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$389.00 to $528.00

  • Versatile design functions as a cross-body, over the shoulder or hand held bag
  • Quickly transfer removable liner with contents to different shells
  • Comfortable built in handle for quick grabbing or carrying
  • Liner has key clip, cell phone pocket and large side pocket to stay organized
  • Hide money, passports, and other valuables under the false bottom
  • Adjustable straps convert tote to the right size if you are tall or short
  • Removable shoulder straps connect with nipple rivet so both stay on shoulder
  • All liners are light color to easily see inside in low light
  • This Tote set includes removable shell plus liner
  • Because of natural oils shade may vary
  • Dimensions (approximate size):
  • Small
    • Exterior: 15-18 ½” W (bottom to top) x 11 ½” H x 5 ½ D
    • Interior: 14 ½-18” W (bottom to top) x 11” H x 5” D
    • 3.7 pounds
  • Large
    • Exterior: 15-20” W (bottom to top) x 14 ¾” H x 5 ½ D
    • Interior: 14 ½-19 ½” W (bottom to top) x 14 ¼” H x 5” D
    • 4.1 pounds

    We use natural Markings Equal Inclusion of Exceptional Imperfection Ornamentation

    "... Saddleback Leather no longer discriminates against any cow on the basis of age, appearance, lactose intolerance... if the beast has a natural marking or brand, or whether or not they worship the Divine Bovine."

    Truth is, sometimes beauty is only skin deep... like with cows. Their poetry is notoriously terrible, but man, their hides are nature's art. We don't believe that flawlessness equals beauty. Beauty is when we're able to see something as it really is.

    This is true with humans too. There are lots of quality people who are really beautiful not in spite of, but because of the marks life has given them.

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    When we first got married, Suzette and I moved to Mexico for a couple of months to find someone to make our bags. We were sitting at this little restaurant and I slid a paper placemat and a little pencil to her and said, “Hey honey, draw me a purse here, let’s make a women’s bag.” She looked at me almost disgusted and said, “Sure, I’ll do this while you balance the checkbook.” I never asked her to design again because the thought of balancing a checkbook still hurts my head. She never asked me to balance the checkbook and I never asked her to design again. Come to find out later, she’s an amazing designer but just didn’t know it because she had never tried.

    This Tote is her first design, and it’s our best selling women’s design, by far. Now she’s designing like crazy for her own company, Love 41. She’s not only a great wife, a loving mom and super attractive, but she really knows how to design, too.


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    LOVE this bag!

    by |
    I received the Small Tote in Chestnut as an early birthday gift from my boyfriend, and I absolutely LOVE it. Right out of the box, at “the ugliest it will ever be” as Saddleback says, it is gorgeous. I can’t wait to see how it ages over the years, and I am sure I will be carrying it forever. And they’re not kidding when they say compliments aplenty are coming your way – I receive compliments on this bag almost daily, from both women and men!

    Before ordering it, the only hesitation I had was in the fact that the bag doesn’t have a way to stay closed. I was worried that I would be bothered by this, but it hasn’t been an issue. The tote is sturdy as all get-out -- so while it does open up anytime I set it down, nothing spills out, it stands upright and stays put. Plus, this gives me an excuse to put the Cable Bag or maybe the Sunglasses/Pen Pouch on my wish list to keep track of smaller items, right? (Let’s be real: I just want excuses to have more leather.)

    I've since treated myself to the "Big Wallet" in Chestnut to go with my beautiful new tote... the quality on both of these items is just fantastic. Very satisfied customer!

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    Love my new purse!!

    by |
    This is a great bag. I really don't think I could love it more. The color (tobacco) is beautiful and the design is so darn cool. The color is a bit darker than I first thought which I really like. It's kind of like a dark honey color - quite attractive. I got the small size as I am a small woman - about 5'3" and 120 pounds, and it seems very proportionate to my frame. It does fit my macbook pro 13" pretty nicely, if it was in a protective sleeve I wouldn't give it a second thought if I had to travel somewhere with it. However, if I was buying a tote and not a purse I would opt for the large size. The weight of the bag is there but it's not cumbersome especially for the quality of the bag. I also read a review somewhere and someone said it could be a weapon if needed and I completely agree!!! I even tried it out with my 12 year old son as the attacker (he was wearing a pillow) he agreed it was a great weapon - says a lot as he's quite the connoisseur. Although a pricey purse for the average woman, I do believe it will last a lifetime and will prove to be a great investment.

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    PERFECT Bag!

    by |
    My husband gave me a Small Leather Tote in Dark Coffee Brown for Valentines Day. By far, the BEST gift he's ever given me! I'm 5'8", 120lb and the Small size fits my frame well. The strong, masculine aesthetic goes well with every piece in my wardrobe. "Compliments Abound" is truly and understatement! The beauty and craftsmanship speak for themselves. Everywhere I go I receive compliments - from both women and men.

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    My handsome, everyday companion

    by - verified purchaser |
    Back in July 2012, I placed my order for the large tote, then waited for 6 months till Christmas so that a friend from the US could bring it home to Malaysia for me. It was love at first sight, and I have been using it almost daily for both work and leisure. Even after collecting a few scuff marks, it still turns heads and I receive compliments about it till this day. It carries everything from my laptop and journal, to workout clothing and glass bottles, with ease. I do believe I have found my bag, for life. Thank you Saddleback for crafting such top notch products.

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    They can't even have it when I'm dead! It's going with me.

    by |
    I just opened this beautiful bag today. Thank you so much for such a perfect design. It's not as heavy as I was expecting (which is really good since I pack a lot of stuff!) The color (Tobacco) is actually darker than I was expecting, but stunning none-the-less. The pig skin inside liner is very, very soft and not as shiny looking as in the video. I'm looking forward to taking this to conferences, on planes, and accepting the compliments that are sure to come on this tote. Again, thank you. I have my eye on a wallet now!

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    Loving my Saddleback collection!

    by - verified purchaser |
    I'm waiting, in anticipation, for my big leather wallet to arrive. I didn't purchase it from Saddlebackleather, but found a brand new one on ebay instead. I wanted to purchase it from Saddleback, but couldn't afford it. Now, not only will I have two Saddleback totes, one large the other small, but now the wallet as well. Can't wait to make my next purchase, however, having a hard time deciding what it'll be. Oh, btw, large tote was purchased from Dave's Deal not from ebay. My next purchases from here on out will be from Saddlebackleather!

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    Love It!

    by - verified purchaser |
    I got the small tote in Tobacco as a graduation gift and it's amazing! The new and improved tobacco is so amazing I have so many unique scars on my bag and I see this bag being used in all walks of life. Taking it on trips and using it as a backpack, diaper bag, etc. Yet, above all else thank you for the "hidden egg" that was under the lining...I'm glad to know it's there if ever needed. ;)

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    Gucci, LV, Tory Burch etc. Can't compare!

    by - verified purchaser |
    Purchased a Saddleback leather small tote off ebay. The bag looks as though it was hardly carried. I'm totally in love with this bag, but must say, it's quite heavy. After purchasing the small tote, I 'moseyed' on over to Saddleback Leather Co. and see what other bags is offered and i'm happy i did! I've decided to give my mother the small tote (she's been eyeballing it since I've gotten it) and have ordered a large tote, in tan, from Dave's Deal. I'm waiting, impatiently, for it to arrive Dec. 4th, but i know when it does I won't be disappointed. I'll, however, have to wait until end of next month to purchase liner f0r it! Yashere'e G.

    Albany, N.Y.

    Dec. 1th 2013

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    My search is over

    by - verified purchaser |
    I've always had a bag addiction, not because I wanted a lot of bags, but because I've been in search of 'the perfect bag.' Finally, it's here. So now I will sell my collection of Dooney & Bourke, Coach, LV, Gucci, Timbuk2, and other random bags on Ebay. I purchased the large tote, it's a perfect size. Looks great with my SBL large wallet and iPad case. I put the Love41 cosmetic bag on my Christmas wish list too. I use my small classic briefcase for work commute, medium classic briefcase for work travel and conferences. I think a few luggage pieces are next. Suzanne, any new designs for large handbags in the future? Thanks for making such phenomenal products.

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    Love the Bag

    by - verified purchaser |
    My first day with Large tote bag. Just took it from the box and wanted to show it off. When I lifted the bag from the box my first thought was , its heavy, but after putting my stuff in and putting it on my shoulder, it was very comfortable. It was a lettle smaller than I expected but true to mimentions as advertised. Then came the compliments. Every one loves my bag. I love Saddleback prducts.

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    Wow. Just...Wow.

    by - verified purchaser |
    I splurged on myself for a combined BDay/promotion commemoration. A colleague has the large SBL Briefcase, and I didn't want to copy-cat her, but was entranced with the quallity. so I searched around on the SBL site and found this stylish bag that will be a life-long companion.

    I put my computer in a sleeve, my lunch in an insulated bag, an umbrella, and toss in a few pouches of girly accessories. If it starts to fill to the rim, I tuck a scarf over the top of my stuff, and hide what I am toting.

    The straps can hold an umbrella on the outside of the bag and be reconfigured to be cross-body, or even one on each shoulder to make a flat back-pack for a longer trek–in a locale where you aren't worried about pick-pockets.

    I got it in chestnut, and found a pair of Frye 8" Engineer boots in Plum to match it pretty darn close. The boots fade from purple, through chestnut to black. I don't wear the boots everyday, but I do carry the tote everyday.

    It looks equally as good with jeans on a casual, as it does with a suit, carried into an executive meeting room.

    I've got a bunch of cable bags and belt pockets tagged for my xmas list to use with it, and I'm gonna save for a carbon tote shell, now that SBL has backed off of slick black.

    My *only* improvment suggestion would be for another interior sleeve pocket. I have to choose between putting my wallet (card-holder bi-fold) or my phone into the sleeve provided in the liner. On days in a girly outfit that has no pockets, one gets tossed into the bottom. I'm taking care of that by buying a belt pouch to use for my phone on the straps.

    Happy, happy. happy birthday to me.

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    The search is OVER!!!

    by - verified purchaser |
    I just received my second bag. I purchased the first about 2 years ago (large tote, dark coffee brown) and I have carried nothing else since. This bag has been travelling with me all over the western US, camping, hiking, cycling and fishing. I keep the straps a bit longer on it so I can put my arms through the straps and carry it as kind of a backpack on my back when I need both hands for catching sand crabs for bait while shore fishing, or climbing up a steep embankment or riding my mountain bike. I have slept on it, dropped it in the water and once it slid all the way down a really big boulder. HA! It is even the exact same brown color as my German Shorthair Pointer's head and that is really the best I can do as far as fashion statements go. I keep the purse in good shape using Chamberlain's Leather Milk every couple of months. It looks fantastic, well worn with a nice patina. My wonderful thoughtful husband gave me the small tote in tobacco for my birthday this week. I have not stopped smiling!! It was a Dave's deal but I think someone over at Saddleback grabbed one from the wrong shelf because this bag is flawless! Thanks Saddleback! I LOVE my bags!!

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    Love my small tote!

    by - verified purchaser |
    I have had my small tote and liner for one year and absolutely love it. The small is not too small and will hold a ton of stuff and doesn't overwhelm my 5'2" frame. I also love love love the tobacco color. Great bag and would definitely purchase again!

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    Will Last Forever

    by - verified purchaser | I am a Saddleback Fan. My husbund has the Lg Briefcase, Duffle Bag, Classic Travel Case and Bi-Fold Wallet. I have the Large Tote in Chestnut, Big Leather Wallet, ID Wallet and Clutch Purse. My sister-in-law has several of the small totes.
    I have had my Large Tote for 1 1/2 years and it looks like new....It will take years of wear to get that worn in look. It is a wonderful product, solid, heavy and quality is next to no other. It is a breeze to clean inside, holds more than I would ever need. It can easily hold my laptop but just gets so heavy at full capacity that I try to keep it lightly packed.
    Drawbacks for me are that the nipple rivet that holds the strap together can't be moved. When you lengthen the straps it will attach off center and tends to tangle up the straps. The other issue that I have is that the pocket for the cell phone in the small tote is too small for a larger smart phone. The large tote pocket fit my iPhone in a slim case but when I got a new Samsung phone with a sturdy case it will not come even close to fitting. The flap pocket is a little awkward to get in and out of, so I don't place items in it that I need all the time. Overall great products!

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    Fabulous Tote!

    by - verified purchaser |
    My husband spoiled me with a small Tobacco tote for Christmas. Oh my is it ever nice! First of all, quality, no question about it, the quality is incredible. Second, it is unique, I have used Coach bags in the past, let me tell you this tote by far is better!

    I have the small tote and feel it is the perfect size, my wallet, cell phone, make up, keys, reading glasses, and small ditty bag fit with room to spare. My gloves fit nicely on the top.

    I very much reccomend this tote, you will not be disappointed.

    Thank you Saddleback and
    a huge thank you to my husband for buying it for me!


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    Beautiful daily use bag

    by - verified purchaser |
    Bought one for my wife to carry all the kids stuff, perfect size and utility. Well thought out compartments, lighter leather (thankfully), built to last, and elegant timeless design.

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    Husbands: Just buy this!

    by - verified purchaser |
    Are you a husband looking for a great gift for your wife? Agonozing over what to get for Valentines, birthday, Christmas? Just buy one of these.

    No need to agonize over whether she will or won't like it - she will love it. Don't ask her friends, her mom, her sister - just order it and give it to her. She will be impressed with your taste, sense of style and thoughtfulness - chances are, this is more purse than she would buy herself (both in size and quality) but it is truly a can't-miss gift for the one you love.

    Worried about size/color? Make your best guess. I was close - got the large chestut, and ended up returning and getting the smaller chestnut. Like Dave's hot wife Suzanne, my hot wife is 5'3, and that big tote is a LOT of bag for a petite woman - especially as our diaper-bag years are more than a decade in the past. The smaller bag is just perfect for her, but if your wife is taller and/or used to a bigger bag, large would be great.

    This is the bag that will turn your wife back into your girlfriend. Stop thinking, pick one and get it!

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    Just the right size!

    by - verified purchaser |
    I fell in love with this bag after I saw it when purchasing my Saddleback iPad cover. I was hesitant to buy it because I am 5'2" and thought it would be to big for me to carry. After almost two years, I finally made the decision to buy it. I have only had for two days and I am in love! It's fits under my arm perfectly and I love the handle. My only suggestion, I would love to have a smaller companion pouch to use along with the one attached for other small things.
    Other than that, I recommend this purse to all small and petite women!!!!

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    Best Tote Bag Ever

    by - verified purchaser |
    I bought my large TB tote when they first came out and it was the best purchase ever. I use it all the time and get more and more compliments on it. I am 5'3" and the large is a great size for me. My only suggestion would be to make a larger cell phone pocket. I cannot get the iPhone 5 with the cover into it, so my cell phone sometimes falls to the bottom of the bag. Other than that, it is the perfect bag. Thanks, Suzette, you certainly know your bags!

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    Beauty and Function

    by - verified purchaser |
    Leather love! Bought my tobacco large tote soon after it's debut and it has patinaed to perfection. Perfect size for everyday use and travel. Easily carries my other leather beauties; large bible cover used as a notebook cover and leather makeup bag and Lana Clutch wallet (snapped up over at Love41). I've also kept some extra baby wipes and a diaper between the liner and the tote - very clever design Suzette!
    Get compliments all the time and it truly gets more remarkable with each years passing.

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    very nice

    by - verified purchaser |
    I bought the small tote for my wife as an anniversary gift. It is perfect. She is 5ft tall and it is great for everyday use. It's thick but not too heavy. Just enough room for her things and a couple things for our toddler. If you like to carry lunch and a bunch of extra toy may want to go with the large. Very happy with this purchase

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    Believe the reviews!!!!

    by - verified purchaser |
    Believe the reviews and buy one today! Saddleback products are worth every penny. I absolutely love my Saddleback tote bag and I get compliments about how beautiful it is all the time. I have owned my large chestnut Tote bag for two years and the bag still looks great if not better than the day I received it. I use the bag everyday and love love love that it fits perfectly under an airplane seat when I fly.

    I have and will continue to purchase products from Saddleback Leather.

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    No Regrets!

    by - verified purchaser |
    I love leather. After owning several Saddleback pieces, I've become educated that leather varies in quality. There is also a huge difference in the skill if the artisans who craft it. I've been admiring the tote for over a year. The price was a deterrent, but also I was concerned about the weight of the bag. I finally took the plunge and bought the chestnut from Dave's Deals. Absolutely no regrets! The weight of the bag is a non-issue. The shoulder straps magically distribute the weight when carrying. It's one of the most comfortable bags I own. The raw underside of the strap, plus the metal nipple to keep the 2 straps together- incredibly thoughtful. Strap stays on the shoulder perfectly. Also love the simple, open design. Chestnut color is gorgeous. Very satisfied with this 15% off Dave's Deal. Matches my big wallet. Would I recommend it? Without hesitation.

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    by - verified purchaser |
    I just received the Large Tote, the Small Notepad & the Big Wallet. (All Chestnut)
    I am speechless. Worth every penny!!!

    I already own the Key Fob, the Passport Wallet w/RFID Shield, the Small Explorer Satchel (Original version from 2008)
    Also all Chestnut.
    The Explorer Satchel was the first version before the Round Satchel came out.

    LADIES GET THE LARGE TOTE, it is NOT TOO huge. You will NEVER buy another leather tote bag again, unless you want all 4 colors!!! Fantastic value for the excellent quality!!!!

    Lisa from
    Cincinnati OH 2/12/2013 11:05 pm
    did a review on this website about her small tote under the heading "Love my tote" and wrote: "Sometimes when I'm sitting on my couch, I will get my bag and sit it next to me. Just to be near it. It's oddly comforting, yet a little disturbing how much I love my tote."

    I had to laugh about her sitting the bag close to her just to be near it. I never knew other women did that about their leather bags besides me.

    Forget Coach, Dooney & Bourke & Brahmin.
    As much as those companies make beautiful well made leather bags. And I have many. I am sorry.

    It's Saddleback Leather or nothing now. No other bag is going to sit next to me on my couch or sit on the pillow next to me on my bed ever again!!! Thank you Saddleback Leather.....Now to save up for a Chestnut pouch for the outside of the tote, a cable bag & a small ID wallet & some Chamberlain Leather Milk!!!!

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    Fantastic Bag!

    by - verified purchaser |
    I was hesitant to buy this bag because I am a designer type of girl, but my husband convinced me to try this instead of the Louis Vuitton I wanted (also much cheaper). I have to admit it is the best bag I have owned. Very comfortable on my shoulder, holds all the stuff I need for 3 kids and the quality is outstanding. I have worn out 2 Kate Spades, 1 Louis Vuitton, and a Burberry bag using them on a daily basis with kids for the past 10 years. This bag was a fraction of the cost of all of those and is guarrenteed for 100 years! It will not wear out, even with my busy life style. I have gotten many compliments on it. I would tell anyone considering this bag to give it a try, you won't regret it!

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