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Waterbag reviews

Great Multi-Purpose Bag

by - verified purchaser |
I've had a Medium Waterbag for about a year. I was torn between the Waterbag and the Duffel, but the measurements of the Waterbag sold me.

The Waterbag can be used without a liner, or with the short liner and works well as a carry-on bag. The duffel seems a bit big for that.

The waterbag isn't very heavy and can fit a lot of gear. I'd recommend it as a great go-to travel bag.

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Great Bag

by - verified purchaser |
This bag is a great bag and tough as nails! I travel a lot and I am always being asked about my bag. Which is fine except when you want to get out of customs at the airport. This bag is overbuilt to perfection. Hello Dave, I WOULD ALSO SECOND THE IDEA OF A FREQUENT FLYER DISCOUNT.

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Awesome Bag...

by - verified purchaser |
I never write reviews and I'm not going to write a book here, but I have to say that the Waterbag (medium) is an awesome bag that will probably last for the rest of my life. The quality, workmanship and detail is just A1. I'm a very satisfied customer with all of Saddleback Leather products. I have the MacBook Pro sleeve and the iPad case and I will be back to buy more from Saddleback Leather. The products are not cheap but as they say you pay for what you get. I can't imagine a better made bag and the quality of material used to make it.

Now the reason why I bought the Waterbag is for numerous reasons. I will use it not only for travel but to keep my camera (DSLR) safe and dust free while driving and looking for things to shoot. Well let me explain. Before I kept my DSLR and 70-200mm lens on the front passenger seat so that I would have a quick access to my camera. Dust and sudden stops were just a big problem for me. Dust is self explanatory and sudden stops would send my camera flying off the seat. Well now with the Waterbag on the seat, nicely strapped, all I have to do is put my camera in it and fold the sides over and my problems are over. The DSLR stays dust free and not a chance that it will fly off the seat to the floor while braking.

Thanks Dave for making such quality products. Keep up the good work and craftsmanship, hope your sales soar through the roof.

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Great utility bag

by - verified purchaser |
This is a beautiful bag. I purchased the medium waterbag for short trips away from home and everyday use in grocery store and market shopping. I break it down, roll it up, and carry it anywhere I'm going to need a tote for things brought home. The insert increases its versatility and stability if carrying bottles or cans.

Though it's a little heavy and stiff when brand new, a sparing amount of mink oil and leather honey will soften it up and improve the carry.

Well done SBL.

God bless you for not being ashamed to share the scriptures and gospel of Jesus Christ. I'll make use of them also.

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