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Help Me Not Be A Hoarder!

Hey there,

At least once a week, Suzette tells me I’m a hoarder just because I don’t give away or throw away everything we have that hasn’t been used for over 7 days like she does. I like keeping things just in case. But if I absolutely know that it’s time to toss something, I at least remove the screws and nuts and bolts first. What’s best is when I have something that just doesn’t have a use anymore and I find an alternate use for what it was designed for.

And herein lies the contest. We have some designs sitting around the office here that we discontinued and I HATE that they’re just sitting there and I HATE the idea of throwing them away. I want them to make people smile again but through a different way.

An iPhone 6 case won’t last forever you say? Au contraire Señor. These have uses long after the tech expires, you ask? And the Sony Digital Paper Protector, Infinity Bracelet and some scrap leather too? This is a riddle no one has yet been able to solve, but if you can, then you win. Win some cool leather that is.

Here’s a chance to show off your ingenuity and craftsmanship and innovation by entering the 2018 Anti-Hoarding Contest and here's how:

  1. 1. Purchase an Anti-Hoarding Contest Kit HERE for a small buy-in fee of $25. You have until July 20, 2018 at Midnight Texas time (CT) to buy-in.
  2. 2. Get your Anti-Hoarding Contest Kit in the mail and peruse the contents.
  3. 3. Create, build, construct, or repurpose to make a leather masterpiece.
  4. 4. Take a photo of your creation and submit it HERE by August 10, 2018, 5pm Texas time (CT).
  5. 6. Wait impatiently by your computer until we announce the winners on August 13, 2018 via social and email.


  1. 1. You must only use the leather provided in the package-o-leather and nothing more. (You can still use glue, staples, safety pins, thread, chewing gum, etc...)
  2. 2. Winners will be chosen and announced on August 13, 2018 via social and email.

Winner categories:

  1. 1. Most Innovative
  2. 2. Most Practical
  3. 3. Dumbest - We’ll know it when we see it
  4. 4. Coolest
  5. 5. Funniest

Winners will be awarded Saddleback Leather and Canvas designs and other cool stuff. We will pick your prize so don’t ask.

Kit may include designs such as the infinity bracelet, an iPhone case, the infamous Digital Paper Protector and some scrap. This is a final sale item; no returns. The 100 Year Warranty does not apply to your finished creation.

Good Luck, and Thanks for the Help! Suzette thanks you too!

Dave Munson

El Presidente (The President)

Saddleback Leather Co.