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$700.00 to $750.00

  • 100-Year Warranty, details here.
  • Free Shipping, details here.
  • Two spacious, secure front pockets with space behind to tuck in maps and small notebooks
  • Hidden pocket behind the main strap holds a cigar or pens
  • Wide rear external pocket for newspapers, thin books, or magazines
  • Interior of bag has two side pockets for pens, pencils, flash drives, and other small items
  • Shoulder strap is removable so it's simple to carry as a thin portfolio or briefcase
  • Internal key strap to keep keys from running away
  • Converts from shoulder bag to backpack for impromptu hikes
  • Made of tough full-grain leather which takes hits well and looks even better with age
  • Built with only a few pieces of leather to minimize seams and weak points
  • Stitched with marine-grade thread and reinforced copper rivets for super-durability

  • Dimensions (approximate size):
  • Adjustable strap length: 34 ½” - 59 ¼”
  • Medium
    • Exterior: 15” W x 11 ½” H x 3 ½” D
    • Interior: 14 ½” W x 11” H x 3” D
    • Holds up to a 15" Macbook, and most 15" laptops
    • 5.35 pounds
  • Large
    • Exterior: 17” W x 12” H x 3 ¼” D
    • Interior: 16 ¼” W x 11 ¾ H x 3” D
    • Holds up to a 17" Macbook, and most 17" laptops
    • 5.75 pounds

    If it's too heavy, you're too old!

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    I lusted over Saddleback products for a few years and I reached out to customer service when they had the Front Pocket Briefcase asking when (if?) they were going to make a Thin Front Pocket Briefcase and they gave me an estimated date... so I waited patiently. Or maybe not so patiently. I used that time to surf leather porn to compare companies and products, and Saddleback was still my choice.

    Saddleback finally came out with the Thin Front Pocket Breifcase and I ordered it. While I knew I loved it, I wasn't sure my wife would be excited about it. I removed it from the packaging and even before I got the wrapping off, I could smell the essence of the animal hide (yes, vegans, this is not a bag for you) and when I pulled the briefcase out, my wife's exact words were "that is damn sexy". SOLD!

    I purchased the thin version because I prefer to travel simply and if I have a lot of room, I'll store stuff in it. This is the perfect size as I am on a plane almost every week and it fits my laptop (and a second laptop occasionally), iPad, notebook, Bose noise cancelling headphones, chargers, cords, business cards, receipt envelope, pens, etc. I love the key strap on the inside so you can pull your keys out in a hurry.

    I used some Chamberlain's to season it and it's been great. It's durable, manly, sexy, and shows that you've made it. And for those that complain about the weight, in reality, it's about 2 pounds more than a nylon or canvas bag... and if you're complaining about carrying around two extra pounds, get off your ass and get into the gym.

    I have had several people in airports comment on my bag, and many people recognize it as a Saddleback. One guy's son even worked at Saddleback for about a year and said Dave was a great guy to work for, which made me feel good about supporting his company.

    My reviews are honest, and I'll tell you the downside of this bag:

    1. I really don't believe anybody is going to use this as a backpack, so that functionality could be eliminated. The whole idea of carrying a briefcase is because a backpack looks childish. I know all about backpacks being a better way to carry weight (blah, blah, blah), as I'm a weightlifter, but there's just something adult-like about having an actual briefcase hanging by your side instead of on your back.

    2. I would love if the rear pocket was open in the bottom so you could put it on a rolling luggage handle. I've contemplated going to a leather shop and having them cut an opening in it, but I hate to ruin a thing of beauty.

    3. Although it shipped very fast, I would like Dave to build a Star Trek-like transporter beam, so when you order something, it appears instantly. That way, I'm not sitting on the doorstep everyday with the glazed eyes of an addict waiting for the delivery man to appear with my box full of goodies. He may or may not have thought I was a stalker.

    I love my bag and I will order more Saddleback products. But the first time is always the best.

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    Outstanding Design and Quality

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    I've had my Saddleback briefcase for 9 months and am really impressed with the quality of the design and craftsmanship. It's built to take a beating and look great.

    The only thing I would change about the design is to remove the D-rings for the "backpack" functionality. I can't imagine many people actually using them for that and they make an awful lot of noise clanging against each other.

    In the end, it's a great product!

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    That's Not Weight - It's Quality

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    So this is my 3rd SBL purchase in the last year. Full disclosure, I’m now an addict.

    Picked up a large tobacco bag off of eBay & will admit, I was initally taken aback by the weight of the bag when I first picked it up. After I gave it the once over, I realizred the this weight is SBL going for quality over the ability to save a few ounces. Heavy straps, thick leather, solid buckles & rings - nothing comprimised here, real quality throughout.

    The main pocket easily fits my laptop, iPad, iPhone 6Plus, as well as a good inch or two of documents, leaving plenty of room for your keys and a handful of pens, markers, etc. I would think this should be more than enough space for the average business man/woman. The front pockets easily fits my Air power cords, headphones, & the like. Really dig the “hidden” front pockets, I can put my iPhone 6Plus here (with obligatory SBL case). This is key as you can quickly access the phone if it rings, where working the straps can take some effort. I don’t use the back pocket too much, but looks roomy enough.

    Overall, yes it has some heft, but I love the fell of this bag in my hand. Highly recommended.

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    I don't usually write reviews... But this is hands down the nicest bag and accessory I own. Right out of the box you can tell it's all quality. I was torn between this and the Front Pocket Briefcase... This is plenty big for my needs. I don't have an office and travel for work with all my work related items, and it's perfect. It's worth every penny.

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    Brownie Points

    by |
    WOW! This is one beautiful piece of art.

    I am a very simple guy and do not need a lot of bells a whistles, but this bag has both! Not only that, but it is amazingly well put together.

    I'm reminded of a few things every time I look at, touch and open this bag.
    1. A brand new baseball glove
    I've only had a couple (real) baseball gloves in my life. There was about 10 years of use between the 2 of them. The only reason there were 2 is because I outgrew the 1st. I come from a Baseball family so I was kinda born into it.
    New gloves take some love. You really have to work with the leather to make it able to fully function as a glove. This bag is exactly the same! The best part is that when you wear a baseball glove it fits different for you and the person sitting next to you. It will be the same with your Saddleback Bag (whichever one you choose). So it will become a part of you. The folds, bends and lines will mold to how you use it.
    2. My (late) Grandfather's saddle
    Grandad had a bunch of saddles, but none of us grandchildren were allowed to use (read in his words "play around with") his. It really was a thing of beauty. It had decades of use and (again) molded to his every bump and curve.
    3. The Gig Bag that carried my Bass Trombone
    I have a degree in Music Performance on Bass Trombone, and my "axe" was my livelihood for about 20 years. It had to carry, hold and protect (not to mention look cool) it in cars/trucks, busses and planes between teaching engagements and gigs for the entire time. The bag is still with me (almost 3 decades later), but I have had to replace the zippers MANY times. Not only this, but there is some definite wear in the bends and seams. I paid a pretty penny for this bag, but the leather is not near as good as what I got from this bag!

    So here is the thing. I am 100% sold on every product that Saddleback Leather offers! There is not another product offered on the market (to my knowledge) that will out perform this bag. The one that I was given (Dark Coffee Brown Thin Front Pocket Briefcase) might not be big enough for everyone, or the color might not match their suit (neither matter to this guy since I live in Maui and have not worn a suit for about 1/2 a decade (If you want it to match your suit...get a color that matches) and I do not need to take a ton of stuff with me)), but there is good news! Saddleback offers bags that are bigger, and in different colors!

    No matter what your needs are, they can meet (read exceed) them. Just look at the dimensions in the description of each offering and make sure that it will work for you. If your stuff will fit (and the color will match your clothes) you WILL NOT regret this purchase! If it costs too much to buy for yourself, put it on your gift list. This is what I did and my wife got it for me, but now that it is part of my everyday life, I wish I had made the purchase when I found Saddleback Leather over a year ago! Needless to wife got a ton of "Brownie points!"

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    Works great for ladies too!

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    I am a busy professional lady who was looking to buy a leather couch several months ago. Before committing to a big purchase like that, I did some research on leather and found Dave's site and his tutorial videos. They helped dramatically when comparing quality leather goods, and now I can LAUGH at ads for bonded leather furniture. Anyway. Fast forward several months and my poor-quality leather work bag's zipper failed. I am a self-taught seamstress in my spare time and thought I could fix it myself. But then, I remembered Dave's site and realized that the leather in the bag was low-quality as well, and just decided to replace the whole thing with something that would last my whole career, or longer. Dave's slogan seemed to fit that goal, so I started doing more research into his bags.

    Now, as any lady knows, we are used to bags with complicated inside compartments and zippered pockets and dividers and complex seaming for the sake of design. The extra seams and girly design stuff I can easily do without. But I was worried about losing all of the organizational inside pockets. Ladies, have no fear, the Thin Front Pocket Briefcase may be just the bag you're looking for.

    Why I love my bag:
    1. It is made to last a lifetime. Watching all of Dave's videos should convince you of that. 'Nuff said.
    2. It looks great. OK, so it's not a "ladies" bag. But the front pockets add (functional) visual interest and make it look less, in my opinion, like the standard men's briefcase. Not to say that it isn't manly in the hands of a gentleman, because it is. But I think the styling of this bag says sophisticated no matter who is carrying it. (And yes, I am a Chestnut through and through.)
    3. Organization is not a problem, even for all of the junk I normally carry in my purse. I decided on the large, and here's why. My old bag had two main compartments, (and a zippered center divider and a zippered inner pocket...) but otherwise was slightly closer to the dimensions of the medium thin front pocket. By switching to only one main compartment, I decided to overall go bigger to compensate. It has worked perfectly. I can carry several folders of papers, my on-call manual, a pathology reference handbook and my SL Trifold Wallet on one side of the main compartment and still have room next to the books and folders to carry a travel mug and my extensive collection of keys. I have also substituted a nylon pencil pouch in the bottom of the main compartment for the zippered inside pocket of more conventional ladies' bags. This keeps my smaller miscellaneous and random items that I don't need in the front pockets corralled into one place. The front pockets are, of course, wonderful for other small items like my phone and pager. The pen pockets inside the main compartment, unsurprisingly, function as advertised and carry all of my normal pens and marking pens.
    4. I was worried about the weight of the bag, but it was unfounded. I am a smaller lady, 5'4" on a good day, and, we'll say a dress size 4. Yes, the bag started out heavier empty than my old bag (also empty), but with the quality of the strap and the wide padding, I hardly notice unless I am trekking back and forth across the hospital for hours. Even when my shoulder does tire, and it would even with my previous bags, I simply switch it to cross-body to re-distribute the weight.
    5. I thought I wouldn't like all the extra D-rings, since I don't really plan to use them to carry bedrolls or tripods or whatnot, but they don't bother me at all, in fact I hardly notice they are there.
    6. Another feature I was wary about was the buckled closures, since I am used to zippers or magnetic snap closures. It does take more time to get into it than a zippered bag, if the buckle is closed. However, I am getting faster at this, and most of the time during the day I simply keep it open or tuck the strap into the keep without buckling it. I think the few extra seconds it takes to fasten or un-fasten it outweighs the potential to have a zipper break.
    7. As I said, I am on the shorter side, so I was worried that the shortest setting on the carrying strap, 34", would be too long. Luckily, it is the perfect over-the-shoulder carrying height for me! The tail of the strap is long, though, so with some patience, I was able to tuck the end under the fixed loop to keep it snugly tucked up out of the way of rolling-chair wheels and car doors.
    8. Did I mention it's gorgeous and fantastically well-made and will last for my entire career and longer?

    So, there you have it. I am one satisfied lady with a Large Thin Front Pocket Briefcase in Chestnut...and you can pry it out of my cold, dead hands.

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    Worth the wait!

    by |
    Received delivery of the Thin Front Pocket Briefcase, in the new black, prior to my recent business/leisure trip. Could not be more satisfied with the quality and overall workmanship. Was using a Zero Halliburton S3 briefcase for years, the new Saddleback briefcase priovides as much space with pockets for easy use. No disappointments, definitely makes a statement!

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    Instant heirloom

    by - verified purchaser |
    I received my bag back in March and I can honestly say that I have never been happier with a purchase. The quality and craftsmanship are evident in the sturdiness and utility of the bag. I got the tobacco brown and it is absolutely true that the bag is the ugliest on the first day you own it. Since then, my unmarred bag has accumulated scratches, gouges, bumps, bruises, and a load of personality. It looks better with each scratch that is added to the leather. I regularly receive compliments on this bag and often catch myself sneaking a look at it, tucked underneath my desk. It has uncovered a small bit of vanity that I had previously not known existed…

    I will say that I am 5'5" and I got the large thin FPB. It looks a bit big on me, as I have a smaller build, but I don't mind. Plus, it gives me a bit more room for my stuff and forces folks to give me a wider berth on the sidewalk.

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    A Great Bag

    by |
    I bought this bag because I was looking for something a little lighter than my Classic Bag. This fit the bill and then some. What a great style and bag!

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    Best bag I've ever owned

    by - verified purchaser |
    Simply put this is a solidly built bag with excellent functionality. Description was 100% accurate. I encourage you to read it fully before you buy. Reading about the imperfections made me excited to get mine broken in instead of fearful of the first crease/scratch. I got mine in tobacco, which I think shows the wear more. If you prefer one that shows less, the website page recommends a darker color. The leather is obviously top notch and the limited hardware appears to be as well. I'm getting a huge number of compliments, and I look forward to using it for the rest of my career.

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    by |
    Been looking for months and deciding this or one from Morlondo that someone told me about. First one had crease on front pocket. I know over time creases will appear, and get the 'perfections are part of the beauty...' but it just kept bugging me. Customer service was wonderful, sent return slip for me to return, and I just got my new one in Chestnut today. It is perfect, and I am so glad i didn't try saving a few bucks and get a lower quality one from Morlondo. All top notch construction, and every part just feels 'meaty'!! stiff as hell (too stiff right now to loop the strap to use as a backed!!), but i know that will soften over time, and shape nicely...

    bag 100% as well as customer service!!!

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    Christmas Gift from my wife

    by |
    This bag is awesome! It smells just like a brand new baseball glove and reminds me of great times when I was a kid every time I use it. At first I thought it wasn't going to have enough storage areas, but the front pockets actually easily hold all of my stuff. It is unbelievably well made and I am thrilled with it. I have the large size bag.

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    by - verified purchaser |
    This bag is everything I thought it would be, the leather is beautiful and when you put your hands on it the pride that the folks at saddleback take in making these shows, it's done right. If you're in Canada like me the briefcase will cost you just shy of $1000 after duties, shipping and the exchange rate, so that's a lot but it's well worth it and I can't imagine ever finding a better made bag.

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    by |
    My fiancé gave me this briefcase for my college graduation gift. It is an absolutely beautiful bag. The leather is heavy and clearly good quality. The hardware is strong and looks very nice. I love that there are no zippers and that it can be a back pack too!!! Can't wait to purchase more items 😀

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    Little Brother

    by |
    Just ordered this in the Chestnut color. This will be the little brother to the large classic Briefcase I ordered from SB a couple of years ago. Looking forward to years of service.

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    happy birthday to me....happy birthday to me.....

    by |
    I've purchased several SBL products for gifts but this was the first I've bought for ME!! I couldn't be happier with the bag, the construction and quality are top notch. I'm really happy with the carbon color as well! I originally was hoping to get the tobacco color but couldn't pass up the sale price on the carbon and now I want more! Thanks again for your dedication to quality work!

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    Great bag, great team!

    by |
    I absolutely could not wait for the Breifcase. I was sooo iinpatient for the bag that I accidently had it mailed to the wrong address (purchased thru Amazon). The team at saddleback was great! They had the bag routed back to my house in days. Can I blame Saddleback for making me lust after the breifcase? Damn you Saddleback!!

    As for the Briefacase, It is worth the wait. I can honestly say it does feel like a quality bag. My bag arrived in perfect condition, and the tobacco is stunning! It leather is slightly stiff and looks like it will break in well. The seams were perfect, the hardware top notch, and the extra pockets on the front will come in handy.

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    A Great Bag

    by |
    Got my Dark Brown Bag and it is perfect for me. It is lighter than my old Classic Bag. It still has plenty of room for all I carry. It seems a little softer and will break in perfectly

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    by |
    My hubby surprised me with the tobacco one, I was literally floored. I mean jaw dropped floored. Folks lemme tell ya this bag is amazing. It is exactly as described. It is tough as rocks. It's going to be my carryon for our trips, carry my tablet laptop, ipad, and other entertainment for the boring plane rides.
    I don't think there is any negative things I can say about this. I love the imprint of Blue just inside the front flap.
    Breaking it in is going to be fun, yes it's stiff, but as use'll soften and age and become that well loved gorgeousness. Not one zipper or cheap items on the bag, as I said exactly as described on site.
    It WILL last a lifetime plus some. I'm already looking at a smaller everyday bag....

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    by |
    I ordered the chestnut thin fron pocket briefcase. The bag is stunning! Beautiful. I tucked a rolled bath towel in the bottom to see how wide it would go. It widened very nicely. The pockets are generous and the adjustable strap is a winner. I took the shoulder pads off, but tucked them in a front pocket in case I need them. This is by far the nicest bag I have ever purchased.

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    Amazing Purchase!

    by |
    As a NYC businessman and someone who travels constantly- wishing he was Indiana Jones- I knew this would be the perfect purchase. I bought this for my husband for Christmas 2013 and he absolutely loves it. I research many sites and I truly feel that this is the best in class. The company was very helpful and responsive when helping to select the perfect bag.
    We went with dark coffee brown which is very versatile.
    Highly recommend this bag. It's worth the investment.

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    by |
    I liquidated a lot of stuff to raise the money to buy this bag for myself. I am beyond pleased. I ordered the chestnut. This bag is stunning. While it seems sufficiently thin, I rolled a bath towel and pressed it into the bottom to help the bag stretch. It widened nicely. Ill probably leave the towel there when I am not using the bag. The outer pockets are a nice size and the hidden pocket is great for pens, a stylus or similar object. This is by far the nicest bag I have ever owned. I cannot see the need to buy another anytime soon. If I do, it will be from SBL.

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    Most Impressive!

    by |
    Thanks to Collette for her suggestion to consider this bag. This bag is BEAUTIFUL. The compliments are flowing indeed. The leather smell is almost addictive. In my opinion, the bag is not particularly heavy, and it has enough room for my Mac (13 inch) and materials. I also purchased 1 matching cable bag for stuff, but the 2 front pockets are spacious for goodies you might have to bring along. This bag is phenomenal and I am beyond pleased with my purchase. I see it is sold out now....I know why.

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    One Sweet Tough Guy Bag

    by |
    After talking to Rene about this particular bag. I realized this is the size for me.
    The Classic would be to big.
    I use it more because I want it not need it. I haven't put it down, even if its to go to the store, out to eat or some times from room to room. My family think I'm nuts, they don't understand its just cool to have all your stuff with you, plus the leather, look, feel smell is awesome. I carry one of those long leather multi card wallets that holds cash many cards and receipts, one of Daves, tobacco cable bags,(in the cable bag), I usually carry a nice sized leather man knife, surefire flashlight, a few cables for the iPad and phone a sewing kit (just because i can) lol.. my wife had one probably from a hotel. A nice magnifying glass the kids got me years ago, a nice nail clipper and a hard case to put my Montblanc Pen in when I am not carrying in my shirt that day. Then either an IPad2 in a life proof case or if I wanted to I could take the 13" Retina Macbook Pro. I use it both as a back throwing one strap over my one shoulder, some days and some days I use the regular over the shoulder method as shown on website.
    I could really cram it full and strap it down if i wanted to take both iPad and computer, but I like the thinner look.
    I bought it in carbon just before they ran out and love it. I am in Miami, was using daily for a few months to go back and fourth to work at the car dealership. I am taking a trip next week to Colorado, I am looking forward to using it on as a carry on to take all my mac stuff and I have a small roller case to pack my clothes and stuff, I don't need for the plane ride. I forgot to mention my Baby Glock fits nice behind the front pocket or if not carrying I roll up my iphone cable and slide it in there, for quick access. In the pockets I cary a small hard cover Journal and on the other side I keep 2 eye glass cases 1 for my daily glasses and one with my Ray-bans. The key strap is cool and I also carry a small cheapy pleather notebook until I can afford to purchase Daves Small Black Notebook.
    I also purchased another cable bag in DC to keep my cables and converter, as well as a slim T1 external hard drive for Time Machine back ups, when I need to take my computer.

    The bag does it all, not to mention I have a blinding tactical flashlight by surefire that I keep in the cigar slot for additional protection. The two inner side pockets are great for stylus, pill holder to keep some Motrin in, and a pair of clip-ons for my glasses. Bye the case if you are like me you will love the quality and luxury of having nice leather from saddleback. They are saved as my homepage. I want the duffel, a belt and a notebook holder in small for now,
    Just Do-IT

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    Total Awesomeness!!!!!!

    by |
    So i purchased this thin front pocket briefcase in Tobacco color on Dave's Deals at 15% off. I honestly did not find anything wrong with the case, Maybe Dave needs to get his eyes checked? I'm a contractor and normally have at least 7 to 10 projects going at the same time, at first i thought all my files would not fit in it at the same time, i was wrong, there's plenty of space inside to at least hold 12 to 15 files. The build quality of this thing is AMAZING, I wouldn't be surprised if a bulldozer ran over this thing and nothing happens to it. You should see the looks and questions i get when i walk into construction meetings, it re-assures me that i made the right decision to order. If your looking for a briefcase to last forever, looks goods, attracts attention and can probably with stand the test of time, then DO NOT HESITATE like i did for 6 months and order this, you will not be disappointed!

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    A variation on our Thin Briefcase, with two external front pockets in place of an interior accessory division. Holds up to a 17" laptop.

    As the story goes, I was an undercover FBI agent and my black lab, Blue, was a drug dog when I first moved to Juarez, Mexico. And the gang on my street didn’t like it much. Well, at least that’s what my little old landlord lady, Donita, told them.

    You see, she didn’t like the gang hanging out on our street because of all of the late night noise, broken beer bottles and the trash they always left behind. And, therefore, she used me to scare them off.

    I mean, it definitely was believable. What in the world would a clean cut white guy and his canine sidekick be doing renting a shabby little room in Donita’s hacienda, right?

    Well, it worked. The gang moved a few blocks away and our street got nice and peaceful again. Peaceful until the little old lady’s Chihuahua went into heat and Donita had the scent of love all over from holding her. Well, Blue fell in love and it wasn’t pretty… but that’s another story.

    I'm not sure if your current briefcase would make anybody wonder what you do other than work at some average job for average pay. This briefcase will suggest a story about you that may not be true, but it'll sure be fun.