies you are "still breaking it in" I replied yes and the more I use the bag the more comfortable it feels. I found it quite interesting that out of all the people on the train toting leather bags around from many different makers, that I ran into only 1 person with a saddleback bag. The bag does everything well, it has pockets that will hold a ton of stuff and you don't worry about the bag splitting at the seams from over stuffing it on occasion. I do recommend that you use the chamberlains#3 water repellent if you take your bag out in the rain, I have been caught in a few downpours and I am glad I treated my bag with this stuff, it worked like a charm, when I get in out of the rain I let the bag air dry and its good to go. I told my son when I get tired of carrying my bag around he can have it no need to fight over it!!!

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still needs a little R&D

by - verified purchaser |
If you have not bought a SB leather bag before let me start by saying the build quality is flawless. But you knew that or you wouldn't be here. The bags are heavy but I also knew that too. I like thick cowboy like leather.

The front pocket is big enough to stick my "Mac Book 15" retina pro" It sticks out the top of the front pocket about 1.5 inches. The bag is big! True to Daves videos it can hold lots of stuff. More then that the bag matches my SB thin briefcase! Which by the way is SOO much more beautiful when aged.

What I don't like...

It looks like my bag has the third generation of shoulder straps. Which is a simple piece of leather. This is probably the right approach. However after my first trip my shoulders where killing me. This bag was able to hold everything for my short business trip, and was thus heavy, and I felt like the straps were short. I was on the last hole and I am 5'10" and 195 lbs. A few years ago I used my amateur skills to build a similar leather backpack. No where as nice as Dave's however my shoulder strips where much much more comfortable. The different was that mine were wider.

My suggestion:

have a few different shoulder straps that can be purchased then let us remove and purchase a different type that might work better for me. I personally think the only thing that needs to be done is make the straps wider and longer. Also it would be nice if it has some way of pulling the straps together at the front like a (equally heavy) back packing backpack would.

My guess is that this is the third design because this is a hard problem to solve. Make the straps removable and sell three different types separately.

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The Everything Bag

by - verified purchaser |
I am a 20 year old male and got this for my birthday... well, I got help buying this for my birthday. Still totally worth it. I haven't had mine for very long, but I have to say, the hype about SBL is not just hype. You guys have this in the bag, pun intended.

This is my first SBL product. The square backpack in tobacco is absolutely gorgeous! I had ordered a Messenger Bag in dark coffee before it, but realized it wasn't what I needed. This is exactly what I needed! I also like the tobacco so much better that the dark coffee. And you have been correctly informed if you heard that the tobacco is much darker than pictured. But the darker looks even better!

So I have a few pros and cons to consider.


1. So. Many. Pockets. And they are useful pockets too, unlike other backpacks I have owned.

2. So. Much. Space. This thing is like a tardis. It stretches and squishes and I'm really glad it isn't ridgid.

3. I know I'm not alone in loving the smell of this thing.

4. It looks sharp. This is going to be going a lot of places and will go well with a lot of different styles of dress. Yes the tobacco is considered more casual, but I think this could work well. The angularness of it gives a very strong look while it still remains pliable.

5. It is a very sturdy weight and feels like it could take a crapload of abuse if it needed to. Too heavy for some, and I can see how it could be. I don't care. My body will adjust.

6. The tobacco leather scratches really easily. Like, you brush your fingernail over it and it gives a nice little mark. I like this. Others may not. For those who want a little more scratch resistance, I would suggest the dark coffee brown. It didn't scratch as easily when I had the messenger.

7. It doesn't bulge from the back as it looks like in most of the videos I have seen. (I do a lot of research and BestLeather.com has a really good, thorough review of this bag. One of the reasons I got this particular bag)


1. As I mentioned, weight can be a factor. It's 10 lbs empty. Not a concern for me, but may be for others.

2. The removable strap cushions have been done away with and replaced by wider straps. I don't know what the removable ones felt like, but I have very bony shoulders and would love the extra padding. That being said, the straps haven't broken in yet and my body will adjust anyways, so this really isn't so much a con as a my body being weird.

3. ... that is pretty much it ...

I highly recommend this bag and I look forward to having it around years from now to show to my kids and possibly pass it down to them, if they can pry it from my cold dead hands. Haha! ;) Great work SBL Team. You nailed this one!

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It's hip to be square

by - verified purchaser |
I received the squared backpack a few days ago in my new favorite color:Tobacco. It is a beautiful thing.

I had the previous squared backpack in coffee brown, and carried it for several years, without worry or complaint. I think this new version is a bit better.

This new backpack has a couple of advancements over the previous version: The straps are better, and not as fussy as the previous version. (That was the style with the double-recurve thing that I never really got used to.) Second thing that is an advancement is the sewn seam at the bottom of the pack is moved from the back to the front. That seam was going to be the last thing to break in, and did rub against my back a bit. So now there is a smooth curve at the bottom of the pack instead of a seam.

The newer version is bigger than the older model, and the changes in construction make it even easier to load with my stuff. The leather divider is so simple, but incredibly useful: Just leave it in the front or back, load all your stuff, and then use the divider as a lever to slide your laptop into the bag without catching on anything. The side pockets are larger than the previous version, and that has already come in handy to hold my power supply, and bag of connectors. The bag is just a bit floppier than the previous version, though it still sits upright and proudly proclaims it's squareness. Since the straps don't have clips, the bag is quieter to carry around. The bag flomps down on carpet with the soft thud of a teenager crash-landing on a couch. (And stays there for hours, much like a teenager.)

The new squared backpack is a little more forgiving when loading it, in that I seem to be able to squish things around a bit better. Also, the lining is suede, a bit softer than the pigskin lining from before. It will break in quite nicely, The cinching strap at the top will help secure things in the pack quite well. I have a couple of those straps from when they were sold as a separate item. They are very nice, and handy to have for lashing my coat to the D-rings on the bottom of the bag.

My previous pack served me daily as a laptop carrier, pillow, footrest, worktop, dinner table, and conversation starter. I have every confidence that this will be the same.

I have this backpack because my previous pack had a problem with a strap, and I sent it into the Saddleback spa for a tune-up. So, a quick word about Saddleback service: Tremendous. I sent a quick photo of my problem to the service department, they sent a pre-paid shipping label, and off it went. Tessa, Tiffany, Meredith and Sydney were looking after my bag, and I got regular reports about the repair status, and ETA. However, they found a small problem with the bag that could not be repaired. I got the option of getting back the old squared backpack, or get a brand-new squared backpack. I jumped at the chance.

This is my first experience with the repair team at Saddleback, I imagine it is the last, since I have a few other pieces that have lived a similar life, and remain bullet-proof. If you have any reservations about purchasing an item, go ahead and jump, you can't go wrong, because Saddleback will make it right.

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You'll be sorry...

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I had hoped that this backpack would be fantastic, and it is indeed beautifully made. However, it is just so heavy and stiff and thick, I just never use it. It sits in my closet, looking masculine and smelling sexy. I warn you all to be careful and be sure you want to spend such a huge price for a bag that is, frankly, ill-conceived.

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Last bag I will ever need to buy!

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I've had the squared backpack for about 9 months and it is breaking in beautifully! The biggest initial concern I had was with the weight and whether the pack would sit comfortably. It's amazing! I'm a 5'8' female and the fit/comfort of the bag is so well designed I don't feel the weight of it at all when I have it double strapped. It is certainly a bit heavier when slung over only one shoulder, but that just reminds me to strap up the other side. I switched from a Thule nylon backpack to this and will never look back.

I fly a lot with my job and I love how well my electronics and other fragile items are protected.. and how much stuff I can fit in the bag! I get a ton of compliments - the bag is a better conversation starter than I am...

Last bag I will ever need to buy, no doubt!

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by - verified purchaser |
Great backpack - I got mine as a Dave's Deal. I love using it to bring all of my gear to a friend's garage when we have some projects to work on. I usually pack a pair of junk trousers and a junk long sleeved shirt, a portable speaker for music, my ipad (in a gadget sleeve), a large bottle of water, my keys, wallet, and phone, flip flops, and my cable pouch that has a bunch of smaller items that I transfer from bag to bag. And there is still plenty of room to spare! My only issue is that the metal ring at the bottom portion of the shoulder strap rubs me and it becomes uncomfortable after a period of time. That said, I haven't fully broken in the backpack, so it is possible that this will become a non-issue as it softens up. If I could give it 4.5 stars, I would - and if the rubbing subsides I would upgrade to a 5. :)

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They keep on getting better

by - verified purchaser |
Just received my squared backpack in tobacco. This is the best so far and I have been using a medium front pocket backpack for two years, which was very practical, but this is the ultimate. If you value quality and something that is really usable, then this is the backpack to have. Comfortably fits a huge amount of kit, either for office or just general travelling. Easy to pack and has a solid feel that protects everything inside. Great quality and well worth the price.

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An amazing Gone Walkabout and every day use bag...

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This bag is so beautifully made it can do no other than clearly illustrate the huge amount of time spent over both its design and indeed its production. I've owned several bags for travelling over the years; and this is THE ONE!

Most recently it has been around and across Australia. It carried all I needed for a day trip or a few days walkabout into the Blue Yonder. It kept my camera and water cool, my cloths clean and it stretches or augments to accommodate practically anything, and has enough opening adjustments and D rings to include kit ranging from a tripod and/or substantive medic kit to a bed roll. Aussie stubbies fit in the open side pockets as easily as OS maps and my wife's SheWee (proper desert walkabouting)! Plus the internal pockets are just as well thought through to fit Apple Mac/iPhone chargers along with your iPhone, Leatherman and small camping stuff like firelighters....

It's just a bag......... No......... My Tobacco leather literally grows with me; it tans in the desert sun, stains in the bar, scuffs on the rocks I've brushed past and the sand I've throw it down on. It has scars from my abuse of tugging it free from closing subway doors and being used as protection though undergrowth. It has changed shape to fit my shoulders and back perfectly. It stretches, compacts and bends as it almost turns into bespoke packaging for what I carry in it the most. It gets stared at from people across the street, compared to by those on the train sitting opposite me, smiled at by females who define the Guy Carrier, smelt by the blind person 100 meters away who delights in the novelty. It's a memory treasure trove of a bag.

SBL even has a continually growing fan club of anyone from a pianist, a bin man, a diplomat, a customs officer, a chap on his way to work on a Tuesday and a perfectionist. All of whom I suddenly find myself talking to.

Ponder it, keep an eye on Dave's Deals, rediscover it after a year and 3 weeks of distractions. But trust me, your life and others around you will change for the better after you invest in it. It can do no other than gracefully and majestically grow old with you, your memories and your experiences!

Thank you Dave, and all your family and employees, for growing and expounding such an amazing outlook on life and business.



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First Contact : Day one with the Squared Backpack first review right out of the box

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Man there is no substitute for quality! what you see and were told about on the website about the bag's premium leather materials,construction,reinforcement and fit and finish is EXACTLY what I got!!. I have had many bags from many different leather product makers and NONE of them even began to approach the world class quality of this bag. I got my first compliment from some one at Starbucks who was sitting across the room drinking his coffee while I was drinking mine and looking at the shipping and receipt paperwork. The backpack is still in its plastic shipping bag and the man puts down his coffee and approaches me and said"

Man that's a beautiful bag you got there ,looks like Christmas came early for you!" I told the man "Thanks I am happy with my new bag, its a gift to myself (I have been good all year!!) the man starts laughing and I tell him I saw it on the internet at Saddlebackleather.com. I was amazed to see someone comment on a bag that was still wrapped in heavy plastic, goes to show that quality is ALWAYS in fashion!! This bag is what I have been looking for for years, it will be my all around bag, my briefpack my funpack and of course backpack and the bag has tons of style, it a WIN/WIN , great durability , quality components, extremely high sewing and reinforcements at all points of possible stress and looks great!!! I am very happy I bought this bag! and if your out there on the fence trying to decide weather you want to invest in a very high quality leather bag that will be around for a very long time, this is the bag and company that has all the right stuff!!!!

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Amazing "Do It All" Bag!

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I must say that I am very impressed with my Squared Backpack! I have had my bag for 4 months now and I am loving it more and more as time goes by.

I love the two "hidden pockets" behind the two side pockets. It makes it so much easier when taking things that require quick access (You don't want to be the guy holding up the line opening up your bag). I use those hidden pockets everyday!

This should go without saying, but I love this backpack because it is a backpack! I have had other Saddleback Bags before and this backpack seems to be able to live a double life of work and play! I have the Chestnut color and it seems to fit in regardless of it being taking to a suit & tie meeting, hiking and taking a trip to the mall. I also like that as a backpack all the weight is distributed across my whole back and not just one shoulder.

I have used this bag daily for back and forth to work. I have also taken it on mission trips through the church. I can load it up or rock it light; either way I look forward to using this amazing "Do It ALL" Bag.


Be Encouraged :-)

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It's a beast!

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After everyone telling me how awesome their first generation Tank backpacks are, I decided to give the sibling squared backpack a try. This thing is a BEAST. I took it for its first spin out to the supermarket to see whether or not I could fit most of a week's groceries in it and I could, with just a few items to spare. It's a lot bigger than the photos suggest (see Dave's video for more accurate size reference) and feels very nice on the back....until you've got a 20 lbs. of groceries in it. I found that the straps, while they seem better designed than the old Tank straps, pull harshly on my shoulders. I expect that's a "new leather" issue, and not an issue with the bag. The neoprene patch near the bottom edge of the bag didn't do a whole lot to ease my discomfort either, but I again expect this is an issue with it being brand spanking new. With lighter loads, it felt a lot better.

Comes with the quality you should expect from Saddleback. Big enough to pack a few days worth of clothes in and have room in the spare pockets for extras. Front pocket under the flap is useful for notebooks, computers, even packages of prosciutto! But if you're looking for a pack with a little more diversity and a multi-day functionality, I would go with the front pocket.

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