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  • 100-Year Warranty, details here.
  • Free Shipping, details here.
  • Streamlined design perfect for carrying a tablet and accessories; will fit any size tablet, front pocket fits a Kindle
  • A 12" MacBook with Retina Display laptop will fit tightly in the bag at first, but leather will stretch out over time and use
  • Simple and lightweight, it’s ideal when you only need to bring the essentials
  • Riveted top handle and removable shoulder strap for multiple carrying options
  • Front accessory pocket with D-ring and buckle closure for secure access
  • Open pocket behind accessory pocket for extra storage
  • Wide unlined external back pocket
  • Lined with pigskin for durability
  • No breakable parts, e.g. zippers, snaps, buttons, etc.
  • Made of tough full-grain leather, which takes hits well and looks even better with age
  • Built with only a few pieces of leather, minimizing seams and weak points
  • Stitched with marine-grade thread and reinforced with copper rivets for super-durability
  • Removable shoulder strap is 1” wide with an adjustable length of 34 1/2” to 59 1/4”; It has a removable shoulder pad for added comfort
  • Dimensions (approximate size):
    • Exterior: 8 ¾” H x 11” W x 2 ½” D
    • Interior: 8 ¼” H x 10 ½” W x 2” D
    • Weight: 2.8 pounds

    One of my favorite bags.

    by |
    I've had this bag for awhile now. It's worked well for the iPad 2. Now I have an iPad pro. I carry this bag when I don't need to carry my iPad pro. Hope they design one to fit the iPad pro dimensions.

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    Great bag

    by |
    I own a Med Satchel that I take just about every where. I really like the bag and am one of these guys where I find a ton of value in where the bag has gone and not just in the utilitarian aspect of it. I love the idea of the story behind it.

    I found however that I could use a smaller bag for the weekends etc where I just want to carry a few things. After a whole lot of time thinking, (I take my time when making a purchase), I purchased a Tablet Bag in Tobacco.

    I must say I really like the bag. It's well made, organized and just the right size. It's also not a bag that looks (in my opinion) like a purse.

    I really love the colour as well. My Satchel is the DCB, which is great, however the Tablet Bag wears the tobacco colour well.

    If you want a light, full leather bag for when you just need to carry the essentials, the Tablet bag is it for sure!

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    Love my new bag

    by - verified purchaser |
    The Tablet Bag is perfect as a purse.
    I normally carry a rather large bag because I seem to have a lot that I think I must have with me. I've been trying to downsize and this bag's compact size is perfect. That's why I bought it. Its size is perfect for my small frame and it's very lightweight, despite its very sturdy construction and top quality materials. I also have a satchel but it is double the weight of the Tablet Bag. So, my new bag is important. It has an average size compartment perfect for my wallet, hair brush, rosary, phone (and its charging cable), Saddleback Leather checkbook holder, and a few other essential items with room to spare.
    The front pocket has a flap and it holds my Kindle Paperwhite and its case with ease. I don't carry my iPad with me much, but I must have my Kindle.
    The open pocket on the back is perfect for a few small unimportant items such as a pack of gum, tissue packet, manicure set and pen.
    The front closure is difficult to buckle or unbuckle which is perfect as it keeps greedy hands from reaching into my bag and I don't have to worry about items falling out.
    The strap is easily adjustable to the right length. I don't use the shoulder pad simply because I don't like them--on anything.
    If I had to add anything, it would be a small strap with a key ring to keep hold of my keys such as my other (larger) Saddleback Leather bags have.
    I know that after some use, the bag will stretch and be more pliable. I look forward to that, but even more, I look forward to many years of use.
    By the way, in the few days that I've had the bag, I've had compliments and people asking where I got it. I've given them Saddleback Leather's website. I hope they buy.

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    WoW - what a quality product

    by - verified purchaser |
    Hey! I'm from Austria/good old Europe. I found the saddleback brand by accident and I'm so glad I did. My tablet bag arrived today and hey, what a top quality product! It is exactly the size I imagined, even for me (6,3 tall) not to small (my opinion, we'll see what my girl says)
    The shoulder strap has a perfect length, love it.
    I quess this bag will join me the rest of my life and probably won't be my last purchase at saddleback leather - thank you Dave!

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    The best iPad and vape gear bag ever!

    by - verified purchaser |
    I've had my large briefcase for a couple of years now and I needed a bag to carry my ipad for work around industrial construction sites all over the US and Mexico, I kept leaving the darn thing everywhere! I wonder how I hadn't lost it once! but anyway...

    I also quit smoking a few months ago and got into vaping, so I also needed something to carry around my mods and batteries, then I remember seeing this beautiful little murse I thought would be the great solution.

    I had a chat with Nick right here on the web page and asked a couple of questions trying to make sure my mod boxes would fit the front pocket, well... it's perfect! I carry my iPad, kindle and a couple of 4x18650 batteries in the back pocket, 2 Hexohms and a Titan in the front pocket without any bulging at all and my passport and boarding passes in the back pouch, perfect for my needs, beautiful and built like a tank!

    Thank you Señor Munson & Saddleback, I love it!!

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    Excellent bag

    by - verified purchaser |
    I needed something when I wanted to carry my iPad, and did not need my MacBook Pro, and my classic briefcase. This bag fit the bill. I have an iPad Air 2 in a case, an iPad mini 2 in a case in the main pocket. I have a Zagg Bluetooth keyboard(they do not make it anymore) in the back pocket, and two charging cables in the front pocket along with Brainwavz earphones in a hard case. I really like this bag.

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    Excellent tablet/tiny laptop bag

    by - verified purchaser |
    When I purchased this bag, I was under the impression that it didn't come with a shoulder pad on the strap. I planned on stuffing a decent amount of gear into it, and would need a pad for comfort. Turns out I didn’t need to worry, since my new tablet bag did come with a shoulder pad after all.

    I just migrated all of my gear from a Timbuk2 XS messenger bag, and the tablet back was able to contain everything—a pleasant surprise! Macbook 12” Retina, Samsung 9.7” tablet, 14k mAH NewTrent battery pack, a bunch of cables, eyeglass case, memory sticks, protien bar, tissues, notebook, pens, etc etc.

    I love the new bag. It’s really an excellent piece of work.

    Thanks again!

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    Great Bag

    by - verified purchaser |
    As usual, Saddleback Leather does not disappoint. I use this bag when I travel, and it comfortably holds my Surface Pro 4, Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4, iPhone 5s, charging cables for each gadget, hand sanitizer, wallet, and there is still a little room left for a candy bar....Yet it is still small enough to reconfigure quickly to take out for dinner. The inside flat pocket is great for receipts.

    The only thing I would change is the length of the strap. It could stand to be about an inch longer. When I have all that stuff in it, the end of the strap only just tucks into the keeper...

    A note about the Surface Pro 4...I have a UAG case for it that is kinda bulky. As soon as I got the bag, I put the Surface with the case on it into the bag, and it was a very tight fit. Every night for a week, the Surface with the case lived in the bag. It has since loosened up enough to be able to get it in and out of the bag easily enough, but the case was so thick, I couldn't get much else into the main compartment. I have started taking the case off of it for travel now. Without the case, it fits perfectly in the bag along with the other gadgets.

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    The perfect tablet bag!

    by - verified purchaser |
    This bag is just perfect! The size, shape and the way it works is perfect. I love the option for shoulder bag, true cross-body, or carry handle. I was afraid that the handle might make this too heavy but the weight is just fine. Everything I need to carry, tablet, phone, wallet etc fit in it just fine. Would recommend to anyone and would buy again!

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    by - verified purchaser |
    I own the tablet bag in mahogany with black pigskin lining, and I LOVE IT!!! I now own this bag in tobacco with the suede side interior and love it even more!!!! This is the PERFECT bag for me!!! Size is spot on.... Carries the essentials and then some! I love the matte look of the tobacco, I hope they get some other colors in the "matte" look, it s amazing!!!! And soooo "me"!😀 But, love this bag so much I m going to order dark chocolate with that new suede interior, can t wait for another matte color...(although I will order another if and when a matte comes out!) can t say enough about this bag, the quality is amazing, and nothing you can find anywhere else! Thank you Saddleback, ty, ty, ty!!!!!

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    Super functional

    by - verified purchaser |
    I love this bag! I really was surprised that it holds my iPad in SBL new case, big wallet and a pair of glasses in case! The front pocket is also roomy and easily holds my keys, couple of lipsticks and cords. I only wish the front closing strap see longer...I can stuff this great little bag, but getting the strap buckled is a struggle if I do. The carrying strap is so long....wish I could have less if this and more front strap. This is a great edition to my SBL collection!

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    by - verified purchaser |
    I received the package Thursday. The leather smells better than the best perfume. I chose the chestnut bag. Took it to work today and I'm so pleased with all that I can carry in it. I'll get to take it to church Sunday if the weather isn't bad. Thanks Dave for blessing me with a key ring. I really appreciate all the detail that goes into your products. I consider them money well spent. Be blessed.

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    by - verified purchaser |
    I have become something of a minimalist in my middle age and do not want to carry things in my pockets so I have carried a tablet bag for several years. A friend has been talking up saddleback for sometime for a real bag - not the others that just keep wearing out. I got my tablet bag in three days by regular mail. Wow. Opened the shipping box and the smell of leather rushed through the room. I ordered the tobacco after much internal wrestling and I am ecstatic that I did. The bag is beautiful. I don't care if you call it a man purse. All I can say is you wish you had a murse this gorgeous. The quality of the craftmenship is magnificent. The color works for both casual and professional settings. Now for the negatives. I wish I had ordered the messenger or laptop bag. There really is not much more room in the bag but the essentials. Your tablet and cords and that is it. My fault though for not going up a size. My Surface Pro 2 with keyboard is a tight fit. I am hoping that with time the leather will stretch to more easily accomodate it. The exterior pocket, which is what drew me to this bag over the messenger bag, is difficult to get your hands in and prevents me from putting pens and other small items into it. A pen holdler and a key chain hook would be great additions to prevent you from having to fish them out of the bottom of the bag. Despite the negatives I will definitely order another bag.

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    Man Purse - Consider Medium Satchel

    by - verified purchaser |
    I just received my new Tablet Bag. As always, I was very excited to receive the new addition to my Saddleback armamentarium (the opening, smell and unveiling is an experience that only an affectionado will appreciate) . This is the seventh addition to my collection. I needed a day bag that I could cary a few books, planner, phone and possibly a tablet and this seemed to fit the bill. Because this is a relatively new piece there were not a lot of reviews or you tube un-boxings. I struggle with the visualization. My concern was size and appearance. Unfortunately for me, the size and style is a bit feminine. I asked several friends as well as my wife their opinion. The look and chuckles said it all. (Unanamous agreement - Man Purse)

    If a Man purse is what your after you will be very happy with this bag. Quality and price are right. If your a Gal and the style is right it might work. I think if they had a larger option like the satchel collection this could work for a dude. As a tablet bag it will fit a tablet but not much more, needs to be larger all round, key holder would be a plus as well as a side water bottle holder. I think the water bottle holder would make it less purse like. I would give it 5 stars it it had the above or was called the woman's purse.

    My recommendation: If you are a medium framed guy or larger and looking for a day pack check out the medium satchel. The downside is the satchel is double the cost but worth the extra money.

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    The Best Small IT/iPad Bag Ever!

    by - verified purchaser |
    I work out of my truck everyday so I'm in and out, on site, or traveling the back roads of Mississippi, I needed somewhere to keep my iPad, iPhone and all the cables and chargers that go with them....Enter, The Saddleback Tablet Bag! I keep my iPad Air 2 in the main pocket along with a composition notebook. iPhone in the rear pocket for easy access, all the cables, chargers, earbuds, pen, pencil, and iPod in the front pouch, with plenty of room to spare! Needless to say this bag will be with me everywhere I go for a long time to come...until my son takes it from me, at which time I will have to buy another or upsize to the Messenger Bag or Briefcase(I actually can't wait for that to happen....).

    Thanks for a great bag, and for keeping the lore of the handmade leather good alive and well.

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    Sadly, scientific measurements

    by |
    were not competing with real-world bag stuffing. Just in case anyone needed to know, a Crossway journaling bible will not fit with a large Moleskine and a Nexus 7 comfortably. Which is most unfortunate, because this bag is both adorable and awesome. It very readily accommodated my notebook and Nexus, along with a pen case, wallet, and glasses case laying over top. I personally need something with a little more depth, so I'm going with the small satchel. Plus, the hardware for backpack mode will be much more handy for me.
    While it's still in my possession, it gets sniffed perpetually. I will be sad to send it back.

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    Choosing between Laptop Bag, Hobo Crossbody Purse & Tablet Bag...

    by - verified purchaser |
    This is my third Saddleback Bag and I think I've struck gold with this one! I received the Simple Tote in Dark Coffee Brown and the Book Bag in Chestnut as gifts, but I've always been attracted to Saddleback's Tobacco shade so I knew it was only a matter of time before I purchased one for myself. So when Dave offered $25 off for Christmas AND free 2-day shipping, I finally decided to give in and spend my Christmas money early.

    I was looking for something that had the classic look of the Saddleback briefcase or satchel, but was ideally under $200 with the coupon. For days I was actually trying to choose between the Laptop Bag and the Hobo Crossbody Purse but neither of them had Tobacco in stock, so I actually purchased the Tablet Bag as a third option - and man am I extremely glad I did!

    Firstly, the size. It is slightly bigger than my Book Bag, so I actually see myself using the Tablet Bag more as a daytime bag and my Book Bag as a night-out bag. The Tablet Bag is the perfect size for carrying my everyday work and commuting essentials and I love that it has a front pocket AND an open back pocket. Keep in mind that I didn't actually purchase this bag to carry around a tablet or laptop, so if you are looking to carry around a specific gadget, you have to pay close attention to the bag's INTERIOR dimensions (8.25” H x 10.5” W x 2” D). My laptop will definitely not fit in it and I knew that when I bought it.

    One qualm I had when I was considering the Hobo Crossbody Purse was about the length of the strap because I read many reviews that said it was way too long, and that it would unhook randomly. I'm about 5'2" and the length of the Tablet Bag strap is perfect for me when I wear it crossbody style - I shortened it so that it's buckled on the 20th hole, and about 5 inches of the strap hangs past the bag at that length but it doesn't bother me. The steel clasps of the strap are super secure so I don't think they will be unhooking randomly. The Tablet Bag is not as large or spacious inside as the Crossbody Purse so it cannot contain as much, but I can manage.

    Next, the look. As mentioned earlier, I was looking for a bag that had elements of the classic Saddleback briefcase or satchel, while being practical enough for daily use. I was after the rugged Tobacco look, the secure front closure, and the top handle, to be specific - but I DEFINITELY did not want the weight that comes with the fuller-sized, manlier Saddlebacks. This Tablet bag itself is under 3 pounds, so it doesn't weigh me down. The construction is spectacular - perfect stitching, smooth but tough leather, gorgeous hue. The design of the top handle actually seems sturdier and more reinforced than the top handle of the Laptop Bag, which is weird considering the Laptop Bag is supposed to carry more weight.

    Oh and the fact that this bag came with a shoulder pad was a pleasant surprise! I didn't think it would come with one because it wasn't pictured in the product photos or mentioned in the description, but I was so happy that it did!

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    Good quality bag

    by |
    I bought the tablet bag a few months ago. I also bought the big wallet and it fits inside nicely but does take up a lot of space. I thought the bag may be tedious or difficult to close with the buckle but it's really not. The leather is softening nicely and it's quite easy to close. I love the length of the strap and it's easily adjustable. My only wish it had an internal key fob - I really miss that. I got the coffee brown after going back and forth between that and tobacco. Perfect classic color for me. The FAQ for "What color should I get" is very helpful.

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    I wish it was just a bit wider

    by |
    Great bag. The quality is outstanding. I didn't pay close enough attention to the dimensions. At 10 1/2" wide it won't hold letter sized papers and it's a tough fit for magazines. I hoped to use this for a weekend/vacation work bag when i don't need to carry my [Saddleback] briefcase and and as a carry-on when I'm traveling with my [Saddleback] water bag. So now I'm trying to figure out a use for it so I'll have a reason to keep it because it really is a great looking bag.

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    Marvelous Bag

    by |
    I got this bag in Tobacco for Christmas and I absolutely love it! The perfect size for the items that I carry on a daily basis. I'm able to hold my bible and moleskin (in a saddleback cover) with the necessary cables in my main compartment. In the front compartment I'm able to fit my ipad mini. This bag is just perfect and it was quite the gift indeed!

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    A Great Purse

    by - verified purchaser |
    I'm pretty much the Goldilocks of purses. I wanted something not too feminine, not too heavy, not too big, but big enough to carry my planner. It had to handle getting wet or getting banged around without ripping or staining. The cross body option had to be adjustable for my long torso and it had to be quality. Although I've had this bag on my wish list since it came out, I don't have a big budget so this was an investment piece for me. I rewarded myself after reaching a long-term goal. After using it for a few days, I quit looking for anything else. This bag is just right.

    I have a SBL Messenger Bag, pouch, and Bible cover that I use as a planner cover, so I knew the quality would be excellent. It works great as a purse. I can fit my planner and wallet easily in the main compartment with accessories in the front pocket. The front strap was a little hard to open at first, but has loosened up with use. My usual color is the Tobacco, but I went with the Coffee Brown on this one and am not disappointed. I'm glad it has the lighter interior. The weight is right for everyday use. The bag will stand on its own, so there is no dealing with a floppy purse. Also, the handle on top works well even if the bag is not latched in front.

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    Tablet Bag

    by |
    CONFESSION: I own a knockoff of one of the larger bags... It was a gift, okay?
    The contrast between the real Saddleback and the "other", even though the knockoff is of fair quality and construction, is night and day. My real Saddleback Tablet Bag has already been on tour with me and I even put it right on stage with me. It will appear on television with me next week.
    Credited to the obvious quality and craftsmanship poured into and all over a real Saddleback, this is clearly the last bag of this size I will ever have to buy and with three children and a grandson, there will surely be a fight over it when I'm dead.
    I hope to collect more pieces from this outstanding and superior company.

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    Great Companion To A Briefcase Or Backpack

    by - verified purchaser |
    I am lucky enough to have a Job were I have a good size desk with a docking station for my laptop and a big screen monitor. It was nice being able to quickly grab my laptop and put it in my Squared Backpack with everything else I needed if I desired to work outside of the office.

    At some point I realized the power of Microsoft Office's cloud service and how seamlessly it worked with my android smartphone. So I decided to get the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 because of it's Hancom Office Suite app (Which in my opinion is just like having MS Office on your android device) which syncs with my Microsoft Cloud server. With that being said, I got to the point were I was only needing my tablet to do work outside of the office. I had a HUGE issue at that point. I was using a HUGE backpack for the purpose of primarily carrying a tablet from the office to Starbucks. So I decided to look for something smaller.

    It was during my search for something smaller that I first notice the Saddleback Messenger Bag. I figured it would be the bag I would get; however, I was not a fan of the vertical rectangle nature of the bag. Then I saw the Saddleback Tablet bag.

    The Saddleback Tablet Bag was everything I was looking for in terms of style. There was only one problem... The Saddleback Tablet Bag was made for iPad sized devices and not 12.2 inch laptop replacement tablets. I wasn't sure how it would work out; but I took the plunge anyway and ordered it.

    To my surprise, my Note Pro 12.2 was able to fit (***It is a very tight squeeze***) with much prayer! Hahaha:-)

    The tablet is able to fit in the main pocket while being connected to a bluetooth keyboard case. In addition to the tablet and case, I am able to fit a thinline Bible in the main pocket while putting a bluetooth mouse and tablet charger in the front pocket. There is room to spare in the front pocket in case I wanted to throw my keys and or a pack of gum in there.

    I was on the fence about getting this bag because I did not know if my tablet would fit; so here are the dimensions of my Galaxy Note 12.2. If you tablet is smaller than this then it will fit: (11.64 x 8.03 x 0.31 in)

    Overall I am very pleased with this bag because it is a small and light heavy duty Saddleback product that fits the needs of the guy or gal who only needs to carry a tablet and accessories. It is also perfect for the folks out there who have turned their tablet into a truly business/work machine.

    Be Encouraged

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    Love this completely and utterly

    by |
    Had my eye on the small satchel for a couple of years but always worried that in the end it'd be a bit big for regular use. Then this beauty came out just in time for my 40th - and it is perfect. Not too big, but room for everything for a couple of days round London (phone, purse, keys, tickets, can of pop, few little bits of shopping). Strap has plenty of adjustability to suit, and basically it is just brilliant. Oh, and my ipad fits in in its saddleback case too, although I won't do that too often. You'll love it like I do. Get one! (And always, always go for tobacco...well, I do - four pieces and counting....)

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    The Saddleback Leather Addiction Continues....

    by |
    2014 was a big Saddleback Leather year for me. My first piece was a dry bag, followed a bit later by a front pocket briefcase. Later in the year, I purchased a leather pouch and 3 more dry bags as gifts for friends. Finally, as an end of the year gift for myself, I ordered a business card case and the tablet bag. The tablet bag is yet another outstanding piece of utility, craftsmanship, and art. My wife calls it my man-purse, and I am fine with that. Plenty of space for more than an iPad - room for chargers, plugs, etc. A nice mini alternative to my front pocket briefcase when I don't need to take my laptop with me for the day, but I want my iPad and accessories and still want to be hands free. The business card case is gorgeous, but a tight fit for business cards - I'm sure it will loosen up over time and will allow me to stuff a few extra cards in there soon.

    Oh, and I have not mentioned this before in other reviews, but I really appreciate the long shoulder straps with all of the pieces. As a big man, often times shoulder straps make the bag ride up higher than I would prefer. Saddleback's generous straps allow even a big guy like me to wear them cross body like a bandolier and still not ride up to high. Just one more example of the quality and value of Dave's designs!

    So far, all of my personal pieces have been in tobacco, the dry bags I gave as gifts were chestnut and black. All the colors are gorgeous, but I am drawn to the tobacco. As I got on the site to right this review, I found myself eyeing the wallets...... hmmmm, maybe a nice large bifold wallet in chestnut would be just the thing to start the new year and add a little color variety to my personal collection.....

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    In college, I bought a 1977 VW Bus and drove it 2000 miles down to the tip of Baja California to see what was there. The top popped up and made into a bed and the kitchen cabinets had a sink with an 8 gallon water tank and an electric built in pump. It was perfect for traveling and Blue and I had many a restful night sleep in it. Well, we drove down to Cabo San Lucas and there pretty much wasn’t anything there. So I turned around and drove back. It was real disappointing and I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody. But I would recommend the bus to everybody. It was perfect. It had just enough storage space to take along with me everything that I needed, but not enough space to take more. Kind of like this bag.