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3 thoughts on successful gift giving...

If your business is anything like ours, you have specific messages that you’d like your client, employee or business prospect to quickly know about your company or product. Gift giving is a great way to communicate those messages. On the other hand, unknowingly, many companies give gifts that communicate the exact opposite messages. Here are a few tips that we’ve found to be very true when it comes to gift giving.

GIVE QUALITY - Sometimes in the quest for staying within the gift budget, it can be tempting to give something of, shall we say, less-than-great quality. Quality matters! What you give is a direct expression of you and your brand. Give a $40 handmade coffee mug not a $40 watch.

IT'S ABOUT RELATIONSHIP - Gifts can be powerful tokens of appreciation that let people know your relationship is important to them. It can also help you stand out when courting prospective clients. Give gifts that make people feel exceptional.

TIMING IS EVERYTHING - Of course, gift giving on those mandatory giving days like Christmas or at important relational milestones are essential. But if you really want to stand out, find reasons to give often and generously to your employees and clients. Unexpected gifts are often the most impactful.

Adapted from “Giftology” by John Ruhlin

About Us

At Saddleback Leather Co., we make really tough, durable, long-lasting leather designs that people want and, more importantly, will last! From the most expensive full grain leather to unbreakable surgical grade hardware, we over-engineer every leather bag and wallet to last a lifetime with a 100 Year Warranty. Our motto, “They’ll Fight Over It When You’re Dead” isn’t just talk, it’s a fact. From briefcases to wallets to mouse pads to leather games and even custom leather ideas, we have a leather design to fit any event or corporate gifting need.

Personalized Gifts

From your company’s logo to names and event messaging, monogramming and personalization on our leather designs is done with our industrial laser engraving machine that allows for beautifully intricate designs to create long lasting memories for you and your company.

We offer direct-to-design laser etching or offer leather tags to be riveted on. The etching process burns the outer surface of the leather leaving a nice contrast then develops a nice tone-on-tone look with patina over time.


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