Thin Briefcase

$461.00 to $474.00

Behold, Your Last Briefcase

Leather Pad

$45.00 to $213.00

Make Your Office Anti-Corporate

Bifold Wallet

$47.00 to $59.00

The Last Wallet You’ll Ever Need

Big Leather Wallet


A Wallet For Serious Travelers

Dry Bag

$310.00 to $347.00

A Shelter From the Storm

Notepad Holder

$65.00 to $148.00

Toughest Office Accessory Around

Leather Bible Cover


Honor Your Word

Luggage Tag


Join the Paper Tag Resistance

Classic Briefcase

$568.00 to $664.00

Our Best Selling Bag

Moleskine Cover

$45.00 to $64.00

Many Journals, Just One Cover

Gadget Bag

$245.00 to $308.00

A Case to Hold Your Gear

Bucket Backpack


A Bucket for Your Back

Passport Sleeve


Protect Your Papers, Please


$710.00 to $820.00

Ready for Life’s Rapids

Coaster Set


Make Your Mugs Happy

Messenger Bag


For the Traveling Minimalist

iPhone 6 Wallet


A Wallet Nobody Will See

Front Pocket Backpack

$498.00 to $598.00

For the Organized Wanderer

Simple Backpack

$458.00 to $558.00

Over Engineered Simplicity

Leather Satchel

$308.00 to $408.00

The Ultimate Day Pack

Leather Pouch


The Minimalist’s Man Bag

Leather Clutch Purse


The Convenient Travel Partner

Travel Case


Not out of place in the Serengeti

Leather Tote

$389.00 to $528.00

Compliments Aplenty Coming Your Way