The Not Dead Yet Show, Leather Chess and Simple Dad Ideas

Watch the 1st Episode of our The Not Dead Yet Show. The Leather Chess Set is here. Thought it’d be cool to write on the back of the leather each memorable place or time my boy and I played chess. And when he has a kid, I’ll give him the same leather chess set for them to play on. And, we have helpful suggestions for Dads.

The Not Dead Yet Show

Our brand new The Not Dead Yet Show is going to be about 8 to 10 minutes each week, even though Suzette insists that we only have enough interesting stuff for 8 to 10 minutes each month. We’ll figure something out. You can subscribe to a special newsletter and we’ll just send you a link each week so you don’t miss it. We’ll show you the progress on the tents that we’re moving into soon (almost here from Africa), some behind the scenes new designs in Mexico and other cool stuff. You can check out our very first try at The Not Dead Yet Show right here. Thank you for your patience in advance.

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New Leather Chess Set

I thought it’d be cool to write on the back of the leather each memorable place or time Cross and I played chess (like this shot of us playing in the Sahara).

And when he has a kid, I’ll give him the same leather chess set for them to play on. Whether it’s playing chess, catch or just going out for lunch and a matinee, now’s as good a time as any to make memories. Read on for some simple fatherly ideas.

  • Pull your kid out of school early and do something fun. (milkshake, hike, play at the park)
  • If you have a girl, take her on a date.
  • Skip some rocks on a river or lake (searching for the skippers is fun).
  • Take a leather craft class together on a Saturday at a local leather store
  • Kill something together
  • Buy a .22 caliber pistol and go shooting out in the woods
  • Buy a BB gun and go shooting
  • Buy a slingshot and go shooting
  • Monopoly
  • Build a card house
  • Dry ice bombs are a whole lot of fun - You Tube (but I don’t recommend it because you could get in trouble unless you’re out of the city limits, or worse, even get hurt)
  • Make a potato gun - You Tube
  • Do fireworks not on a holiday
  • Fishing - If you don’t know how to tie a hook or bait a line, then watch it on You Tube. Fishing off a pier on a lake at night under the lights is a lot of fun.
  • Roast marshmallows in the back yard
  • Picnic in the park with fast food
  • Visit a fish hatchery or fish farm
  • Dam up part of a small creek with rocks. Trust me on this one. It’s a good good time for boys and men.
  • Go rock or fossil hounding
  • Fly a kite
  • Lay down on a day with puffy clouds and look for figures in the clouds
  • Lay out to watch the stars. Look for satellites or high planes moving slowly
  • Explore a cave

There’s a lot to being a dad and part of that requires quality time, not just time in their presence. They are figuring out how valuable they are and they generally determine that by how much time you spend with them. But there’s more. What are you going to be remembered with? What are you going to hand down? I want to be present with my kids with quality time and this is something I had in mind when I designed this chess set. But the chess set itself is going to be an occasional reminder for them of how valuable they were to me. Here’s another suggestion. Get a leather bag from us and then each time you want to give them a little gift of some sort, pull it out of your bag. They’ll remember that bag fondly. “I remember always wondering what Dad had in that old leather bag he always carried around. It was always something cool.” Go pick out something of leather that’ll last a hundred years and that you can hand down so you can do the same.


Random News

We recently moved to Fort Worth and are getting our tents set up to live in for the next year. It’s been a process of simplifying our lives a bit to make this move. We’re looking forward to sharing with you what tent life is like.