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$580.00 to $660.00

  • 100-Year Warranty, details here.
  • Free Shipping, details here.
  • Four different ways to carry: over shoulder, cross-body, handheld carry or as backpack
  • Body made of only two solid pieces of leather
  • Sewn snug cap seals cargo, keeps it dry and dust free
  • Versatile design allows tripods and fishing poles to stick out and still close securely
  • Just one big open space with no pockets, let's you pack more
  • Removable straps to compress size or tie down with
  • Three buckle closure so you can really overstuff it
  • No breakable parts, e.g. zippers, snaps, buttons, etc.
  • Dimensions (approximate size):
  • Adjustable strap total length: 57 ¾” - 79 ½”
  • Medium - Carry on size
    • Interior: 19” W x 8 ¼” H x 9” D
    • Exterior: 20” W x 8 ¾” H x 9 ¾” D
    • 5.8 pounds
  • Large - Not carry on size
    • Interior: 23” W x 10 ¼” H x 12” D
    • Exterior: 24” W x 11” H x 13” D
    • 7.7 pounds

Great Bag! Great design!

by - verified purchaser |
Wow...Dave and the team did it again! What can I say, but it is the perfect size, weight, construction and look for a bag with so many uses! I love it! Bought for a friend, but I'm keeping it! Looks like I might have to get my friend something else....or another of these!

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Great Bag! Great design!

by - verified purchaser |
Wow...Dave and the team did it again! What can I say, but it is the perfect size, weight, construction and look for a bag with so many uses! I love it! Bought for a friend, but I'm keeping it! Looks like I might have to get my friend something else....or another of these!

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Great Manly Gift for Dad

by |
Ordered this on the internet and had it delivered for Christmas- Saw it in person and Dad LOVES it- he's planning on jamming it full of things on a trip coming up, and the leather is beautiful. When I told him it has a 100 year guarantee (he's 84), he said, you mean I have to live to 100?!

Thank you Saddleback, I will be purchasing more items!

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Amazing bag

by - verified purchaser |
My girlfriend just gave me this bag as a Christmas present (first Christmas together). I have the front pocket wallet and iPad mini case already and she picked up on how much i loved them and decided i needed a new carry on bag for our Christmas travels. This bag is so well built and smells amazing. This bag is going to stand out in the sea of roll on black plastic/nylon bags.

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Great Bag

by - verified purchaser |
Just received my duffel. Another great saddleback product, my ninth. Super rugged and simple design and construction. Plenty of room for all my weekend trip stuff.

Once again I am impressed and well satisfied with my purchase. The only place to go for leather. Cool web site too.

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Incredible Duffle

by - verified purchaser |
I've purchased several Saddleback pieces over the last couple of years and not one has failed to disappoint. This is definitely true of the Utility Duffel as well!

As with all things Saddleback, the quality is second to none! The leather is thick, durable, and ever so supple once it breaks in. It will definitely take a while to break in, but it is so worth while once it does.

I purchased my duffel in the large size, and have not had any issues at all using it as a carry-on. In fact, I've been stopped more times to answer questions about my bag than I have by staff at the airport related to its size.

The large size is definitely LARGE. It'll take almost anything you can throw into it and still sit on your bed looking to gobble up more. In fact, I've packed for a week in this bag, nesting my Saddleback travel case containing my toiletries, and could have probably still fit in additional clothing.

Just buy one, you definitely won't be disappointed!

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Heavy Duty. It FIts

by - verified purchaser |
Just received this bag (my first sadleback product) and tested it on my trip to Dubai from Houston. Still working out the kinks in carrying this and the classic briefcase but was allowed to bring both as carry ons on a Boeing 777LR and an A320. Can't speak for economy but both fit well in the overhead luggage bins in Business.

I will DEFINITELY be increasing my luggage collection as the budget allows.

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Could no ask for better!

by - verified purchaser |
I have the Large Utility Duffle and it is Wonderful! Vary well made I can easily pack 4 days worth of clothing plus. It's Tough and can only get better with use and age. Backpack mode will come in handy making them 1/2 mile trips to the train gate or navigating thru an airport :)

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buy it

by - verified purchaser |
With all the hipe about Saddleback changing to leather with more natural marks on it, I was a bit hesitant to buy all three sizes of suitcases plus the medium sized utility duffle bag all at one time. I thought that if I did not like it, that's a lot of luggage to return. When I opened up all four boxes, I was amazed how perfect the leather looked on the outside. I bought all my items in the dark coffee brown color. That color might mask the marks better, but upon close inspection, I could not see anything but the smallest of marks. It presented beatifully. When I opened up each item, all had noticeable marks on the light pigskin leather, but only two items had very visible and numerous marks on the inside. Of the two that had the most marks, one had a series of small holes that were possibly insect bites that were not fully healed (not the duffle bag). Still, each item was manufactured to the highest standards and Saddleback has advertised and informed the customer what to expect. Anyway, I'm very happy with my purchase.

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what can be said of perfection

by - verified purchaser |
i stumbled across saddleback by accident9 or should i say its a blessing) and a 5 products later i am still awed . i have two mac book case, credit card holder, a medium note book and this.... UTILITY DUFFEL. what really can you say about perfection.. everything saddle back is perfect.. now dave build us a saddle back a previous review mentioned.. if you are on this site.. you are already on the right track.. buy buy buy.. you would NEVER regret it. dave is right... buy the best and cry once. GOOD JOB DAVE AND CO

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I went ahead and bought it

by - verified purchaser |
I have many Saddleback products now. I own the other duffel bag but it does not convert to backpack.

I purchased this to complete mybackpack collection. I have used this bag to car travel. I have not used for plane flight yet (I still use the Waterbag without the form in place to reduce size). I purchaed smaller version in tobacco brown.

This is an excellent design and plenty roomy. Very simple to operated. I do not miss the pockets of the the pocketed duffel at all.

My wife says I have to quit buying bags. I am not sure I can.

This bag is usual quality I have come to expect from SBL.

I recommend this for a carry on or small bag for car travel. Thid will hold enough for a weekend quite easily. I have used the bag as a one shoulder backopack but not for any long walking so I cannot testify as to long term comfort on the back.

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The Greatest

by - verified purchaser |
Bought the large utility duffel and couldn't be more happy. The strap holder mentioned in the other review CAN be attached onto one strap to make it more "permanent" through existing slits on the holder. Buy it and you will be very pleased. Had a hard time deciding between the large and the medium, and almost returned it for the medium, but I think I'll be able to stuff the large into that funky carry-on specification cage when I fly, if necessary, once it gets more pliable. Even if I can't, who cares. It makes a perfect companion for my Jeep to haul and fits perfectly in the cargo area.

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by - verified purchaser |
I bought the large chocolate brown utility duffel & picked it up as we started our 12 day road trip. This bag held all my clothes & accessories for the trip. Needless to say it received MANY compliments at the hotels, B&Bs and Inns we stayed at along our journey.

I am on the waiting list to get a tobacco brown medium, as I could use another slightly smaller one for carry-on and shorter trips to our cabin when I don't need to pack as much.

This bag is amazing. Easy to change the strap for a hand carry to over the shoulder. The large does get a bit heavy when it is jammed full, but it is manageable.

One of a growing number of SBL products my wife & I are accumulating

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Uber fantastic Duffel

by - verified purchaser |
....saw the clip on youtube and bought the black large ASAP! arrived and headed to Singapore. fit my Weeks worth of travels+ 2 pairs of shoes easy with tonnes of space to spare. easy comfy to carry....the softness of the leather makes shoulder carrying a pleasure. perfectly fitted overhead carriage with tonnes of space to spare and definitely a head spinner also.( Picked up a few friends and referred to saddleback/Dave)

arrived in Singapore and was surprised to see my well folded work shirts still in place, no ruffles..the interior is as firm despite the soft outer leather

placed an order for tobacco brown for my 10month old daughter. she is going to have stories to tell when she heads up to college in 20years time......and its already on its way..that's how much I love this

I only wished Dave would find a way to make the strap holder( you know that little piece of leather you attached to hold the straps together) be a permanent feature on the bag instead of having to peel it off evertyime you want to open the bag. I nearly left mine behind in the hotel....or maybe you could include a spare one just as you attach keyholders to all your bags/ that case, you owe me 2 extra pairs. 1 charcoal black and 1 tobacco brown...both large.

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Nice Carry on

by |
I bought the medium utility duffel in chestnut recently. I had never spent that much money on a bag before, so I was a bit hesitant. First, the good points of this bag are that it holds a surprising amount of clothes. I used it for a weekend trip to Santa Fe and had room to spare even though I had a light weight winter coat packed in it. It easily fit in the overhead compartment of a the plane. The chestnut color leather is very luxurious looking. It looks more like something that an executive would be carrying than someone on a safari, but you can definitely tell it is durable enough for either one.

I do have a few concerns with how the bag functions. I knew these going in, but didn't really appreciate them until using the bag. First, it is surprisingly difficult to un-do the buckles. This may just be because the leather is new and stiff, but if you are rushing through airport security it can be a bit of a hassle or if you want to open and close it frequently to get stuff out. Second, it is not easy to convert to a backpack. You have to undo the buckles on both straps and feed them through the openings on the top of the bag, then re-buckle them. This wouldn't be so bad except that once you do this, you can't open the bag without un-doing the strap on the front side. This isn't a big deal if you plan on carrying it as a backpack for an extended period without getting anything out of it, but if you need to get stuff out frequently this could be a problem. I tried leaving the rear strap in the backpack opening while hand carrying it, but that didn't work too well either.

Overall, I will probably mainly use this as a hand-carried bag instead of a backpack. This puts it closer to the side pocket duffel in terms of utility, but I think having the option to occasionally use it as a backpack still made this the best choice for me.

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Great Duffel, Some Concerns

by - verified purchaser |
I had been dreaming of owning a Saddleback Leather duffel for about 3 years before finally buying the medium Utility Duffel in Dark Coffee Brown with natural pigskin lining. After owning the medium Travel Case in DCB for a couple years and seeing how much stuff could be fit in such a small space, the medium Utility Duffel gave me no concern about how much I could fit for a week long trip (yes, I said ONE does fit a lot if you pack right).

The design and look of the bag are incredible. I am thrilled that Dave and his team designed a less bulky duffel option than the original duffel that is offered here. The color is just perfect for this bag...not flashy, but it will turn heads with discerning eyes. It is hard to put into words, but after paying attention to other's carry-on luggage and seeing what I like or don't like, this is just about the best bag without wheels I have ever seen. I briefly used it in backpack mode, but didn't have the shoulder straps and still felt very comfortable. That being said, there are a few things that stood out to me that I would have preferred to understand more before buying that are different from some of the other SBL products I own.

The most obvious difference is the pigskin lining. Utility Duffel came lined with a natural lining, which means that it is a light color instead of the dark, tanned lining that is on several of my other pieces. The color is not a problem, but the quality of the pigskin seems much thinner and thus, weaker. A quick, firm drag of my hand across the lining left some small tear marks.

Another difference is the buckle hardware. The frame is fine, but the prong is drastically thinner than 3 of my other pieces that have buckles. Not sure if this is intended to cut cost or save space? I don't think this will be an issue as I don't plan on running my bag through the ringer and thankfully everything is covered under warranty if it is defective.

If you are on this website, you probably already know that you are in the right place to find quality pieces of leather at a great value. If you are looking for a simple, yet classy-as-get-out duffel bag to carry your possessions and that will also help you build some upper body strength along the way, the Utility Duffel is a wise choice.

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Useful, Versatile, Well Desiged

by - verified purchaser |
I spent awhile deciding between the large Utility Duffel and the Classic Duffel. Eventually ordered both to compare. The Classic is so well built, a work of leather sculpture. But it is rather small inside (I measured 9 x 15 inches). You can stuff things into the Classic, but then the inner pockets don't seem to be of much use, especially the large foldout pocket on the inside that seems to get in the way really). The outside pockets are nice, but don't fit that much (e.g. my canvas toiletries bag has to be crammed to fit in).

The large Utility Duffel, on the other hand, while not much bigger, holds way more while being a good bit lighter (mine weighed in at 6 lbs). I fit in clothes for 4 days, 3 pairs of shoes, a coat and like with room to spare. And it seems to me it will fit into most carry-on situations (because it can move/squish some, unlike a hardshell case). The Utility Duffel allows one to pack (inside the bag) various mesh bags to organize things well for use upon arrival. The duffel is good looking, not too boxy. And the backpack straps work quite well: comfortable.

Sending back the Classic, though I wanted to like it.

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Par for the Saddleback Course

by - verified purchaser |
Had the Classic briefcase and bought the Large Utility Duffel primarily because I work in Nigeria for the UN, and needed some seriously rugged kit for travels in and around the country.

This bag is standard Saddleback. Brilliant bag of the very highest quality and a prodigious compliment/admiring glance/interested question generator.

The interior is enormous and of course, smells fantastic! The buckle/strap system is also pretty ingenious and quite stylish. Dave HAS placed a built in strap holder, and when properly cinched down, this is a VERY secure, damn near waterproof (not "Waterbag" waterproof, but close) bag even when it is being thrown about on the back of a wet HILUX pickup on bouncy roads in Kaduna State in a pouring rain. The backpack option is fantastic and important with a bag of ths heft.

Between this, my briefcase and some killer packing cubes (invest- they are a lifesaver for professional travellers like us) I am good for a week of clothes, extra shoes, medical kit, 15-in laptop, adapters, and other bits and pieces no matter where I go.

The large utility duffel is too big/heavy to fit in most overhead storage bins- I normally just take it as hand luggage and then gate check it (Like people do with strollers and car seats) so that I can pick it up as soon as I arrive. It looks so posh that I rarely get questioned :-)

You guys know the deal- Dave's kit is expensive, but its also the last bag of that type that you will buy primarily because after owning Saddleback kit you simply cannot tolerate lower quality kit. Trust me, you will NOTICE thin leather, cotton stitching, unrivited, unreinforced corners and shoddy construction in other people's bags (And they will note the LACK of all these things in yours) after you purchase this stuff.

Like Paul Newman said- "No need to go out for hamburger when you have steak at home".

Make the justififcation. Save the Money. Buy the bag. Avoid mediocrity.


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Utility Duffel Size Large

by |
I own several Saddleback products (classic briefcase, thin briefcase, belts, cable bag, Macbook sleeve) so I didn't hesitate to buy this bag. I wanted something to replace my large suitcase, but it needed to be large enough to pack for a week. I just returned from a 6-night/5-day trip and I am very pleased. I actually smiled when I saw the bag coming off the belt at the baggage claim, covered in rain and a few nice scuffs.

My biggest concerns were: 1) Will this bag be large enough to replace a suitcase? and 2) Will this bag be too heavy to carry when full? So to help you out, I'm going to list exactly how I packed this bag.

6-day/5-night business/vacation:
- 1 mens suit
- 1 pair dress shoes
- 1 tie
- 5 days underwear, socks, undershirts
- 1 toiletries bag
- 1 pair jeans
- 2 pair khaki pants
- 2 dress shirts
- 2 light sweaters
- 2 polo style shirts
- 1 light golf jacket
Total weight at airport check-in: 31.6lbs

The bag kept everything dry despite being wet from the downpour rain at the airport.

Now, this bag itself is not too heavy, but fully loaded my bag was over 30lbs. Carrying the bag from the taxi to the bag check and from the baggage claim to the taxi stand wasn't too bad. The handles are pretty comfortable and easy to adjust to the right configuration.

Hope this helps.

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We once took an around the world family trip through Scotland, Kenya (ideal for feeding hungry giraffes -see video), Rwanda, Australia, New Zealand and then back home to Texas. It took us a couple of months, but it was the perfect time to test out the Utility Duffel since even the rattlesnakes don’t want to be in Texas in the summertime.

So we’re in the Auckland Airport in New Zealand, heading back to the U.S., and they tell us that we’re only allowed a super little amount of weight for each piece of luggage and it was like $50 for every extra kilogram. Well, since we had 10 pieces of fully loaded 23 kg luggage and 10 carry ons (Joe was with us filming things), we were WAY overweight. It was going to cost us about an extra $1000 for our luggage to join us on the flight. We were screwed…until we started repacking.

We took out all of the heavy things from our luggage and overstuffed our carry ons (against the will of the airline check-in people).

Free travel tip: When the check-in counter person tells you that you can only have your carry on be a certain weight, just smile, nod your head and then repack once you leave counter. They don’t have scales at the boarding gate.

So, my Simple Backpack ended up at about 40 lbs., I fully extended the straps of the extremely overstuffed Utility Duffel and wore it as a backpack over the top of my backpack and then carried one other super heavy duffel in each hand. Joe did the same and Suzette carried her really heavy backpack and took care of the kids. It’s the way we roll.