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graduation gifts and advice from dave

Hey there,

After many years of lugging books to school, your graduate is now prepared for a career in backpacking so why not give them a memorable gift to help them in that journey? Or, if you’re the graduate, congrats. It’s time to have a bag that’s more sustainable than your first resume.

Advice to the Gift Giver:

Imagine a young man confidently walks into the office with his Saddleback Leather Briefcase, firmly shakes the interviewer’s hand, sets down his bag and takes a seat. Interested, the interviewer asks, “That’s a pretty nice bag. Where did you get it?” The young man, in his first man job interview, says, “Well, my mom and dad got it for me for graduation. They wanted to get me something that would remind me of the virtues they raised us with. Respectfulness, Faithfulness, Frugality, Prudence and Charity. So they felt that this bag would do the job”. The interviewer looks up from the bag to the young man and nods his head with a slight smile.

Who do you think is going to get the first call after he gets the job? The one who set him up for a lifetime of conversation and success or the one who gave him the Amazon gift card? And for years to come, when he closes the deals and gets the promotions and networks with people he never would have talked with otherwise, who do you think he’s going to call?

Advice to the Graduate:

You’re no longer a boy, you’re a man. Put away that little boy bag and go get a respected man’s bag and then go do something you’ve always wanted to do. Don’t bow to the wishes or fears that others have for your life. Men are confident and they make decisions and then they make those decisions into good decisions. Go for it. You’ve earned it.

On your deathbed, do you think you’re going to regret that three month backpacking trip across Europe or spending a year learning and teaching English at Centro NOE in Mexico after graduation? You won’t… unless of course, your deathbed ends up being in Europe or Mexico on that trip. But that probably won’t happen.

Go ask someone really old what they think you should do after graduation. You think they’ll tell you to hurry up and get a regular 9 to 5 job and a Honda Accord payment and a white picket fence and if you do that then you’ll be happy and fulfilled? Aristotle once said, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”. My old Ugandan friend Obed Rubaiza said, “No one ever regrets doing a good thing”. I say, “Be grateful, be generous, have fun and be sure to take lots of pictures. And congratulations!”

In celebration of next steps being taken all over the world, I am offering monogramming on select designs to personalize a gift or make it truly your own. See the list below, and if you'd like to learn more about our monogramming, check out our FAQs


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