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Trifold Wallet


Trifold Wallet reviews

Won't need another one for a long long time...

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My wife gave me this wallet (at my fairly specific request) for my birthday a year ago. I carry it every single day, and it has held up remarkably well. At a quick glance it still looks brand new, though closer inspection reveals the scuffs and scratches of everyday use. It looks better this way than it did new. Someday I'll get around to conditioning it, but I honestly don't think it's warranted yet. The inside still has that great leather smell.

All my essentials fit easily inside and I have to put quite a few cards in before it bulks up to an unacceptable level. Never have enough cash to worry about bulk there.

In a year, really the only thing change is that it's broken in some. The wallet was pretty stiff when I received it, but use and age have softened it up nicely. It's truly getting better as we go along.

I'm very satisfied with this wallet, just as I have been with my large briefcase and iPad Mini cover. All top-notch and built to last forever. That whole, "Buy the best, cry once" thing is legit.

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Great product

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I'm really happy with this wallet. It's smaller than what it looks like in the video which means it isn't bulky. However, it has all the room anyone would need to keep the important stuff. And although the product pictures and video don't show it, you can slip in a picture insert to keep those family pictures on you at all times.

It's a leather wallet, so just remember that it takes a little time (1 to 2 weeks) to break it in.

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My great grandchildren will be using this

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I am so glad that I got this when I was 14. This is going to last me a while if not forever. This is not cheap by any means but that is why I love it. The leather quality is great and I love that the founder of this company is from my hometown. I have no complaints about the wallet and I respect this company and their products. Please don't ever sell out because I want to live to see if they honor their 100 guarantee

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Worth Every Penny!

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I bought this as a birthday treat to myself, after having heard about saddleback. Very few times have I been so pleased with customer service and quality of workmanship. I bought this wallet and almost immediately received confirmation of my order and shipping information. This is also the fastest shipping I've ever had, as it shipped to my APO Box in under a week! As for quality, the moment I opened the package, that intoxicating leather smell hit me and I knew it was money well spent. Simply put: this is a durable, stylish, Made-In-Old-Mexico trifold wallet that my family just might fight over when I'm dead! :)

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Great Design

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I've had the large bifold before, which was just a bit too big. This is perfect though, plenty of room for notes and cards. I was worried it would be a little too thick to carry in my back pocket, especially when sitting, but it's been fine so far. Only thing I've noticed, when you have three or four cards in the side pockets, once it's loosened a bit (and this product has softened a lot quicker than my other Saddleback products have, probably because I sit on it all the time), when you take out one card, say when you're at the ATM, sometimes the cards still in the slot can start to slip out, so be careful.

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I have owned every wallet you make (almost). Small bifold, medium bifold, large bifold, credit card sleeve, small ID wallet (great), passport wallet, business card wallet, and the big leather wallet. All are great except the medium and large bifolds. Both had size issues and that is subjective. The large bifold was simply too big. I loved the construction and functionality but it felt like a notebook in my pocket. The medium bifold was sized OK (I had issues putting bills in it) but simply too thick. Again, my size issue may be someone else's dream size. Your new trifold (thick in its own way) is sized perfectly. The cards slide in and out immediately upon receipt of the wallet. I had to break in other wallets with hotel door keys and some hot water (great trick) but here it was not needed. Also, bills slide in with plenty of room to spare. A home run here Dave. At least for me. Thanks

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The Best

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I've bought and sold pretty much every type of Saddleback leather wallet at one time or another. Although all the wallets have the excellent qualities everyone talks about, this trifold wallet is the ideal fit for me. It's practical yet unique enough where not everyone has one like it. It's the perfect size and design. Cash fits in it well, there is ample space for many cards, and it can be moved in and out your pocket without a struggle. This wallet is definitely a keeper, and I am mega-satisfied with my purchase!

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The Wallet I've Been Waiting to Try

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Written after having the wallet for 2 days.

Short Review: Another solid product. Holds more cards than my small bifold did, and still seems like it will not put stress on them. My only gripe is that the width when closed isn't ideal for cash storage. The folds it creates in US dollars are a little too close to the edge of the bill. They're a little frustrating to manipulate after taking that shape. It's a minor issue many would never notice, and it allows the center section to have a great second pocket that clearly wouldn't fit otherwise.

4/5 on a scale of Saddleback products. Easily rounds up to 5/5 when other wallets are considered.

Long Review:

I have several Saddleback products: a few wallets, a briefcase, and some miscellaneous. I have a problem, but let's move on.

I'm hard to please. If something isn't meeting my expectations, I keep an eye out for a replacement that would do a better job. The first criterion is durability. If it's not well built, there's no point. Not an issue with Saddleback. This is my 3rd of their wallets (real wallets, not the sleeve or business card holder). Here's an overview in the order I got them:

ID Wallet: Great little wallet. Still use it when I know cash is just there as a backup. I wish it was just a little wider so the cash went in and out more easily. I hoped it would loosen up more, but I gave up for now.

Small Bifold: Used it for over a year, and it's a great little wallet. I wanted something with a deeper cash pocket though, because sometimes corners stuck out if not placed with care. I also wanted just a little bit more capacity.

I had eyed the other SBL trifold (currently called Wrap Wallet), but I definitely didn't like the strap on the exterior. I ruled out the medium bifold because of how I loved the way the card slots in the small bifold kept things flat. The large bifold... well, it called to me, but I worried about the size.

This new one without the strap looked like just what I've been waiting for. This thing is great on cards. New, it fits a bit more than the small bifold, so I can carry that little bit extra. The center slot is great for IDs, and the most used cards can go in the first fold so that they are accessible quickly. It's cash pocket is plenty deep and the cash stays in place well. You could throw receipts in there with it and retrieve them easily.

The Issue...

This wallet is a little wider than other trifolds, which allows it to have the second center pocket (which is a great idea). It comes at a cost only a crazy person like myself would notice. The cash now holds a fold that is just a little bit further to the edges of the bill. It makes them just a little more difficult to manipulate. I'm trying to get the wallet to fold closed a little tighter, hoping that will solve the issue for me. It's a minor issue that I could probably live with for years, but it means my search for the perfect wallet will likely continue.

My Tips for Use:

1. Stacking cards in a slot means you have easy access to the front and back of the slot. This means in the small bifold, you can access 4 cards quickly.

2. On the bifolds, the back of the cash pocket is lined but not the front, and it's the opposite on this trifold. It will be easier to slide new cash (change you're not sorting at the register) in on the side with the lining. Appears to be less important on the larger wallets.

3. They wear in like a dream. I almost want to go back to my small bifold now just because of how awesome it looks after a year or so. Give it time and you'll be rewarded.

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Great wallet - First Saddleback order

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I received this wallet for Father's Day. After almost purchasing the medium bifold, I saw this one and realized it was new in the wallet section.

Even though it had an extra fold, therefore extra thickness, I took a chance on it since I liked the middle section for my driver's license.

I really like the thickness of the leather - I ordered in Dark Coffee Brown - and the stitching looks great too. This one has the pigskin lining on the inside half of the bills area - the outer wall is unlined.

Cards fit in snug, but not so tight they crack. I can get about 4 cards in each slot right off the bat, and probably more later. It may be too thick for some people - about an inch thick with cards in it. If so, go for the medium bifold. I also purchased the front pocket ID wallet for my brother and that is great for times when you just want a wallet to hold one or two cards, and ID and a little cash - I think I'll be getting that in black down the road.

I made an unboxing video on Youtube for the trifold - my first such video - so check it out. Dave hasn't created a video for this product yet, and it appears mine is the only one on Youtube so far.


Anyway, hopefully it helps you decide.

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