• 100-Year Warranty, details here.
  • Free Shipping, details here.
  • We use only the best: full-grain leather (as much of the cow as you can get, short of the moo), strong pigskin lining, and premium, marine-grade thread (the kind used on shipping sails).
  • Wrap-around design for women and men adds texture
  • Leather never goes out of style
  • Nipple rivet closure with 4 holes works with all wrist sizes
  • Stack or connect several together to make a bigger statement
  • Two sturdy, stylish rivets
  • One size fits everybody
  • Dimensions
    • 18 ¾” L x 1” W
    • 0.2 pounds

Uniquely beautiful

by - verified purchaser |
I originally bought myself the chestnut bracelet and fell in love. Three weeks later, I bought two more (one in black and one in DCB) as part of a wedding "thank you" for my parents. They absolutely love the gift and appreciate the beautiful leather and craftsmanship. I think it's pretty cool that a piece of leather can be suited for men and women alike. One of my friends even commented about how cool my dad's bracelet looked as he walked me down the aisle!

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Great addition to my jewelry collection

by - verified purchaser |
I've had this bracelet over two years now and it's still absolutely fabulous. I actually just came on the website to order another in black for my husband's birthday. When I saw some of the {grouchy and negative} reviews, I decided to leave one for myself.
I actually took a couple pictures to upload but not sure how to do that. My husband and I both wear this bracelet, not every day, but a lot. I have average sized 7" wrists, not sure of my husbands, but his are a little bigger {he's 6'2" if that helps you judge}. This bracelet fits both of us, but I could use one more hole to make it snug around my wrist {and I am not dainty in the LEAST}. For the life of me, I cannot understand the other reviewer who said they have LARGE wrists and the tail end covers up the braid. The plain leather part is less than 50% of the bracelet {even after mine has stretched out for two years and even accounting for the jump ring attaching the two sections} so if you have large wrists there is no way that the braided part is covered. I get a full wrap around my wrist plus about 3 inches from the braided part. Sometimes the tail end flaps around a little bit, but it never bothers me. If I were the only one wearing this bracelet, I probably would have trimmed it. But I'm not, so I won't. My rivets are a tad rusty on the inside where it picks up my sweat, but actually they blend into the overall color better, so it doesn't bother me.
As far as the quality, it is top-notch, exactly what you expect from SL. It's real leather, people, it's going to stretch and get beat up and all kinds of stuff. That just adds to the rugged charm. I get lots of compliments on it whenever I wear it. I prefer larger, chunky jewelry and this fits the bill.

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Unisex and comfortable

by - verified purchaser |
I purchased this bracelet in Dark Coffee Brown and I love it. The quality is wonderful, which is expected from SBL, and the leather is nice and soft. When I received it, the bracelet seemed a bit dry, so I treated it with some Chelsea Leather Food (couldn't get Chamberlain's in Canada at the time), and after treating it, it looked great.

This is a wonderful bracelet and would work well for men and women. On women however, it is more of a masculine design. If women are looking for something that would look a bit more dainty try the Infinity Wrap bracelet. Regardless, I still wear it and love how it looks and feels.

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NOT Just For Men

by - verified purchaser |
After watching every video several times and drooling over Dave's bags all last week, I finally took the plunge and ordered something. I got this braclet because I had to get my feet wet before I ordered anything too pricey and see if I liked the product. Wow! I love this braclet. It is sooooooo soft and smells so good. The leather is soft and it is wonderfully comfortable on, so much so that I haven't taken it off all day.

Ladies, this is Not Just for the men. It looks so nice on and like Suzette says "It's COOL". I can't wait to buy more items. I can see just in the bracelet that the workmanship is great and every thing was thought out BEFORE the product got to me. If this is a sample of Daves's quality and work, then I can trust him with the more expensive items I will be ordering.

I didn't think a little thing like a leather bracelet could make me so happy and look so good!

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Love it!

by - verified purchaser |
This SBL bracelet is fantastic once the user figures out the preferred way of wrapping it around the wrist. It took me a short while of experimenting but I got there.
Look for any other bracelet that carries a 100 year warranty. My only gripe is it's always out of stock! Just bought my Tobacco bracelet and less than a day after it's listed as out of stock already. Is this a marketing move by SBL or is it really that hard to make one?

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Beautiful Bracelet

by - verified purchaser |
This bracelet was given to me as a gift and I positively love it! Never have I worn another bracelet so much :) It's so soft and smooth - I can't wait until the back one is back in stock!! Excellent quality!!

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by - verified purchaser |
I'd had mine for over a year and I love how soft and dark the leather has become. Its very rugged and I just think it is amazing.

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by - verified purchaser |
I just received the bracelet in the mail and I LOVE IT! It fits really well and I have a bigger sized wrist and look great too, and as always with the Saddleback Leather quality that is without equal!

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Make it your own.

by - verified purchaser |
I was on the fence about this bracelet, I purchased the carbon black, and then I decided to stamp my name into the flat section and now it's a unique ID bracelet. Coffee brown is next. PS: Saddleback has some above average customer service, thank you!

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Buying ALL Four

by - verified purchaser |

This bracelet is so wonderful that I will be ordering more for myself, one in each color. They go with everything, and every casual gal needs one. By the way I am a 70 year old, great grandmother and I know what I'm talking about, PURE CLASS!

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Giving it a chance

by - verified purchaser |
Bound to strike out sooner or later. I have a Saddleback briefcase, duffel bag, classic travel case, and luggage tag and I love them all. But so far, I'm not a fan of this bracelet. It's very clunky and the loop for the extra length is WAY too big, especially if you've got a large wrist like I do. There's barely enough strap left to even need that huge loop and the strap just flops out of it anyway. The braid is nice, but most of it is hidden by the solid piece of leather strap. I'll give it a chance because Saddleback and I go way back, but for right now, I'm going to have to give this one a very unusual thumbs down. I'm concerned somebody's going to mistake me for either Spartacus or "Leather Man" from the Village People.

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Rusty Colored Rivets

by - verified purchaser |
After purchasing numerous items, I purchased the braided bracelet a few months back. I recently noticed rust colored marking on my writs coming from rivets on bracelet after wearing during normal daily routine. Called C.S. and they asked for me to use a steel type cleaner. I'll give it a try but ...expected rivets to be stainless steel not just steel mix..

P.S. I really do love wearing the bracelet, just don't like the rusty colored stuff.

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James Bond never had one.......but should have.

by - verified purchaser |
Heck! had I known how cool this bracelet would have made me look I would have bought it years ago!!

First things first- I'm a 45 year old guy who doesn't wear bracelets, can you imagine John Wayne wearing a braclet?- right, enough said. I'm waiting to finish off a degree and then I'm going to treat myself with a super-sweet messenger bag, but while I'm waiting I decided that a bracelet would be a cheaper option that having a mid-life crisis (remember I'm 45 with 4 kids, a mortagage and a super hot wife that has put up with me for 21 years) - so I thought, "hey that Dave guy looks pretty cool with a leather bracelet, and he's kinda of role model to me for traveling the world and telling guys to stop wearing their sisters pants and stuff, so why not?"

I actually emailled the fine folks at Saddleback Leather's customer service ranch to ask a few questions about the bracelet- and DANG!!! I was blown away by their AMAZING customer service, they are without any peers in their field, I invited them all to a BBQ at my house follwed by Bull-Riding and a trip through the slot canyons of Utah- (and I mean it, they are all welcome).

Back to the braclet- its cool, my 12 and 15 year old sons are stealing it on a regular basis, so guess who is buying two more?

Anyhow- this is a very classy accessory for a man- a man who could be doing anything from reading a story to his kids, fighting ninjas, sitting in an interview for shark tank, or just working on a 69' VW in the garage with his son.

Its just a unique - well made product that you don't see everyday- and for under 30 bucks- you are getting a bucketful of Alpha male- sex appeal ( if that's the look you are going for) - or it could be the "mysterious business executive, that may be filling out a spreadsheet- or leaving for Morocco in the evening"- it will accomplish either look.

I LOVE THIS BRACELET- and I'm NOT a "Braclet" guy.......doesn't that say it all?

Peace, Love and leather bracelets for all!

- HurricaneJason

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by |
Very poor design, very poor customer service, and very poor backup AFTER customer service. I have been a huge Saddleback Leather fan for years; I've got the large briefcase, the medium briefcase, the travel wallet, the duffel bag, the passport wallet--in short, I've got everything they're going to ever sell me. I have thousands of dollars of Saddleback Leather items. Read that again--"thousands of dollars." It's a fact.
This bracelet looks stupid and is all out of proportion; the braided leather isn't visible--it's hidden by the straight leather piece, the "belt loop" is ridiculously over-sized and too far away from the straight leather piece to hold it in place, and it's very poorly designed. I emailed Saddleback about it and got one of their phony baloney representatives "from snowy Denver" who told me the usual: it's leather, it's natural, it'll work out, blah, blah, blah. I tried again and got another phony baloney rep "from glorious Montana" to tell me I didn't know what I was doing and that I'd "get used to it." Fact is, it's faulty and they didn't care. They got their money--it was mine--I could go pound sand. Same thing happened with my large briefcase. I bought it, used it for a while, and then it wouldn't stand up straight anymore because the leather collapsed--I wrote them asking how to remedy it. Again, I got some phony baloney "back to nature" impostor telling me that a briefcase falling down is one of the "great things" about "real, genuine leather." Tell that to my mangled manuscripts. My Hartmann briefcase stands up straight after 40 years.
I'm through with Saddleback. And very, very disappointed. I trusted these folks--considered them my "friendly neighborhood leather shop" although about 500% more expensive.
"Won't get fooled again."

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When I bought my house in El Paso, Texas, I was especially proud of my walk-in closet, because, for the last 3 years, I had kept most of my clothes in cardboard boxes and suitcases at my place in Juarez. And I was excited to show off that closet of mine to this girl named Suzette who had recently found me on Myspace.

Suzette is very fashionable, and a lot of people ask her to go shopping with them to help them pick out clothes. So I took her into my closet and asked which clothes she liked and which ones she didn’t. I figured she pick out a few outfits, at least. She passed over my 62 t-shirts, went through all of my dress shirts, my slacks and my jeans, until she picked out one shirt, and said, “I like this one.” Everything else was toast. She’s helped me in a huge way with dressing nicely. This bracelet was one of her ideas, and she loves when I wear it. She says the right accessories are important when it comes to dressing nicely.